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Custom Facebook Feed Pro v4.2.3 NULLED – Smash Balloon


Custom Facebook Feed Pro là một plugin WordPress cho phép bạn hiển thị một phiên bản hoàn toàn có thể tùy chỉnh, đáp ứng và tìm kiếm nguồn cấp dữ liệu của bạn trên trang Facebook trên trang web của riêng bạn.

Không còn khung hình xấu xí! Siêu dễ cấu hình và nhiều tùy chọn tùy chỉnh để dễ dàng kết hợp giao diện trang web của bạn với Facebook. Hiển thị trạng thái, ảnh, video, sự kiện, liên kết, album và ưu đãi từ một trang Facebook, hiển thị nhiều kênh Facebook trên các trang khác nhau hoặc trên một trang và hơn thế nữa.


Tính năng nổi bật Custom Facebook Feed Pro Plugin

Tính năng Custom Facebook Feed Pro Plugin

  • Tiết kiệm thời gian
  • Tăng sự tham gia của mạng xã hội
  • Thêm nội dung SEO động vào trang web của bạn
  • Rất đơn giản để thiết lập
  • Không có kiến ​​thức kỹ thuật cần thiết
  • Trông tuyệt vời trên mọi kích thước màn hình và mọi thiết bị
  • Hiển thị nội dung của bạn theo cách của bạn
  • Có thể được tùy chỉnh hoàn toàn hoàn toàn theo ý muốn
  • Nhiều nguồn cấp dữ liệu Facebook
  • Đăng bộ nhớ đệm cho thời gian tải nhanh như chớp và độ tin cậy cao
  • Hỗ trợ bình luận và phản ứng
  • Hiển thị bài viết, hình ảnh, video, album và sự kiện
  • HD, 360 và video trực tiếp
  • Lọc bài viết bằng từ hoặc hashtag
  • Kiểm soát phần nào của bài viết của bạn được hiển thị

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Changelog: Custom Facebook Feed Pro Smash

Custom Facebook Feed Pro Smash v4.2.3 Nulled Free Changelog

= v4.2.3 =
* Tweak: Updated our logo and color scheme throughout the plugin to match our new [website](
* Tweak: Minified the CSS and JavaScript files for better performance.
* Tweak: Added the CSS class "cff-feed-image" to all img elements in the feed.
* Fix: Fixed several issues related to event feeds.
* Fix: The media position post text was being duplicated.
* Fix: The load more button would be hidden if there were multiple feeds on a page using the masonry layout.
* Fix: The [Reviews extension]( can now be translated using the "Translations" tab on the settings page.
* Fix: Added links to the issue in our API error helper doc in error messages for easy debugging on our website.
* Fix: When using the AJAX theme fix, the JavaScript file name includes the version number to bust browser caches with updates.
* Fix: Dismissing dashboard notifications would prevent the ability to create new feeds until the page was refreshed.
* Fix: The event post text setting was not working.

= v4.2.2 =
* Fix: Fixed an issue which caused the new "Feed Templates" menu item to throw an error if editing a feed created prior to v4.2.

= v4.2 =
* New: Introducing our new Feed Templates feature! You can now select a feed template when creating a feed to make it much quicker and easier to get started with the type of feed you want to display. Selecting a template preconfigures the feed customization settings to match that template, saving you time and effort.
* Tweak: Allowed the use of the "includewords" shortcode setting in the Social Wall plugin to work like the shortcode setting "filter".
* Tweak: Added a button to reset the error log found on the settings page.
* Tweak: When using the lightbox, users will not be able to switch posts while new image thumbnails are loading.
* Tweak: All HTTP calls now use WordPress HTTP request features instead of native PHP cURL.
* Fix: For legacy feeds, the shortcode setting "account" was not working.
* Fix: oEmbeds would not work for some new versions of Facebook video links.
* Fix: Fixed several issues with loading more posts and events feeds.
* Fix: "Load More" button customizations were not being reflected in the customizer feed preview.
* Fix: Fixed an issue in the customizer preview when changing post types using the Safari browser.
* Fix: Fixed PHP warnings that would occur during background updates.
* Fix: Fixed high numbers of events preventing "upcoming" events from working as expected.
* Fix: Fixed some occurrences of CDN images being used when local images were available.
* Fix: Fixed an issue with group events.
* Fix: Added back support for the "" date formatting feature.
* Fix: Fixed groups not working correctly in Social Wall under some circumstances.
* Fix: Fixed thumbnail AJAX request not working under some circumstances.
* Fix: Fixed an issue with the dark theme and the cff-item elements not having a dark background.
* Fix: Post tags would link the wrong word in post text under some circumstances.
* Fix: Settings that were available in versions before 4.0 were missing for album and video feeds.
* Fix: Fixed the lightbox showing all posts on the page when multiple single album feeds were displaying.
* Fix: Fixed PHP warning "explode() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given" related to an account ID error.
* Fix: Fixed a PHP error "trying to get array offset of bool" causing feeds to not load.
* Fix: Fixed distorted portrait image album covers when loading more posts.
* Fix: Fixed a JavaScript error that would occur when trying to play a video that did not have a parent post.
= v4.1.1 =
* Fix: Fixed an issue where legacy feeds would cause an oAuth error during the API request.
* Fix: Fixed an issue causing thumbnails not to appear in the lightbox when available.
* Fix: Post comments would not display in some feeds.
* Fix: Local copies of images would not be created in some feeds.
* Fix: Improved plugin hardening by removing unused admin pages.

