Smart Slider 3 PRO v3.5.0.11 NULLED (+DEMO) – Responsive WordPress Slider


Smart Slider 3 PRO là plugin WordPress mới sử dụng giao diện soạn thảo trực quan để tạo ra nhiều loại hiệu ứng slide.

Smart Slider 3 bao gồm một số lượng lớn các chức năng sẽ cho phép bạn tạo và thêm vào trang web tất cả các loại thanh trượt và khối với các loại yếu tố, video, phông chữ, hình ảnh khác nhau, v.v.

Smart Slider Pro là một plugin mạnh mẽ. Nó cung cấp một số lượng tính năng thực sự ấn tượng mà bạn có thể tạo hầu hết mọi loại animated sliders.

Gợi ý: LayerSlider (Kreatura) – Plugin Slide WordPress Đa Năng


Tính năng nổi bật Smart Slider 3 Pro – Responsive WordPress Slider

Tính năng plugin Smart Slider 3 PRO

  • Thiết kế nhanh hơn với hàng trăm slide được tạo sẵn sẵn sàng để được cập nhật với các từ và hình ảnh của bạn.
  • Nhập các mẫu trực quan tuyệt đẹp bằng bộ sưu tập 180+ slide được thiết kế chuyên nghiệp của chúng tôi.
  • Tối ưu hóa hình ảnh: Bạn có thể tối ưu hóa và tải trước hình ảnh của mình để cải thiện tốc độ tải trang web của bạn.
  • Thân thiện với SEO: Cấu trúc HTML đảm bảo kết quả tốt nhất cho các vị trí xếp hạng của công cụ tìm kiếm.
  • Điều khiển mới: Tinh chỉnh mũi tên mới, đạn và hình thu nhỏ với các tùy chọn tùy chỉnh mới.
  • Tùy chọn Lightbox: Cho phép hình ảnh và video để hiển thị trong Lightbox cho trải nghiệm người dùng tốt hơn.
  • Hoạt hình văn bản: Hoạt hình văn bản cung cấp cho bạn cơ hội để làm động chính văn bản bằng từ hoặc ký tự
  • Chiều cao động: Điều chỉnh chiều cao slide động mang đến cho bạn trải nghiệm hoàn hảo trên mọi thiết bị.
  • Hành động và sự kiện: Kích hoạt các sự kiện tùy chỉnh để đáp ứng với các hành động như nhấp chuột hoặc cuộn sự kiện.
  • Tùy chọn cụ thể của thiết bị: Thanh trượt của bạn có thể được thưởng thức trên mọi thiết bị, có thể là điện thoại di động, máy tính bảng hoặc máy tính để bàn.
  • Cài đặt chuyên gia: Chế độ chuyên gia mở ra nhiều tùy chọn, cho phép bạn kiểm soát nhiều hơn.
Smart Slider 3 PRO Nulled Free Changelog

