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Tutor LMS Pro v2.0.2 NULLED – Plugin WordPress quản lý học tập mạnh nhất


Tutor LMS Pro là hệ thống quản lý học tập, các khóa học trực tuyến với Tutor LMS. Hãy để mọi người chia sẻ kiến ​​thức trực tuyến trên nền tảng LMS WordPress của bạn.

Thông minh, đơn giản và có thể mở rộng: đi kèm với hệ thống kéo và thả mang tính cách mạng để tạo các khóa học chuyên sâu về tài nguyên.

Advanced Quiz Creator: Khả năng tạo thử nghiệm mở rộng trong plugin Tutor LMS Pro này cho phép bạn chọn các mẫu câu hỏi, đặt thời gian và hơn thế nữa.

Báo cáo và phân tích: Phân tích hiệu quả của khóa học của bạn với các số liệu thống kê được lọc tự động được tạo. Plugin WordPress LMS làm cho xếp hạng phức tạp trở nên đơn giản.

Quản lý học trực tuyến dễ dàng
Tutor LMS giúp bạn chịu trách nhiệm cho tất cả các khóa học của bạn. Quản lý nền tảng học tập điện tử của bạn cực kỳ dễ dàng với plugin Tutor LMS Pro này.


Tính năng nổi bật Tutor LMS Pro – Most Powerful WordPress LMS Plugin

Tính năng Tutor LMS Pro Plugin

  • Tutor LMS Pro đi kèm với một hệ thống kéo và thả mang tính cách mạng để tạo ra các khóa học đa dạng. Thật phong phú nhưng đơn giản.
  • Các tùy chọn tạo bài kiểm tra phong phú trong plugin WordPress LMS này cho phép bạn chọn các mẫu câu hỏi, đặt giới hạn thời gian và hơn thế nữa.
  • Trình tạo khóa học Frontend WordPress đầu tiên được tìm thấy trong Tutor LMS Pro. Tạo các câu đố, thêm nhiều người hướng dẫn và nhận tất cả các tùy chọn phụ trợ ngay trên lối vào.
  • Tutor LMS giúp bạn phụ trách tất cả các khóa học của bạn. Quản lý nền tảng eLearning của bạn cực kỳ dễ dàng với plugin LMS WordPress này.
  • Phân tích hiệu suất khóa học của bạn với các số liệu thống kê có thể lọc được tạo tự động. Plugin WordPress LMS làm cho các đánh giá phức tạp trở nên đơn giản.
  • Quản lý rút tiền của tất cả các khoản thu nhập từ các quy trình kỹ lưỡng và được sắp xếp trong cài đặt rút tiền Tutor LMS Pro.
  • Các tùy chọn phân bổ thu nhập và hoa hồng được xây dựng bên trong Tutor LMS Pro. Bạn có thể phân phối hoa hồng, đặt tỷ lệ hoa hồng, khấu trừ phí và quản lý toàn bộ quy trình!
Tutor LMS Pro - Most Powerful WordPress LMS Plugin Nulled Free Changelog

