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PeepSo Ultimate Bundle + Gecko Theme v4.0.0.1 (+ Theme & Addons)


PeepSo Ultimate Bundle là gói giúp phát triển cộng đồng của bạn. Theo cách của bạn. Hồ sơ người dùng thế hệ tiếp theo và là plugin mạng xã hội cho WordPress

PeepSo là gì

PeepSo là một plugin mạng xã hội siêu nhẹ, miễn phí dành cho WordPress cho phép bạn thêm một mạng xã hội hoặc cộng đồng trực tuyến, tương tự như Facebook ngay bên trong trang web WordPress của bạn một cách nhanh chóng và dễ dàng.

Điều khiến PeepSo khác biệt với các giải pháp mạng xã hội khác là thiết kế nhẹ và xuất sắc của nó. PeepSo hoạt động ngay lập tức và trong vài giây, bạn có thể bắt đầu một mạng xã hội, ngay bên trong trang web WordPress của mình. Không cần phải thuê một nhà phát triển. Nó chỉ đơn giản là hoạt động.


PeepSo là một plugin mạng xã hội siêu nhẹ

PeepSo có thật sự miễn phí

PeepSo hoàn toàn MIỄN PHÍ và nó là nền tảng cần thiết để chạy các plugin khác. Luồng hoạt động và các trang hồ sơ của nó sẽ cho phép bạn bắt đầu xây dựng Cộng đồng của mình theo cách bạn luôn muốn.

PeepSo Ultimate Bundle bao gồm Addons nào?

  • PeepSo Integrations: Mobile App v4.0.0.0
  • PeepSo Core: Chat v4.0.0.0
  • PeepSo Core: Friends v4.0.0.0
  • PeepSo Core: Groups v4.0.0.0
  • PeepSo Core: Photos v4.0.0.0
  • PeepSo Core: Polls v4.0.0.0
  • PeepSo Core: Audio & Video v4.0.0.0
  • PeepSo Monetization: EDD v4.0.0.0
  • PeepSo Integrations: BadgeOS v4.0.0.0
  • PeepSo Core: Email Digest v4.0.0.0
  • PeepSo Extras: User Limits v4.0.0.0
  • PeepSo Extras: VIP v4.0.0.0
  • PeepSo Extras: WordFilter v4.0.0.0
  • PeepSo Core: Friends v4.0.0.0
  • PeepSo Core: Groups v4.0.0.0
  • PeepSo Monetization: Advanced Ads v4.0.0.0
  • PeepSo Integrations: GIPHY v4.0.0.0
  • PeepSo Monetization: LearnDash v4.0.0.0
  • PeepSo Integrations: myCRED v4.0.0.0
  • PeepSo Monetization: Paid Memberships Pro v4.0.0.0
  • PeepSo Integrations: Social Login & Invitations v4.0.0.0
  • PeepSo Monetization: WPAdverts v4.0.0.0
  • PeepSo Integrations: WP Event Manager v4.0.0.0
  • PeepSo Monetization: WooCommerce v4.0.0.0
  • PeepSo Core v4.0.0.0 NULLED

