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PowerPack for Beaver Builder là tiện ích mở rộng phổ biến nhất và tốt nhất dành cho Trình tạo Beaver được thiết kế dành riêng cho bạn.

Xây dựng các trang web bạn luôn muốn với Addons PowerPack Beaver. PowerPack for Beaver Builder – Hơn 50 mô-đun người dùng, hơn 150 mẫu trang, hơn 200 mẫu phần, tương thích hoàn toàn với Beaver Themer, hỗ trợ cho tất cả các phiên bản BB, tải nhanh và hơn thế nữa.

Tính năng PowerPack for Beaver Builder

PowerPack Beaver Addons Plugin

  • PowerPack hoạt động hoàn hảo với Beaver Themer.
  • Hoạt động hoàn hảo với thiết lập đa trang web WordPress.
  • PowerPack hoạt động với các phiên bản miễn phí và trả phí của Beaver Builder.

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PowerPack Beaver Builder Addon Nulled Free Changelog
== v2.17.1 ==
Release date: July 20, 2021
* Enhancement: Image Hotspot - Added an option to close tooltip by clicking anywhere
* Fix: Instagram Feed - Width of the swiper container was getting overridden by JetPack's CSS
* Fix: Image Carousel - Width of the swiper container was getting overridden by JetPack's CSS
* Fix: Video Gallery - Width of the swiper container was getting overridden by JetPack's CSS
* Fix: Login Form - Full name was getting registered in the first name field for Google login
* Fix: File Download - File field required issue when using multiple type

== v2.17.0 ==
Release date: July 14th, 2021
* Enhancement: Contact Form - Added hCaptcha integration
* Enhancement: File Download - Added an option to choose a single source of the file or a dropdown with multiple files
* Enhancement: Animated Headline - Added data-index attribute to rotating text for custom style
* Enhancement: Off-Canvas Content - Added a logic to adjust the height automatically for top and bottom direction when the size is not given
* Enhancement: Modal Box - Added an option to disable animations on overlay
* Enhancement: Advanced Accordion - Added accessibility and keyboard navigation support
* Enhancement: Advanced Accordion - Added an option to select an image as an icon
* Enhancement: Announcement Bar - Added accessibility and keyboard navigation support
* Enhancement: Announcement Bar - Replaced textarea field with WYSIWYG editor for content
* Enhancement: Social Icons - Added support for TikTok icon
* Enhancement: Info List - Added an option to align the icon to left or right with heading or content
* Enhancement: Content Grid - Added logic to stop carousel autoplay when hovering over navigation arrows
* Enhancement: Testimonials - Added an option to choose HTML tag for heading
* Enhancement: How-To - Added an option to choose HTML tag for steps title
* Fix: Advanced Accordion - Saved templates were not getting rendered for logged out users in some cases
* Fix: Instagram Feed - Square layout issue
* Fix: Content Grid - Incorrect post width issue
* Fix: Content Grid - Added fallback method when AJAX pagination fails to load the posts on the front page in some cases
* Fix: Content Grid - Carousel - Number of items were appearing based on min-width on tablet and mobile
* Fix: Content Grid - Price and ratings were not showing when using AJAX filters for WooCommerce product post type
* Fix: Flip Box - Removed default width and height for the image
* Fix: Off-Canvas Content - Minor CSS issue regarding top and bottom layout
* Fix: WPForms - Padding issue with phone field
* Fix: Fluent Forms - PHP warning in some cases
* Fix: Testimonials - Removed Carousel option in respect to the number of slides field
* Fix: Table - Unable to save the module when CSV import field contains invalid characters in some cases
* Fix: Photo Gallery - PHP warning when a user leaves the number of columns field empty
* Fix: Restaurant Menu - Currency symbol position right was not getting applied when using inline layout
* Fix: Image - Set max-width to Caption container to match the width of the image
* Development: Advanced Menu - Added filter hook pp_advanced_menu_html_toggle to modify the hamburger toggle markup

== v2.16.4 - June 17, 2021 ==
Advanced Menu - Accordion toggle issue on responsive breakpoint