v2.0.1 - March 23, 2022
Update: Tutor Player has been upgraded
Update: Option to set Course Base Logo as the Email Logo
Update: Auto redirect to Course action added upon WooCommerce order completion
Update: Email Footer Text now displays default content
Fix: AJAX based “Add to Cart” button in the Courses page is not working
Fix: In the backend, clearing search field does not remove search parameter from the URL
Fix: “Automatically Load Next Lesson” is not working
Fix: HTML5 video input is active even if it is unselected from Settings
Fix: Gutenberg content is not working in Single Course About section
Fix: Error in Dedicated Login Page and redirection is also not working
Fix: On Enrollment, error is occurring while sending Emails
Fix: My Profile page gives error after updating to the latest version
Fix: My Profile page Date is not translating
Fix: Instructor Course Menu option appears on Student Dashboard page in the mobile version
Fix: Paid Membership Pro is disabled in the Add-ons page but still appears as one of the eCommerce Engine options under the Monetization settings
Fix: Tutor Settings get reset back to the old values after saving
Fix: Lesson and Quiz sequence is not saving
Fix: Enrolment expiry info not showing
Fix: While WooCommerce is enabled, clicking on “Add to Cart” requires logging in again
Fix: Quiz export is adding extra answer for questions
Fix: Enable “Course Content Access” feature not working as Admins and Instructors cannot see course content when enabled
Fix: Author name is hard coded under Lesson comment replies
Fix: Zoom Layout of backend Course Builder is broken
Fix: Email Template’s background, typography, logo and margin padding has issues
Fix: Sticky Calendar positioning has issue
Fix: In Zoom Meeting List page at Backend, the Expired button has design issue
Fix: Create Zoom Meeting page has design issue
Fix: Course Placeholder height has issue
Fix: Quiz List View has issue with responsiveness
Fix: Registration Date & Time is not translating
Fix: HTML code appears on the Course Details page
Fix: Profile Page gives an error if the language is changed
Fix: Forgot Password Alert shows markups
Fix: Metabox shows warning in the Frontend Course Builder while uploading a video
Fix: Backend Editor is not accepting Unicode Character if DB collation is non-utf
March 15, 2022
Visually appealing appearance with a more unified design system
Edit email template content from the editor without having to override the plugin
Exclusive in-house designed email templates for email notification events
Personalized dashboard for instructors and students focused on task automation
Notification bar on top of the dashboard to let learners and instructors stay updated
Improved Analytics with more extensive statistics
New Q&A features for instant and more engaging communication
Event calendar with handy features to organize and schedule assignments
New Assignment features with the option to retake and add instructor\'s feedback
Announcement tab in the course detail page to display announcements created from the backend for courses
Preview certificate before downloading upon completing the course
Use preset or custom color palettes to configure the entire site\'s colors
Brand new Quiz interface with a new student window and other handy settings
Collect all of your reviews and ratings in one centralized location
Dynamic membership plan on the right sidebar of the course details page
Enhanced Instructor list and public profile layouts with Backend & Frontend preview
Flexible Gradebook with easy grading point system setup
More intuitive certificate setup page with the guided creation process
Enhanced course catalog features with extensive course page
Improved accessibility and responsiveness across all devices

= v1.9.16 - February 28, 2022 =
New: Precaution alert before upgrading to major release of Tutor
= v1.9.15 - February 01, 2022 =
Update: Added Compatibility with WordPress 5.9 and Block Based Theme
Fix: Security issue and XSS vulnerabillity fixes

= v1.9.14 - January 11, 2022 =
New: Now you can add Videos using a Shortcode
Fix: Issue of HTML codes disappearing after saving a Quiz
Fix: Issue regarding video not working using Embedded code
Fix: Presto Player Shortcode wasn't saving in the video source
Update: Better user input field sanitization ensure SQL Injection
Update: Better security of HTML output of user-provided input
Update: XSS vulnerability protection is made stronger

= v1.9.13 - January 10, 2022 =
Fix: Wrong assignment list in student reports page at backend dashboard
Fix: User diplay name issue in analytics page at frontend dashboard
= v1.9.12 - October 27, 2021 =
Fix: Custom certificate template not downloading

= v1.9.11 - October 18, 2021 =
New: Certificate Builder plugin compatibility
Update: Gradebook data generates automatically
Update: Generate Gradebook button removed
Fix: Gradebook data not deleting on course retake
Fix: XSS vulnerability in registration page

= v1.9.10 - October 06, 2021 =
New: Event Calendar
New: Notifications
Fix: Date Picker not working issue in frontend Announcement Tab
Fix: CSV Download button disabled for empty reports

= v1.9.9 - September 16, 2021 =
New: Advanced analytics for instructors in the Frontend Dashboard
New: Download option of reports for the instructors in CSV format
New: Pagination settings for Tutor shortcodes added
Update: Security enhancements
Fix: Withdrawal message shown for students/non-approved instructors
Fix: Disabling total enrolled number issue in the course page
Fix: Date picker format not applying issue for all the places in Tutor LMS
Fix: On reveal mode for Quiz, user couldn't go forward if the answer was wrong
Fix: User can type characters in the date field
Fix: View Quiz Attempts URL show nothing when clicked
New: Analytics page for instructor in frontend dashboard