Changelog: PeepSo Ultimate Bundle + Theme

PeepSo Ultimate Bundle + Theme v4.0.1.0 Nulled Changelog
[PeepSo] Let admin exclude hasthags below certain size from the widget
[WooCommerce] WooCommerce 5.9.0 compatibility
[PeepSo] Userbar: limit menu width (mobile)
[Events] PeepSo integration needs to skip “events” toolbar item if no page is configured in WPEM
[Groups] Improve the message on group page if non-member interactions are allowed
[Groups] More general privacy descriptions to stay in line with advanced group settings such as admin-only posts, disabled comments, allowing non-members to comment/like etc
[PeepSo] Blog content missing if author box is enabled and “about” field is disabled
[PeepSo] Cannot search for hashtags on activity stream on iOS using Chinese keyboard layout.
[PeepSo] WordPress image pages do not load (404 error) when ‘Enable SEO Friendly links’ is enabled
[PeepSo] Bruteforce fatal error if a third party overrides the $errors variable to “not a WP_Error”
[PeepSo] Double PeepSoPolls class causes a faral error when upgrading from a very old PeepSo version
[App] PeepSo infinite scroll issues and WPMA on item listing pages.
[Advanced Ads] Activity Stream not showing PeepSo ad if Birthdate field is disabled
[Groups] Group “more” button is not hidden even if there is no extra content.
[Groups] Incomplete email title for new group post notification
[PMP] Missing/skipped PMP Membership Confirmation page
[PMP] When the time period of paid membership ends, users do not get expelled from our groups automatically
[Social Login] Fixed a potential critical error when loading the JWT library due to case-sensitive paths
[Social Login] Fixed a potential critical error when loading the JWT library due to case-sensitive paths
[PeepSo] GIPHY, Polls, VIP and WordFilter are now a part of PeepSo Foundation
[PeepSo] Store on-site notifications untranslated to enable third party multi-lingual plugin support
[PeepSo] “Preset URL” field type
[PeepSo] The “Followers” feature is now a part of PeepSo Foundation
[PeepSo] Followers profile tab
[PeepSo] Count followers and followings
[PeepSo] Add more information to profile details (under cover)
[PeepSo] The legacy “integrated PeepSo” widget position is now discontinued
[PeepSo] GIPHY: add to stream posts
[PeepSo] Let admin decide to hide profile completeness if all required fields are filled
[PeepSo] Polls: let admin define sorting by votes count
[Groups] Allow reactions and/or comments for non-members in open groups
[Media] Allow video uploads without conversions
[Email Digest] Plugin moved to the “Core” category
[User Limits] Plugin moved to the “Core” category
[Social Login] Login with Apple
[Social Login] Let users disconnect from social login by using password reset even if not logged in
[PeepSo] Move focus to search bar and highlight it once GIPHY interface is opened
[PeepSo] Performance improvements in MayFly temporary storage engine
[PeepSo] Improved logic and interface around profile details
[PeepSo] let hashtags widgets display up to 100 hashtags
[PeepSo] Move Repost to Advanced and rename the box
[PeepSo] GIPHY: more granular admin controls
[PeepSo] Raise username length limit to 50
[PeepSo] Rename Hide Activity Stream from Non-logged in Users
[PeepSo] Reorganize Appearance Config
[PeepSo] Add default action text when empty
[PeepSo] Add more flexibility to the “absolute dates” setting
[PeepSo] Datepicker problem with Elementor
[PeepSo] Markdown rendering issue when the Use Regular Linebreaks config is enabled
[PeepSo] Notification box not full-width in mobile if compact mode is disabled
[Photos] Loading issues with Community Photos widget
[Photos] Setting Cover or Avatar does not apply to currently viewed photo after using prev/next buttons
[Social Login] WooCommerce guest checkout issues

