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UpdraftPlus Premium v2.22.14.25 – Premium WordPress Backup Plugin


UpdraftPlus Premium là plugin sao lưu WordPress đáng tin cậy nhất trên thế giới. Trang web của bạn dễ bị tấn công bởi những thứ như hack, sự cố máy chủ, cập nhật gặp lỗi và lỗi phía người dùng.

Đó là lý do tại sao bạn nên sử dụng UpdraftPlus , một plugin sao lưu WordPress xếp hạng cao và phổ biến nhất.


Tính năng nổi bật UpdraftPlus Premium – Plugin sao lưu WordPress

  • Plugin sao lưu và khôi phục xếp hạng cao nhất tại (4,8 sao trên 5.0) và được xếp hạng trong top 30 (trong số hơn 50.000) plugin WordPress về mức độ phổ biến.
  • Được thiết kế để chạy mọi nơi mà WordPress chạy
  • Tương thích nhiều trang web (tức là WPMU / WordPress Network).
  • Đã được chứng minh để sao lưu các trang web 100GB; kích thước tệp chỉ giới hạn bởi máy chủ web.
  • Sao lưu vô hạn các tệp không phải WordPress và cơ sở dữ liệu bên ngoài.
  • Hỗ trợ WP-CLI
  • Sao lưu cộng dồn có thể được đặt theo lịch trình hàng giờ bạn chọn
  • Backup and Restore WordPress Plugin

Tính năng UpdraftPlus Premium

UpdraftPlus - Premium WordPress Backup Plugin nulled free Changelog

= v2.22.14.25 - 07/Jul/2022 =
* FIX: Selective table restore
* FIX: Fix restore button JS issue when importing single site to multisite
* TWEAK: Allow charset to be set during a WP_CLI restore
* TWEAK: Use similar charset if one is not set and not supported during a WL_CLI restore
* TWEAK: Add bulk process handler for UpdraftCentral's plugin and theme modules
* TWEAK: Return previous plugin and theme states before installation or activation
* TWEAK: Improve the Handlebars template of the Backblaze remote storage by taking PHP code out of it (Premium)
* TWEAK: Improve the Handlebars template of the WebDAV remote storage by taking PHP code out of it (Premium)
* TWEAK: Improve the Handlebars template of the SFTP/SCP remote storage by taking PHP code out of it (Premium)
* TWEAK: Avoid using 'phpmailer_init' action when setting up sender name and sender email address, as some SMTP plugins override the 'wp_mail()' function and they don't bother to call the 'phpmailer_init' action
* TWEAK: Prevent increments being added to backups from other sites
= v2.22.11.25 - 15/Mar/2022 =
* FIX: Internal S3 library did not correctly construct canonical query string with v4 signatures if there were multiple parameters, leading to wrong signatures and failed authorisation
* FIX: Fix a recent regression that caused DNS hostnames to not be preferred when using Amazon S3
* TWEAK: Prevent deprecation notice on PHP 8.1 if opening a zero-size zip file
* TWEAK: Introduce filter updraftplus_dropbox_fetch_curl_options for easier debugging/experimentation

