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AffiliateWP v2.9.3 (+ Addons) – Affiliate Plugin for WordPress


Plugin AffiliateWP cho phép bạn tạo một chương trình tiếp thị liên kết trên trang web của mình.

Để làm gì? Hữu ích cho việc quảng bá SEO, chính người dùng sẽ quảng bá sản phẩm của bạn trực tuyến.

Tính năng nổi bật của AffiliateWP – Affiliate Plugin for WordPress

  • Kiếm 20% hoa hồng cho mỗi lần bán hàng mới mà bạn giới thiệu
  • Truy cập thư viện banner và logo để sử dụng trên trang web của bạn
  • Xem dữ liệu truy cập, giới thiệu và cập nhật thanh toán trong khu vực liên kết của bạn
  • Theo dõi cookie được lưu trữ trong 30 ngày sau lần truy cập đầu tiên để tối đa hóa tiềm năng kiếm tiền
  • Nhận hỗ trợ liên kết với người quản lý liên kết chuyên dụng của chúng tôi
  • Thưởng hoa hồng không giới hạn
  • Các khoản thanh toán được xử lý hàng tháng qua PayPal (số tiền tối thiểu $50,00)

Tính năng AffiliateWP - Affiliate Plugin for WordPress

AffiliateWP WordPress Plugins Nulled Free Changelog

v2.9.3, March 29, 2022
Improved: Update field type and copy for WPForms integration
Improved: Pending affiliate accounts should not be automatically approved on new installations
Improved: "Pretty Affiliate URLs" should be enabled by default on new installations
Improved: "Reject Unpaid Referrals on Refund" should be enabled by default on new installations
Improved: Improve check for failed referral when marking a referral as complete
Fixed: Graph sometimes not displayed in the Affiliate Area
Fixed: Onboarding wizard adds extra/blank list item to Dashboard menu
Fixed: Generated form referrals always using "sale" as referral type
Fixed: Coupon codes assigned to affiliates are ignored with invalid tracking cookies
Fixed: Affiliate registration form not shown by default on new installations
Fixed: Paid Member Subscriptions: Referral status not being updated to unpaid or rejected
v2.9.2, March 9, 2022
New: Add plugin branding
Improved: Include the "Upgraded From" AffiliateWP version number in the System Info file
Improved: Update plugin Author and Author URI
Improved: Enable "Reject Unpaid Referrals on Refund" option by default
Fixed: Update Dutch translation files
Fixed: Referral meta database table not being deleted when the option to remove data is checked
Fixed: New affiliates not opted-in to new referral email notifications
Fixed: "Upload File" button does not work on Affiliate Portal setting screen
Fixed: Not able to dismiss Upgrade to Professional banner on AffiliateWP admin screens
v2.9.1, February 17, 2022
Fixed: No longer displays "Your database tables need to be upgraded" message on new install
Fixed: Fixed license checking error
Fixed: Setup Wizard only continues if has a valid license key
Fixed: Updated default cookie expiration on Setup Wizard to 30 days
Fixed: Setup Wizard Integrations on new installs now save as expected
Fixed: Uninstall script now only attempts to delete campaigns view if it exists

v2.9, February 15, 2022
New: Setup Wizard
Improved: Updated default cookie expiration to 30 days
Improved: Improved mobile responsiveness of the coupons table
Improved: Dynamic coupons now have a column for lock status
Improved: Setting for "Allow Affiliate Registration" is now enabled by default
Improved: Setting for "Require Approval" is now enabled by default
Improved: Setting for "Enable Pretty Affiliate URLS" is now enabled by default
Fixed: Fixed html breaking email templates
Fixed: Fixed dynamic coupons being disconnected
Dev: Updated get_coupons() to support querying by the locked value
Dev: Updated coupons->update_coupon() to support locked value
Dev: Updated coupons->add() to support locked value
Dev: The coupons regeneration batch process now only updates unlocked coupons

v2.8.4, February 2, 2022
Fixed: Batch error when upgrading the database to 2.8
Fixed: WordPress 5.9 breaks AffiliateWP blocks
v2.8.3, January 6, 2022
Fixed: Some user metadata is not correctly migrated when upgrading to 2.8