= v4.1.0.1 =
* Fix: Fixed an issue with images not showing in photo/video feeds when using the Masonry layout.
* Fix: Fixed an issue causing Facebook posts not to display in the Social Wall plugin since v4.1.

= v4.1 =
* Tweak: Connecting an account will now go through to improve account connection reliability.
* Tweak: The Facebook app used to connect groups has changed. If you are using a Facebook group feed, then please reconnect your group accounts using the new app when convenient to prevent any future issues. When reconnecting, follow the included directions on how to add the new app to your group settings.
* Tweak: All Facebook data is now encrypted in your WordPress database.
* Tweak: Access Tokens are no longer able to be viewed on the settings page.
* Tweak: Translations specific to feeds now allow the use of a "blank" setting to always use the translation made on the "Settings" page.
* Fix: Manually connecting an account while on the "Settings" page would not work.
* Fix: Fixed a JavaScript error that would occur with certain optimization plugins in use.
* Fix: Dark color scheme was not applying correctly to "boxed" posts.
* Fix: "Show outside scrollable area" setting was not working for the header and like box with certain feed settings.
* Fix: Load more button was showing when no more posts were available.
* Fix: Events feed number of posts setting would not work if the load more button was disabled.
* Fix: Improvements made to the order of albums in the lightbox when multiple albums were on a page.
* Fix: Video descriptions sometimes contained incorrect characters.
* Fix: The Multifeed extension was not working as expected with events feeds.
* Fix: An invalid color would be used in inline styles under certain circumstances.
* Fix: Fixed a PHP error when a string was used for the cache time setting.

= v4.0.8 =
* Fix: Fixed a PHP error when a Gutenberg block was used to display a feed that didn't exist.
* Fix: Fixed a PHP warning due to a non-number being used as the cache time.
* Fix: Additional slashes were added to the feed name every time settings were saved if using an apostrophe.
* Fix: Added additional plugin hardening.

= v4.0.7 =
* Important: With this update, the Custom CSS and Custom JS settings have been deprecated. Please see below for details.
* Tweak: If any Custom CSS was being used in this field then it will be automatically moved into the native WordPress Customizer "Additional CSS" field instead and continue to work as normal.
* Tweak: If any Custom JavaScript was being used, then this update will prevent that JavaScript from working. There are [directions here]( on how you can migrate this JavaScript into a specialized plugin instead.
= v4.0.6 =
* Fix: Fixed a compatibility issue with the Complianz Cookie Consent plugin integration.
* Fix: Locations of feeds sorted by source would not work if the source ID was not a number.
* Fix: Fixed an issue where setting were not preserved even when using the preserve settings option and deleting the plugin.
* Fix: Added support for "eventoffset" setting in shortcode.
* Fix: Fixed locale setting causing a PHP warning if not set.
* Fix: Fixed PHP warnings when viewing dashboard notifications.
* Fix: Fixed some options and tables not being removed from the WordPress database on uninstall.
* Fix: Added a workaround for a rare issue with posts from other accounts displaying in feeds meant to show only posts from the account author.
* Fix: Fixed styling issues for the notice to renew your license that appears when a license expires.
= v4.0.5 =
* Fix: Fixed a bug that was inadvertently adding a notice to the WordPress dashboard for some users.

