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Beaver Themer v1.4.1.2 – Addon for Beaver Builder


Beaver Themer – Tiện ích bổ sung (addons) cho Beaver Builder

Beaver Themer cho phép bạn tạo bố cục cho các trang lưu trữ, tạo mẫu cho toàn bộ loại bài đăng, trang 404 và trang tìm kiếm, cũng như tạo các phần như tiêu đề và chân trang. Các trường cho phép bạn kết nối bố cục của bạn với dữ liệu bên trong mỗi loại mẫu.


Tính năng trên Beaver Themer – addon cho Beaver Builder

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Mẫu chủ đề cho phép bạn tạo bố cục cho những thứ như kho lưu trữ blog, CPT, Sản phẩm WooCommmerce và trang 404 của bạn.


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Các phần chủ đề cho phép bạn tạo bố cục một phần như đầu trang và chân trang và hiển thị chúng trên tất cả hoặc chỉ một số trang trên trang web của bạn.

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Lưới bài

Đưa kho lưu trữ và trang blog của bạn lên cấp độ tiếp theo với toàn quyền kiểm soát cách mỗi bài đăng trong danh sách hoặc lưới được hiển thị.

BEAVER THEMER WordPress Plugin Addon v1.4.1.2 Nulled Free Changelog

v1.4.1.2 - 03/29/2022
Hot Fix
Revert a housekeeping change that caused a problem with Post Titles
v1.4.1 - 03/17/2022
Add contains operator to conditional shortcode options
Add option to display the post parent with shortcodes
Add support for Parent Taxonomy in Themer layout locations
Add User Type on wpbb site:user_meta shortcode for Use In Author Archive Page
Adjust Header layout shrink so it does not apply to all images in header
Add Author Picture URL as a field connection option
Add conditional logic rules for comment status
Post Info Module: Convert alignment and font size to use our Typography Field
Post Info Module: Add link and link hover color settings
Improve compatibility with GeneratePress so their flex layout doesn't interfere with our full width functionality
ACF: Expand support for File Field by adding more output options
ACF: Exclude fields from field dropdown that are organizational and don't output content (accordion, tab, repeater, group)
ACF: Make sure dropdown field selector appears in for Gallery Module, URL fields
ACF: Dropdown field selector is now select2 so you can search fields
Bug Fixes
Fix position of Flyout menu once scrolled
Fix gaps when using Sticky header set to shrink and a Posts Module with infinite scroll enabled
Fix: Polylang translated layout does not appear when it should
Fix compatibility with Skyverge Facebook & Google Analytics plugins and our Post Module
TEC: Fix Post Module ignoring Show Event Setting
BigCommerce: Fix Add to Cart Form not respecting alignment setting
Housekeeping: Remove duplicate fl_theme_builder_after_render_content
wpbb archive:show_count shortcode now uses i18n
Fix location box being empty if Post/Page titles contain slashes

v1.4.0.2 - 01/27/2022
Hot Fix
Fix ACF True/False field not displaying correct output if Stylized UI option is enabled
Fix WP autop not being applied to first post in Post modules if classic editor is used for the posts
Fix gap with Sticky Header set to overlay when scrolled when there is a part before the header
TEC: Fix integration with Event Tickets add-on
Fix fatal error on Singular Product layout with Post Content and Comments modules when using our layout shortcode in the Product description
Fixed fatal error with relational fields
v1.4 - 12/2/2021
Themer 1.4 is here! This is a major update and will be released as the official download on the My Account page first. Remote updates to all existing sites will begin soon!
Please see this document in our knowledge base for an overview of what is included.
NEW: Allow BB to be used on content area when Singular layout is applied
NEW: Add new option for Sticky Header to choose which breakpoints it applies to
NEW: Add dropdown for ACF field selection instead of an input box
NEW: Add defaults for Themer shortcodes
NEW: 4 new Header and Footer templates each
Sticky Header: Improvements to help with Cumulative Layout Shift issues
Add Browser options to Themer Layout Rules
Add expression support to shortcodes which allows you to check for specific values with wpbb-if
Make improvements to when Themer bundle files are deleted/regenerated to help with 404 error in certain circumstances
Post Navigation Module: Add new options to choose what to display and style various parts
Update LESS library for PHP 8
Fix jQuery Migrate warnings
Add layout's name to body tag classes
Add some changes to still be compatible with WordPress 4.9
Add field connections to Global elements
Make subcategory relationship visible in Themer Layout location box
ACF: Add support for Taxonomy fields
ACF: Allow field options and attributes for ACF Image Field connection
ACF: Color picker field now outputs in a Repeater
ACF: Allow field options and attributes for ACF Image Field connection
ACF: Expand support for True/False fields by adding the field type as an option in the field type dropdown as well as add support for the Stylized UI
ACF: Add support for Button Group Field
ACF: Gallery now supports all three return types
ACF Pro: Add support for the Smart Slider Field
TEC: Add option in Posts Module to show Featured Events Only
WooCommerce: Add to Cart Module: Add hover styling options
WooCommerce: Add support for WooCommerce Wishlist Add-on
WooCommerce: Add Woo Notices Module
WooCommerce: Add Woo Sale classes to Singular layout
TEC: Add single events classes to Single
Fix conflict with HappyFiles Pro plugin when it is enabled for Themer layouts
Bug Fixes
ACF: Fix Fatal error when using User Relationship Field Type, return format is User Object and are returning blank values
Fix Location dropdown showing wrong value when selected page is deleted
Header layout: fix responsive editor moving content to the left when overlay is active
TEC: Fix Organizer module showing Title even if no Organizers are added to an event
TEC Pro: Fix spinning loading GIF on Singular Venue
Fix notices on WP 5.8 Block Widget Screen
Header Layout: Fix content getting duplicated when Post module is present
Fix get_woocommerce_term_meta deprecated notice
Fix Post Navigation module text overflowing when background color is set
Fix Post Info module color field not working
ACF: Fix True/False field not working in conditional logic
ACF: Fix Relational > Taxonomy field not outputting single values
ACF: Fix User field not displaying output properly
ACF: Fix logic that use array data, contains etc
ACF Pro: Fix Image Field URL not working in Options page
TEC: Fix Incorrect DATETIME Value For TEC Past and Future Events when using MySQL 8+
TEC: Fix Event ordering issue
TEC: Add option in Event Map Module to choose Auto height and fix custom height
TEC: Fix colors in Export Links module not working
TEC: Fix text color not workin in Event Notices module
TEC Pro: Fix alignment in Countdown
Fixed PHP Notice on excluded pages
Fixed quote(s) in Page/Post title causing Location box to be empty
WooCommerce: Fix new feature to use BB for content area when Themer singular layout applied not working for Product Tabs module
ACF: Fix contains option in conditional logic not working with certain ACF fields
= v1.3.3.1 - 04/07/2021 =
Hot Fix
ACF: Fix PHP Notice when using an Image Field after image is deleted from Post
ACF: Fix relationship field displaying empty if field return set to Post Object and not Post ID
TEC: Fix future events setting showing events that are already completed

