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Stackable Premium v3.4.1 NULLED – Khối cao cấp WordPress Gutenberg


Stackable Premium – Plugin khối Gutenberg cho WordPress

Đây là một tập hợp các khối Gutenberg, dựa trên một plugin miễn phí. Phiên bản Pro hỗ trợ bố cục bổ sung, hiệu ứng và hơn thế nữa. Tạo phần chuyển tiếp độc đáo với các ngăn chia nhiều lớp. Phiên bản cao cấp cũng bao gồm một tùy biến CSS.


Không có gì tốt hơn Stackable Premium. Bố trí cao cấp, thiết kế phần cao cấp được xác định trước. Chức năng cao cấp và tùy chọn thiết kế. Hiệu ứng cao cấp, 66 layouts cao cấp, tùy biến CSS

Tính năng nổi bật Stackable – Gutenberg Blocks (Premium)

Tính năng Stackable Premium

Download Stackable - Gutenberg Blocks (Premium) v3.4.1 - Reimagine the Way You Use the WordPress Block Editor Nulled Free

= v3.4.1 =
* New: JetEngine post and taxonomy meta box integration with Stackable Dynamic Content
* Fixed: Icon speed improvements
* Fixed: Resizing the 1st column to 33.33% can make the second column wrap
* Fixed: Added missing translation text domains
* Fixed: Minor UI, warning & security fixes
= v3.2.0 =
[Table of Contents Block](

* New: Table of Contents block
* Fixed: Button shadows don't show when the button has a border radius
* Fixed: Added button text alignment button
* Fixed: Buttons do not wrap text
* Fixed: Buttons and links get followed when previewing in tablet or mobile
* Fixed: Using a video background with a top/bottom separator now shows the content correctly
* Fixed: Card block Horizontal layout mobile collapse issue
* Fixed: Image now clickable in the image card variation in the Posts block
* Fixed: When changing typography color type to gradient for the first time, the text becomes transparent
* Fixed: Enqueue CodeMirror only in Gutenberg, it might interfere with other plugins that use it
* Fixed: Changing the block's HTML tag now shows the block in the correct width in the editor
* Fixed: Button block popover closes when clicking edit (v2)
= v3.1.5 =
* New: Navigation Panel
* Fixed: Missing Featured Image in the Default Posts block variation
* Fixed: Content order issues in the Posts block
* Fixed: Content order Posts block always shows the reset button
* Fixed: A block can show an error when saving without picking a layout
* Fixed: The margin bottom resizer can be visible when picking a layout
* Fixed: Security fixes

= v3.1.4 =
* Fixed: Blocks with variations couldn't be added (free only)
* Fixed: Layout switcher button doesn't show
= v3.1.3 =
* New: You can now change the Layout after adding a block
* New: Added Row Gap option in Icon List block
* New: Added Horizontal 2 layout for the Posts block (inverse of Horizontal layout)
* Fixed: Editor performance improvements
* Fixed: Accordion block support for some older browsers
* Fixed: Featured Image bottom margin can now be changed in the Posts block
* Fixed: Sometimes line-height won't get applied to the post titles in the Posts block
* Fixed: Column resizer handlers now show correctly for nested column blocks
* Fixed: Text and heading blocks now appear when in Content Editing Mode
* Fixed: Added center, wide and fullwidth to the Header block
* Fixed: Posts block Horizontal layout doesn't collapse correctly in mobile
* Fixed: Some Posts block content go past their containers in mobile
* Fixed: Using custom color pickers can close the current popover
* Fixed: Using rem font size shows the font size differently in mobile
* Fixed: The button appender button is now on the right side of the block
* Fixed: Alignment of the top & bottom lines of the header block now work in tablet/mobile correctly if there's a desktop alignment provided
* Fixed: Multiple copy and paste notifications won't anymore fill up the screen
* Fixed: Column styles can affect inner blocks in the editor
* Fixed: Jetpack form goes side-by-side in the editor
* Fixed: Hitting return while editing image dimensions in the size popover opens the Media Library
= v3.1.2 =
* New: WordPress 5.9 compatibility & FSE compatibility
* New: Added Overlay Colors to the Image block - now you can add solid or gradient colored overlays!
* Fixed: Clicking the expand block link scrolls the screen down
* Fixed: Inspector tabs went behind the visible area when scrolling down
* Fixed: Clearing a text highlight color, resets the highlight type.
* Fixed: Possible PHP error when a custom post used in Dynamic Content becomes unavailable
= v3.1.1 =
* New: Added back ability to change the column order when columns collapse in mobile
* New: Added Post Taxonomies in dynamic content
* New: Added link option to the Image Block
* Fixed: Trigger when all display conditions are met is not triggering properly
* Fixed: Entrance animation speeds and delay do not take effect correctly
* Fixed: Column gap and fit columns options now work in Feature Grid block
* Fixed: Display conditions: post meta & site option true & false condition now works if the value is ''
* Fixed: Display conditions: Post meta & site option contains & does-not-contain condition now works if the string matched is at the start of the string
* Fixed: Content Vertical Align option prevents the responsive display options from being applied
* Fixed: Top and bottom lines in Heading block not left aligning
* Fixed: Icon block custom CSS not showing correctly in the editor
= v3.1.0 =
[Introducing: Wireframes](