= v4.0.4 =
* Tweak: The Optimize Images setting will be automatically enabled when using the GDPR consent feature to allow it to work as intended.
* Tweak: The mobile columns setting will now be applied when the screen width is 480px or less, instead of 400px.
* Tweak: Added support for the "cachetime" shortcode setting which can be used if you need to change the caching method to check for new content when the page loads instead of in the background. This can be used to set the number of minutes to wait until the next check is performed. This is not recommended for most users.
* Fix: Added a setting back into the feed customizer to change the Like Box position to be at the top or bottom of the feed.
* Fix: Fixed an issue where under some circumstances no posts would show when filtering a feed even if posts matched the filter.
* Fix: Adding a Custom Facebook Feed block without using the "embed" button in the CFF customizer would not work if more than 1 feed was created.
* Fix: Fixed a compatibility issue with the Complianz Cookie Consent plugin integration.
* Fix: Fixed a compatibility issue with the Web Toffee GDPR Cookie Consent plugin integration.
* Fix: Switching from a Single Featured Post feed to another feed type when inside the customizer would sometimes result in no posts displaying.
* Fix: Fixed a problem with the carousel layout when using themes that add paragraph elements automatically.
* Fix: When connecting a new group source, the link to the selected Facebook group in the directions for admins to grant permission to Smash Balloon's app was incorrect.
* Fix: Removed the limit applied to the number of Facebook sources that can be shown at one time when connecting a Facebook account.

= v4.0.3 =
* Fix: Error messages were not appearing at the top of the settings page when there was a critical error with a feed.
* Fix: Videos would not play in the feed when the lightbox was disabled.
* Fix: Legacy feeds were not updating when changes were made to the feed source and the multifeed extension was being used.
* Fix: "posttags" shortcode setting was not working.
* Fix: Some carousel settings were not being reflected in the feed preview when customizing a feed.
* Fix: Media was not loading correctly when using the GDPR setting.
* Fix: The license field would disappear when an unexpected value was saved for the license data.
* Fix: Sources were not showing that there was an error when an account specific Facebook error was occurring.

= v4.0.2 =
* Fix: Cache would not clear before posts were updated in the posts cache.
* Fix: Feeds would always use 4 columns for desktop size screens when using the "grid" layout.
* Fix: Some legacy feeds had an invalid locale set as the default locale which would cause no posts to display in the customizer.
* Fix: Adding a feed using the Elementor module would cause the lightbox to appear at the bottom of the page for some themes.
* Fix: Fixed an issue with unintended sources being added and removed when editing sources using the customizer and the [Multifeed extension](

= v4.0 =
* Important: Minimum supported WordPress version has been raised from 3.0 to 4.1.
* New: Our biggest update ever! We've completely redesigned the plugin settings from head to toe to make it easier to create, manage, and customize your Facebook feeds.
* New: All your feeds are now displayed in one place on the "All Feeds" page. This shows a list of any existing (legacy) feeds and any new ones that you create. Note: If you updated from a version prior to v3.19 then you may need to view your feeds on your webpage so that the plugin can locate them and list them here.
* New: Easily edit individual feed settings for new feeds instead of cumbersome shortcode options.
* New: It's now much easier to create feeds. Just click "Add New", select your feed type, connect your account, and you're done!
* New: Brand new feed customizer. We've completely redesigned feed customization from the ground up, reorganizing the settings to make them easier to find.
* New: Live Feed Preview. You can now see changes you make to your feeds in real time, right in the settings page. Easily preview them on desktop, tablet, and mobile sizes.
* New: Improved integrations with [our extensions]( You can now easily create advanced feed types and utilize our extensions to add even more advanced features.
* New: Elementor and WordPress widgets. We've added new Elementor and WordPress widgets to make it easier to embed your feeds.
* New: Added a Masonry layout option for all feed types, so you can now display your Photo, Album, and Video feeds in a flexible masonry layout.
* New: Color Scheme option. It's now easier than ever to change colors across your feed without needing to adjust individual color settings. Just set a color scheme to effortlessly change colors across your entire feed.
* New: You can now change the number of columns in your feed across desktop, tablet, and mobile.
* New: Easily import and export feed settings to make it simple to move feeds across sites.

= v3.19.5 =
* Tweak: Improved caching of resized images for groups to ensure posts in the persistent cache can display images successfully once image URLs expire.
* Tweak: The plugin now uses SVGs for icons instead of Font Awesome to prevent loading of the Font Awesome file.
* Fix: Fixed a bug related to connected accounts in the [Social Wall Plugin](
* Fix: Fixed an issue where avatars were not displaying for all group members who had authorized our plugin.
* Fix: Added support for the new LiteSpeed API to ensure the cache is successfully cleared with the latest version of the LiteSpeed plugin.
* Fix: Fixed an issue related to the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin by WebToffee where script blocking was causing an issue after consent was granted by the user.
* Fix: Added support for updated cookie consent names in the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin.
* Fix: Fixed a bug with Vimeo video URLs caused by Facebook API changes.
* Fix: Fixed an issue with message tags not properly displaying.
* Fix: Improved Access Token escaping.
* Fix: Fixed an issue that could cause the wrong photos to be displayed in the lightbox when switching between albums.
* Fix: Fixed a layout issue in the [Album extension]( when the Feed Columns setting was set to be more than 1.