v2.8.2, December 23, 2021
Fixed: WooCommerce: Failed referrals are unexpectedly displayed in order views
Fixed: Restrict Content Pro: Referrals not created with an affiliate link if payment contains a discount code
Dev: Make it possible to enable or disable debug mode from the command line
v2.8.1, November 30, 2021
Improved: Introduce a 'failed' referral status for draft referrals that failed to become pending
Improved: Add Payouts Service support for six additional countries: Egypt, Israel, Croatia, Iceland, Uruguay, and Peru
Fixed: Block registration Confirm Password label not working
Fixed: Passwords entered on block-based registration forms don't get saved
Fixed: Undefined index for checkbox fields in block-based forms
Fixed: Affiliate registration not always working for existing users
Fixed: Add referral screen allows negative amounts to be entered
v2.8, November 11, 2021
New: Build custom affiliate registration and login forms using the block editor
New: Add controls for formatting dynamic coupons based on affiliate info
New: Merge Blocks add-on into core
New: Introduce a draft referral status to improve logging of referral history
Improved: Requires WordPress 5.2 or newer
Improved: Introduce a filter in the Affiliate Area > Coupons template
Improved: Introduce a new 'type' column in the Coupons database table
Improved: Introduce a filter in the list table class for more easily customizing filtered views
Improved: Migrate legacy affiliate information from user meta to affiliate meta
Improved: Display context in integration logs
Improved: Increase coupon code length to 191 characters
Fixed: Fix strings with malformed placeholders causing errors in the Danish translation
Fixed: Improve error handling in the licensing API
Fixed: Prevent changes to the conversion rate when updating a campaign

v2.7.8, November 3, 2021
Improved: Introduce a Cookie Compat Mode for use with specialized caching setups
Fixed: Avoid a fatal error when viewing Settings with the Danish translation

v2.7.7, October 26, 2021
Fixed: Check for core and add-on updates no more than once per hour

Version 2.7.6, October 8, 2021
Improved: Update the Payouts Service URL everywhere for consistency
Fixed: Fix a typo in the {amount} merge tag in the nl_NL translation

v2.7.5, September 21, 2021
Fixed: Mitigate potential SQL injection in two internal database APIs

v2.7.4, July 28, 2021
Fixed: Campaign conversions are not being properly recalculated in some circumstances

v2.7.3, July 19, 2021
Improved: Improve styling and integration with the WooCommerce coupon editing interface
Improved: Soft bump the PHP minimum to 7.0
Fixed: Uninstall crashes following changes to the bootstrap introduced in 2.7
Fixed: REST endpoints accepting IDs and arrays of IDs should properly handle for arrays

v2.7.2, July 8, 2021
Fixed: Fix Pantheon-specific cookie prefix delimiter

v2.7.1, July 5, 2021
Improved: Add specialized cookie handling for the Pantheon edge network
Improved: Notate in the System Info log whether the site is running on the Pantheon edge network
Improved: Pass the referral object to the affwp_auto_complete_referral filter
Improved: Add select2 to core for add-ons to use
Fixed: affwp_is_affiliate query variable only works in admin areas

2.7, June 22, 2021
New: Require WordPress 5.0 or newer
New: Require PHP 5.6 or newer
New: Soft-discontinue five integrations (more information):
ExchangeWP (iThemes Exchange)
WP eCommerce
Improved: Implement partial activation for a better activation experience sans minimum requirements
Improved: Add unique id attributes to the output for each registered setting
Fixed: PHP 8 compatibility fixes
Fixed: WooCommerce: Don't override product rate with affiliate rate in certain circumstances
Fixed: Querying with a custom fields param value via REST triggers a fatal in some circumstances
Fixed: Use translatable labels for statuses in the Affiliates list table
Fixed: Add missing translator comments for all localized strings containing placeholders
Fixed: Restore the ability to save affiliate rate and rate type to empty
Fixed: Ensure affiliate ID is cast as an integer when derived from a coupon
Dev: Upgrade the ParseCsv library to v1.3.0
Dev: Audit and overhaul inline documentation throughout the plugin
Dev: Introduce an `affwp_plugins_loaded` hook for add-ons to bootstrap on
Dev: Introduce `affwp_get_{object}_by()` helper functions for most core objects
Dev: Convert Campaigns to use a standard database table instead of a MySQL view
Dev: Improve campaign management with the introduction of a fully-qualified Campaign object

= v2.6.8, May 3, 2021 =
New: Add support for 7 more countries in the Payouts Service:
Costa Rica
Improved: Ensure all Payouts Service requests are made to official REST endpoints
Improved: Update payout record if a Payouts Service payout method changes
Improved: Standardize headers sent with every Payouts Service request
Fixed: Wrong URL displayed in notice when creating a Payouts Service account with a registered email address

= Version 2.6.7, March 25, 2021 =
Improved: Improve upgrade routine notices by including the AffiliateWP version number
Improved: Add the ability to list affiliates, payouts, referrals, and visits by a date range with wp-cli
Fixed: WooCommerce: Order status of Refunded should always change referral status to Rejected if enabled
Dev: Fix the order of arguments passed to affwp_auth_hash() in Affiliate_WP_REST::get_token()