2021. 09. 09.
Feature: The "Block carousel" feature is now available for free users as well.
Feature: Gutenberg block toolbar is available at the slider. Also, there's an option to go to the slide editor directly from the block.
Feature: Pressing enter on any control will trigger the control's action, as if it was clicked.
Fix: Force full width sliders weren't always properly positioned in Divi.
Fix: SVG pathes were wrong in the HTML export of the slider.
Fix: Joomla 4 will no longer display Smart Slider as not Joomla 4 compatible extension in its Pre-Update Check.
Fix: Fix for an output buffer problem related to Themeco Pro theme.
Fix: Fix for a conflict between "Scroll To Slider" and "Use as Anchor > Smooth scroll" that created a weird scrolling.
Fix: The image size box overlapped the thumbnail text on RTL UI.
Fix: Fix for Database error in Joomla 4 when a slide was copied to another slider.
Fix: Custom thumbnail arrows were rotated wrongly.
Fix: Since iOS doesn't support the full screen API, the full screen control does not display at all on iOS devices. We also adjusted the notice to reflect this.
Fix: Some plugins use the WordPress Update API wrongly and erase the update transient. This could cause error messages, so from now on we're checking if $transient is an object before trying to run the update checker codes.
Fix: Event Booking generator can create events without end date. When the "ended" filter is used at the generator the events without the end date will now appear in the slider.
Fix: Joomla 4 support the Article generator displays the featured image correctly.
Fix: Long slider names are cropped when copied/duplicated, to ensure that the new slider can be created.
Fix: PHP 8 compatibility fix to avoid Heading, Animated Heading and Highlighted heading layers creating hdiv tag.
Fix: On WordPress multisite installation only administrators can have unfiltered_html capability, which is required to be able to access the slider. We've modified the error message to reflect this.
Fix: The Convert to WebP and other optimization options won't try to optimize images without extension anymore.
Fix: Some Google fonts contain space character, which wasn't properly encoded.
Fix: The No animation at the Carousel prevented slide switching.
Fix: Base64 embedded images caused a stray end tag.
Fix: Animated heading layer Drop in animation could place the text in the wrong place.
Fix: Minimum height CSS won't be added if the value is 0 or smaller.
Fix: Closing source tag is removed, as it's not needed.
Fix: Animated Heading layer's typewriter animation didn't remove spaces properly.
Fix: Joomla 4's subheader is hidden on the slider's editor and preview, because it covered their top part.
Fix: Joomla 4's focus border is removed from the input fields.
Fix: We added 50MS timeout to HTMLImageElement.decode() as its promise wasn't always resolved in Safari.
Fix: The Space around calculation in Carousels cropped the last slide.
Fix: Absolute layer with animation jumped after resize.
Fix: Outer positioned controls could create scrollbar, especially on small screens.
Fix: When Retina was enabled WebP path was wrong in the HTML Export.
Fix: Fix for rare cases when rotating a full page slider twice caused the slider height to change.
Removed: Google font subsets are now removed, as in a browser that supports unicode-range the subset is dynamically served, there's no need to force it.
Removed: The Custom Size option was removed from the Carousel and Showcase type, as it only affects the size of the slider. If you need taller slider on small devices, use the Side Spacing option.
Removed: Loop Single Slide was deprecated. From now on if you have one slide and the Autoplay is turned on, it will automatically repeat the slide.
Other: A couple of strings were not translate-able, which is now fixed. Want to translate Smart Slider?
Feature: Smart Slider displays a preview image in Gutenberg's Add Block panel
Feature: New Google fonts added to the font suggestion list.
Feature: WooCommerce generator properly supports custom product attributes.
Feature: Notice added to Convert to WebP to encourage users to use the Medium Height and Small height features in case the images appear blurry on small screens.
Fix: Slide title and description are copped at Static Save to avoid reaching server limitation.
Fix: Images in Folder generator ordering now fetches all images in the folder before ordering them.
Fix: The slides will show up in the Slide Editor, even if they're hidden on the current device.
Fix: From now on the Wrap After option won't be available on non-fullwidth rows, as they break automatically based on the space they need.
Fix: Carousel slider's single switch prevented scrolling down on the page when last slide was reached.
Fix: Retina option no longer stays enabled when Resize is off.
Fix: Smart Slider now properly appears on Google's Mobile friendly test.
Fix: Scale to left main animation didn't appear properly in the Free version.
Fix: Video layer blinked when it looped certain videos. We'll use the native loop attribute from now on to avoid that.
Fix: Compatibility fix for Yandex.News Feed by Teplitsa which wrongly fetched certain slide data. From now on no part of the slider appears in their fetch.
Fix: Loop delay didn't work properly.
Fix: Text bar will display the HTML codes in the Slide title and description field again.
Fix: Custom events weren't able to stop or pause the loop animation.
Fix: Outer right control position was wrong on RTL.
Fix: Better check for RankMath dependency, so it won't be loaded on pages where RankMath doesn't loads its codes.
Fix: Outer left and right controls had wrong width. From now on they'll have the same width as the slider.
Fix: Themify builder conflict fixed with background videos
Fix: The slider's force fullwidth calculation could position the slider wrongly when the slider was placed into another "force fullwith" container.
Fix: Error handling for cases when the Top or Bottom focus selector is invalid.
Fix: Disabling Crop Masked caused a JavaScript error.
Fix: Slide title type previous arrow kept increasing its height after every click.
Fix: Allow transparent color as hover background.
Fix: Pixel bug on the bottom of the slide in certain cases.
Fix: The upscale option of the Boxed sliders is always enabled in Full Screen mode to ensure the sliders fill the screen.
Fix: Z-index fixes for the Simple and Block type to avoid 3rd parties modify the z-index of the background images.
Fix: Better error handling for cases when the installation didn't run properly due to some database error.
Fix: Conflict notice when JCH Optimize is installed and the Async non-primary CSS is enabled.
Fix: GSAP updated to fix a bug in the animated heading layer.
Fix: WP Bakery Frontend editor will display the slider again when Yoast is enabled.
Fix: From now on the unfiltered_html capability is required to edit the slides on WordPress
Fix: Landscape breakpoints didn't work on the frontend.
Fix: Two source tag was created for the same image if Default and Small image sizes matched.