== 2.16.3 ==
Release date: June 16, 2021
* Enhancement: Content Grid - Added "Slug" as order by option
* Enhancement: Testimonials - Added an option to disable the mouse drag for slider
* Fix: Advanced Menu - Toggle arrows getting mixed up with text in horizontal layout with center alignment
* Fix: Advanced Menu - Keyboard navigation issue
* Fix: Gravity Forms Styler - Couple of error related styling fields were not working for GF 2.5 and above
* Fix: Modal Box - iframe loading issue on page load in some cases
* Fix: Logos Grid - Spacing issue on medium breakpoint
* Fix: Image Carousel - Autplay Speed field left emptied causes JS error
* Fix: Header/Footer - Header background color getting transparent in builder due to overlay setting

== v2.16.2 == Release date: June 2, 2021
* Enhancement: Video - Added an option to provide a value for HTML title attribute for iframe and video tag
* Enhancement: Image Carousel - Added options to add custom screen reader text for previous and next nav arrows
* Enhancement: Advanced Accordion - ACF Repeater - Added logic to convert URL to clickable link returned from ACF file field used for accordion item content
* Fix: Modal Box - Popup was getting closed automatically in some cases
* Fix: Testimonials - Spacing was not working in grid layout when the column is set to 1
* Fix: Content Grid - Layout issue when used in Advanced Accordion module
* Fix: Advanced Accordion - Automatic page scroll issue

== 2.16.1 ==
Release date: May 26, 2021
* Fix: Advanced Menu - Submenu padding, search icon alignment, and toggle arrows in full-screen overlay issue
* Fix: Row Animated Background - Colors were not getting applied after the last update

== v2.16.0 ==
Release date: May 25, 2021
* Enhancement: Maintenance Mode - Added an option to access the site via a user-defined secret access key
* Enhancement: Maintenance Mode - Added support for Beaver Builder's saved layout and row templates
* Enhancement: Video - Added a new source for Wistia videos embed
* Enhancement: Business Hours - Added an option for 24-hour format
* Enhancement: Business Hours - Added options to change or translate day names
* Enhancement: Testimonials - Added options to control styling for the entire box
* Enhancement: Content Grid - Enabled responsive option for filters padding
* Enhancement: Category Grid - Added Meta Value, Meta Value Number, and None option in Order By field
* Enhancement: Image Carousel - Added accessibility support
* Enhancement: Modal Box - Added a field to enter screen reader text for the modal button type image and icon
* Enhancement: WPForms - Added options to control typography for checkbox and radio labels
* Enhancement: Content Ticker - Added link field for header
* Fix: Filterable Gallery - ACF Gallery field connection was not working
* Fix: Sitemap - Some taxonomies were not appearing in the dropdown
* Fix: Author Box - anchor tag was appearing when the link is set to none
* Fix: Advanced Menu - Toggle arrows direction issue in vertical layout
* Fix: Advanced Menu - Submenu toggle was not working in Off-Canvas due to vertical layout
* Fix: Subscribe Form and Contact Form - Updated AJAX URLs
* Fix: Testimonials - ADA compliance issue with slider pagination dots
* Fix: Info List - Responsive alignment issue for icon position top
* Fix: Album - Border radius was not working for the overlay
* Fix: Dot Navigation - Scroll effect was still working on devices of the breakpoint set in the module
* Fix: Dot Navigation - JS error while scrolling the page
* Fix: Divider - Horizontal padding was not working if vertical padding remains 0 or empty
* Fix: Pricing Table - PHP warning in frontend.css.php due to empty field
* Fix: Restaurant Menu - PHP warning in frontend.css.php due to empty field
* Fix: Content Grid - PHP warning in frontend.css.php and frontend.js.php due to empty post spacing and column fields
* Fix: Hotspot - PHP warning
* Fix: Row Separators - ADA compliance issue
* Fix: Row Effects - Line Particles - ADA compliance issue
* Fix: Row Effects - JS error
* Fix: Maintenance Mode - "part" layout built with themer was not getting excluded
* Development: Content Grid - Added filter hooks - pp_cg_filtered_terms and pp_cg_filtered_term

== 2.15.4 ==
Release date: April 20, 2021
* Enhancement: Video & Video Gallery - Added logic to close lightbox on esc key press
* Fix: Photo Gallery - Close the lightbox when tapping outside the image in small devices
* Fix: Smart Button & File Download - Clicking on reset background hover color was adding transparent background
* Fix: Logos Grid - Spacing issue in small devices
* Fix: Subscribe Form - Inline layout was not responsive on small devices
* Fix: Content Grid - Image effects were not working for Style 9
* Fix: Content Grid - The Events Calendar options were not showing on events archive in builder
* Fix: Image - SVG image was stopped showing when used in sticky header
* Fix: Flip Box - ADA compliance issue when headings are left empty