= v2.6.5, February 19, 2021 =
Fixed: Avoid a fatal error in User Switching compat if the affiliate user no longer exists
Fixed: Contact Form 7: Warning if the CF7 PayPal add-on is not installed
Fixed: Referral batch import not accepting Username as Affiliate ID
Fixed: Payouts Service: Use the correct documentation link

= Version 2.6.4, January 25, 2021 =
New: Add Hungary to the list of countries supported by Payouts Service
Improved: Add support for referral types in referral imports and exports
Improved: Add User Switching 'Switch To' support to the affiliates list table
Improved: Indicate whether dynamic coupons is set up and enabled in the System Info file
Improved: More efficiently check for add-on updates
Fixed: Avoid a fatal when checking self-affiliate REST requests
Fixed: Resolve a conflict with WooCommerce Subscription's "sudo coupons" feature
Fixed: Batch processor does not always visually update when running an importer
Fixed: is_infinite() expects parameter 1 to be float, string given
Fixed: Thai translation not working
Dev: Update core registry to support non-array registrars

= v2.6.3.1, January 5, 2021 =
Fixed: WooCommerce variable product rates can inadvertently get set to 0.00 in some cases

= Version 2.6.3, December 15, 2020 =
Improved: Dynamic coupons should be generated when auto-registering new users as affiliates
Fixed: Recount Stats tool doesn't account for setting zero-based affiliate stats
Fixed: WooCommerce: Prevent non-period decimal separators from getting stripped from product referral rates
Fixed: $category_id is undefined in EDD's get_referral_total() method
Dev: Add compatibility for WP_REST_Request::has_param() pre-WordPress 5.3

= v2.6.2, November 26, 2020 =
- New: Add a REST endpoint for retrieving campaign data
- New: Support MySQL date_format when querying referrals
- New: Introduce affwp_is_affiliate_area() to determine whether you're in the Affiliate Area
- Improved: Make it possible to search for individual visits in the Visits screen
- Improved: Make it possible to use affwp_get_report_dates outside the context of $_GET
- Fixed: Can't delete admin affiliate
- Fixed: Error when an array is passed when registering Payouts Service admin notice
- Fixed: Affiliate Area missing "Your affiliate ID is:" when settings are not yet saved
- Fixed: affiliates/ endpoint cannot be used by non-admin affiliates

= v2.6.1 =
- New: Auto create tracked discounts/coupons for integrations
- New: Introduce functions for emulating REST API calls
- New: Bundle a core requirements check class for future use
- New: Soft bump PHP minimum to 5.6
- Fixed: PHP notice when retrieving instance of an integration class

Danh sách Addons AffiliateWP – Affiliate Plugin for WordPress

  • AffiliateWP – Affiliate Area Tabs v1.3 (new)
  • AffiliateWP – Sign Up Bonus v1.2 (new)
  • AffiliateWP – PayPal Payouts v1.3 (new)
  • AffiliateWP – Pay as Points v1.2.12 (new)
  • AffiliateWP – Leaderboard v1.1 (new)
  • AffiliateWP MLM v1.1.5 (new)
  • AffiliateWP – Group Switcher v1.1.3 (new)
  • AffiliateWP – Checkout Referrals v1.1 (update 07-07)
  • AffiliateWP – Affiliate Portal v1.0.9 (update 13-10)
  • AffiliateWP – Affiliate Dashboard v1.0.0-beta2.1 (new)
  • AffiliateWP – Crypto v1.0.12 (new 24-07)
  • REST API Extended v1.0.3
  • AffiliateWP – Zapier – Automated Tasks v1.2.1 (update 27-06)
  • Affiliate Landing Pages v1.1.1 (update 23-09)
  • Direct Link Tracking v1.1.3
  • Custom Affiliate Slugs v1.0.3 (update 27-06)
  • AffiliateWP – Signup Referrals v1.1 (update 07-07)
  • Affiliate Forms For Gravity Forms v1.1.1 (update 27-06)
  • Affiliate Forms For Ninja Forms v1.1.13 (update 05-05)
  • Pushover Notifications v1.0.2
  • Lifetime Commissions v1.3.2
  • AffiliateWP – Recurring Referrals v1.7.3 (update 05-05)
  • Tiered Affiliate Rates v1.1.2
  • Affiliate Dashboard Sharing v1.1.6
  • PayPal Payouts v1.1.11
  • AffiliateWP – Multi Level Affiliates v1.9.15 NULLED (update 27-06)
  • Multi-level Marketing v1.1.3
  • và nhiều hơn nữa…..


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