= v3.5.0.9 - 2021.06.09 =
Feature: From now on your can set an Alt tag for the Slide Thumbnail.
Fix: Absolute positioned layers didn't rotate in the Free version.
Fix: Workaround adjusted for the Safari bug which makes non-fullwidth rows create unnecessary line wrap.
Fix: Ken Burns effect wasn't smooth in latest Firefox.
Fix: Slider and slide title fields are sanitized.
Fix: Date formats at Joomla generator are removed from localization.
Fix: Arrow style didn't work in preview in the Free version.
Fix: Empty background color caused PHP error.
Fix: Force fullwidth slider might appeared offscreen in rare cases.
Fix: Compatibility fix for Admin 2020 plugin.
Fix: Slider flickered in Gutenberg editor in rare cases.
Fix: Nested, not full width Absolute layer width couldn't be changed.
Other: Editor role on WordPress no longer gets access to Smart Slider on new installations.

= v3.5.0.8 - 2021.05.31 =
Fix: Better handling of "last saved tab" in edit slider. As a result, newly imported sliders always open on the General tab.
Fix: Animated heading layer won't create unnecessary space before the After Text.
Fix: Advanced position messed up the Text bar width and height.
Fix: YouTube generator playlist picker caused JavaScript error.
Fix: Showcase and Carousel slider type didn't always switch properly using touch.
Fix: Twenty Seventeen theme conflict with Scroll to Slider option.
Fix: Divi Builder plugin caused problems with the align and max width options.
Fix: Arrow style couldn't be edited if previous arrow was disabled.
Fix: Self align is not honored in rows which are hidden on desktop.
Fix: Slide with too wide content might rendered wider on mobile.
Fix: Horizontal mouse wheel control conflicted with scrolling on horizontal thumbnail.
Fix: Text wrapped wrong in Safari due to calculation problem.
Fix: Columns will again auto-break if the row is not full width.
Fix: Horizontal negative margins on Default positioned layers now affect the width of the layer.
Fix: Inner align and Align wasn't working properly on RTL.
Fix: Force fullwidth calculation is fixed on RTL.
Fix: Text animation messed up HTML tags in Heading layer.
Fix: Object-position interit removed, as HTML validators identified it as an error.
Fix: Full width image box layer in non-fullwidth row didn't size properly.
Fix: Loading animation wasn't centered on iOS.
Fix: Non-fullwidth row caused unnecessary line wrap in Safari.
Fix: Slider size was wrong in Partice effect preview.
Fix: Reveal animation on empty layer caused a JavaScript error.
Fix: Arrow control positioned the arrows wrongly on RTL.
Fix: Simple type slider with no animation causes the slide background image to flash in iOS Safari.
Fix: Bullet in Above and Below position caused CLS.
Fix: Text bar control won't display until it has content to display. (Prevents the empty text bar to flash in during slider loading.)
Fix: Slider loaded for a moment even if it was hidden on the current device.
Fix: Fade background animation had a "flicker-like" zoom movement on start and finish.
Fix: Browser compatibility check is improved, so it doesn't throw a compatibility error in Ubuntu Chrome.
Fix: Unit picker dropdown is removed from margin and padding, as only the px unit is supported since 3.5.

= v3.5.0.7 - 2021.05.19. =
Feature: Mbstring PHP extension replacement
Feature: Legacy support for absolute font size modifier
Fix: WP Rocket compatibility
Fix: PHP8 possible PHP error fix
Fix: Safari arrow alignment
Fix: Safari linebreak in auto width row
Fix: HTML entity in progress, counter layers
Fix: Alignment issues
Fix: iOS WebP fix
Fix: RSS generator with empty offset
Fix: Row stretch
Fix: Image layer increased slide height
Fix: Device specific layer margin
Fix: Thumbnail control
Fix: Controls in above and below placements
Fix: M4A files on Safari
Fix: Link → NextSlider option with non-instant sliders
Fix: Mouse wheel slide switching
Fix: Fullpage slider bevior
Fix: Video layer without cover image
Fix: Avoiding possible misconfiguration caused errors
Fix: Slide editor's layer drag and drop
Fix: Slider groups
Fix: Image drop slide creation

= v3.5.0.6 - 2020.05.11 =
Fix: Mobile accessibility
Fix: Device specific align inherit
Fix: Empty animated Text bar won't flash anymore
Fix: Rare cases when the px was removed from 0px in the inline CSS
Fix: iFrame layer loading
Fix: Compatibility fix for A3 Lazy Loading
Fix: Force full width on RTL sites
Fix: Go To Slide ID when used to go to a slide of another slider
Fix: Vertical Text bar
Fix: Compatibility fix for Newspaper theme's tagDiv Composer
Fix: Slide background excluded from 3rd party lazy loading plugins
Fix: Right align and disabled Clear after
Fix: Adjust slider width to now checks whether the entered selector exists
Fix: Force fullwidth in Divi's frontend editor
Fix: Hidden slider won't leave its placeholder

