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PublishPress Authors cho phép bạn thêm nhiều tác giả và tác giả khách mời vào các bài đăng WordPress

Các tác giả của PublishPressWordPress chỉ cho phép bạn thêm một tác giả vào mỗi bài đăng. Với PublishPress Authors, bạn có thể thêm nhiều tác giả vào một bài đăng WordPress.

Bạn có thể tạo hồ sơ tác giả chi tiết với các trường và bố cục tùy chỉnh.

Sử dụng Tác giả PublishPress, bạn cũng có thể thêm Tác giả khách không cần tài khoản trên trang web của bạn.

Các tính năng chính của PublishPress Authors Pro

Thêm tất cả các tác giả PublishPress Authors Pro

Thêm nhiều tác giả Author

Với PublishPress Authors, bạn có thể chọn nhiều tác giả cho mỗi bài đăng. Khi bạn viết một bài đăng, bạn sẽ thấy hộp Tác giả ở thanh bên phải. Tại đây, bạn có thể chọn từ tất cả người dùng trên trang web của mình và chỉ định họ làm tác giả.

Demo PublishPress Authors

Hiển thị hồ sơ tác giả của bạn

PublishPress Authors cung cấp cho bạn nhiều cách để hiển thị hồ sơ tác giả. Bạn có thể hiển thị các tác giả bên dưới nội dung của mình, trong một tiện ích con, sử dụng mã ngắn và hơn thế nữa.

Author PublishPress Pro

Thêm tác giả khách mời

Sử dụng PublishPress Authors, bạn có thể tạo các Tác giả Khách không cần tài khoản trên trang web của bạn. PublishPress sẽ coi Tác giả khách giống hệt như Tác giả có tài khoản WordPress.

add new author field

Các trường tùy chỉnh cho hồ sơ tác giả

PublishPress Authors Pro cho phép bạn tạo các trường tùy chỉnh cho hồ sơ tác giả của mình. Bạn có thể thêm các trường Văn bản, WYSIWYG, Liên kết, email và hơn thế nữa.

PublishPress Authors Pro Edit layout

Bố cục tùy chỉnh cho hồ sơ tác giả PublishPress Authors Pro

PublishPress Authors Pro cho phép bạn tạo bố cục tùy chỉnh cho các tác giả. Sử dụng tất cả thông tin tác giả và các trường tùy chỉnh, bạn có thể thiết kế bố cục đẹp cho tác giả của mình.

Cần thêm tính năng? Tải về Authors Pro!

Nếu bạn mua Authors Pro, bạn sẽ nhận được nhiều tính năng hơn, cùng với hỗ trợ kỹ thuật nhanh chóng và nâng cao.

PublishPress Authors Pro

Đây là phiên bản Pro có sẵn cho các thành viên PublishPress.Phiên bản Pro có các tính năng nâng cao và hỗ trợ nhanh hơn.

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Chọn ảnh đại diện cho từng tác giả
Hỗ trợ các loại bài đăng tùy chỉnh
Các trường cơ bản (Tên, Email, Tiểu sử)

PublishPress Authors Pro

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Các trường tùy chỉnh cho hồ sơ tác giả
Bố cục tùy chỉnh cho hồ sơ tác giả
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Xóa quảng cáo PublishPress và xây dựng thương hiệu
Ưu tiên, hỗ trợ cá nhân

PublishPress Authors Pro

Đây là phiên bản Pro có sẵn cho các thành viên PublishPress.Phiên bản Pro có các tính năng nâng cao và hỗ trợ nhanh hơn.

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PublishPress Testimonials

Đây chính xác là những gì mọi trang web cần khi họ có ai đó viết nội dung (ngoài chủ doanh nghiệp!). Sử dụng nó trên nhiều trang web ngay bây giờ và hoạt động tốt! Hỗ trợ rất nhanh nhạy và vượt xa những gì họ yêu cầu.

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PublishPress Authors Pro v3.19.1 Nulled Free Changelog

PublishPress Authors Pro
= [v3.16.0] - 23 Mar 2022 =
* Added: Add option to authors update their own profile, #24;
* Fixed: Fix new author form not allowing to map a user to multiple authors, #64;
* Fixed: Fix PHP notice Constant PP_WP_BANNERS_VERSION already defined, #603;
* Fixed: Improve the selection of avatar for authors, making it clear if is using gravatar or custom image, #564;
* Fixed: Updated Italian translation files;
* Fixed: Fix the code editor for Layouts which was not loading, #604;
* Fixed: Fix small extra spacing in image link, #607;
* Fixed: Fix description field that were displayed in the author profile after navigating throw the tabs, #605;
* Changed: Increased the font size in the code editor for Layouts;
* Changed: Updated the Ace library, the code editor for Layouts, from v1.4.8 to v1.4.14;

= [v3.15.1] - 17 Mar 2022 =
* Fixed: Fix fatal error: Cannot declare class PublishPress\WordPressBanners\BannersMain;
= [v3.14.9] - 18 Nov 2021 =
* Fixed: The author profile URL for guest authors was not added to the schema for Google rich results with Yoast SEO, #545;
* Fixed: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass::get_avatar_url(), #544;
* Fixed: Call to undefined method stdClass::is_guest() in rest-api.php, #546;
* Changed: Show the reviews banner on any admin page;

= [v3.14.8] - 04 Nov 2021 =
* Fixed: HTML special chars in the author name are not displayed correctly, #531;
* Fixed: Access denied while creating posts with contributor and another user as default author, #534;
* Fixed: Fix duplicated prefix for text elements with dynamic content on Divi builder, #528;
* Fixed: Remove gap in the settings tabs, #532;
* Fixed: Fix style for buttons in the settings page, #537, #536;
* Fixed: Make "View All Posts" translatable, #530;
* Added: Add notice asking for a review;