= v2.22.10.25 - 11/Mar/2022 =
* FIX: Fix a regression in the 1.22.9 adjustment to the internal S3 library's evaluation of when to use a Host: header
* FIX: Fix a long-standing issue whereby if S3-related credentials were being tested via the front-end UI, and multiple back-end instances were present, then the wrong settings could be used in making decisions on Host: headers
v2.22.9.25 - 10/Mar/2022
SECURITY: Fixed a failure to sanitise printed URLs properly, leading to a targetted XSS opportunity (if an attacker persuades a logged-in admin to follow a link personally crafted for their site, he may be able to run JavaScript inside the browser - but on our testing, this ability is limited due to the sanitisation that was there - we have not been able to confirm that a payload causing damage is possible). Reported by Taurus Omar -
TWEAK: Adjust internal S3 library's evaluation of when to use a Host: header (improves compatibility with buckets with minimal access rules)
TWEAK: Adjust algorithm concerning likelihood of switching S3 libraries to accelerate deployment
TWEAK: Prevent PHP notice when using S3 with particular bucket naming and SSL
= v2.22.8.25 - 03/Mar/2022 =
* FIX: Do not attempt to use S3 DNS-style bucket naming in alternative library if SSL validation will fail due to AWS certificate wildcard policies or other bucket naming-related reasons
* TWEAK: Add version number to alternative S3 library requests
= v2.22.7.25 - 01/Mar/2022 =
* FIX: Internal S3 library was missing a method for using session tokens together with Vault
* FIX: Various UI issues with the S3 IAM Wizard
* TWEAK: Use AWS SDK/Guzzle for S3 operations if Curl is not available
* TWEAK: Prevent coding deprecation notice during S3 upload on PHP 8.1
= v2.22.6.25 - 26/Feb/2022 =
* FIX: Internal S3 library had regressed in its ability to detect bucket location on AWS when using v4 signatures
* TWEAK: When using S3 APIs, log the class used for easier debugging
* TWEAK: Change S3 SDK selection algorithm
= v2.22.5.25 - 24/Feb/2022 =
* FIX: An issue that prevented being able to browse the contents of an already downloaded backup zip file
* FIX: Add previously unbundled AWS SDK file for IAM service description which prevented S3 wizard in the Premium version working correctly
* FIX: Prevent a fatal error when handling some S3 errors, caused by a format change
* TWEAK: When loading AWS SDK at upload time, apply some work-arounds for plugins with buggy or old versions of related libraries
* TWEAK: Update to latest AWS SDK toolkit, fixing an error with error-reporting in some situations in the previous version
* TWEAK: Remove vendor/aws/aws-crt-php/run_tests.bat from build (apparently one user's hosting does not allow .bat files), plus other unnecessary files from that package
* TWEAK: Enable PHP 8.1 in UpdraftClone (N.B. not yet officially supported by WordPress, so, made available for testing/development purposes)
* TWEAK: Prevent error emitted on the browser console when 'Images' filter is selected on UpdraftCentral's media module

= v2.22.4.25 - 17/Feb/2022 =
* TWEAK: Prevent a couple of possible fatal errors when printing autobackup options on PHP 8
* TWEAK: Work around a bug in the JetPack autoloader that was triggered when projects using that also used Guzzle in a different namespace
= v2.22.3.25 - 15/Feb/2022 =
* FIX: Unexpected 'Backup History' array structure during the rescanning of the new backup sets that changed the type of the database associative keys from string to array format
* FIX: Failure in excluding and wiping out jobdata during backup and restore causing the same backup to repeat under certain circumstances
* REFACTOR: Upgrade AWS SDK from version 2.8 to 3
* TWEAK: Improve how log file and backup file attachments are handled through mail-related functions, so they don't get omitted by some 3rd party SMTP plugins
* TWEAK: Overcome PHP 8 'Only the first byte will be assigned to the string offset' warning when rescanning local folder and/or remote storage for new backup sets
* TWEAK: On Windows, when mysqldump.exe binary is in use for backing up database, it failed to exclude updraft_jobdata_* entries due to 'escapeshellarg' function that replaces % char to white space
* TWEAK: Switch to official jstree release now that our patch is included
* TWEAK: Update updater library in paid version to current release
* TWEAK: In the multisite add-on, store the last log message separately to perform better with binary logging together with large backups
* TWEAK: Add Google branding to the Google Drive authentication link
* TWEAK: Change complex formatting string to avoid translator errors resulting in PHP errors
= v2.21.1.25 - 14/Jan/2022 =
* TWEAK: New versionning scheme; the second part of the version number was previously not used very meaningfully/systematically; together with the third, it now indicates the year of release and number within that year
* TWEAK: Adjust run-time performance check, removing one test that was no longer appropriate
* TWEAK: In the multisite add-on, store the last log message separately to perform better with binary logging together with large backups
* TWEAK: Adjust next resumption display message if there isn't one
* TWEAK: Cache the UpdraftVault quota to reduce the amount of network calls made during long backups
= v2.16.69 - 27/Dec/2021 =
* FIX: A bug that prevented a final resumption from attempting to split the zip to make progress
* FIX: Handle LOCK TABLES statements produced by some mysqldump versions properly in case of atomic restores
* SECURITY: Fix a non-persistent XSS error allowing an attacker to once run JavaScript in your web browser if you clicked on a link crafted personally for you whilst logged into your site (very similar to that fixed in 1.16.65/6). A packaging error meant that this was not properly fixed in the 1.16.67-68 releases.
* TWEAK: Search and replace ABSPATH if it's changed, non-trivial and stored in the DB by a bad plugin/theme
* TWEAK: Make whole label for "UpdraftPlus temporary clone user login settings" clickable
* TWEAK: Change wording for an advanced tool for clarity
* TWEAK: Include UD in user agent for S3 calls when using the AWS SDKs
* TWEAK: Make sure WP_Error is passed up during specific plugin update failure case
= v2.16.67 - 27/Dec/2021 =
* FIX: A bug that prevented a final resumption from attempting to split the zip to make progress
* FIX: Handle LOCK TABLES statements produced by some mysqldump versions properly in case of atomic restores
* SECURITY: Fix a non-persistent XSS error allowing an attacker to once run JavaScript in your web browser if you clicked on a link crafted personally for you whilst logged into your site (very similar to that fixed in 1.16.65/6)
* TWEAK: Search and replace ABSPATH if it's changed, non-trivial and stored in the DB by a bad plugin/theme
* TWEAK: Make whole label for "UpdraftPlus temporary clone user login settings" clickable
* TWEAK: Change wording for an advanced tool for clarity
* TWEAK: Include UD in user agent for S3 calls when using the AWS SDKs
* TWEAK: Make sure WP_Error is passed up during specific plugin update failure case
v2.16.66 - 29/Nov/2021SECURITY: The fix made in 1.16.65 was faulty; this release corrects it.