== v2.15.3 == Release date: April 8, 2021
* Fix: Off-Canvas Content - Saved layouts were not getting added in dropdown due to cached AJAX URL
* Fix: Modal Box - Saved layouts were not getting added in dropdown due to cached AJAX URL
* Fix: Testimonials Slider - ADA compliance issue with slider arrow buttons
* Fix: Contact Form - ADA compliance issue with button icon
* Fix: Image - Image size issue when used in sticky header set through Beaver Themer
* Fix: Instagram Feed - Added an option to maintain width for the square layout
* Fix: Dual Button - Spacing was not working vertically when buttons get stacked at a given breakpoint
* Fix: Image Carousel - Disable thumbnail loop respecting to the Loop option to prevent image centering issues
* Fix: Content Ticker - Added missing alpha channel for Content Hover Background Color
* Fix: Info List - Icon alignement issue
* Core: Added MainWP compatibility for plugin update
* Development: Advanced Accordion - Added filter hook pp_accordion_cpt_query_args

== v2.15.2 == Release date: March 26, 2021
* Enhancement: Category Grid - Added logic to exclude the current category from taxonomy archive
* Fix: Content Grid - Taxonomy filters order setting was not working when displaying only child terms
* Fix: Advanced Menu - hide-heading class was not working in mobile devices with horizontal menu
* Fix: Smart Button - Link nofollow setting was not getting saved
* Fix: Image Carousel - Keyboard navigation was not working
* Fix: Header/Footer - WPML issue
* Fix: jQuery compatibility issue since WP 5.7

== 2.14.1 ==
Release date: February 16, 2021
* Hotfix: PHP notice in 2.14.0

== 2.13.4 ==
Release date: January 21, 2020
* Hotfix: Content Grid - Custom layout object parsing issue

== v2.13.1 ==
Release date: December 15, 2020
* Hotfix: Same version was showing on the plugin update page

== v2.13.0 ==
Release date: December 15, 2020
* Enhancement: Added an option in PowerPack extensions setting to disable WordPress Lazy Load
* Enhancement: Table of Contents - Added compatibility with RankMath plugin
* Enhancement: Content Grid - Improved AJAX response speed for dynamic filters
* Enhancement: Card Slider - Added options to control content margin, padding, and card max-width
* Enhancement: Content Tiles - Other posts image size will be controlled by Medium or Small tile image size options based on the selected Column Width
* Enhancement: Smart Banner - Description field is now WYSIWYG editor
* Fix: Card Slider - Responsive image width issue
* Fix: Hover Cards - Heading typography was not working for the tag other than h3
* Fix: Table - Scroll mode was getting reverted to original when changing orientation to landscape on responsive devices
* Fix: Table - Incorrect split of CSV data when the comma is found inside double quotes string
* Fix: Category Grid - Delayed hover transition issue
* Fix: Content Grid - Fallback image was not getting cropped
* Fix: Content Grid - Equal height was not getting applied when using the Content Grid in Advanced Tabs module
* Fix: Content Grid - Grid layout issue due to lazy load
* Fix: Content Grid - Default filter was not working
* Fix: Content Grid - Unfefined date_format variable PHP warning in carousel mode
* Fix: Contact Form - Field connection was not working in email subject field
* Fix: Advanced Accordion - Icon alignment issue
* Fix: Video Gallery - Minor CSS issue
* Fix: Pricing Table - Layout issue when using in the expandable row
* Fix: Image Carousel - Lightbox close button CSS conflict with the CSS of Image module
* Fix: Info Box - Hairline visible gap between icon and border when background color is filled
* Fix: Photo Gallery - Minor JS issue