= [v3.14.7] - 21 Sep 2021 =
* Fixed: Fix robots meta tag when Yoast SEO is installed and it is not the authors page, #508;
* Fixed: Can't save multiple authors if Yoast SEO is activated, #504;
* Fixed: Only allow mapping authors to users who have edit_posts capability, #492;
* Fixed: Convert author to guest author when its user is deleted, #505;
* Fixed: Secondary author's comments remain as awaiting moderation, #469;
* Fixed: Restore the CLI command: assign-coauthors, but renaming to assign-author-by-meta-key, #438;
* Fixed: Authors mapped to user are treated as as guest authors after removing all other authors in the post edit page, #523;
* Fixed: PHP notice: Trying to get property of non-object in Post_Editor.php on line 293, #521;

= [v3.14.5] - 01 Sep 2021 =
* Fixed: Fix query for author posts doesn't work if instead of the author name we have the author ID or term ID, #487;
* Fixed: Fix reduced font size for the author description, #435;
* Fixed: Fix error message when post is not found, showing warning about "post_author" and "post_type" on null, #495;
* Fixed: Fix Yoast SEO structured data schema, #472;
* Fixed: Fix the selection of fallback user for guest authors in the posts bulk edit form, #497;
* Fixed: Fix PHP warnings for the shortcode "authors_list", used in the Pro plugin, #498;
* Fixed: Add "author" taxonomy to Polylang, #18;

= [v3.14.4] - 19 Aug 2021 =
* Fixed: Fix author profiles that are automatically created for users that are not on the selected user roles, #464;
* Fixed: Fix authors not created when registered from the frontend for the selected user roles, #420;
* Fixed: Fix guest authors compatibility with YoastSEO archive pages and the "robots" tag, #471;
* Fixed: Fix PHP notice: Trying to get property 'name' of non-object in Utils.php, #485;
* Fixed: Fix PHP notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool in class-wp-list-util.php, #486;

= [v3.14.2] - 21 July 2021 =
* Fixed: Fix error on block editor for posts with guest authors, #463;

= [v3.14.1] - 20 July 2021 =
* Changed: Invert position of Edit User and Edit Author Profile links in the term actions, #453;
* Fixed: Fix sanitization of the user_id before adding it to a query;
* Fixed: Fix compatibility with the search results on the plugin "Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs" when an article is not found;
* Fixed: Fix compatibility with PublishPress' calendar create item form for the author field, to select guest or mapped to user authors;
* Fixed: Add compatibility with PublishPress' calendar to support multiple authors in the calendar form;
* Fixed: Fix the warning: Undefined array key "post" in multiple-authors.php file, when opening the General settings page, #459;

= [v3.14.0] - 2021-05-26 =
* Added: Added new setting for selecting multiple post types to display in the author page, #436;
* Added: Added new function "get_by_id" to the Author class, accepting positive integer for User ID, and negative integer for term ID, #423;
* Changed: Shortcode [author_box] was renamed to [publishpress_authors_box], #426;
* Changed: Shortcode [ppma_test] was renamed to [publishpress_authors_test], #426;
* Changed: Shortcode [authors_list] was renamed to [publishpress_authors_list], #426;
* Changed: Legacy shortcodes are loaded by default, but defining the constant PUBLISHPRESS_AUTHORS_LOAD_LEGACY_SHORTCODES = false will prevent to load them, #426;
* Fixed: Fix the Author::get_avatar_url method returning the avatar URL, #443;

= [v3.13.2] - 2021-04-22 =
* Fixed: Fix the color scheme for the Pro plugin, #411;
* Fixed: Fix the links style for the boxed and centered layouts, #414;
* Fixed: Hide the core author field in the post edit pages and add field to set a user as author if a post has only guest authors, #344;
* Fixed: Fix relationship between post and author if not existent when running the function "get_multiple_authors". It fallbacks to the current post author, creating the Author term and relationship with the post, #396;
* Fixed: Fix the CLI subcommand list-posts-without-terms adding support for the following arguments: [--post_type=<ptype>] [--posts_per_page=<num>] [--paged=<page>] [--order=<order>] [--orederby=<orderby>], #415;
* Fixed: Fix the CLI subcommand create-terms-for-posts adding support for the following arguments: [--post_type=<ptype>] [--posts_per_page=<num>] [--paged=<page>], #415;
* Changed: Temporarily disabled the CLI subcommands: update-author-terms, assign-coauthors, assign-user-to-coauthor, reassign-terms, rename-coauthor, swap-coauthors, remove-terms-from-revisions, #415;

= [3.13.1] - 2021-03-18 =
* Fixed: Fix syntax error in the built package for the latest release.

= [v3.2.0] - 2021-02-10 =
* Added: Added new option to notify Network admins, adding a notification log to the main site in the network, #765;
* Added: Add option to rescheduled failed notifications in the notifications log. We only had that option for scheduled notifications, #786;
* Added: Added option to the notification workflow for avoiding notifying the user who triggered the action, #778;
* Added: Add the name of blog in the notification log content column, if in a multisite network;
* Fixed: Fix calendar picking up the wrong day, depending on the time and timezone, #572;
* Fixed: Fix styling for the error messages in the notifications log. The error lines were moved to the top of the screen due the "error" CSS class, #765;
* Fixed: Add sanitization and escape variables in some variables, increasing compatibility with WP VIP and more security, #773;
* Fixed: Fix PHP warning "Creating default object from empty value in publishpress-authors.php:772", correctly assigning the filter "pp_pre_insert_editorial_comment". (Allows PublishPress Revisions integration), #231;
* Fixed: Fixed timezone information in the calendar subscription and .ics file, #784;
* Fixed: Fixed role selection when adding a new user in a multisite, #788;