= v2.16.65 - 25/Nov/2021 =
* SECURITY: Fix a non-persistent XSS error allowing an attacker to once run JavaScript in your web browser if you clicked on a link crafted personally for your site whilst logged into it. Discovered by Cryptotipit.
* TWEAK: Premium - add review link at bottom of admin
= v2.16.64.25 - 24/Nov/2021
FIX: Do not create a zip manifest file if the zip is still potentially incomplete
TWEAK: Improve Dropbox downloading performance by reducing round-trips, by eliminating unnecessary chunking
TWEAK: Update certificate store to current list
TWEAK: Increase precision of previous check-in record in log
= v2.16.63.25 - 03/Mar/2017 =
* FIX: Fix an issue causing corruption of interrupted Dropbox backups. All Dropbox users are recommended to update asap.
* TWEAK: Fix a regression that prevented information about a faulty WP scheduler from being shown in recent releases (incomplete fix in 1.12.34)
* TWEAK: submit_button() needs to be available (possible UpdraftCentral fatal when requesting filesystem creds)
* TWEAK: Remove an ES5 JavaScript construct (incompatible with some old browsers)
* TWEAK: Fix incorrect variable name in routine that triggered WP automatic update check
* TWEAK: Fix a logic error whereby if Google Drive and Google Cloud were both in use and partially set up, a notice about completing the setup of Cloud could fail to show
= v2.16.62.25 - 30/Sep/2021 =
* FIX: Fix UpdraftCentral error when installing plugin or theme on a slow connection
* TWEAK: Support wildcard (asterisk char) exclusions not just for the first/top-level directory but also for the 2nd level directories and below
* TWEAK: Fix deprecation warning on UpdraftCentral's comment settings
* TWEAK: Algorithm improvement with small tables with individually large rows not triggering the existing over-sized rows algorithm, to reduce fetch size quicker
* TWEAK: Implement the newly abstracted host plugin usage/process within the UpdraftCentral client code
* TWEAK: Improve backtrace logging
* TWEAK: Add admin and log warning messages regarding the planned shutdown of Microsoft Azure and OneDrive Germany
* TWEAK: Output UpdraftVault quota recount link if needed
* TWEAK: Introduce constant: UPDRAFTPLUS_LOG_BACKUP_SELECTS: Defining this to true will cause the SQL SELECT commands used when fetching data for a database table backup to be logged in the UpdraftPlus backup log
* TWEAK: Don't change SQL modes if a null value is returned
* TWEAK: Existing backups paging logic to avoid a confusing rescan user experience

v2.16.61.25 - 28/Aug/2021
FIX: If MySQL performance was very fast on large tables, and if fallback fetch mode was being used (which should not occur on any WordPress core table, but can be triggered on recent Oracle MySQL 8.0 versions), then when increasing rows fetched on large tables, some rows could be unintentionally skipped.
TWEAK: Oracle MySQL 8.0 from somewhere after 8.0.17 has removed the display width from the response to SHOW CREATE TABLE, resulting in failure (prior to this tweak) to detect a primary key type that can be used with faster fetching
TWEAK: Use 'wp_mail_failed' action hook to improve logging of email delivery failures caused by a PHPMailer exception
TWEAK: Add additional log information to themes and plugins modules

