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WooCommerce Memberships là một giải pháp cửa hàng trực tuyến tích hợp đầy đủ với các sản phẩm và nội dung. Đây không chỉ là một plugin cung cấp quyền truy cập phân tán vào nội dung, mà còn là một giải pháp hoàn chỉnh liên kết nội dung của trang web, cửa hàng và tài khoản người dùng.

WooCommerce Memberships cho phép bạn tổ chức một hệ thống truy cập phân tán mà không cần cài đặt một loạt các tiện ích mở rộng bổ sung.

Demo: https://woocommerce.com/products/woocommerce-memberships/

Tính năng nổi bật WooCommerce Memberships

WooCommerce Memberships

  • Bán hoặc quà tặng thành viên: gói cước được tạo bất kể hàng hóa. Điều này đảm bảo tính linh hoạt tối đa của hệ thống truy cập phân tán.
  • Bán thành viên như một mặt hàng riêng biệt
  • Quyền truy cập phân tán vào nội dung: có nghĩa là bất kỳ nội dung nào cũng có thể bị ẩn khỏi người dùng chưa đăng ký.
  • Đặt biểu giá với thời gian dùng thử
  • Khả năng tạo biểu giá dùng thử miễn phí
  • Tổ chức hệ thống giảm giá khi mua gói cước
  • Mua tư cách thành viên có đăng ký
  • Hệ thống thanh toán
  • Có thể sử dụng thuế miễn phí với đăng ký
  • Ví dụ: bạn có thể truy cập nội dung ẩn nội dung khỏi những người sử dụng thuế quan miễn phí hoặc thời gian dùng thử
WooCommerce Memberships v1.22.5 Nulled Free Changelog

2021.09.09 - v1.22.5
* Tweak - Pass the full product instance to `wc_memberships_exclude_product_from_member_discounts` filter instead of product ID when checking cart item member discounts
* Fix - Update usage of deprecated `block_categories` filter to address notices since WP 5.8

2021.08.10 - v1.22.4
* Tweak - Strip HTML tags in product names dropdown in plan access settings
* Fix - Admins updating an order that triggers Sensei auto-enrollment to courses shouldn't be redirected to the posts edit screen
* Dev - Add filter hook to toggle duplicating a product's memberships data when cloning products

2021.07.05 - version 1.22.3
* Fix - Address an issue with plans with fixed dates and some timezone configurations
* Misc - Drop the `woo-includes` folder and move plugin classes from `includes` to `src` folder

2021.06.23 - v1.22.2
* Fix - Display the correct cart item subtotal when a customer adds more than a discounted subscription product to cart
* Fix - Address a potential issue in the shipping handler

2021.06.07 - v1.22.1
* Fix - Add sanity checks before calling Sensei or LearnDash methods to avoid errors if old versions are installed
* Fix - Address a potential uncaught error in Sensei and LearnDash integrations when fetching dependent courses

2021.05.04 - v1.22.0
* Feature - Auto-enroll users to Sensei and LearnDash courses upon membership purchase
* Dev - Add meta data handling support to membership plan rule objects

2021.04.12 - v1.21.8
* Dev - Improve compatibility with WooCommerce Product Bundles

2021.03.30 - v1.21.7
* Fix - Ensure that the member directory shortcode can correctly query memberships of given statuses
* Fix - Fix a conflict with Variable products and Profile Fields that prevented adding them to cart

2021.03.16 - v1.21.5
* Tweak - Improve support for WooCommerce Navigation admin feature

2021.03.09 - v1.21.4
* Fix - When importing profile fields that allow multiple options, ensure that comma separated values can be read and successfully imported for those fields
* Fix - Display corresponding profile fields for product variations that grant access to an associated plan

2021.02.19 - v1.21.3
* Fix - Prevent issues with numeric options in dropdown profile fields
* Fix - Address some CSS styling issues within the Memberships rules meta box in smaller viewports
* Fix - When saving a profile field from the admin and there are issues related to inputs in one meta box tab, switch the tab to foreground to highlight the issue

2021.01.26 - v1.21.2
* Fix - Make the "Redirect members upon login" setting effective also when users are logging in from the standard WordPress login form

2021.01.26 - v1.21.1
* Fix - Fix an upgrade script to avoid showing some notices to users who did not have free add ons installed
* Fix - Improve compatibility with Twenty Twenty and Twenty Twenty-One WordPress themes
* Fix - Ensure that the product price HTML of member discounted subscription products does not carry duplicated strings
* Fix - Restore the functionality of an alert when setting blanket rules to a plan on some browsers

2021.01.25 - v1.21.0
* Feature - Merge the Directory Shortcode free add on into Memberships core plugin
* Feature - Merge the Role Handler free add on into Memberships core plugin
* Feature - Merge the Sensei Member Area free add on into Memberships core plugin
* Feature - Merge the Excerpt Length free add on into Memberships core plugin
* Tweak - Improve Memberships performance and reduce the number of queries when querying product variation discount rules
* Tweak - Improve CSS rules for displaying membership plan rules in edit screens
* Fix - Omit a paragraph with a link to the members area in the Thank You page and email if the members area endpoint has been disabled
* Fix - Remove one unused deprecated function call from the Subscriptions integration

2020.12.10 - v1.20.0
* Feature - Add Elementor page builder widget visibility restrictions setting for memberships
* Tweak - Add support for the new WooCommerce navigation in WooCommerce Admin
* Fix - When account creation is not allowed at checkout, ensure account registration is forced enabled if a guest user has a membership access-granting product in cart
* Fix - Ensure eligible discounts are applied for subscription products already owned by a customer, keeping an exception during renewals only
* Fix - When displaying products that grant access in a restriction message, ensure that these are correctly listed for all products that display such messages
* Misc - Add compatibility for WooCommerce 4.7
* Misc - Require PHP 7.0 or newer
* Misc - Add PHP 8.0 support

= v1.19.1 =
* Feature - Members can now be segmented by adding custom profile fields to their memberships
* Feature - Add new admin screens to let merchants manage custom profile fields for their members
* Feature - Members can fill or edit profile fields when signing up for a membership or from a dedicated area in the My Account page
* Feature - Add member profile fields support when importing or exporting memberships
* Feature - Add member profile fields support to the REST API
* Misc - Remove the SkyVerge help menu item as part of the plugin assets

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