= [3.11.0] - 2021-01-25 =
* Added: Added fields for setting the plural and single title to the author box and widget, #75;
* Added: Added Rest API support to list the post's authors, #311;
* Added: Added new action to set authors to a post: "publishpress_authors_set_post_authors";
* Added: Added filter and constant for specifying to not load styles in the frontend, so users can use their own styles, #313;
* Added: Added Italian language files. Thanks to Angelo Giammarresi;
* Added: Added more automated tests; * Changed: Updated Brazilian Portuguese language files; * Fixed: Improved general performance removing unnecessary permissions validation on every text in the page, #325; * Fixed: Improved general performance ignoring the body class change method if not in the frontend; * Fixed: Fixed support to PHP 5.6 downgrading the Twig's requirement "symfony/polyfill-ctype" to v1.19, the last one that supports PHP 5, #323; * Fixed: Fixed support to PHP 5.6 downgrading "pimple/pimple" to v3.2.3, the last one that supports PHP 5, #323; * Fixed: Removed meaningless warnings when the post doesn't have an author: "[PublishPress Authors] Warning - The link for the author_id="" was changed to the post page because the author is not specified in the given url", #308; * Fixed: If the post doesn't have an author term, the function filter_author_link doesn't recognized the user from "post_author" as author of the post, #308; * Fixed: If the post doesn't have an author term, the function "get_multiple_authors" returns a WP_User instance (based on "post_author") even if the user is mapped to an author term, #306; * Fixed: In the function "is_multiple_author_for_post", recognize user as author of a post even if he doesn't have a term, #307; * Fixed: One test is trying to create a term which already exists, logging the error message: "A term with the name provided already exists"; * Fixed: Fixed multiple footers displayed when both Free and Pro are activated, #312; * Fixed: Fix PHP error when an older version of YoastSEO is installed and the warning "not compatible YoastSEO" is showed;= 

= [v3.9.0] - 2020-11-25 =
* Added: Added support to Bulk Edit for authors in the post list, #263 and #280;
* Fixed: Fixed maintenance tasks to consider all the selected post types and not "post" only, #276;
* Fixed: Fixed compatibility issue with the WP RSS Aggregator plugin, #278;
* Fixed: Restored the posts count in the Authors and Users list, #275;
Download PublishPress Revisions Pro v3.0.15 Nulled Free Changelog

= v3.0.15 - 31 Mar 2022 =
* Fixed : Scheduled Revisions failed on WP 5.9 if WP Cron scheduling was disabled in Revisions settings

New Update Changelog v3.0.13​
Fixed - Revision submission in Classic Editor caused "Undefined" link next to "Preview" link
Fixed - New revisions created with "Auto-submit" option had wrong date (and listing order) in Revision Queue
Fixed - PHP error on revision approval under some configurations
Fixed - Dashboard Activity widget: Scheduled revisions were not included in Publishing Soon list
Fixed - API: wp_after_insert_post action was not applied at revision publication
Compat - Divi - Revision preview bar not visible on front end
Compat - Divi - Classic Editor setting did not trigger correct Revisions UI
Compat - Custom post types - revision submission button not displayed in some configurations
API: New filters pp_revisions_option_pending_revision_update_post_date, pp_revisions_option_pending_revision_update_modified_date, pp_revisions_option_scheduled_revision_update_post_date, pp_revisions_option_scheduled_revision_update_modified_date

= v3.0.12 - 3 Mar 2022 =
* Feature : Edit link in post editor after revision creation / scheduling
* Change : Option to auto-submit revisions created by users who can publish the main post
* Change : Option to publish scheduled revisions using WP-Cron
* Fixed : Scheduled publication of revisions fails on WP Engine if caching enabled (fix by enabling WP Cron scheduling)
* Fixed : WP 5.9 - After editing a revision, approval button remained disabled after revision update
* Fixed : New revisions were not listed in Revision Queue or linked to Preview button under some conditions
* Fixed : Compare Revisions: error if ACF is active on a PHP 8 installation
* Fixed : Revision Queue - column headers (to set sort field) had a bad link

PublishPress Revisions Pro
= v3.0.10 - 10 Feb 2022 =
* Fixed : WordPress 5.9 - When editing a submitted revision, Save button was hidden
* Fixed : Revision Compare did not load on some sites
* Fixed : Option "Editing others' revisions requires role capability" was not applied
* Fixed : Option to block editing others' revisions was not applied
* Compat : Elementor - Scheduled Revisions could not be updated with Elementor editor without publishing immediately
= v3.0.9 - 27 Jan 2022
* Compat : WordPress 5.9 - Revisions could not be updated using Gutenberg editor

= v3.0.7 - 5 Jan 2022 =
* Fixed : Revision status changes not updated on sites running an object cache
* Fixed : Revision deletion from within editor left an inaccessible trashed revision and redirected to Edit Posts. Now deletes revision and redirects to Revision Queue.
* Fixed : manage_unsubmitted_revisions capability was required without any hint in plugin settings; Now not required unless configured in Revisions > Settings
* Fixed : Classic Editor - Javascript error breaks plugin compatibility
* Fixed : Gutenberg Editor - Top margin for Preview button following revision submission
* Fixed : Compare screen - could not approve revisions
* Fixed : Compare screen - ampersands in user display name were displayed with html encoding
* Fixed : Revision Queue - Revisions from deactivated post types were listed with invalid Edit, Delete links and a blank Post Type
* Fixed : Compare Revisions - Preview / Restore button for past revisions linked back to Compare screen
* Fixed : Input sanitization consistency
* Change : Revision preview top bar styling
* Compat : Beaver Builder 2.5 - Attempts to create or edit a revision in Beaver Builder were redirected out of editor
* Compat : Beaver Builder Themer - Edit with Beaver link was broken for non-public post types
* Compat : Beaver Builder - "Submit for Review" button was not recaptioned to "Submit Revision"
* Compat : Beaver Builder - Unresponsive Revision preview bar was displayed while editing with Beaver Builder
* Compat : LifterLMS - LLMS query filters broke Revision Queue
* Compat : WPML - Database error in Revision Queue
* Fixed : Key activation connection failure caused an invisible fatal error to be logged
* Fixed : Revision Queue: PHP error on bulk action under some site configurations
= v3.0.6 - 29 Nov 2021 =
* Fixed : Edit Revision - revisions could not be updated unless SCRIPT_DEBUG is enabled on the site
* Fixed : Revisions could not be scheduled if Settings > Revisions > Revision Submission is disabled