= v2.16.60.25 - 23/Aug/2021 =* TWEAK: Add method to check whether an image editor is available for UpdraftCentral's image media editing feature.
* TWEAK: In the reporting add-on accept URLs, if the address is a URL then instead of emailing it, POST it to that URL using the format used by Slack
* TWEAK: Add a link to the create clone UI to explain the various clone package sizes
* TWEAK: Record ABSPATH in the summary
* TWEAK: Prevent a couple of unwanted logging notices on PHP 8
* FIX: An issue that prevented the more files restore UI appearing if it was part of an incremental backup
* FIX: Add an extra check to prevent incremental backups from being run after a migration, if incremental backups are not enabled.

v2.16.59.25 - 16/Jul/2021
FIX: Each time the 'Upload Backup' dialog is opened, '(already uploaded)' text is appended one more time for the same remote storage resulting in it being nearly impossible to have the two buttons shown at the bottom
FEATURE: (Paid versions) New WP-CLI command (connect) to connect plugin with the user's associated account/licence on
TWEAK: Enhanced over-sized row-detection to include any table with a primary key and a LONGTEXT
TWEAK: Log file now includes max packet size
TWEAK: Properly handle port numbers included in DB_HOST when using mysqldump
TWEAK: Handle UNIX socket paths included in DB_HOST when using mysqldump
TWEAK: Increase default mysqldump maximum packet size
TWEAK: Change WebDAV request library to HTTP_Request2
TWEAK: Add custom category sorting on post module using uasort due to deprecation warning emitted on UpdraftCentral
TWEAK: Added an icon within the top-right of the log widget allowing user to toggle that part between its current size and full-screen of the restoration log section
TWEAK: Prevent an error in the phpinfo advanced tool when handling non-string constants
TWEAK: Escape remote storage IDs in output templates
TWEAK: Suppress unwanted error logging related to Gravity Forms
TWEAK: Clear Elementor cache at the end of restoration process (if possible) giving an opportunity for Elementor to regenerate CSS files on the next page load request
TWEAK: Clear Avada/Fusion-related CSS cache at the end of restoration process (if relevant)
TWEAK: Catch and recover from errors and exceptions when clearing third-party caches
TWEAK: Prevent a PHP logging notice when an SCP server is scanned for files
TWEAK: Remove unused CloudFront methods from S3 library
TWEAK: Added missing anonymisation.png graphic and detail of Anonymisation addon in the addons list table
TWEAK: Added Update URI header field to avoid accidentally being overwritten with an update of a plugin of a similar name from the Plugin Directory.
TWEAK: Improvements in finding a working mysqldump binary during a backup operation
TWEAK: Start on larger chunk sizes when fetching *meta table contents, and scale up chunk sizes on all tables dynamically (less SQL queries; but testing shows it makes little difference to overall speed)
TWEAK: Adjust Google Drive to retry once after a UDP_Google_IO_Exception, as was done in Google Cloud - intended to help with intermittently buggy Curl versions
TWEAK: Show a notice when attempting to download a backup from email remote storage explaining nothing can be downloaded

v2.16.58 - 27/May/2021
FIX: UpdraftVault storage settings saving issue on multisite
FIX: Translation undefined index issue while running updates on UpdraftCentral
FIX: Do not retain SFTP/SCP connection object between upload and prune stages, fixing a multi-instance bug that could cause deleting of obsolete archives to be skipped when backing up the same backup to multiple SCP servers
TWEAK: When a link points to an unreadable file, include information in the log about the original reference
TWEAK: Do not compress and recompress intermediate table files when stitching together the final database dump (increases speed and reduces resource usage)

= v2.16.57 - 08/May/2021 =
FIX: Backblaze infinite loop when listing on buckets with huge numbers of objects
TWEAK: Minor improvements to the organisation of the S3-provider classes (abstract per-backend logic more cleanly)
TWEAK: Add --no-tablespaces switch to mysqldump invocation (required on MySQL 8.0+)

= v2.16.56 - 29/Apr/2021 =
FIX: Revert changing of Amazon S3 authentication error handling in 1.16.55, which broke support of S3-compatible providers

