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Groovy Mega Menu – Plugin Menu Responsive cho WordPress

Plugin menu Mega cho WordPress. Plugin WP tùy biến của Groovy, bạn có thể cài đặt và tạo các loại menu khác nhau trên trang web của mình.

Dễ dàng tùy chỉnh cài đặt trước từ thư viện tiêu đề. Thay đổi màu sắc, kích thước, phông chữ, biểu tượng, hình nền, hình động. Thêm widget, shortcodes vào megablocks. Làm việc với WPBakery (Visual Composer), Gutenberg mới, Elementor, SiteOrigin.

Tương thích: WPML, Polylang, LocoTranslate, WooCommerce. Dọc, ngang, Mega, neo một trang, danh sách thả xuống, menu con, bảng điều khiển bên, thanh trên cùng, dính, cố định, giỏ hàng Ajax, đa cấp. Tự động cài đặt và tích hợp.

Tính năng nổi bật Groovy Mega Menu – Responsive Mega Menu Plugin for WordPress

Groovy Mega Menu - Header Layouts

  • Mega menu
  • Vertical navigation
  • Horizontal navigation
  • Off canvas, Slide, Push
  • One page
  • Hamburger
  • Dropdown
  • Submenu
  • Sidebar
  • Sticky
  • Navbar
  • Fixed header
  • Ajax Cart
  • WooCommerce mega menu
  • Fullwidth mega menu
  • Mobile ready
  • Badges Icon, Free, New, Trendy
  • Top bar
  • Ajax Woo cart

Groovy Mega Menu - online library

Groovy Mega Menu - Responsive Mega Menu Plugin for WordPress Nulled Free Changelog

Version 2.5.6 – September 2 2021
- Fixed some styles for Fullscreen Minimalistic menu type, when the "Organize fullscreen menu items into columns" toggle enabled.
- A non-breaking space is now inserted for menu items whose title is hidden with a dash "-"

Version 2.5.4 – August 28, 2021
- New option "Show hamburger menu only" for Minimalistic menu type.
- New feature "Organize fullscreen menu items into columns" when Minimalistic menu type "Fullscreen menu" is enabled.
- Fixed bug with the incorrect position of the menu, when the search and mini-basket icons are disabled.
- Drawer auto-closing now works by click on the anchor links in minimalistic style.
- The incorrect appearance of added custom code in preview mode.

Version 2.5.3 – July 29, 2021
- Added a setting to enable the preloader "General settings > Enable preloader of the menu".
- Submenu caret size for second and lower levels

v2.4.12 – April 3, 2021
- New setting to set drawer width as fullwidth for mobile menu
- Thrive Theme Builder support
- Added setting "Disable dropdown state for mini-cart"
- Added 2 New settings "Alternative JavaScript initialization", "Run JavaScript initialization as soon as possible" at Global settings > Tools. Enabling of which can help in cases where third party caching plugins have hard-coded JavaScript output.
- Hamburger icon at "Show Hamburger icon as animated" had an incorrect position when Toolbar was enabled.
- Forced cleaning of Menu Block from automatically wpautop() inserted empty paragraph tags

v2.4.11 – March 25, 2021
- Possibility of correct interpretation of special characters ("\n", "\r", "\t", "\f", "\b") for outputting custom content added in "Groovy Menu > Custom code".
- Fixed a conflict with WPBakery that prevented the dynamic content from being displayed correctly in the Menu block.
- Fixed visual lags with enabled setting "Animate from bottom" when the dropdown container is greater than the screen height.
- Fixed style issues with additional Toolbar menu, which appeared when working with Divi Builder.
- Added three new Actions: Custom mobile menu open trigger: gm_custom_mobile_hamburger, Before hamburger icon: gm_before_mobile_hamburger, After hamburger icon: gm_after_mobile_hamburger. You can insert custom shortcodes or raw HTML in these areas. Read more in Manual.

v2.4.9 – March 3, 2021
- Submenu appearance style for minimalistic menu type.
- New feature that allows to add an additional menu to the toolbar. Placed in section of "General > Toolbar Menu".
- New setting "Align toolbar to the center".
- Fix for issue of "Submenu appearance style" with "Animate from bottom" for Expanded and Sidebar types of menu.

v2.4.8 – February 20, 2021
- New hover style "Fade in" to submenu hover style.
- New setting for nav-menu item "Set position of Menu block dropdown as aligned from the start of top level menu item" in "Appearance > Menus > Groovy Menu Item options". The setting is available for items with an enabled Menu block. It applies to a container of the menu.
- New settings "Prevent auto closing of the mobile menu". Is prevent automatically closing of the mobile menu when scrolling, resizing the page or tapping outside the menu area.
- Hamburger icon behavior and settings in Minimalistic mode.
- "transitionend" event bug that appears with a low value of "Expand animation duration" setting.
- Prevent opening a menu item with a dropdown link at first click for mobile menu.
- Small fix of the animation for "Minimalistic menu open.
type> Slide menu and container".
- Fixed FOUC effect with the fixed sticky menu.
- Bug with positioned badges for a mobile menu with relative position.
- Bug with shifted content in mega menu with enabled "Animate from the bottom" option in "Submenu appearance style"