= v3.0.3 - 18 Nov 2021 =
* Fixed : Revisions Queue empty on sites with a large number of published posts
* Compat : WooCommerce - Hide Product Variations, Linked Products tabs when editing a Product Revision

= v3.0.1 - 10 Nov 2021 =
* Fixed : Revisions created using Revisions 2.x were not listed in Revision Queue until plugin de/re-activation
* Fixed : Front Page setting was cleared at revision submission on some sites
* Fixed : Front Page setting dropdown in Settings > Reading included revisions
* Fixed : Classic Editor : Schedule Revisions could not be submitted
* Fixed : Classic Editor : Schedule button was displayed incorrectly while selecting a future date for scheduled revision
* Compat : Gutenberg plugin - Edit Revision screen crashed on update attempt
* API: Allow redirect to be disabled on revision creation

= v2.6.1 - 15 Jul 2021 =
* Fixed : Pending / Scheduled Revisions could become disassociated from main post due to third party plugin interactions
* Compat : Permissions - Specific Permissions were not applied for editing / approval of custom post types under some conditions
* Fixed : Revision Update triggered redirect back to Revision Queue even if "Confirmation redirect on Revision Update" setting disabled
* Fixed : Users without full editing capabilities could not submit a pending revision with a future date selection
* Fixed : Revision Previews were cached on some browsers
* Fixed : Preview of front page revisions did not trigger front page template display
* Fixed : Pro - Revision Previews did not display unmodified custom field data under some conditions
* Compat : Pro - Advanced Custom Fields taxonomy field values were not loaded for Revision Preview on some sites
* Compat : Pro - Advanced Custom Fields specific to front page were not loaded in revision editor on some sites
* Fixed : Bulk Approval of revisions failed / caused PHP Notice on some sites due to post type not being registered early enough
* Fixed : Pending Revision checkbox default selection from 'revisionary_default_pending_revision' filter application did not trigger revision submission
* Lang : Revision Queue - Remove sample English translation "My Revisionz"

= v2.5.4 - 6 May 2021 =
* Fixed : Database error on Revision approval - Unknown column 'filter' in 'field list' for query UPDATE `wp_posts` SET `post_author` =
* Compat : ACF + Divi - Custom field revisions submitted using Gutenberg editor were not stored
* Compat : TablePress - Tables could not be updated by non-Administrators
* Feature : Support filter 'revisionary_metakeys_copy_only' to prevent modification of specified meta data on revision creation

= v2.5.3 - 6 Apr 2021 =
* Compat : WP Rest Cache - Revision submission from Gutenberg failed
* Compat : Elementor - Revision submission caused "Changes not saved" warning popup
* Compat : PublishPress Permissions - Edit Category / Term: Permissions metaboxes were not displayed
* Compat : PublishPress Permissions - Pending Revision Monitors group ineffective; notifications were sent to all Editors and Administrators (also requires PublishPress Permissions 3.5.1)
* Compat : Enable revisioning of non-public post types if they have type-specific capabilities defined

= v2.5.1 - 30 Mar 2021 =
* Fixed : Revisors could not preview other users' pending revisions, even if they are listed in Revision Queue (Permissions integration requires 3.5.1)
* Fixed : Post Title changes were not applied at revision publication
* Fixed : Database error on revision publication, on some installations
* Fixed : Compare Revisions - uneven column widths with WordPress 5.7
* Feature : Option to update modified date on revision publication
* Compat : PublishPress - Custom Status dropdown was hidden in post editor
* Compat : Divi + Classic Editor - Revision submission using "Save as Revision" checkbox caused changes to be saved to published post
* Compat : Kinsta object cache - Revision submission using "Save as Revision" checkbox failed
* Compat : Kinsta object cache - Revision submission clears Featured Image from published post

= 2.4.9 - 14 Jan 2021 =
* Compat : REST API Cache - REST caching failed for attachments
* Fixed : Non-public post types displayed ineffective preview link. Now suppress link or link to Compare Revisions screen instead.
* Fixed : Error loading Revisions > Settings page if nullstring license key is stored, on some installations
* Fixed : Deprecated jQuery event handlers
* Feature : Display notice to Revisor if they have already submitted a revision (in Gutenberg only if constant REVISIONARY_GUTEN_NOTICE defined)

= 2.4.8 - 17 Dec 2020 =
* Compat : WPML - Revision Queue was not filtered by WPML language selector
* Compat : WPML - Hide non-revisionable Languages settings in Revision editor
* Compat : TablePress - Tables could not be updated by non-Administrators
* Fixed : Revision Queue - PHP Notice if no revisions listed

= 2.4.5 - 30 Nov 2020 =
* Compat : WP Engine, Kinsta object cache - "Pending Revision" checkbox was ineffective
* Compat : Pods - Revision publication applies changes to Relationship fields
* Compat : PublishPress Permissions - Revision editing or deletion was improperly blocked under some configurations
* Fixed : Revision submission by Administrator or Editor caused corruption of published block content (by slash removal) on some installations
* Fixed : Edit Revision screen did not display Approve Revision button to users who cannot delete the revision
* Fixed : Revision Queue - other plugin / theme filters could cause all revisions to be listed when a requested published post has no accessible revisions
* Fixed : Revision Queue - filter links worked, but had original URL reconstructed incorrectly
* Fixed : Revision Queue - pagination links had badly formatted arguments if a filtering argument is active
* Fixed : Revisors had non-applicable elements hidden in post editor, but orphaned labels for those elements remained visible
* API : New filter 'revisionary_notify_publishers_eligible' to modify eligible "Publishers to Notify" when Email Notification is optional
* API : New filter 'revisionary_notify_publisher_default_ids' to modify default "Publishers to Notify" when Email Notification is optional

Download PublishPress Capabilities Pro v2.3.4 Nulled Free Changelog

= v2.3.4 - 26 Jan 2022 =
* Compat : WordPress 5.9 - failure adding / editing posts under some Editor Features configurations (work around WP hooking late-defined function _disable_block_editor_for_navigation_post_type)