= v2.16.55 - 28/Apr/2021 =
FIX: Wrong prefix being used on non WP tables during an atomic restore
FIX: Issue that prevented generic (non-UpdraftPlus) SQL databases being restored
TWEAK: JSTree file selector: list folders first, and list entities in alphabetical order
TWEAK: Increase efficiency when listing Backblaze files during multi-delete operation
TWEAK: Integrate UpdraftVault storage with the scheduled destination backups feature
TWEAK: Added bucket access style field to S3-Compatible (Generic) to allow user to choose preferred access style (Path or Virtual-host)
TWEAK: Improve handling of Amazon S3 authentication error messages to avoid misunderstanding concerning "wrong bucket region" that occurs after trying further methods
TWEAK: Make modal dialogs resizable
TWEAK: During the Database scan if the amount of tables found exceeds the PHP max input vars limit then truncate the list, to prevent restore options being lost
TWEAK: Update seasonal notices
TWEAK: Track the amount of restore options being sent and warn the user if this exceeds the PHP max_input_vars limit

= v2.16.53.0 - 03/Apr/2021 =
FIX: Incorrect final table name being used during an atomic restore when restoring using a different table prefix
FIX: Fix variable re-use issue in Backblaze multi-delete code which halted deletion
TWEAK: Prevent unnecessary logging when testing data for serialization on PHP 8.0 during migration
TWEAK: Update jsTree library to version 3.3.12-rc0 to work around deprecated jQuery functions
TWEAK: Add an extra check for whether it looks reasonable to reduce the resumption time, increasing efficiency
TWEAK: On the posts table, detect over-sized rows in advance, and fetch them one at a time.

= v2.16.50.25 - 16/Mar/2021 =
TWEAK: Reduce and log memory usage in Google upload methods
TWEAK: Catch Dropbox HTTP 401 errors and refresh the access token
FIX: An issue with refreshing Dropbox access tokens

= v2.16.49.25 - 10/Mar/2021 =
FIX: Don't perform an atomic restore for non-WP-prefix tables backed up (Premium feature) - fixes a bug that resulted in the final table being dropped
TWEAK: Dates/times shown in the "next scheduled backup(s)" are now translated into the user's locale

= v2.16.48.25 - 09/Mar/2021 =
FEATURE: If needed database permissions are available then perform an atomic restore to improve chances of successfully restoring the database
FEATURE: Added the ability to manually complete authentication with Google Drive (Avoids issues where security modules/plugins break the authentication flow)
FEATURE: Added the ability to manually complete authentication with OneDrive (Avoids issues where security modules/plugins break the authentication flow)
FEATURE: Google Drive and Google Cloud now allow boosting chunk size for faster transfers
FIX: Files/Directories Exclusion not saving correctly when adding numeric directory/file names into the exclusion list
FIX: Different PHP versions generate different suffixes length in the temporary ZIP filename resulting in a chance of overlapping runs
FIX: an issue with mysqldump password character escaping
TWEAK: Avoid unnecessary database writes caused by redundant jobdata updating during backup of files
TWEAK: Add "anywhere in their names" syntax option to the exclusion UI
TWEAK: Bump the requirement for the S3 enhanced module, and for using the official AWS SDK, up to PHP 5.5 (in preparation for updating the SDK version later)
TWEAK: Fix a bug of report emails for incremental backups displaying incorrectly in many email apps
TWEAK: Update Select2 library to version 4.1.0-rc.0 to work around deprecated jQuery isFunction
TWEAK: Update jQuery-serializeJSON library to version 3.2.0 to work around deprecated jQuery isArray
TWEAK: Handle hosts that have disabled some of the PHP functions thus causing a fatal error on PHP 8
TWEAK: Correct under-calculation of used memory in verify_free_memory()
TWEAK: Fix (inconsequential to this point) double-use of identifier for SQL statement type
TWEAK: Remove some compatibility code in Dropbox downloading pertaining to a folder selection bug eliminated ~8 years ago.
TWEAK: Remove unneeded sub-site tables when performing a restoration/migration (Multisite)
TWEAK: Improve the exclusion UI by adding new "wildcards" option thus allowing the user to add a set of patterns for excluding files/directories
TWEAK: Integration of the new files that were previously added for abstracting UpdraftCentral's client code
TWEAK: Excluded items (Files or Folders) that are not readable should not trigger a warning about being unreadable
TWEAK: Fix some RTL CSS issues
TWEAK: OneDrive 4xx error reporting
TWEAK: Update the Dropbox SDK to use refresh tokens (long lived token support ends September 2021)
TWEAK: implement a multi-delete capabiltiy when deleting from Backblaze
TWEAK: On UpdraftClone display the image ID in the advanced tools tab for easier debugging
TWEAK: Make it more clear in the restore log that we are starting an AJAX restore
TWEAK: The download backup HTML so that there is only one download button per archive type