= v1.9.8 - September 02, 2021 =
New: Review counts (given and received) in the dashboard review section's tabs
New: Approval email notification to instructors for their submitted courses
New: Auto-enrollment after registering from the "Enroll Now" button
New: Enrolled course count in a separate column in the Student's list
Fix: Shortcode to show instructor list not working issue
Fix: PHP error generating from undefined variable $default
Fix: Assignment of duplicate courses redirecting to the original course assignment issue
Fix: Showing same levels multiple times in single course page for Paid Membership Pro addon
Fix: Countdown timer translation issue for Zoom meetings
Fix: Expired values showing up as pagination values for the Zoom meeting list
Fix: Font spacing and custom font issue for generated Tutor certificates on chrome browser.
Fix: Removing or clicking a product from the cart, took users to the WooCommerce shop instead of the course page
Fix: "Start Quiz" button now disabled after once clicked
Fix: Full site membership for Paid Membership Pro does not implement on uncategorized courses

= v1.9.7 - August 19, 2021 =
New: Filters for instructor list in the backend dashboard
New: Previous button for a single quiz (default enabled from settings)
New: Pop up for review after course completion
Update: "Add Option" button for the "True/False" quiz is disabled by default
Update: Redundant demo link for quizzes are removed
Update: Improved loading icon while generating a certificate
Update: New "Go home" button added for "Access Denied Page" when registration is disabled
Update: Zoom API key check and save actions combined
Update: Meeting host dropdown disabled
Fix: Course topic title and description editing issue
Fix: Duplicate order statements in earning section of instructor profile
Fix: Date Formats of Tutor LMS were not matched with the set WordPress date format
Fix: Translations issues for several internal texts
Fix: PHP error for content drip addon while trying to fetch property post_type of non-object
Fix: Header footer shown twice while using Oxygen Tutor LMS integration

= v1.9.6 - August 04, 2021 =
New: Popup alert message when students abandon a quiz
New: Popup alert message when admin/instructor tries to delete an enrolment
Update: Set WooCommerce product as sold individually when created automatically from frontend course builder
Update: Enrolment required page design update
Update: Notification design update for when WordPress registration is disabled
Fix: Course retake button appears even if disabled from dashboard
Fix: Pagination not appearing in quiz attempt
Fix: Matching quiz layout CSS issue for long text
Fix: Student can submit the quiz even after time limit is expired
Fix: Email event list checkboxes not showing in dashboard if WPML add-on enabled
Fix: Course progress not deleting when enrolment is deleted
Fix: Quiz not showing immediately after creating in course builder
Fix: Lesson count shows 0 in enrolled courses on the frontend dashboard
Fix: XSS vulnerability in student list in the dashboard
Fix: The option “When time expires” fixed in Quiz settings

= v1.9.5 - July 18, 2021 =
New: WPML compatibility addon
New: Course retake feature
New: Quiz attempt filter in backend dashboard
Update: Paid Membership Pro Integration architecture
Fix: Assignment attachment not deleting from server when assignment is deleted

= v1.9.4 - July 13, 2021 =
New: Zoom added to the Frontend dashboard
New: Field to add Course Tags in Frontend course builder
Update: Design update in Zoom backend dashboard
Fix: Lesson video duration were not fetched for autofill URL
Fix: Deprecated warnings in PHP 8

= v1.9.3 - June 23, 2021 =
Update: Push Notification addon logo
Fix: Some addons not showing up on the addon list

= v1.9.1 - June 04, 2021 =
New: Enable/disable auto redirection to enrolled courses on auto order completion
Fix: Parameter count in plugin activated hook
Fix: Zoom meeting redirecting to post list while saving
Fix: Students can no longer give feedback without selecting star rating

= v1.9.0 - June 02, 2021 =
New: Assign different certificate templates to courses separately
New: tutor_quiz/single/after/wrap hook added in single quiz template
New: Video duration will be automatically fetched when inserting lesson videos
New: Filter hook added to course filter
New: Static texts in JS files are now translatable
New: Automatic order completion redirects to Enrolled Courses
Update: Button text changed for rejecting instructor requests
Update: Default course count per page changed to 12 from 3
Fix: Dashboard shortcode not working
Fix: Wrong Q&A count in dashboard
Fix: Student can Add to Cart from course archive even after the course is full
Fix: SQL error in custom post types