= v2.3.3 - 13 Jan 2022 =
* Fixed : Admin Menu restrictions were not applied (since 2.3.2)
* Fixed : Capability names with dashes could not be added
* Fixed : After role rename, title in dropdown does not refresh
* Fixed : Input sanitization consistency
= v2.3.2 - 8 Dec 2021 =
* Feature : Filter Capabilities display by post type or text entry
* Feature : Editor Features - Restrict editor elements for custom post types
* Feature : Admin Features - Restrict Admin Bar or individual Admin Bar elements
* Feature : Admin Features - More items available for restriction #240
* Change : Admin Features - Captions use dashes, not numbers #229
* Change : Capabilities screen - Tab for PublishPress Capabilities #220
* Fixed : CSRF vulnerability

= v2.3.1 - 6 Dec 2021 =
* Fixed : Security issue
* Fixed : PHP Notice on Capabilities screen

= v2.3 - 28 Oct 2021 =
* Change : Role Capabilities screen uses tabs
* Feature : New "Admin Features" screen #200
* Fixed : PHP Notice in post editor (Trying to access array offset in metaboxes-config.php)

= v2.2 - 26 Aug 2021 =
* Feature : Retain last role selection for Capabilities, Editor Features, Admin Menus, Nav Menus screens
* Perf : Sync role to all sites - Operation timed out on networks with ~100 sites
* Fixed : Some security scans flagged an unused file in external library "chosen". That file (and other developer documentation files) has been removed
* Feature : Added ability to block custom metaboxes on Editor Features screen #89
* Feature : Ability to hide elements by Ids or classes on Editor Features screen #134
* Compat : Permissions Pro - Custom Status capabilities checkbox grid did not include edit / delete capabilities if Approved is the only status with custom capabilities enabled

= v2.1 - 24 Jun 2021 =
* Feature : Editor Features restriction (new screen to block editor elements per-role)
* Fixed : If Media "Create" capability is selected / unselected by clicking Media caption or Create caption, the corresponding upload_files checkbox (in Other WP Core Capabilities section) is not toggled, leading to an apparant update failure
* Fixed : If Media "Create" capability is negated or un-negated, the corresponding upload_files checkbox (in Other WP Core Capabilities section) is not toggled, leading to an apparant update failure
* Compat : Admin Menu restrictions did not block direct URL access to plugin screens
* Fixed : Error loading Settings screen if background communication to for key validation fails
* Fixed : On front end access, PHP Notice for undefined variable "menu" if Nav Menu restrictions are stored
* Fixed : PHP Warning if a role is stored without a valid capabilities array
* Fixed : Admin Menus restrictions failure, PHP Notices on PHP 5.6 sites

= v2.0.3 - 20 May 2021 =
* Fixed : Fatal error an role deletion attempt
* Fixed : Add User screen: javascript error on some sites
* Fixed : PHP Warning if another plugin hooks into 'editable_roles' filter

= v2.0 - 18 Feb 2020 =
* Feature : Roles screen
* Feature : Multiple role assignment on Add / Edit User screen
* Feature : Restrict access to Admin Menus per-role
* Feature : Restrict access to Nav Menus per-role
* Feature : Menu Restrictions page accepts role argument, links to corresponding Capabilities page
* Feature : Capabilities page links to corresponding Menu Restrictions page
* Feature : Settings screen
* Lang : Fixed handling, activated partial translations in German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Belarusian, Catalan
* Change : Capabilities screen - move role selector to top left, eliminate load button
* Change : Capabilities screen - move some sidebar items to Settings screen
* Change : Adjust some captions, variable names, more selective code execution
* Compat : bbPress - Forum, Topic and Reply capabilities were not displayed in Editing Capabilities grid (now supported by Capabilities Pro)
* Fixed : Invalid Capabilities - Brief explanatory caption; avoid false positives for post types with map_meta_cap disabled
* Fixed : PHP warning for invalid foreach argument, on sites with no active_plugins option stored
* Fixed : Backup > Restore - Negated capabilities were not displayed correctly in restore preview
* Fixed : Backup > Restore - Clicking label for Initial Backup jumped selection to Last Manual Backup
* Change : Backup > Restore - Preview displays "No changes" below role name where appropriate

= v1.10.1 =
* Fixed : "Display Branding" was not successfully deactivated
* Fixed : Type-Specific Capabilities options included some non-public WordPress post types that don't support capability customization
* Fixed : Review of role backup contents does not show name of current roles which would be removed by restoring backup

Download PublishPress Permissions Pro v3.7.3 Nulled Free Changelog

= v3.7.3 - 3 Mar 2022 =
* Compat : PublishPress - Non-Administators could not see unpublished posts on calendar
* Fixed : Editing capabilities for posts with custom statuses were not enforced
* Fixed : Edit Group / User Permissions - roles could not be removed
* Fixed : Non-administrators could not edit Menus on some installations
* Fixed : PHP Warnings on admin dashboard

= v3.7.1 - 18 Feb 2022 =
* Fixed : Category / Term blockages were not applied
* Fixed : Error saving posts with private status
* Fixed : Error redirecting following post save if the save operation sets a status which blocks the user from further editing
* Fixed : Status Control - status-specific supplemental roles could not be selected on Edit User / Group Permissions screen
* Fixed : PublishPress integration - Fatal error on PublishPress > Settings > Statuses screen
* Fixed : PHP 8 - Warning on Edit Permission Group screen
= v3.6.9 - 26 Jan 2022 =
* Compat : WordPress 5.9 - fatal error adding / editing posts (work around WP hooking late-defined function _disable_block_editor_for_navigation_post_type)
* Fixed : Specific Permissions could not be added using editor metaboxes until after post is saved
* Fixed : Status Control - Pre-publish button is recaptioned from "Schedule..." to "Workflow..." under some role configurations
* Fixed : File Access on Multisite with plugin activated network-wide - Key regeneration URL did not regenerate file keys on all sites
* Compat : Relevanssi + Teaser : Search results that should be readable always have teaser applied, since Relevanssi 4.10.2
= v3.6.8 - 20 Jan 2022 =
* Fixed : Specific Permissions could not be added or removed using metaboxes in the post editor

