REHub v17.5.1 NULLED – Price Comparison, Multi Vendor Marketplace, Affiliate Marketing, Community Theme


REHub Theme WordPress bao gồm nhiều mô hình kinh doanh hiện đại để tạo ra các trang web có lợi nhuận.

Mỗi phần của REHub Theme có thể được cấu hình và sử dụng riêng hoặc bạn có thể kết hợp chúng trên một trang web.

Các nhà phát triển đã sử dụng các xu hướng mới nhất và các công cụ SEO độc đáo tốt nhất để tạo các tính năng WordPress nâng cao mà bạn sẽ không tìm thấy trong các chủ đề khác.


Tính năng nổi bật REHub – Price Comparison, Multi Vendor Marketplace, Affiliate Marketing, Community Theme

Tính năng REHub Theme - Price Comparison, Multi Vendor Marketplace, Affiliate Marketing, Community

  • Tùy chỉnh màu sắc và phông chữ
  • Hỗ trợ EasyDigitalDownload
  • Hỗ trợ dịch (tệp .mo / .po), đa ngôn ngữ WPML
  • Nhiều mã ngắn tùy chỉnh (bao gồm để tự động chèn nội dung)
    Đánh giá danh sách thiết kế
    Võng mạc đã sẵn sàng
  • Plugin MDTF với sự hỗ trợ nâng cao để tạo các bộ lọc mạnh mẽ
  • Thiết kế đáp ứng đa màn hình
  • Plugin AccessPress Post PRO đi kèm với chủ đề
  • Hai chủ đề con bổ sung với thiết kế riêng
  • Đánh giá người dùng nâng cao
  • Tương thích ElementorWPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer) với hơn 20 mô-đun độc đáo
  • Nhiều mẫu trang chủ, dữ liệu demo XML
  • Hệ thống đánh giá
  • 5 tùy chọn thiết kế cho các mẫu trang cho WooCommerce
  • Thiết kế biểu đồ và bảng
  • Hỗ trợ nâng cao cho các cửa hàng trực tuyến WooCommerce, ECWID
  • Chức năng so sánh giá sản phẩm
  • Cửa sổ Popup đăng nhập / đăng ký
  • Tối ưu hóa cho thiết bị di động
  • Chức năng phiếu giảm giá cho các trang và lưu trữ trên WC
  • Khả năng tương thích trình duyệt chéo (đã được thử nghiệm trong IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera)
  • Tìm kiếm trực tiếp (ajax search)
  • Tối ưu hóa SEO
  • Hỗ trợ BBPress
  • Hỗ trợ thương mại điện tử WooCommerce
  • Hỗ trợ ECWID
  • Hỗ trợ Multivendor
REHub - Price Comparison, Affiliate Marketing, Multi Vendor Store, Community Theme v17.5.1 Nulled Free Changelog

v17.5.1 – 15 JAN
Fix:Fix for woocommerce variables for latest woocommerce update + preparations for WordPress 5.9
v17.5 – 7 JAN 2022
Added: Alpha version of Greenshift plugin – page and animation builder. Check post
We need beta testers, please, test plugin and provide us bug reports

v17.4.1 – 29 DEC 2021
Fix: Fixes according to reports + preparations for upcoming Gutenberg page builder and Template editor
v17.4 – 13 DEC 2021
Added:Image HTML option for Offer box to replace image with custom code (like Amazon image pixel code)
Added:TOC Gutenberg module has much better performance on site and live update of your headings. You may need to resave post with TOC module
Fix:Smart scroll feature adds scroll only to product part to prevent whole block scrolling. You may need to resave page or add this block again on page to fix previous issues
v17.3.1 – 1 DEC 2021
Added: Counter supports pagination and infinite scroll in Advanced Listing builder + other fixes reporting by clients

v17.2 – 16 NOV 2021
Added: Reusable panel and ajax render for reusable shortcodes
Added:Header elements to Gutenberg blocks
Please, vote for new functionality in our facebook group
v17.1 – 10 NOV 2021
fix: Fixes for Editor blocks accordingly to reports
v16.9.4 – 27 OCTOBER 2021
Added: Content Egg templates support now Merchant custom text (like Delivery, Shipping, etc, you can add them in Global settings of Content Egg
Added: Offerbox has separate price field for SEO schema
Fix: fix for category selector in Woocommerce query block
V16.9.1, 16.9.2, 16.9.3 – 16 OCTOBER 2021
Added: Advanced Listing Builder for Gutenberg is ready for production now with many improvements