= v1.8.10 - May 10, 2021 =
New: Instructors can now give feedback on quiz attempts from the frontend
Update: Security enhancements
Fix: PHP notice error in new enrollment page
Fix: User dashboard showing multiple times on Avada Theme
Fix: Wrong percentage stats on course completion in report
Fix: Custom template from 'Certificate customizer' plugin not working
Fix: Quiz answers security issue fixed
Fix: User display name doesn't update on certificate after name change
Fix: Question/Answer reveal mode doesn't show anything for correct answer
Fix: Profile Picture and bio disappearing after checkout
Fix: Categories not showing hierarchically in course filter
Fix: Private course not found on the latest version of WordPress
Fix: CSS class typo
Fix: Grammatical text error

= v1.8.9 - April 28, 2021 =
New: Option to disable detailed quiz attempt view from student profile
Update: Improved license key submission form
Update: Lessons, quizzes, and assignments removed from WordPress search
Update: Security enhancement
Fix: Instructor can see all other users' files in WP Media Manager
Fix: Broken link of the password reset page
Fix: Undefined variable notice in Zoom add-on
Fix: HTML5 videos not playing in lessons
Fix: 'Edit with frontend course builder' button visible for other instructors
Fix: Incorrect Lesson order for duplicated courses
Fix: 'View certificate' page conflict with BuddyBoss theme
Fix: Empty data insert & redundant hooks calling on course attachments addons
Fix: Empty meta data insert for lesson
Fix: Content drip option not loading in the classic editor's lesson editing page

= v1.8.7 - April 01, 2021 =
Update: Improved Queuing system for Tutor LMS announcement and content drip email
Fix: Users were not able to answer to a Q&A
Fix: Custom player didn’t work for Vimeo
Fix: The user-submitted reviews for the first time didn’t show up
Fix: Line break in Quiz description not working
Fix: An instructor couldn’t see his/her own courses if the preview was disabled
Fix: Page not found for imported quizzes

= Tutor LMS v1.8.6 =
New: Search assignments by Student Name
New: Toast message added after evaluating assignments
New: Updated process for sending Announcement and Content Drip emails
Fix: Disabling Content Drip email not working
Fix: Import quizzes not working for Windows users due to file type error
Fix: Instructors profile photos were not saving in the WordPress admin panel

= v1.8.5 - March 12, 2021 =
Update: "Start Meeting" button will be disabled for expired meetings
Fix: Editors with Instructor role can now edit all post types except other's courses
Fix: Yoast conflict with Frontend Course Builder

= v1.8.4 - March 04, 2021 =
New: Ordering option in Zoom meeting list
New: Instructor list filter option in shortcode using attribute filter="on"
Update: Tutor Pro plugin file size optimized from 6.2MB to 2.5MB
Update: Quiz export/import file size limit waived
Fix: 'Headers already sent' in course editor frontend
Fix: Course Prerequisite is not limiting access to quizzes and assignments
Fix: Quiz title not found in attempt review email
Fix: Guzzlehttp conflict
= v1.8.3 - February 16, 2021 =
Fix: Unexpected trailing comma error in PHP lower version

= v1.8.2 - February 15, 2021 =
New: Certificate link added to the course completion email notification
New: Settings added to enable/disable course enrollment expiration feature
Update: Zoom meeting input date format updated to dd/mm/yyyy to avoid internal errors
Update: If enrollment expiration is set to 0, you will see 'lifetime' on the frontend course page
Update: Security features enhanced in wpdb query & Quiz. Thanks Wordfence!
Update: Option added to enter decimal value in withdrawal request
Update: Code optimization in the frontend Earnings report
Fix: 404 console error due to asset files
Fix: An active PHP session was detected issue
Fix: Division by 0 warning in Gradebook
Fix: Zoom meeting list pagination issue

= v1.8.1 - February 05, 2021 =
New: Course enrolment expiration
New: Email Notification for course enrolment expiration
Update: Improved frontend asset loading on Zoom Meetings
Update: Confirmation message after saving Zoom Meetings
Fix: Meeting access issue while using Zoom on Course Single Page
Fix: Quiz not loading on the lesson page
Fix: Max student count not saving