= v3.6.7 - 5 Jan 2022 =
* Fixed : Fatal error on sites not running PublishPress Revisions

= v3.6.5 - 24 Nov 2021 =
* Fixed : PHP Notice "Undefined index: list_published_posts"
* Compat : PublishPress Revisions - PHP Notice "Undefined variable: type_obj"

= v3.6.3 - 16 Nov 2021 =* Compat : PublishPress Revisions - Revisions Submission permissions did not correctly adjust Edit Posts / Pages listing in some configurations (also requires Revisions 3.0.2)

= v3.6 - 14 Oct 2021 =
* Compat : PublishPress Revisions 3
* Fixed : Non-Administrators could not view image gallery in post preview
* Fixed : Page Structure settings did not prevent creation of top level pages in Gutenberg
* Feature : Circles - Support "User" as a post type for Editorial Circles, meaning circle members cannot edit non-members
* Feature : Circles - Support "User" as a post type for Visibility Circles, meaning circle members cannot list non-members
* Fixed : Circles - Non-administrators could defeat Editorial Circle access restriction by changing post authorship to a user outside the circle
* Fixed : Status Control - For users with Publish capability, clicking on Save as Pending caused the post to be published
* Fixed : Status Control - Default privacy setting caused drafts to be auto-published under some conditions
* Fixed : Status Control - Users without publishing capability could not set posts to a custom workflow status using Publish button
* Feature : Status Control - Support "next status progression" in Gutenberg (Publish button advances post to next status instead of highest permitted status)
* Feature : Sync Posts - API additions
* Feature : Edit Group Permissions screen - "Fix sub-Pages permissions" link causes Specific Permissions to be re-propagated to sub-pages if WP_DEBUG is defined (url argument: pp_fix_child_exceptions)
* Compat : PublishPress Revisions - Specific Permissions for "Revise" did not cause display of "Edit" link in Admin Bar
= v3.5.7 - 15 Jul 2021 =
* Fixed : Nav Menu Edit - Permissions configuration did not make private pages selectable
* Fixed : Nav Menu Edit - If Pages metabox results are paged, custom Front Page and Privacy Page were forced to the top of every results page
* Compat : WP Engine - Long wp-admin screen loads because excessive clearance of WP Engine cache caused WordPress to execute Update Plugins check on each request
* Fixed : Default / Lock Privacy settings were not properly reflected in Gutenberg Editor display
* Fixed : Status Control - Access to custom moderation statuses was not properly controlled for private post types
* Fixed : Status Control - "Submit as Reviewed" button in Gutenberg editor did not work for users without publish capability
* Fixed : Status Control - Save As button did not work as expected for users without the publish capability (had same effect as Submit button)
* Compat : HTML Forms plugin - PHP Notice on form submission / file upload

= v3.5.6 - 23 Jun 2021 =
* Compat : Revisions - Pending Revision Monitors group was not correctly permission-adjusted on some installations
* Compat : WooCommerce - Ajax queries for variable product Variations were slow or dysfunctional
* Fixed : Category / Term selector in post editor offered a maximum of 100 terms
* Fixed : Menu Editor - Page / Post selection metaboxes (if more than 50 total items are available) did not list private items after clicking a paging link
* Fixed : PHP Notice on plugin activation under some conditions
* Fixed : Status Control - PHP Notices on Post Statuses screen if user's role does not have pp_define_post_status, pp_define_moderation or pp_define_privacy capability
* Fixed : Fatal error if a very old version of Revisionary or PressPermit Core is active
* Fixed : PHP Notice on Edit Category / Edit Term screen for deprecated action
* Fixed : Error loading Settings screen if background communication to for key validation fails

= v3.5.5 - 19 May 2021 =
* Fixed : New Permissions Pro license keys could not be activated
* Fixed : Add User screen - Javascript error on some sites
* Fixed : Term filtering error for some custom taxonomies
* Compat : WPML - Archives widget did not output links if multiple languages configured
* Fixed : Status Control - PHP Warnings in post editor under some configurations
* Fixed : Status Control - PHP Notice "Trying to access array offset on value of type bool" on some installations
* Fixed : Sync Posts - Post Match Field elements were misaligned

= v3.5.3 - 15 Apr 2021 =
* Fixed : Statuses - PHP warning in editor: "Undefined variable: status"
* Compat : Statuses + Yoast SEO Premium + Classic Editor : Fatal error in editor if Yoast SEO has Zapier integration enabled

= v3.5.1 - 1 Apr 2021 =
* Fixed : Classic Editor - Publish metabox replaced "Public" caption with blank space
* Fixed : Post Editor - toggling a Specific Permission Enabled / Disabled left both Enabled and Disabled permissions intact (with Enabled taking precedence under normal configuration)
* Fixed : File Access - uploads/.htaccess file was not cleared on module deactivation
* Fixed : Statuses + Classic Editor - blank status captions, javascript errors
* Compat : Classic Editor plugin - PHP warning for undefined variable current_user on some screens if users are allowed to select their editor
* Compat : PublishPress Revisions - Revisors could not preview other users' pending revisions, even if they are listed in Revision Queue (also requires PublishPress Revisions 2.5.1)
* Compat : PublishPress - Pending Revision Monitors group ineffective; notifications were sent to all Editors and Administrators (also requires PublishPress Revisions 2.5.1)

= v3.5 - 4 Mar 2021 =
* Compat : Divi Builder - Specific Permissions did not allow non-Editors to edit other users' pages
* Compat : PublishPress Authors - non-Editors could be locked out of editing their own post due to "default author for new post" setting or manual Authors change
* Compat : PublishPress Authors - users who can edit due to specific permissions where blocked from Edit Posts / Pages screen under some configurations
* Compat : PublishPress Revisions - Specific Permissions did not allow Contributors to revise other users' pages
* Compat : Glance That plugin - Widget content was cleared
* Change : Sync Posts, Teaser submenu links in Permissions menu
* Change : Settings screen - admin hints hidden by default, display on Comments icon click
* Change : Moved Users screen content to Settings > Advanced > User Permissions
* Lang : Separated admin hints into separate language file (text domains: press-permit-core-hints, presspermit-pro-hints)
* Fixed : Permission metaboxes in post editor did not search user display name
* Fixed : Permission metaboxes in post editor - clicking search icon did not trigger search
* Fixed : Fatal error in some custom REST requests
* Fixed : Membership module - group members could not be selected, due to a jQuery change
* Perf : Eliminate a few redundant queries

