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Profile Builder Pro là một plugin WordPress cho phép bạn thêm các biểu mẫu đăng ký để đăng nhập, hồ sơ và hình thức đăng nhập.

Để làm điều này, chỉ cần tạo một trang mới và đặt cho nó một cái tên trực quan (ví dụ: Chỉnh sửa hồ sơ cá nhân). Bây giờ tất cả những gì bạn phải làm là thêm đoạn mã ngắn sau: [wppb-edit-profile]. Xuất bản trang của bạn và bạn đã hoàn tất! Profile Builder là tất cả trong một plugin để đăng ký và quản lý người dùng cho các trang web WordPress.


Tính năng cao cấp Profile Builder Pro – WordPress Profile Plugin

Profile Builder Pro Plugin

  • Đăng nhập, đăng ký và chỉnh sửa Shortcodes hồ sơ
  • Quản lý trường người dùng mặc định
  • Độ dài và độ dài mật khẩu tối thiểu
  • Xác nhận của Email & Xác nhận Email
  • Lĩnh vực người dùng bổ sung không giới hạn
  • Logic điều kiện cho các lĩnh vực
  • Tải lên hình đại diện cho người dùng
  • Hỗ trợ reCaptcha
  • Nhập / Xuất người dùng
  • Mô-đun người dùng nâng cao
  • 11 Advanced Addons

Danh sách Addons Profile Builder Pro – WordPress Profile Plugin

  • Profile Builder – Multi-Step Forms Add-On v1.0.9
  • Profile Builder – Custom Profile Menus Add-On v1.1.0
  • Profile Builder – WooCommerce Sync Add-on v1.5.7
  • Profile Builder – Social Connect Add-On v1.1.8 (update 23-10)
  • Profile Builder – MailPoet Add-on v1.0.6 ()
  • Profile Builder – MailChimp Add-On v1.2.2 ()
  • Profile Builder – Field Visibility Add-On v1.2.3 (update 23-08)
  • Profile Builder – Campaign Monitor Add-On v1.1.0 (update 12-08)
  • Profile Builder – BuddyPress Add-on v1.0.6
  • BNFW – Profile Builder Add-on v1.0.0
Profile Builder Pro - WordPress Profile Plugin Nulled Free Changelog

= Profile Builder Pro v3.3.9 =
Description: Elementor Integration Improvements
* Added further support for Elementor styling
* Added filter to modify date format for Last Profile Update and Last Login
* Restricted comments from private/restricted posts and pages from queries
* Cached the wppb_get_abs_home function result.
* Added a setting that controls the automatic scrolling of form pages after submit
* Hide the Edit Image link in the Upload Field Media Modal.
* Set default text field maxlength to 250
Bug and Fixes:
* Fixed some possible warnings
* Fixed some possible PHP 8 warnings
* Fixes for Placeholder Labels not displaying correctly some fields
* Fixed minor typos in plugin
* Fix CSS for the Terms and Conditions field.
* Fixed Userlisting issues for map fields in repeaters
* Fixed pin links in Userlisting Map in certain cases

= v3.3.8 =
* Elementor integration
* Fixed some urls encoding in certain cases
* Fixed a possible warning in advanced-settings.php
* Fixed displaying additional email field with Placeholder Labels
* PHP 8.0 Userlisting compatibilities
* Added support for WPML translation of Repeater fields

= Profile Builder Pro v3.3.6 =
Description: Fixed a js error that was preventing a form to submit
Bug and Fixes:
Fixed a js error that was preventing a form to submit

= Profile Builder Pro v3.3.4 =
Description: Included free add-ons inside main plugin
Refactored add-on page to unify add-ons and modules, also did some refactoring of folders
Integrated Customization Toolbox addon as Advanced Settings in main plugin
Integrated Placeholder labels addon in Advanced Settings
Integrated Email Confirmation add-on as field in main plugin
Integrated Multiple Admin Emails add-on in Advanced Settings
Integrated Custom CSS Classes on fields add-on in main plugin
Integrated GDPR Communication Preferences add-on in main plugin
Integrated Import and Export add-on in main plugin
Integrated Labels Edit add-on in main plugin
Integrated Maximum Character Length add-on in main plugin
Bug and Fixes:
Fix for bbPress Messages compatibility issue.
Generalize Search All fix for the Select (Country) field and also apply it to the Search facet type.

= Profile Builder Pro v3.3.3 =
Description: Minor updates and fixes
Bug and Fixes:
Changed some sanitization functions to more specific ones
Add form name to 'User to edit' field ID so it works when multiple forms are on the same page.
Add compatibility with the Divi Overlay plugin.
Fixed a problem with values disappearing for some fields if the meta_name contained the word map
= v3.3.2 =
### Description: Minor fixes and updates
### Features:
- Added WPML support for HTML Content in HTML field
- Added support for [wppb-embed] shortcode so it can be used in Userlisting
- Added a span with class in the facet checkboxes
### Bug and Fixes:
- Fixed a PHP notice.
- Fixed xCrud compatibility issue
- Replaced e-mail string with email.

= v3.3.1 =
### Description: Fixes and improvements, Simple Upload option added
### Features:
Add 'automatic_login' parameter for the
- Username*
- First Name*
- Last Name*
- E-mail*
- Website
- Biographical Info
- Password*
- Repeat Password*
- AvatarUpload
- Company Name
- Company Registration Number
- VAT Number
- Company Address
- Send these credentials via email.
- shortcode and make sure that the shortcode, multiple registration setting, general setting priority is respected.
- Allow Social Connect to redirect users as per the 'redirect_url' shortcode parameter.
- Added simple upload option to Upload field
- Added extra confirmation step to Admin Approval trough {{approval_url}} or {{approval_link}}.
- Improved compatibility with Paid Member Subscriptions plugin

### Bug and Fixes:
- Fixed a possible warning regarding user deletions and Email Confirmation
- Fixed dynamic redirect bug when private website is enabled- Pass the referer URL forward when the Login form shows an error so the user is still redirected to the page they came from.
- Change 'E-mail' to 'Email' for the password recovery form.
- Switched deprecated jQuery event 'hover' with 'mouseenter mouseleave'.
- Fix for non-numeric value encountered warning.
- Fixed a js error regarding collorpicker on certain themes
- Fix issue with Elementor editor not loading if a Userlisting shortcode was present and we had a map field defined in Form Fields

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