= v2.16.47.25 - 25/Jan/2021 =
* FEATURE: added the ability to anonymise personal data in database backups from the "Backup Now" dialog (Premium / add-on)
* FEATURE: Add page management module for UpdraftCentral
* FIX: 1.16.42 Introduced a regression (truncation) when listing files from Dropbox when there were multiple pages of results
* TWEAK: Force host-style bucket access when backing up via S3 generic to Alibabacloud
* TWEAK: Incorrect jQuery UI dialog extended filename
* TWEAK: Change some class names to improve compatibility with other plugins using the Google SDK and auto-loading their version unconditionally
* TWEAK: Update the delete file Dropbox API call to version 2
* TWEAK: Change the S3 test settings form names to match the saved setting names
* TWEAK: Check the Content-Type on the response from an S3-compatible provider slightly less strictly, improving compatibility with at least one otherwise-working implementation
* TWEAK: Update the Dropbox SDK to use scopes
* TWEAK: Handle hosts that have removed disk_free_space() (now that on PHP 8 disabling functions removes them)

= v2.16.46 - 05/Jan/2021 =
FIX: Prevent some deprecation-related errors when backing up to some remote storage locations in PHP 8
FIX: Adding new remote storage instance (Premium) doesn't bring up the UI
TWEAK: Fix some modal dialog alignment/resizing issues

= v2.16.45 - 04/Jan/2021 =
TWEAK: Replace deprecated calls to jQuery fn.focus(), fn.ready(), fn.submit(), and fn.blur() methods in internal libraries
TWEAK: Replace deprecated calls to jQuery :)first) and :)eq) pseudo-classes in internal libraries
TWEAK: Prevent some fatal errors due to language behaviour changes when running under PHP 8
TWEAK: Prevent several PHP deprecation log notices on PHP 8
TWEAK: Rename some further classes in our fork of the Google SDK to prevent conflicts
TWEAK: When running under cron, do not combine schedules when there are no schedules
TWEAK: Revert a jQuery change in 1.16.44 which made notices on the 'updates' page appear multiple times.

= v2.16.43 - 17/Dec/2020 =
* TWEAK: Replace deprecated calls to jQuery.trim(), jQuery.fn.change(), jQuery.fn.bind(), jQuery.fn.unbind(), jQuery.fn.keyup(), jQuery.fn.removeAttr() and `jQuery.fn.removeProp() in internal libraries
* TWEAK: Reduce excessive vertical margin above the header within Autobackup dialog box
* TWEAK: Improve user experience in the case of some rare UpdraftVault conditions
* TWEAK: Fix the exclude fields, which were unable to switch their mode from read-only to edit mode
* TWEAK: Added new files needed for abstracting UpdraftCentral's client code
* TWEAK: Update the review notice
* TWEAK: When attempting to delete a Backblaze file and discovering it does not exist, do not log that as an error (presumably already deleted)
* TWEAK: Fetch history log data in the popup using AJAX, instead of using embedded data attributes.
* TWEAK: Be less quick to switch to PclZip when BinZip has not completed the job

= v2.16.42.24 - 10/Dec/2020 =
FEATURE: Added the ability to manually complete authentication with Dropbox (Avoids issues where security modules/plugins break the authentication flow)
TWEAK: Replace BlockUI's deprecated jQuery functions and/or shorthand events with the appropriate method accordingly
TWEAK: Replace /2/files/search Dropbox API calls with /2/files/search_v2
TWEAK: Replace Labelauty's deprecated jQuery functions and/or shorthand events with the appropriate method accordingly
TWEAK: Fix broken multiple range selection's highlighters due to the absence of jquery-migrate in the WordPress core on version 5.5
TWEAK: Add the latest jQuery UI CSS framework for compatibility with WordPress 5.6 and all ongoing versions of WordPress
TWEAK: Add support for PHP 8.0 in UpdraftClone
TWEAK: Prevent a couple of PHP coding notices on PHP 8.0
TWEAK: Tweak in the backing up of tables to reduce PHP memory use when working with very long row contents
TWEAK: Prevent a PHP warning when starting a backup
TWEAK: Fix a UI issue in the "send backup to remote site" options

