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Modern Events Calendar Pro được tạo ra theo phương pháp thiết kế hợp thời trang và các công nghệ mới nhất với thiết kế hấp dẫn dựa trên khái niệm thiết kế thực tế.

Với dân số ngày càng tăng của người dùng WordPress trên toàn thế giới cùng với việc mở rộng các công cụ và tính năng của WordPress làm cho lịch sự kiện WordPress trở thành lựa chọn tốt nhất để tạo một trang web quản lý sự kiện.

Modern Events Calendar Pro plugin lịch sự kiện tốt nhất, Quản lý các sự kiện của bạn theo cách nhanh nhất, dễ nhất và hiện đại nhất với plugin lịch sự kiện WordPress tốt nhất.

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Demo: https://webnus.net/modern-events-calendar/

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Webnus Modern Events Calendar Pro Nulled Free Changelog

= v5.18.5 – 21 April 2021 =
- Added: A new feature to manage a load of MEC assets on pages
- Added: Some new placeholders to notifications including categories, tags, cost, and labels (pro)
- Added: An option to show expired events in event management of backend
- Added: Date filter option to map skin (pro)
- Added: An option to change the SEO title of occurrences
- Added: An option to change currency and currency options per event
- Added: An option to disable the “Private Description” field in frontend event submission (pro)
- Added: An option to disable the display of organizers in “Frontend Event Submission”
- Improved: The MS Excel export on event and bookings (pro)
- Fixed: Unlimited booking limit (pro)
- Fixed: Price of booking export
- Fixed: Simple style of monthly skin when there are multiple repeats from the same event in one day
- Fixed: Last Few Ticket Percentage (pro)
- Fixed: Some issues in export module loaded in single event page (pro)
- Fixed: An issue regarding multiline description for ics export
- Fixed: Showing the wrong date for events
- Fixed: Booking reminder notification (pro)
- Fixed: some issues in PHP 8

= v5.18.0 – 7 April 2021 =
- Added: A new shortcode for Pro users to display some content only for those users that booked the event (pro)
- Added: Placeholder feature for text fields in the search form
- Added: Two new placeholders to email notifications to show the start and end time of events (pro)
- Added: An ability to change event fields per occurrence
- Added: A new feature to include the “Local Time” module in full calendar skin
- Added: some new parameters to the MEC feed of events
- Added: An ability to set interval for monthly events
- Added: A new feature to separate event tags and wp tags
- Added: A new ability to the modern style of timetable skin to change the number of weekdays (pro)
- Improved: The user registration in the booking system by setting the name as a nickname (pro)
- Improved: The Google Calendar import to import monthly events with an interval
- Improved: The Google Calendar export and module to export monthly events with an interval
- Improved: The dropdown fields to ignore the first option as a valid value (pro)
- Improved: The date search field to accept the same start and end dates
- Improved: Accessibility in next/previous month in shortcodes
- Improved: Dark mode styles (fixed a conflict with classic editor)
- Fixed: Tile view for showing event image
- Fixed: Showing the registration/booking button on the customized single event page (pro)
- Fixed: An issue in WC Payment system when loaded in the modal (pro)
- Fixed: An issue in %%name%% placeholder of “User Event Publishing” notification
- Fixed: Showing the author of an event in the backend event manager
- Fixed: Showing expired events in the “Related Events” module
- Fixed: Mailchimp integration when multiple attendees available (pro)
- Fixed: An issue with some characters in export files
- Fixed: Google Calendar export module
- Fixed: A display issue in showing start and end dates in notifications when both of them are the same
- Fixed: Some string translation
- Fixed: Showing the multi-day in carousel view
- Fixed: Some minor issues

= v5.17.6 – 17 March 2021 =
- Added: Labels for all search fields
- Added: An option to manage active day of monthly skin
- Added: Speaker import to the XML import feature
- Improved: The “Show Only Expired Events” feature to not show ongoing events in some cases
- Updated: Stripe API to latest version (pro)
- Fixed: Required checkbox fields in event custom fields
- Fixed: GEO location of addresses when wrong latitude and longitude are set (pro)
- Fixed: Event cost field
- Fixed: Timezone intervals in RSS feed
- Fixed: Yearly skin in showing navigation to previous year (pro)
- Fixed: Showing Sold-out and other labels in multilingual websites (pro)
- Fixed: Some console issues in block editor
- Fixed: Some duplicate id issues in console
- Fixed: An issue in “Certain Weekdays” repeat
- Fixed: An issue in local time module
- Fixed: An issue in breadcrumb
- Fixed: Some notices