= v1.8.0 - February 03, 2021 =
New: Search filter in Assignments
New: Confirmation message while saving data added
New: Frontend and backend UX for Assignments redesigned
New: Thank you notice when instructors submit a course for review added
Update: All the email notification templates moved to Pro version
Update: HTML tag support in Quiz description added
Update: Date time column in Student enrolment report added
Update: User capability check in announcements Ajax action added
Fix: Redundant or duplicate email issue when student enrolments are changed.
Fix: Add New Course, Explore Addons buttons issue in Tutor LMS setup wizard
Fix: Incorrect lesson count (due to trashed course) in the report page
Fix: Profile and cover photo saving issue in frontend dashboard
Fix: Graph issue in the Earnings tab in the Report addon
Fix: Remove item issue in WooCommerce cart page
Fix: Quiz fails to import issue

= v1.7.9 - January 21, 2021 =
Setting to enable showing instructor name on the certificate
Announcement feature now has a separate menu for better management and avoid email trigger conflicts
Enhanced security features in all ajax requests and other necessary places. Thanks Wordfence!
Add WooCommerce subscription compatibility in the front end course builder
Zoom meetings fail to update or save on sites running languages other than English
Preview button was not working for courses in Admin Dashboard
Multiple email notification issue upon manual enrolment
Issue while attaching multiple files in assignments
Lesson add/edit access issue for multi instructors
Improved navigation for Course Reports page
Translation issue in Paid Membership Pro
User access issue in Zoom meeting list

= v1.7.8 - January 07, 2021 =
Update: Quality of certificates' PDF files improved
Update: A clear all filter button on the course filter page added
Update: Monetization activation issue while deactivating WooCommerce plugin
Fix: Course lesson and assignment auto-draft issue in course builder
Fix: PDF certificate not downloading on Firefox web browser
Fix: Wrong course eligibility status on Paid Membership Pro plugin activation
Fix: Conjunction sign "&" not working issue in the assignments description section
Fix: Courses in draft status showing issue while showing category lists from the archives
Fix: CSS issue while selecting quiz time limit

= v1.7.7 - December 30, 2020 =
New: More options to control button colors in login, registration, and enrolment
Update: Enhanced security features in gradebook and other necessary places. Thanks Wordfence!
Update: Translation support for several of static strings added
Fix: Fatal error on course archive and shortcode page for misconfigured monetization settings
Fix: Auto-save email notification issue on frontend course builder
Fix: Lesson preview access issue for admin

= v1.7.6 - December 14, 2020 =
- Update: Student notification emails now utilise the BCC field for better privacy.

= v1.7.5 - December 01, 2020 =
New: Introducing customizable shortcode to showcase your instructors in a list
New: Upload a cover photo for the public profile of a user
New: Public Profile is getting a brand new design
Update: Withdrawal and Phone number fields now accept numbers only.
Update: {site_url} and {site_name} attributes added to all Tutor Email addon emails.
Update: Added certificate view page, template override option.
Fix: Add to Cart option still showed after adding the product in the Course Details Page
Fix: Showed wrong information for multiple pages for the Students list in the Dashboard →Report →Courses →Course Details section.
Fix: Student's name didn't show up when downloading the certificate as a PDF.
Fix: Grammatical corrections in the enrolment section of the course page.
Fix: The course was displaying free even when it was part of a membership package.
Fix: Course dependent on Paid Membership plugin got canceled after a user enrolled in it.
Fix: Backslashes issue in quiz question answer title multiple type question answer titles
Fix: Conflict issue with BuddyPress, BuddyBoss that showed 404 page

= v1.7.4 =
New: 4 new email notifications for withdrawal requests.
New: 3 new email notifications for content drip published lessons, quizzes and assignments.
New: 3 new email notification for instructor registration management system.
New: Filter hook to modify sub nav menu of settings page in frontend dashboard.
New: Assignment evaluation status column in the frontend dashboard.
New: You can now enable or disable specific course filter options.
Update: Show 'Continue Course' instead of 'Add to Cart' if already purchased on the course archive page.
Update: Added 'course_filter' and 'column_per_row' in 'tutor_course' shortcode
Update: Withdrawal page design update.
Fix: Course URL not showing after course completion in BuddyPress post.
Fix: Compatibility issue with Divi Builder.
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