= v3.4.3 - 21 Jan 2021 =* Fixed : Edit Category / Term - Metaboxes for Editing and Assignment permissions were blank
* Fixed : Non-Administrators with editing access to an unpublished post could not view it using standard post link
* API : New filter 'presspermit_rest_post_endpoints' and 'presspermit_rest_term_endpoints' support some custom REST API routes and endpoints
* Compat : Simple WordPress Membership - Invalid metabox displayed on Edit Category screen

= [3.4.1] 14 Jan 2021 =
* Fixed : Anonymous visitors were blocked from viewing public posts under some conditions
* Fixed : Administrators could not assign roles or edit users with a role level higher that Subscriber, under some conditions
* Fixed : Fatal Error activating Permissions Pro if Permissions is already active
* Fixed : PHP Warning for undefined constant DB_NAME, on some installations
* Fixed : Deprecated jQuery event handlers
* Compat : PublishPress Revisions - Contributors could not edit their own drafts if Revisions is configured to restrict access to other users' drafts
* Compat : PublishPress Capabilities - With "Control Custom Statuses" enabled, custom capability was required to set Draft status
* Compat : WPML - Edit Category / Edit Term screen had duplicate Permissions metaboxes
* Compat : PublishPress Authors - PHP Notice in term / category filtering under some conditions
* Feature : Add / Edit User: single select for Permission Groups if constant PRESSPERMIT_EDIT_USER_SINGLE_GROUP_SELECTION or PRESSPERMIT_EDIT_USER_SINGLE_GROUP_SELECTION is defined

= [3.4] 17 Dec 2020 =
* Compat : PublishPress Authors - integration of multiple authors in Permissions filtering
* Fixed : Better styling in Permissions / Groups administration UI
* Fixed : Term assignment permissions were not applied correctly in Gutenberg editor, under some configurations

= [3.3.10] 8 Dec 2020 =
* Lang: Include a .pot file (translation template)
* Lang : Move all Pro translation strings into a single file
* Compat : Loco Translate - Support translation of Pro and Free plugin strings
* Compat : GD bbPress Attachments - 404 error on some sites following file rewrite rules update, if File Access module enabled
* Compat : Status Control + WooCommerce: PHP Notice on scheduled task execution
* Compat : Access Circles + PublishPress Revisions - Visibility Circles blocked editors from approving revisions
* Compat : PublishPress Revisions - Pending Revision Monitors group members were not properly filtered for editing access prior to display as available "Publishers to Notify"
* Compat : Divi Page Builder / theme - Contributors granted page editing permission for specific pages cannot edit those pages with Divi
* Compat : Visual Composer - PHP error for undefined class "PublishPress\Permissions\Capabilities" under some configurations
* Compat : Display Posts plugin - Posts with a custom privacy status were never listed (even if readable)
* Fixed : Edit Permissions screen - Cannot save Specific Permissions for a post type that has the same name as a taxonomy
* Fixed : Menus screen - Private posts were not included in "Add menu items" search results

Download PublishPress Checklists Pro v2.7.0 Nulled Free Changelog

= [v2.7.0] - 16 Feb 2022 =
* Added: Added capability "manage_checklists" to access Checklists screen, #173;
* Fixed: Fix tabs layout in the settings page, #317;
* Removed: Remove the icon from the admin heading;
* Fixed: Updated the Reviews library, fixing compatibility with our other plugins;
* Fixed: Add capability check before saving global checklists options (we already had a nonce check in place), #325;
* Fixed: Improved output escaping in the admin interface, #326;
* Fixed: Improved input sanitization, #324;
* Fixed: Fixed duplicated admin menu on PHP 8, #316;

= [v2.6.2] - 15 Nov 2021 =
* Fixed: Can't update published posts if requirements changed
* Added: WordPress Reviews version 1.1.12

= [v2.6.0] - 2021-04-22 =
* Added: Added drag-and-drop support for sorting the checklists requirements, #172;
* Fixed: Fixed default position of items in the checklist;
* Changed: Added support for displaying unit text in the checklist requirements settings page;
* Fixed: Added respective unit text in the featured image size requirement;

* Fixed: Remove unexistent dependencies for met-box.js, #231;
* Changed: Updated the base plugin to v2.4.2;

Download PublishPress Pro v3.7.0 - PublishPress Helps You Plan and Publish Content With WordPress Nulled Free

= [v3.7.0] - 02 fev 2022 =
* Fixed: Fix the admin menu Debug Log that was not being displayed, #992;
* Fixed: Fix the fatal error while exporting the calendar as ICS file, #994;
* Fixed: Fix the post type filter in the calendar, #995;
* Fixed: Fix fatal error: [Unknown column 'following_users' in 'where clause'], #982;
* Fixed: Fix drag and drop of custom statuses for reordering, #986;
* Fixed: Fix the time displayed in the calendar items on Safari, #1001;
* Fixed: Fix moving items and date navigation on the calendar in Safari, #1002;
* Fixed: Fix input sanitization in all the modules, HTML and SQL scaping in all the plugin;
* Fixed: Fix an unopened script HTML tag in the editorial metadata module;
* Fixed: Fix metadata in the notifications body for new posts, #574;
* Fixed: Added better feedback on errors while ordering statuses in the admin;
* Fixed: Fix the debug button to only display it for those who has permissions. The debug info were still safe, but the button was displayed, #993;
* Fixed: Improved capability check on diverse functions and modules;
* Fixed: Only load admin assets and the admin menu action if the user has permission for seeing that;
* Fixed: Added nonce check for missed places;
* Fixed: Added cache to the user, author and category searchs in the content_overview module;
* Fixed: Fix the capability check for the configure button on editorial metadata metabox. It was only looking for the capability manage_options, which is customizable;
* Fixed: Added a missed capability check before showing search results in the notifications log filters;
* Fixed: Fixed PHP warning about function not defined: esc_array_of_options;
* Fixed: Only look for default capabilitys on the calendar module if in the admin;
* Fixed: Only add admin hooks if in the admin;
* Fixed: Fix the delete action for notification log items;
* Added: Add the value of the global constant DISABLE_WP_CRON to the debug info, #987;
* Added: Add the value of the global debug constants WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY, WP_DEBUG_LOGv, and WP_DEBUG to the debug info, #998;
* Changed: Removed not used and deprecated methods in the calendar module: save_post_notify_users, save_post_notify_roles, add_role_to_notify, handle_ajax_drag_and_drop;
* Changed: Improved error handling on Ajax requests on the notifications log;
* Changed: WP version updated to 5.9;
* Changed: Removed not used method remove_object_terms of the calendar module class;