= v5.17.5 – 9 March 2021 =
- Added: An ability to switch “Show / Hide Occurrences” per shortcode
- Added: An ability to select desired months to be displayed in the yearly view (pro)
- Added: An ability to include date of the event in “Frontend Submission”
- Added: An ability to sort additional organizers
- Added: An ability to restrict coupons per category (pro)
- Added: A new option to include ongoing events in addition to upcoming events
- Added: Custom fields to the exports (pro)
- Improved: Map skin to show ongoing and upcoming events correctly (pro)
- Improved: The user timezone detection to reduce the number of requests
- Improved: The event color system to unset the color by default
- Fixed: Booking Import (pro)
- Fixed: The backend booking manager regarding ticket variations (pro)
- Fixed: Calendar method of booking module (pro)
- Fixed: Register button when event is expired (pro)
- Fixed: Applying shipping costs to the tickets created in WooCommerce system (pro)
- Fixed: Wizard popup responsive on mobile and tablet
- Fixed: Dark mode regarding WordPress notifications alert
- Fixed: Slider link issue regarding open in a new window
- Fixed: RTL style
- Fixed: Some PHP notices and warnings
- Fixed: Some minor issues

= v5.17.2 – 24 February 2021 =
- Added: An option to use CC instead of BCC for notification recipients
- Added: “No Event Found” message for archive pages
- Improved: The custom CSS loading to fix some unwanted issues with cache and minify plugins
- Improved: The message showing on the import menu
- Updated: Spanish language (Thanks to Eloy Perez)
- Fixed: A warning in Countdown, Available Spot and Slider skins (pro)
- Fixed: An issue in referred date for those events that are linked to external websites
- Fixed: An issue in default full calendar skin loaded in archive pages
- Fixed: A PHP fatal error in some hosts
- Fixed: An issue on ics link of email to show the correct time
- Fixed: An issue on showing expired events on “Related Events” section
- Fixed: Some issues on showing dates in minimal and modern styles of list view
- Fixed: An issue in map module of the single event (pro)
- Fixed: Some issues on booking module when date picker is set to calendar (pro)
- Fixed: An issue in storing sender email name
- Fixed: Some issues on category checkboxes
- Fixed: An issue in downloading attendees of a specific date
- Fixed: The datepicker style in the backend
- Fixed: Duplicated location in the single event page
- Fixed: Constant Contact integration lists (pro)
- Fixed: An issue regarding the showing date in the Masonry view (pro)
- Fixed: Typos in the booking messages (pro)
- Fixed: Some minor issues
= v5.17.1 – 17 February 2021 =
- Added: A new option to manage a percentage of “Last Tickets” globally (pro)
- Added: An ability to manage a percentage of “Last Tickets” per event (pro)
- Improved: The accessibility of MEC invoices (pro)
- Improved: The storage of numeric fields of tickets and fees (pro)
- Improved: Display of featured canceled and custom labels
- Improved: Dark mode in backend and frontend
- Fixed: Settings menu
- Fixed: Duplicate events
- Fixed: User booking limit (pro)
- Fixed: A Fatal error on older versions of PHP
- Fixed: Showing un-rendered notification placeholders (pro)
- Fixed: Bulk booking import (pro)
- Fixed: An issue regarding expired events on full calendar skin
- Fixed: “Booking Cancellation” notification (pro)
- Fixed: iCal export regarding custom day events (pro)
- Fixed: List of the locations and organizers in the wizard popup (add event)
- Fixed: An issue regarding the location without an address in list view modern style
- Fixed: Datepicker style
- Fixed: Category icon setup
- Fixed: Responsive on mobile in the popup modal for booking (pro)
- Fixed: Some minor issues