= v1.3.2.3 =
Fixed BigCommerce Fatal error in WP Admin when editing posts
Fixed fatal error with Polylang 2.8
Fixed WP Rest route warning introduced in WP 5.5 - 07/21/2020
Hot Fix

On shrink, limit auto-height and auto-width to BB Photo module only.
Tweaked nested connections fix. - 07/15/2020
Hot Fix

Fixed broken nested connections.
1.3.2 - 07/13/2020

WooCommerce: Add new fields for Upsell and Related Products modules.
Added ACF Color Field support/options to Post Module Custom Layout.
Post Terms List: add ability to output term slug instead of term title/name.
Add new filter fl_theme_builder_shrink_image_height to control shrink logo height (default: 50px).
Bug Fixes

Fixed missing mo translation files.
Fixed field connection not pulling in post data correctly.
Fixed unshrunk header when back button is clicked.
Fixed ACF Page Link field render value when Multiple is Off.
Fixed Yith Request a Quote: doesn't show variable product options when enabled.
Fixd WooCommerce button styles not being applied.
TEC: Fixed Event Ticket module styling.
TEC: Fix organizer or venue content pulling in the event content when venue or organizer are not set.
1.3.1 - 05/06/2020

Added new filter fl_theme_builder_disable_schema.
Added connections for Events Calendar venue and organiser content.
Added Conditional Tags -- is_404(), is_tax(), is_search() to Conditional Logic.
Added Author Role to Conditional Logic.
Bug Fixes

Fixed empty author name on Author Archive with no post.
Fixed ACF Relationship field sorting.
Fixed Posts module set to main query on an archive layout displays all Event Calendar events.
Fixed Add To Cart visibility on Archive Layout.
Fixed various translation string issues.
Remove Post Navigation extra space on RTL.
Make sure result is same post type when checking for post parent. - 02/24/2020
Bug Fixes

Fixed location issues introduced in 1.3
1.3 - 02/18/2020

New filter fl_theme_builder_terms_list to change the output for tags.
Translation domain changed to match plugin slug in preparation for language pack support.
The Events Calendar: Text Editor module alias for the event website.
The Events Calendar: Add Event Venue to Posts Module options.
The Events Calendar: Hide countdown module if not using TEC Pro.
Added support for BigCommerce. This integration is similar to our WooCommerce integration. The BigCommerce WordPress plugin is required to use.
In WP admin, you can now publish/unpublish Themer layouts from the Themer layout list
If you access a Themer layout from viewing a page/archive, etc, after editing the Themer layout, it will redirect you to the page you came from instead of keeping you on the Themer layout
Added a settings cog next to a Themer layout so that you can now access editing a Themer layout in the WP admin in addition to opening up the Themer layout to edit in BB
Bug Fixes

Fixed PHP 7.4 warnings in lessc class.
Fixed an issue where if two layouts have same location only one can be edited.
Fixed PHP Warning on the Post Content module when Page Preview is set to 'None'.
The Events Calendar: Fixed issues with their v2 views added in v5.0
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