[PeepSo] Installer and licensing support for Monthly Ultimate Bundle
[PeepSo] Support @peepso_user_XYZ mentions outside of PeepSo context
[SocialLogin] Ability for logged-in user to “disconnect” from Social Login and set a new password.
[WooCommerce] 5.8.x compatibility
[PeepSo] Let admin disable PeepSo override on WP Admin Bar
[SocialLogin] Users do not need a “change password” field in “account” tab if registered via a social provider
[PeepSo] Mentions don’t work when editing a Post Background type
[PeepSo] Blog Posts integration creates multiple items in the stream if /%category/%postname%/ permalinks are used – 15 Feb 2021
[BREAKING] PeepSo now requires PHP 7.2 or newer
[BREAKING] PeepSo now requires WordPress 5.4 or newer
[PeepSo] Name Based Avatars
[PeepSo] ReCaptcha during login
[PeepSo] Let admin disable logins with username
[PeepSo] Let admin define a custom T&C / PC policy Page(s) and open it in a new tab when registering instead
[PeepSo] AJAX queue/request pressure limiter module
[PeepSo] Handle AJAX exception gracefully
[Groups] Rename “closed” groups to “private”
[Groups] Add an “exact phrase” option to the group search
[WooCommerce] Ensure compatibility with WooCommerce 5.0.0
[Other] Ensure compatibility with PHP 8.0
[Other] Start preparing for WordPress 5.7
[PeepSo] Hide registration-related configs if registration is disabled.
[PeepSo] Minor language improvements
[AdvancedAds] Allow “center” and “img” tag in PeepSo Stream Ads & implement a filter to allow further customization
[Groups] Improve search/filter interface
[Photos] Lightbox comment section UI/UX improvements
[SocialLogin] Cloudflare compatibility
[EarlyAccess] New Search: search results UI design & fixes
[PeepSo] Cannot reply on comment after expanding previous comments
[PeepSo] Unable to change profile avatar due to a conflict with BBQ Firewall plugin
[PeepSo] Unable to crop avatars due to missing CSS class in dark color scheme
[PeepSo] User already approved by admin who accidentally clicks e-mail confirmation is switched back to Pending Admin Approval
[EDD] Wrong redirect after updating a payment method
[Friends] Avatar obscures name in birthday widget if name is too long
[Groups] Members shouldn’t get notification about group avatar/cover changes when the settings disabled
[Groups] Members group tab menu can’t be scrolled on mobile view
[Photos] Albums photo counts inconsistent
[Photos] Admin unable to access “only me” albums
[Photos] Thumbnails not cropped properly if the original image is smaller than the thumb size
[PMP] PMP redirection interferes with WooCommerce checkout
[SocialLogin] can’t create PMP discount codes when PeepSo SLAI is activated
[WPAds] Improve compatibility with renewing ads feature – 18 Jan 2021
[PeepSo] Early Access: Include Awesome Support Documentation in New Search
[Groups] Closed groups can now auto-accept members
[WooCommerce] WooCommerce 4.9.0 compatibility
[PeepSo] Lightbox with long captions – comments UX
[PeepSo] Ensure embeds follow the “new tab” setting
[PeepSo] “Disable link preview” option dissapears after post edit
[PeepSo] Early Access: Avatar preview defaults to old gendered avatar when deleting user photo
[Groups] Scrolling UX in “post to group” list
[Photos] Show x more comments button sometimes is not showing on lightbox – 12 Jan 2021
[PeepSo] Let admin disable reset password delay
[PeepSo] Let admin redirect default WP registration to PeepSo registration
[PeepSo] Early Access: Name Based Avatar admin preview
[PeepSo] Early Access: SVG avatars scaling in e-mail notifications
[PeepSo] Comment section on lightbox design improvement on mobile
[PeepSo] Notification box half hidden if widget profile is in right sidebar
[PeepSo] PHP errors triggered on the search page if there are no results
[Chat] New page is created during activation if the peepso_messages shortcode has arguments
[Chat] The same message might render twice under high load / slow AJAX
[Groups] PHP warnings in error log when expanding/collapsing group categories in admin
[Photos] Uploaded GIFs are glitching out on mobile
[Polls/Groups] non group members shouldn’t be able to take a vote on group poll – 5 Jan 2021
[PeepSo] Better stream performance on websites with thousands of user blocks
[Videos/Groups] Missing space between group name and “posted a video”

***Gecko – 15 Feb 2021
[Gecko] Add notification count to the notifications toggle icon in PeepSo UserBar
[Gecko] Advanced options for background sizing/positioning/style in PeepSo landing/register box
[Gecko] Google fonts – improve adding new fonts & optimize loading
[Gecko] Do not load unnecessary assets on frontend
[Gecko] Improve sub-menu positioning
[Gecko] Better PeepSo Search support on Header & Sidebars – 18 Jan 2021
Background image option
Switched the login and registration forms on the landing page (desktop) – 12 Jan 2021
Logo URL redirect setting
Improved sticky sidebar performance on mobile
Switched the login and registration forms on the landing page (mobile)
404 page design wrong with bottom widgets
No expected gap above the navigation bar if Builder Friendly mode is enabled
Sticky sidebar overlaps bottom widgets

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      Vì một vài lý do bảo mật và chính sách nên hotrowordpress tạm dừng chia sẻ tài nguyên có liên quan đến peepso nhé

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    PeepSo Ultimate Bundle + Gecko Theme Nulled (+ Theme & Addons)

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      Bạn đợi cập nhật lên v3.0.5.0 trong thời gian sớm nhất nha. Lưu ý là sẽ chỉ có addons và không có theme kèm theo. Hy vọng sẽ có thể publish trong khoảng 1 tuần nữa

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