Added: Much better design for regular woocommerce blocks in Gutenberg
Fix: fix for bullet points
v16.9.1, 16.9.2 – 16 OCTOBER 2021
Added: Advanced Listing Builder for Gutenberg is ready for production now with many improvements
Added: Much better design for regular woocommerce blocks in Gutenberg
Fix: fix for bullet points

v16.9 – 10 OCT 2021
Added: Deal grid Gutenberg block
Improvement: Deal list Gutenberg block
Improvement: Featured section for posts and Woocommerce Gutenberg block
Added: News Block for Gutenberg
Improvement: Community list Gutenberg block
Improvement: Scorebox Gutenberg block

v16.8.2 – 11 SEPTEMBER 2021
Added:Better compatibility with WP rocket Delay and unused styles option.
Added: External URL option for images in Offer blocks + some fixes for Gutenberg blocks

v16.7.1 – 27 AUG 2021
Fix: Some fixes according to reports

v16.6.1 – 17 AUG 2021
Fixes: Margin issues in editor. If you are using child theme and you want to try new Template editor option, copy theme.json from main theme to your child theme

v16.2 – 7 JULY 2021​
Added: Support, extra function for Tutor LMS to make learning course site. Demo and tutorials will be soon
Fix: Some fixes and improvements according to buyer’s reports

v15.8.3 – 12 JUNE 2021
Added:Second description for tags, RTL fixes, more stable URL parser for offer block
Added:Preparation for upcoming Gutenberg woocommerce, post and listing Query block, which will be introduced soon

= v15.8 – 3 JUNE 2021 =
Added:List schema for Top listing shortcode
Added:Desktop table comparison Gutenberg block has overflow now for better tables with many items
Added:New Listing Builder module for Gutenberg
Added:Improved url parsing for offer block, offer listing modules for faster importing data from external sites
Added:Better compatibility with Buddypress 8
Added:New full width for Gutenberg option for pages. Use it when you need full width cover blocks and centered content blocks. Example with Listin builder

= v15.7.1 =
Changed: Best saled product type was changed to Saled Product type + added order by sales parameter to data query

= v15.7 – 21 MAY 2021 =
Added:How to Block for Gutenberg (perfect for instructions, step guides + have howto schema)
Added:Product schema for Offerbox module
Added:Font options for Customizer. Now, you have all important controls of theme directly in Live customizer

= v15.6.1 – 1 MAY 2021 =
Added: Experimental sticky option for sticky panel in Optimized Full width post layout to fight with CLS on sticky elements + some other fixes

= v15.6 – 28 APRIL 2021 =
Update: New video block
Update: You can deactivate license from new site without requesting license deactivation on old site
Update: Support for Elementor library update and some other improvements

= v15.5.2 – 15 APRIL 2021 =
Fix: Rank math focus keyword fix for products, improvements in CLS for video post layout, better compatibility for default product layouts and third party plugins
Tutorial: Very detailed video about creation Game sites, but can be used for any niche site
Tutorial: Google review update explanation and how to improve your content

= v15.4 - 26 March =
Added: Option to force mobile icon toolbar
Added: WordPress regular login/password page uses site's logo and color of header

= v15.0 – 17 MARCH 2021 =
Added: Option to set icon toolbar to top
Added: Snippets to add/remove icons in header and toolbar
Added: Game site Demo and many small improvements and fixes