== v2.12.4 ==
Release date: November 12, 2020
* Fix: Smart Headings - Separator width percent unit was not working properly
* Fix: Card Slider - Button link was not working properly
* Fix: Card Slider - Height issue in iPhone when direction is set to horizontal
* Fix: Formidable Forms - Button styles were getting applied to progress bar too due to the same HTML elements
* Fix: Testimonial - Renamed Minimum Slides field to Number of Slides
* Fix: Social Icons - Colors set in Row settings were not getting applied to module elements properly
* Fix: Content Grid - Load More pagination was not working after resetting FacetWP filters
* Fix: Content Grid - Added missing alt attribute to loading spinner image
* Fix: Content Grid - AJAX based pagination was not workig on search page with Relevanssi plugin
* Fix: Logos Grid - Extra margin on the last logo item
* Fix: Image - Border radius was not getting applied to responsive layout
* Fix: Contact Form 7 - Label typography settings were not getting applied
* Fix: Info List - z-index issue
* Fix: Core (Header/Footer) - Duplicate row was showing in header template
* Fix: Core (Maintenance Mode) - PHP warning with Genesis theme when viewing single product post

== v2.12.3 ==
* Fix: Filterable Gallery - Medium and responsive settings were not working properly
* Fix: Advanced Menu - Hamburger alignment was not working for medium breakpoint
* Fix: Animated Headline - Some typography options were not working for animating text
* Fix: Content Grid - Layout issue when using the module in expandable row
* Fix: Login Form - Invalid data issue
* Fix: Breadcrumbs - Added missing alpha channel for background color fields
* Fix: Reviews - Custom reviews were stopped getting displayed
* Fix: Instagram Feed - CORS issue on some servers
* Fix: Table of Contents - JS error after 2.12.0 update
* Enhancement: Content Grid - Added an option to display child terms as filters for taxonomy archive
* Enhancement: Content Grid - Added options to add hover text color for title, content, and meta
* Enhancement: Table of Contents - Added an option to choose whether to generate anchor ID from heading text or auto
* Enhancement: Google Map - Added an option for custom marker image size
* Enhancement: Smart Heading - Added new percent unit for separator width
* Enhancement: Advanced Menu - Added border hover color option
* Enhancement: Off-Canvas Content - Added logic to trigger off-canvas panel via URL
* Enhancement: Login Form - Added an option to change Register link text
* Enhancement: Content Ticker - Added logic to display event date instead of post date for The Events Calendar
* Enhancement: Card Slider - Added logic to display event date instead of post date for The Events Calendar
* Enhancement: Core - Added individual license activation settings for subsites in multisite network
* Enhancement: Core - Added indicator with tooltip to show dependent modules under modules manager admin settings
* Fix: Announcement Bar - Close icon was not appearing sometimes
* Fix: Off-Canvas Content - Toggle button accessibility issues
* Fix: Off-Canvas Content - Link with hash value in href leads the panel to close
* Fix: Card Slider - Double quotes issue in URL
* Fix: Author Box - Broken image alt tag due to HTML used in author name
* Fix: Content Grid - Beaver Themer ACF fields shortcodes were not working in custom content
* Fix: Sliding Menu - Submenu overlap issue with transparent background
* Fix: Modal Box - Issue with multiple iframes used in saved template
* Fix: Caldera Forms Styler - CSS was not getting applied to pagination button
* Fix: Logos Grid - Empty spacing field is leading to PHP error
* Fix: Content Grid - Product price and cart button were not showing on shop archive when using main query
* Fix: Video Gallery - Missing video thumbnail URL in structured data
* Fix: Advanced Menu - Added missing field connections for 2 color fields
* Fix: Advanced Menu - Browser outline issue
* Fix: Advanced Accordion - Browser window was not getting scrolled to accordion item triggered via URL hash
* Fix: Album - Custom registered image sizes were not showing
* Fix: Login Form - Issue with reCAPTCHA v3
* Fix: Category Grid - RTL issue
* Fix: Advanced Menu - RTL issue
* Fix: Fancy Heading - Minor PHP warning
* Fix: Advanced Accordion - Minor PHP warning
* Fix: FAQ - Minor PHP warning
* Fix: Reviews - PHP error
* Fix: Core - Enabled Modules were not getting saved properly when used or not used modules filter is active
* Development: Subscribe Form - Added filter pp_subscribe_form_strings_i18n to modify validation and error messages
* Development: Login Form - Added filter pp_login_form_password_reset_email_subject
* Development: Login Form - Added filter pp_login_form_password_reset_email_content
* Development: Login Form - Added filter pp_login_form_js_messages_i18n
* Development: Login Form - Added filter pp_login_form_redirect_url
* Development: Content Grid - Added filter pp_post_grid_ajax_response
* Development: Photo Gallery - Added filter pp_gallery_output_image_srcset (default: false)
* Development: Core - Added filter pp_modules_override_theme_dir

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