= v2.4.7 – February 10, 2021 =
- New setting for nav-menu item "Mega menu dropdown custom width". Is apply for container of menu.
- New setting for nav-menu item "Frozen link". Disabled opening link at click, other features remains working.
- New setting for Mega Menu "Highlight the titles of the megamenu on hover state and active". It's apply for mega menu titles that contain links. Highlight the title with colors according to the settings as for usual menu items.
- Added setting that allow choose animation for Side Icon (hamburger) for the Expanding sidebar menu type.
- Fixed visualization of late transition of the sticky menu to its normal state.
- The default logo position is shifted below the Side icon in the Expanded menu type.
- Added setting for the size of the stroke line thickness, padding and background color for the Side icon (hamburger) in the Expanded menu type. The settings are located in Styles > Side icon.
- Take into account 0 line width for Side border & Top level menu bottom border in Expanded menu type.
- Improved animation speed when dividing lines appear in Top level menu items and animation of changing logotypes in Expanded menu type.

= v2.4.6 – January 30, 2021 =
- Added Fullscreen menu type, the settings are placed in Minimalistic menu section.
- New setting "Use another Logo image for open state of menu" for Expanding menu type.
- Improved style compatibility for some themes with CSS Reset.

= v2.4.4 – January 21, 2021 =
- New feature is added "Page overlay when menu drops down"
- Added new drop drown appearance style - "Slide from left / right".
- New WordPress filter for the ability to dynamically change the Logo image.
- Add ID prefix for mobile nav-menu items. Prevent "The ID is not unique" issue.
- Issue with arise horizontal scroll when enabled setting "Mega menu container wide" in case integration inside builder such as Divi builder.
- Changed JS preset initialization method. It can prevent an error that occurs in rare cases with complex integrations.

= v2.4.3 – January 15, 2021 =
- Prevent double initialization for JavaScript from Groovy Menu. Such a case could have been with custom integration.
- Fixed a bug with the appearance of a scrollbar in dropdowns where it should not be.
- Fixed small CLS offset for dropdown content when the "Submenu appearance style - Animate from bottom" & "Enable internal submenus scrollbar" preset settings are enabled

= v2.4.2 =
* Fix: Prevent double initialization for JavaScript from Groovy Menu. Such a case could have been with custom integration.
* Fix: Fixed a bug with the appearance of a scrollbar in dropdowns where it should not be.
* Fix: Fixed small CLS offset for dropdown content when the "Submenu appearance style - Animate from bottom" & "Enable internal submenus scrollbar" preset settings are enabled.

= v2.4.1 – December 26, 2020 =
- Fixed an issue with "Ensure text remains visible during webfont load" by Google PageSpeed Insights version for Groovy Menu icon fonts. You need to reinstall icon fonts in "Groovy Menu dashboard > Global settings > Icon Packs".
- The bug with loading media files in "Global Settings" via the Integration page has been fixed.
- Fixed integration with the Divi theme, fixed some style conflicts.
= v2.4.0.1 =
* Improve: Hover effect of menu item now occur only for the last item in the chain in multi-level menus.
* Fix: Fixed bug with automatic closing opened dropdown menus that is occurring in some cases.

= v2.4.0 =
* Add: Added "Forced centered logo" setting for menu types with center logo.
* Fix: The bug that prevented the installation of Groovy Menu on a site running Microsoft-IIS has been fixed.
* Fix: Added styles for WPML selector, which is embedded in the side area.
* Fix: Added reset CSS styles to prevent style conflicts with some themes.

v2.3.10 – November 28, 2020
- Adjusting the logo height might not be changed if a third-party plugin for changing images to webp format is installed.
- In some cases, all taxonomies available for search were not displayed in the preset settings in the "General -> Search -> Filter search result by" section.
- Updated third-party JS libraries included in the frond-end part of Groovy Menu.

Version 2.3.9 – November 19, 2020
- Fixed URL for the search form to fix an issue that appears on multidomain multisites
- Fixed bug with colorpicker in the preset editor at the Safari browser.
- Added the ability to set negative values for "Dropdown gap", "Submenu gap" and "Mega menu gap".
- An added new feature that improves works of dropdowns on IPad. Now single tap can open a dropdown for an active main menu item that has a submenu, and itself is a link. And for double-tap will open assigned the link for this menu item.


Groovy Mega Menu v2.5.6 NULLED

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