= v14.9.9.3 – 12 MARCH 2021 =
Fix: Fix gallery field in posts and other fixes according to reports

= v14.9 – 5 MARCH 2021 =
Added: New 3d model and AR viewer for products and Elementor
Demo You can test also AR in android or ios supported gadgets for AR
Added: Better styles for Grouped products for Woocommerce + some fixes according reports

= v14.8.1 – 28 FEB 2021 =
Added: Few fixes according to buyer’s reports
Added: Top Chart Builder for Gutenberg. Video tutorials + additional extension will be available in upcoming updates
Added: Updated Side panel. Preparation for Block Based theme. Check our announcement

= v14.7.1 – 12 FEB 2021 =
Fix: Fix Elementor templates, brand pages for digital grid layout + some improvements for mobile sticky panel

= v14.7 – 8 FEB 2021 =
Added: Dark layout for products
Added: Quick view supports Ajax add to cart (Woocommerce – settings – products – Enable Ajax for add to cart button)
Added: Smart inline scroll option for Simple list module in Elementor
Added: Overview of Product Layouts tutorial with many interesting hidden options which you missed early
Added: Even more asset optimisation. Reduced general styles on 7% and Woocommerce scripts on 30%

= v14.6.5 – 3 FEB 2021 =
Added:Better CLS for woocommerce galleries + fixes according buyer’s reports

= v14.6.4 – 1 FEB 2021 =
Added: Quick view supports Videos + CLS improvements for some post and product layouts

= v14.6.2 – 29 JAN 2021 =
Fixes: Woocommerce slider height, video shortcode bug and some others according to reports

= v14.5.3 – 27 JANUARY 2021 =
Added:YouTube thumbnails are cached now to improve speed
Added:Special Ajax loading function for Elementor templates
Changed:Restored original Woo deal of day module

= 14.5 – 26 JAN 2021 =
Added: New demo page for digital products. Demo
Added: Option in Sticky on scroll widget to generate Table of contents without using shortcode
Added: Improved CLS for Woocommerce inner page
Added: Huge performance improvements and last major speed optimisation step. Possible to get even 100 grade on some pages. Check details what we did

Added:More options to control Mobile design in Elementor Listing Builder
Added: New Post layout with full width and auto generated sticky contents
Added: Zero price products show “Free!” Label instead of useless 0.00 price
Added:Webp support for image uploading
Added: Lazy load backgrounds for Elementor Section (you can find it in Rehub Smart Options for Section module). Use if you have big size for background images instead of Elementor background option
Added:Conditional shortcode to check if meta exists in meta getter shortcode Added: Theme options – appearance – Background highlight color to control background for Colored Sideblock layout and some other
Added: Tag option in Post list widget
Added: Post support for Deal of day Elementor module
Added: Support for Multi Step Checkout Plugins of Woocommerce
Added:Conditional loading for styles. Reduced general styles for another 15%, general script file by 60% and Woocommerce styles for 70%. If you have customisations of category, archive files and lose your styles, check original files, you may need to add rh_generate_incss function or wp_enqueue_style from original files
Update:Advanced product Filter plugin requires to have custom styles, copy them here Use them ONLY if you use Advanced Filter plugin

= v13.9.5 – 8 JANUARY 2021 =
Added:Smart trigger for video for WOW animation. In depth tutorial, examples and explanation will be added in upcoming version in new demo site + other improvements based on user’s feedbacks

= v13.9.4 – 6 JANUARY 2021 =
Added: Clean centred Logo Header layout
Updated: Some refresh for Full width Image Post layout
Updated: If you don’t add mobile logo, desktop logo will be used on mobiles. Make sure that you set separate compact mobile logo if your desktop logo is too big
Fixed:Image maximum height for grid

= v13.8 – 24 DECEMBER 2020 =
Added: Preparation for digital marketplace demo: added option to show video in Directory grid shop module.
Added:Option to request deactivation of licenses on sites which you lost.