= v5.17.0 – 11 February 2021 =
- Added: New Back-end Interface
- Added: A field mapping feature to auto-populate profile fields after booking (pro)
- Added: End date option for applicable skins with “Today”, “Tomorrow” and certain date option
- Added: Front-end event submission customization color
- Improved: The “Organizer Payment” system to automatically populate the payment credential fields when adding a new event (pro)
- Fixed: An issue in the total price of exported bookings (pro)
- Fixed: Some issues in Rejection Notification (pro)
- Fixed: An issue regarding the “Booking Reminder” notification on the multisite network (pro)
- Fixed: An issue on modifying discounted booking (pro)
- Fixed: Some issues on start and end date of events in notifications (pro)
- Fixed: A compatibility issue with one of WC plugins (pro)
- Fixed: An issue on the “Notification Per Event” feature (pro)
- Fixed: An issue on the active day of monthly skin
- Fixed: An issue regarding the Oxygen page builder
- Fixed: A UTF8 encoding issue
- Fixed: Some PHP warnings and notices
- Fixed: Some minor issues

= v5.16.6 – 28 January 2021 =
- Fixed: Security issue

= v5.16.5 – 27 January 2021 =
- Added: A feature to filter the events by local time
- Added: Express connection method to Stripe Connect Gateway (pro)
- Added: Some placeholders to the notification templates
- Added: Some options to manage grid slider in the widget
- Added: New positions for currencies
- Added: Event name to the Stripe payments (pro)
- Added: A location and other location description options
- Improved: Backend speed
- Fixed: Loading new events on load more button
- Fixed: Importing events with finish dates from Google into MEC
- Fixed: Importing google events when some of the occurrences are removed
- Fixed: Loading MEC contents
- Fixed: Duplicating events
- Fixed: Providing discount per user role (pro)
- Fixed: An issue regarding the booking reminder notification (pro)
- Fixed: Stopped sales tickets (pro)
- Fixed: Shortcode search-bar styling
- Fixed: Booking shortcode styling(pro)
- Fixed: Some issues in date display

v5.16.2 – 15 January 2021
- Fixed: No event found issue in special conditions

v5.16.1 – 13 January 2021
- Fixed: No event found issue

v5.16.0 – 13 January 2021
- Added: PaidMembership Pro integration (pro)
- Added: Event Cost search option with min and max fields (pro)
- Added: Multiple Category Search to the filter options
- Added: An option to change event visibility and hide them in shortcodes
- Added: Ability to sort bookings by Event ID (pro)
- Added: Two new “After Add to Cart” methods to provide optional link and message to the booker user (pro)
- Added: An ongoing label for ongoing events
- Added: A new column in backend events list to show the count of all sales (pro)
- Fixed: An issue on required fields of “Frontend Submission”
- Fixed: An issue on showing all day ongoing events
- Fixed: An issue on “Total User Booking” field in “Frontend Submission” (pro)
- Fixed: An issue in month filter
- Fixed: An issue in carousel skin
- Fixed: An issue in validation of WC payment (pro)

v5.15.5 – 30 December 2020
- Added: An advanced calendar method to show available occurrences to book (pro)
- Added: the feature to create segmetns in MailChimp integration (pro)
- Added: Ability to edit booking fields in “Booking Edit” page in WordPress backend (pro)
- Added: “Fallback Image“ feature to set an image for categories and display it as the event featured image if no image was set for the events
- Added: Link attribute “rel=noopener” for events display method to be able to set them to open in a new window
- Improved: MailChimp integration by adding some relevant tags to the subscribers (pro)
- Improved: The booking CSV import (pro)
- Improved: The booking reminder email (pro)
- Improved: Backend speed and optimization
- Improved: MEC capabilities (pro)
- Fixed: An issue in the “Next/Previous Events” Module
- Fixed: A date display issue on carousel skins
- Fixed: Importing modified series of Google events in addition to their main event
- Fixed: Carousel and slider issue in Divi page builder environment
- Fixed: MEC Shortcodes assets in Elementor page builder environment
- Fixed: Some issues on WP Multisite
- Fixed: Label of booking button (pro)
- Fixed: Arabic character in the event link
- Fixed: Some PHP notices

