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Stackable Premium – Plugin khối Gutenberg cho WordPress

Đây là một tập hợp các khối Gutenberg, dựa trên một plugin miễn phí. Phiên bản Pro hỗ trợ bố cục bổ sung, hiệu ứng và hơn thế nữa. Tạo phần chuyển tiếp độc đáo với các ngăn chia nhiều lớp. Phiên bản cao cấp cũng bao gồm một tùy biến CSS.


Không có gì tốt hơn Stackable Premium. Bố trí cao cấp, thiết kế phần cao cấp được xác định trước. Chức năng cao cấp và tùy chọn thiết kế. Hiệu ứng cao cấp, 66 layouts cao cấp, tùy biến CSS

Tính năng nổi bật Stackable – Gutenberg Blocks (Premium)

Tính năng Stackable Premium

Download Stackable - Gutenberg Blocks (Premium) v2.17.5 - Reimagine the Way You Use the WordPress Block Editor Nulled Free

Version 2.17.5
August 10, 2021
New: Added Sponsored and UGC rel options for all links
New: Stackable blocks now appear properly in excerpts
Fixed: Custom Attributes input control backward compatibility with WordPress 5.5

= v2.17.4 =
* Fixed: Loading order of styles caused some styling issues in some blocks

= v2.17.2 =
Custom Attributes and Optimization](

= v2.17.1 =
* Fixed: Compatibility fix with Toolset
* Fixed: Turning on Optimization settings prevents global colors from working in Divider block colors
* Fixed: When no aria-label is given in Image Box blocks, role="img" is no longer added
* Fixed: WordPress 5.8 compatibility issues
* Fixed: Removed some attributes which should not be included when copy and pasting styles

- [v2.17 Custom Attributes and Optimization](

= [v2.16 Clickable Containers and Pagination]

= v2.15.3 =
* Fixed: Backward compatibility with WordPress 5.6
* Change: Increased minimum compatibility of Stackable to at least WordPress 5.5.4

= v2.14.2 =
* Fixed: Added Auto Block Recovery support for reusable blocks
* Fixed: Video Popup block play button SEO and accessibility issues
* Fixed: Possible PHP undefined variable warning in global settings
* Fixed: Image border radius now properly shows in mobile for the Feature block
* Fixed: Gradient backgrounds would overlap if there's a border in Column blocks
* Fixed: Picking a global color did not visibly show as active
* Fixed: Text highlight toolbar button now shows pressed state when active
* Fixed: Block title and Block description spacing in some blocks didn't get applied
* Fixed: Count Up and Notification block's icon alignment not working in tablet and mobile
* Fixed: Some em units did not display as active
* Fixed: Missing stretch class in Feature block
* Fixed: Disabled html editing in the Accordion block
* Fixed: Text of some blocks now are blank when you first add them so you can type immediately
* Fixed: Get the correct color from custom properties in Icon List block icons
* Fixed: Better color picker support for Neve Theme colors
* Fixed: Image Box block now properly adds min-height

= v2.14.1 =
* Fixed: Compatibility adjustments for WordPress 5.7
* Fixed: Advanced tab can sometimes be visible in the Styles tab

= v2.13 =
UI Kits, Borders & Improved Performance](

Stackable Premium 2.17.5 NULLED

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