= v3.6.3 - 11 Oct 2021 =
* Fixed : Classic Editor - Error submitting a pending or scheduled revision
* Compat : Google Site Kit - PHP error
* Compat : WPML Translation Management - Don't set "Needs Update" flag for images, other attachments

= [v3.6.1] - 04 Oct 2021 =
* Fixed: Add constants to customize priority of main actions: action_init, action_init_after and action_ini_for_admin, #953;
* Fixed: Fix notification body on events triggered by Elementor pages, #951;
* Fixed: Refactor the settings GET var for fixing a compatibility issue with 3rd party plugin;

= [v3.5.0] - 5 Aug 2021 =
* Added: Add the option to edit and delete editorial comments, #277;
* Added: Add new capabilities to control who can edit or delete editorial comments: pp_delete_editorial_comment, pp_delete_others_editorial_comment, pp_edit_editorial_comment, pp_edit_others_editorial_comment, #277;
* Fixed: Fix long text on the posts attributes in the calendar popup, #917;

v3.4.0 - 2021-07-07 =
* Changed: The calendar page has changed and is fully based on React now, #680;
* Changed: Minor improvements to the calendar UI, #680;
* Changed: The "Show 'n' more" option in the calendar cells now works independently and shows the number of visible or hidden posts, #680;
* Changed: The title field in the quick create form in the calendar is now focused automatically after the form is showed, #680;
* Added: Added async data loading to the calendar, with faster navigation and filtering without the need to reload the page, #680;
* Added: New quick create posts form in the calendar with specific fields per post type, #680;
* Added: Added the Post ID to the calendar item popup, #680;
* Added: Added the post status to the calendar item popup, #680;
* Added: Added the post publishing date to the calendar item popup, #680;
* Added: Added support to PublishPress Authors' multiple authors in the calendar, #680;
* Added: Added new fields for setting categories and tags when creating a post in the calendar, #680;
* Added: Added the number of editorial comments of a post in the calendar item popup, #680;
* Added: Type and create new post category or tag right in the quick create posts form in the calendar, #680;
* Added: Added a new button to the calendar navigation controls to refresh the calendar, #680;
* Fixed: Fixed support to PublishPress Authors for assigning guest authors to posts in the calendar, #680;
* Fixed: Fixed the Max visible posts per date setting in the calendar, #680;
* Fixed: Fixed the sorting option in the calendar for correctly sort items by publishing time or post status, #680;
* Fixed: Fixed a bug when dragging and dropping items in the calendar, removing the visual feedback of sorting items in the calendar cell, #680;
* Fixed: Fixed a bug after drag and drop an item in the calendar, showing the correct order of the moved item in the calendar cell, #680;
* Fixed: Fix calendar items ordering when sorted by status or time, #680;
* Fixed: Fix publishing date after publishing a post, using date_floating on custom statuses. Stops auto updating the publishing date with today's date, #741;
* Fixed: Fix adding or editing an user Role, #872;
* Fixed: Fix the scheduled time for cron events of scheduled posts that are moved to different dates in the calendar, #855;
* Fixed: Allow to publish a post with backdate in the calendar or post edit page, #715;

= [v3.3.5] - 2021-06-22 =
* Fixed: Fix code style;

= [v3.3.0] - 2021-03-18 =
* Added: Add support to Elementor edit links in the [psppno_post elementor_edit_link] shortcode, #794;
* Added: Add filters to customize the available fields in the notifications "shortcode" help text: publishpress_notifications_shortcode_post_fields, publishpress_notifications_shortcode_actor_fields, publishpress_notifications_shortcode_workflow_fields, publishpress_notifications_shortcode_edcomments_fields, publishpress_notifications_shortcode_receiver_fields;
* Fixed: Fix the value of the notification channel for authors identified by the email, #793;
* Fixed: Fixed the admin menu icon restoring the calendar dashicon, #802;
* Fixed: Fixed PHP Fatal error Uncaught ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments to function MA_Multiple_Authors::filter_workflow_receiver_post_authors, #814;
* Fixed: Fixed bug on WP 5.7 that breaks the toggle button on accordion of metaboxes, #816;
* Fixed: Fixed PHP notice: array to string conversion in debug.php:87, #813;
* Fixed: Fix notifications to user's custom slack channels, #335;

= [v3.1.0] - 2021-01-20 =
* Added: Add shortcodes to the email notifications for the post content, excerpt and post type, #288
* Fixed: Fixed support to PHP 5.6, #772;

= [v3.0.1] - 2020-11-24 =
* Fixed: Can't delete users because the plugin redirects to the Notifications Log page, #737;
* Fixed: Fixed the arguments "old_status" and "new_status" for the shortcode "psppno_post", #713;
* Fixed: Fixed the argument "author_ip" for the shortcode "psppno_edcomment", #713;
* Fixed: Fixed the option to always notify users who edited the content, #742;
* Fixed: Fixed bug in the notification filters that was triggering notifications for unselected post types, #743;
* Fixed: Updated the Italian language files;

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