* New: Added Wireframes in the Design Library
* Change: Removed plugin deactivation feedback
* Fixed: Block alignments not inherited properly in tablet and mobile
* Fixed: Text in post block not aligning in tablet and mobile
* Fixed: Shadows in the design library are cut when viewing only a few designs
= v3.0.7 =
* Fixed: Button link popover is hard to close
* Fixed: Less Content Layout Shift (CLS)
* Fixed: Memory usage optimization (10% memory savings)
* Fixed: Aligning content in tablet doesn't inherit correctly in mobile
* Fixed: Column gap in desktop collapses columns in tablet
* Fixed: Unwanted delay when icons change color on hover
* Fixed: Translations are now properly applied across the plugin

= v3.0.5 =
* Fixed: Design library infinite loading spinner and fails to load design
* Fixed: PublishPress workaround - Stackable blocks won't load
* Fixed: Posts block can affect the display of other Posts block in the editor
* Fixed: Posts block won't show featured image if size is not full
* Fixed: Icon list columns flexbox issue
* Fixed: Accordion block affects the icon of nested accordion blocks
* Fixed: Pricing box alignment in some layouts
* Fixed: Notification block close button can go out of the container
* Fixed: Kadence compatibility - dots added to the blog posts meta (v2 block)
* Fixed: Image box can have a small white gap if the container size has fractions in its widt

= v3.0.3 =
* New: Added a modal popup to help with the migration process to version 3
* New: Shadow options can now be styled on hover
* Fixed: Block widths when nested
* Fixed: Column content widths sometimes didn't apply especially when nested
* Fixed: Layout styles of the Blog Posts and Card block
* Fixed: The image cannot be selected some Card block layouts
* Fixed: Posts Block title tag can't be changed
* Fixed: Remove unwanted bottom margin in columns
* Fixed: Content Vertical Align did not apply
* Fixed: Icon Label block icon gap showing incorrectly in the backend when you have multiple icon labels
* Fixed: PHP warning for themes using theme.json
* Fixed: Feature block horizontal layout didn't show as horizontal
* Fixed: Image Box block layouts were not aligned correctly
* Fixed: Image placeholder height now shows correctly
* Fixed: Blocks can be linked together if creating multiple columns at once
* Fixed: Compatibility with wide/full align when Kadence blocks is enabled
* Fixed: Fixed typo in the wizard text

= v3.0.2 =
* Fixed: Compatibility with some plugins when backward compatibility with v2 blocks is enabled
* Fixed: Backward compatibility with v2 blocks now work with reusable blocks
* Fixed: Possible too many redirects when going to the wizard

Version 2.17.5
August 10, 2021
New: Added Sponsored and UGC rel options for all links
New: Stackable blocks now appear properly in excerpts
Fixed: Custom Attributes input control backward compatibility with WordPress 5.5

= v2.17.4 =
* Fixed: Loading order of styles caused some styling issues in some blocks

= v2.17.2 =
Custom Attributes and Optimization](

= v2.17.1 =
* Fixed: Compatibility fix with Toolset
* Fixed: Turning on Optimization settings prevents global colors from working in Divider block colors
* Fixed: When no aria-label is given in Image Box blocks, role="img" is no longer added
* Fixed: WordPress 5.8 compatibility issues
* Fixed: Removed some attributes which should not be included when copy and pasting styles

- [v2.17 Custom Attributes and Optimization](

= [v2.16 Clickable Containers and Pagination]

= v2.15.3 =
* Fixed: Backward compatibility with WordPress 5.6
* Change: Increased minimum compatibility of Stackable to at least WordPress 5.5.4

= v2.14.2 =
* Fixed: Added Auto Block Recovery support for reusable blocks
* Fixed: Video Popup block play button SEO and accessibility issues
* Fixed: Possible PHP undefined variable warning in global settings
* Fixed: Image border radius now properly shows in mobile for the Feature block
* Fixed: Gradient backgrounds would overlap if there's a border in Column blocks
* Fixed: Picking a global color did not visibly show as active
* Fixed: Text highlight toolbar button now shows pressed state when active
* Fixed: Block title and Block description spacing in some blocks didn't get applied
* Fixed: Count Up and Notification block's icon alignment not working in tablet and mobile
* Fixed: Some em units did not display as active
* Fixed: Missing stretch class in Feature block
* Fixed: Disabled html editing in the Accordion block
* Fixed: Text of some blocks now are blank when you first add them so you can type immediately
* Fixed: Get the correct color from custom properties in Icon List block icons
* Fixed: Better color picker support for Neve Theme colors
* Fixed: Image Box block now properly adds min-height

= v2.14.1 =
* Fixed: Compatibility adjustments for WordPress 5.7
* Fixed: Advanced tab can sometimes be visible in the Styles tab

= v2.13 =
UI Kits, Borders & Improved Performance](

Stackable Premium v3.4.1 NULLED

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