= v3.19.4 =
* Fix: Fixed a bug with group videos not displaying for some feeds.
* Fix: Fixed an issue with past events in group feeds due to a Facebook API change which removed the time_filter field.

= v3.19.2 =
* Fix: Fixes an issue with masonry being inadvertently applied to the grid layout.
* Fix: Fixes a layout issue when the number of columns were set to 5 in a timeline feed.
* Fix: Added a fix for apostrophes in connected accounts.
* Fix: Fixed an issue with filtering Facebook posts using our [Social Wall]( add-on.
* Fix: Fixed an issue with the lightbox in an album feed due to a JavaScript error caused by a GDPR plugin integration issue.

= v3.19 =
* New: The locations of the Facebook feeds on your site will now be logged and listed on a single page for easier management. After this feature has been active for awhile, a "Feed Finder" link will appear under your connected accounts on the plugin Settings page which allows you to see a list of all feeds on your site along with their locations.
* New: Improved the error reporting system to make resolving issues easier.
* Tweak: Due to an API bug which Facebook hasn't resolved yet that affects buy/sell posts in groups, we have added a 'salesposts' shortcode option which will work around the issue until they fix it. If you are displaying posts from a group and receiving an "API Error 100" notice then adding salesposts=true to your shortcode and clearing the plugin cache should resolve the issue.
* Tweak: Added an ISO 8601 standard date format option for post dates and event dates.
* Fix: Fixed an issue with the caption not always being updated successfuly in the lightbox when using the Album extension.
* Fix: Resolved an issue with the Reviews extension not being compatible with the latest update when filtering reviews.
* Fix: Fixed an image with certain symbols within the alt text of an image breaking images in some themes.
* Fix: The lightbox would sometimes display empty white space above the caption.
* Fix: Fixed an issue with the path to the events placeholder image - which is used if an event doesn't have an image - not being correct.
* Fix: The 'before date' and 'after date' text was not being displayed in all circumstances.
* Fix: Fixed a layout issue with the posts and Like Box which occurred when using a multi-column layout and applying feed padding.
* Fix: Disabling the "View on Facebook" link would also hide the "Share" link.
* Fix: Fixed a JavaScript error in the lightbox which would sometimes occur when viewing an album.
* Fix: When the avatar for a post couldn't be displayed a broken image icon was being shown over the placeholder.

= v3.18.2 =
* Fix: Fixed a number of issues related to the Facebook Like Box widget not displaying, being the incorrect height, or causing a layout issue with multi-column feeds.
* Fix: The "Reset Resized Images" button not working successfully.
* Fix: Fixed a PHP error which would occur due to the "cff_get_utc_offset" function being undefined.

= v3.17.1 =
* Fix: Fixed an issue with YouTube and Vimeo embeds due to a Facebook API change which was causing them to display as links instead of videos.
* Fix: Fixed an issue with the integration with the Complianz plugin.

= v3.17 =
* New: Integrations with popular GDPR cookie consent solutions added. See the GDPR setting in the following location for more information: Facebook Feed > Customize > Misc > GDPR.
* Tweak: Added Litespeed Cache to page cache plugins that will clear when Facebook Feed retrieves new posts.
* Tweak: For album feeds, lightbox navigation will be disabled until all photos in the album are done loading.

= v3.16.1 =
* Tweak: Minor frontend CSS improvements.
* Tweak: Added support for improved notices on the plugin settings page.
* Fix: Added image resizing information to the plugin System Info to help with debugging issues.
* New: Added support for Facebook oEmbeds. When you share a link to a Facebook post or video, WordPress automatically converts it into an embedded Facebook post for you (an "oEmbed"). However, on October 24, 2020, WordPress is discontinuing support for Facebook oEmbeds and so any existing or new embeds will no longer work. Don't worry though, we have your back! This update adds support for Facebook oEmbeds and so, after updating, the Custom Facebook Feed plugin will automatically keep your oEmbeds working. It will also power any new oEmbeds you post going forward.
* Fix: Fixed an issue when there are multiple album, photo, or video feeds on the same page where loading more posts would affect posts in other feeds.
* Fix: Fixed an issue where the lightbox caption in album feeds would be displayed incorrectly if an item had no caption.
* Fix: Fixed a JavaScript error which would occur on the settings page if single or double quotes were included in any fields when manually connecting an account.

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