= v3.5.0.5 2020.05.06 =
Feature: Frontend inline JavaScript async support
Feature: Async non-primary CSS
Fix: Slider type change from Simple to Showcase
Fix: Slide content wrongly positioned in full screen view
Fix: LiteSpeed cache > Generate Critical CSS
Fix: Audio layer with disabled controls, volume and progress bar
Fix: Carousel in RTL
Fix: Carousel thumbnail control
Fix: Flatsome theme conflict with our Shape dividers
Fix: Ken Burns + Lazy loading
Fix: Autop + new full width algorithm
Fix: Loop animation rotate

= v3.5.0.3 - 2020.04.29. =
Fix: Lazy Loading
Fix: Alias scroll
Fix: Slide background codes made stronger to avoid 3rd party override
Fix: Fatal error Uncaught Error Call to a member function get() on null
Fix: Audio file in export
Fix: Audio layer in WordPress
Fix: Device specific layer height
Removed: Lazy loading → Load neighbor from Showcase and Carousel

= v3.4.1.17 =
Feature: Remove script type attributes
Feature: Exclude certain Google fonts from loading
Feature: Allow less than 1000ms slide duration values to override the autoplay duration.
Fix: Compatibility with AMP for WP
Fix: Polylang ajax issue
Fix: WP Security Audit Log conflict
Fix: Generator fill background color end
Fix: WP Rocket 3.8.1 changes
Fix: Mouse wheel events outside the slider
Other: Simplified Chinese translation
Fix: Removal of jQuery deprecated functions
Deprecated: Device specific retina images

= v3.4.1.16 =
2021.01.18. (WordPress only)
Fix: WP Rocket compatibility
Fix: B tag line break in Chrome

= v3.4.1.14 - 2020.11.26 =
Feature: Accessibility improvements
Feature: Alias code was rewritten to support JavaScript links
Feature: WooCommerce Product by SKU/ID generator now supports custom fields
Fix: WPRocket RocketCDN compatibility
Fix: Jetpack lazy loading compatibility
Fix: Elementor fix when no slider is selected
Fix: WooCommerce generator visibility filter
Fix: Layer animation fix
Fix: Exclude osyoutube from Run content plugins on sliders
Fix: Counter, Circle counter, Progress bar label variable fix
Deprecated: PX+

v3.4.1.13 - 2020.11.11
Fix: Themify themes output buffer issue

v3.4.1.12 - 2020.11.10
- Feature: Generator variables for value and start value at Counter layer
- Fix: Svg flips
- Fix: Focus Y at Ken Burns effect
- Fix: Joomla date check at generators
- Fix: Layer duplication
- Fix: Themify themes output buffer issue
- Fix: Remove sliders from AMP pages
- Other: Black Friday sale notice added

- Fix: Compatibility fix for Autoptimize's Lazy Loading option
- Feature: Post slug variable for WordPress Post generator
- Feature: Joomla 4 compatibility
- Feature: Full width option for Image box layer
- Feature: Certain HTML tags are enabled in the Heading layer. See the full list of supported tags.
- Feature: Events Manager generator location image variable added
- Fix: K2 generator image URL
- Fix: dynamicHeight height animation removed from the main animation
- Fix: PageSpeed ninja plugin compatibility (enabled Gzip caused missing files.)
- Fix: Full page slider height with outer controls
- Fix: Randomize first only works when Randomize is enabled
- Fix: Group trash and delete
- Fix: WP Rocket compatibility
- Fix: Alias switching
- Fix: Rename in layer list and Breakpoint value change in Safari
- Fix: Nested Absolute layers in column
- Fix: Twitter generator URL variable
- Fix: Output buffer for Speed Booster Pack cache
- Fix: Restore imported slider in Slider Group
- Fix: Slider loading optimization
- Fix: missing icon loading related to multiple sliders in rare cases
- Fix: You can now use emojis in the input layer
- Fix: K2 Timezone
- Fix: Events Manager generator Remove space and special characters from meta keys
- Fix: min-height 0 to iframes in slider
- Fix: Simply Exclude plugin added to conflict list.
- Fix: SplitText delay
- Other: Remove "Gravity Forms MC Unique ID Generator Field" compatibility code
- Deprecated: Show Joomla Admin Footer

Gợi ý: Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin thanh trượt (slide) đáp ứng

Password: Xem hướng dẫn bên dưới bài viết

decryption key: vì dung lượng file lớn (177MB) và đang bị spam, vui lòng comment hoặc gửi thông tin qua form Hỗ Trợ Cập Nhật để nhận mã download

Nếu có bản demo mới không nằm trong pack này, vui lòng comment để admin cập nhật ngay nhé!

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