= v13.7 - 23 December 2020 =
Added: New comment list shortcode options to get best rated comments
Added: New options in Elementor listing builder to style meta panel columns
Added: Scrollable option for woo commerce gallery images on mobiles

= v13.6 – 16 DECEMBER 2020 =
Added: Dynamic title option (to use current year in titles or other shortcodes).
Added:Smart mobile scroll classes
Fixed:According to buyer’s reports (cardbox module has option to use cover images as early, simple post list has option to set full size high quality images)

= v13.5.6 – 13.5.7 – 12 DECEMBER 2020 =
- Added: AWIN templates for Content Egg
- Added: Analytics module for RH Link PRO plugin to get statistic on clicks of theme’s buttons
- Fixed:Cardbox module if you use icons in title
- Improvement:Side templates and floating panel for mobiles + Mycred icons.

= v13.4 – 25 NOVEMBER 2020 =
- Fixes, improvements based on user’s feedback, Video list module uses loading on click to improve page performance, Featured grid module uses lazy load for improved perfomance
- Feedback: Please, vote for next Gutenberg block in our Facebook page

= v13.3 – 18 NOVEMBER 2020 =
- Added: Reviewit homepage for Elementor ready templates
- Added: On click trigger option and custom object for animation in WOW animation framework
- Added: Review panel for Import addon
- Added: Some optimisation for new GTmetrix performance test + preparation for upcoming changes in wordpress 5.6

= v13.1.2 = 
- Fixes according to buyer reports
- Added:New Gutenberg Autocontent Post layout. Demo Table of contents is generated from subheading of Color heading and Review Heading Blocks. Great layout for brand, product, service reviews.
- Added: New conditional loading of scripts reduced common script file by 40% + some other fixes and improvements by user’s feedbacks
- Added: Offerbox of Gutenberg can parse also Amazon products (but we still don’t recommend to show price for Amazon products. Instead of prices, use label on button Check Prices at or similar)
- Added: New 2 Product layouts as preparation for our new Digital marketplace demos. Product layouts are great of any kind of digital product. You can find them in list of layouts with name “Side Block”. Background is used from theme option – appearance. You can also overwrite background per each product in Custom code areas – custom background color. Demo: Side Block – and Side Block Light –
- Added: Updated store page look for WCFM to prevent bad behaviour if user loads white backgrounds
- Added: Logo + menu in one row can have also additional menu after search form (main menu is before search form)
- Added: Added Facebook Page. We will post there information about SEO, small tutorials and hidden secrets of theme, freebies for promo materials and design and theme’s announces.
- Added: Dark theme option supports now Optimized for Reading Layouts and Full width
- Few fixed according to reports
- Few fixed according to reports
- Changed: Masonry grid script was removed and replaced by pure css for even better performance for big grid layouts
- Added: Updated Rehub WOW animation framework
- Added: New bulk import add-on. More simple to use, has easy schedule, possible to import posts, coupons, woocommerce, price comparison Content Egg, categories and taxonomies and even users.
- Added: New demo
- Added: New product layout, simple and clean, great as universal for any kind of sites
- Added: Option to choose background color on product page. Can give you interesting effect if you have product image with the same flat color background. Demo
- Added: some refresh in UI for variable products
- Added: Button font option. Now, you can set separate fonts for buttons and headings. Also, you can disable uppercase in buttons. If you want to change default font of theme, add it in Body fonts (this will affect all fonts)
- Added: Improved Logo + menu in one row header layout (added option to add cart, search, Wishlist, etc)
- Added: box shadow option in WOW animation framework
- Update: removed some outdated fields (branded url in post fields and custom excerpt field)

REHub Theme có thiết kế sạch hiện đại, được cập nhật liên tục theo xu hướng thiết kế hiện tại. Có 6 chủ đề con trong chủ đề, mỗi chủ đề có một diện mạo mới và phù hợp hơn với các nhu cầu khác nhau.

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