= v5.15.0 – 16 December 2020 =
- Added: A shortcode to display current users' events in a preferred skin e.g. monthly, list, grid, etc.
- Added: A new shortcode to generate a specific calendar for current user events
- Added: A date picker type for date field in search widget to provide an ability to select start and end dates on frontend instead of month and year
- Added: An ability to create all day events in custom repeat
- Added: An ability to show only one occurrence of custom day events
- Added: An ability to disable / enable booking sections on “Frontend Event Submission” (pro)
- Improved: The auto suggest location feature to fetch and save geo point in addition to address (pro)
- Improved: The Stripe gateway to work with no decimal currencies such as JPY (pro)
- Improved: The MEC's speed of in some parts
- Fixed: Some issues related to WordPress 5.6
- Fixed: Some issues related to PHP8
- Fixed: An issue on hiding booking form and registration button when all gateways are disabled but WC system is turned on (pro)
- Fixed: An issue in rendering timestamps on rare conditions
- Fixed: An issue on pro shortcodes in MEC lite (lite)
- Fixed: An issue regarding getting event
- Fixed: Paragraph field
- Fixed: Showing time of all day events

v5.14.0 – 2 December 2020
- Added: MailPoet integration (pro)
- Added: Sendfox integration (pro)
- Added: An option to disable/enable “Full Screen” button of Google Maps (pro)
- Added: An option to override MEC assets (JS, CSS, etc) in a child theme
- Added: Two new controls for carousel skin to manage auto play and loop
- Added: Gateway to the booking export (pro)
- Added: Private description for tickets to be included in the booking notifications (pro)
- Added: An option to show organizers' names in the list, grid, tile, masonry, daily, weekly, and timeline skins
- Added: Some new capabilities for MEC menus so users can create their own role for managing MEC
- Added: An ability to specify period for booking cancellation rules (pro)
- Added: An option to set background color for all notifications
- Fixed: Back button of booking module (pro)
- Fixed: Showing recently expired events when the shortcode is set to show only expired events
- Fixed: Outdated WordPress versions
- Fixed: An issue in finding events
- Fixed: Date format of timeline skin
- Fixed: Some issues related to Day Light Saving
- Fixed: Disabling all Google fonts
- Fixed: Some date format issues

v5.13.6 – 18 November 2020
- Improved: Weekly skin to show events of the previous and next month in the current month (pro)
- Fixed: Showing long-time span events in shortcakes
- Fixed: Sending duplicated emails on booking reminder notification (pro)
- Fixed: Showing dates on the backend booking menu (pro)
- Fixed: Ticket variations in the booking export feature (pro)
- Fixed: Event description exported to Google or iCal services
- Fixed: Manual username and password in the booking form (pro)
- Fixed: Date format of multiple-day events
- Fixed: "%%payment_gateway%%" placeholder (pro)
- Fixed: Showing unlimited for tickets when the total booking is limited (pro)
- Fixed: The export and import of the advanced events
- Fixed: Related to Daylight Saving and Timezones
- Fixed: Some PHP notices

- Added: “Event Sold-out” notification (pro)
- Added: “Booking Rejection” notification (pro)
- Added: Ability to translate booking fields in the translated event in multilingual websites (pro)
- Added: An option to exclude admin from recipients in admin booking notification (pro)
- Added: An option to specify the status of new events submitted from “Frontend Submission”
- Added: An option to redirect users to a certain URL after submitting events from the frontend instead of the WordPress page
- Added: Event description and featured image to the CSV export (pro)
- Added: An option to change auto verification status and auto-confirmation status per event instead of the global option (pro)
- Added: A new option to the existing “Next Event” module to display multiple occurrences of the current event instead of only one occurrence
- Added: A new integration with AWeber email marketing platform (pro)
- Improved: memory usage
- Fixed: Booking over total slots (pro)
- Fixed: Masonry skin (pro)
- Fixed: Reminder notification (pro)
- Fixed: Verification and cancellation links (pro)
- Fixed: An display issue regarding the location on PDF invoice (pro)
- Fixed: Event popup
- Fixed: Booking dates of custom single pages
- Fixed: Booking validation on payment step (pro)
- Fixed: Color style on the map view shortcode and next/previous module
- Fixed: some PHP notices

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