### v2.16.41.24 - 27/Nov/2020 =
- TWEAK: Don't repeat sending the 'upload_complete' command to a remotesend destination after it succeeded the first time
- TWEAK: Update the udrpc library
- TWEAK: In UpdraftClone, delay the temporary_clone_ready_for_restore signal until the browser connection is closed (preventing a loss of response)

### v2.16.40.24 - 25/Nov/2020 =
- TWEAK: Cycle Dropbox API client ID (old one has been cycled and no longer works)

### v2.16.36 - 20/Nov/2020
TWEAK: During a restore or migration, detect if the backup was affected by the key issue fixed in 1.16.35, and automatically unselect by default such tables from the list of those to be restored. On a migration advise the user to take a fresh backup on the source site with a current version.

### v2.16.35 - 19/Nov/2020
FEATURE: Backup destinations with conditional logic rules for scheduled backups (Premium)
FIX: A regression in 1.16.30 meant that the term_relationships table could have rows missing in the backup if mysqldump was not present/used; this meant that items with multiple terms were only having one relationship backed up (e.g. multiple tags being assigned to one post)
TWEAK: Adding remote block assets support when editing post from UpdraftCentral
TWEAK: Rename UpdraftCentral's main and listener classes
TWEAK: Improve error message when encrypted key given by user for SFTP/SCP remote storage method
TWEAK: Enhance the algorithm when dumping large tables via PHP, by also consulting the size of the current uncompressed data and passed time and resumption state
TWEAK: When there are no backups in existence, display some help text explaining how to upload one for restoration
TWEAK: Prevent composer 2 run-time platform checks
TWEAK: Update bundled cacert.pem file
TWEAK: When fetching less rows due to previous failures, make this persist across resumptions when on the same table
TWEAK: Improve handling of the situation when the source database has no table prefix (which is officially unsupported by WordPress, but people have them)
TWEAK: When fetching the site name from the database, process it via wp_specialchars_decode() to remove HTML encodings that WP applied before storage
TWEAK: Replace uses of php_uname() function with PHP_OS constant when the server where PHP is running on disables the function for security reasons
TWEAK: When the definition of a VIEW cannot be fetched, report this nicely, do not let it be flagged as a fatal error, and log it in the backup file and log
TWEAK: Integrate UpdraftPlus and WordPress 5.5 core's automatic update settings
TWEAK: When a backup resumed, the last successful resumption was incorrectly set as the last successful resumption when an 'alive' event was recorded, rather than a 'useful' one; this deferred some mitigations when there was insufficient progress
TWEAK: Add another tweak to paid versions' update checking time algorithm
TWEAK: Add "Select all" and "Deselect all" link texts for bulk selecting/deselecting tables from the database table list on the manual backup dialog
TWEAK: Ensure all code paths use internal ud_parse_json function for decoding JSON in JavaScript
TWEAK: When using UpdraftVault, only cache results of a vault_getconfig call conditionally (retry on potentially transient errors)
TWEAK: Prevent a PHP coding notice if running an UpdraftVault backup on the CLI
TWEAK: Reduce the on-disk logging of entity base directories containing vast numbers of entries
TWEAK: When we first save the backup schedule set the scheduled time randomly between 9PM and 7AM
TWEAK: During a remote storage rescan correctly update the backup file sizes to prevent incorrect 'may have changed' warnings

### v2.16.34.24 - 30/Oct/2020
- TWEAK: On sites with enormous numbers of tables (e.g. very large multisites), counting the already-backed-up tables when resuming took unnecessarily long since 1.16.30
- TWEAK: Update jQuery document ready style to the one not deprecated in jQuery 3.0
- TWEAK: While using the file tree browser return an error if we are unable to open a directory

### v2.16.33.24 - 20/Oct/2020
- FIX: Fatal error when doing a backup with no storage in the short-lived 1.16.32 (free version)
- TWEAK: Cookie policy changes in the Chrome family of browsers broke the embedded checkout; hence, this is now disabled (goes directly to instead).
- TWEAK: Exclude All In One WP Migration-related archive files when backing up plugins and/or others from the UpdraftPlus backup process
- TWEAK: Add downloadable backup links in the Backup Report email (Reporting Addon)
- TWEAK: Rename some classes in our fork of the Google SDK to prevent conflicts
- TWEAK: Improve automatic backups output when 'UPDRAFTPLUS_NOAUTOBACKUPS' constant is defined.
- TWEAK: Remove the now-redundant concept of inner loops from the database table backup routine

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