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Directories Pro là một plugin WordPress cho phép bạn tạo bất kỳ loại thư mục nào, chẳng hạn như thư mục kinh doanh dựa trên forum, diễn đàn, chẳng hạn như, Google+ hoặc Yahoo Local, thư mục người dùng, thư mục trang web, thư mục thuộc tính, v.v.

Directories Pro là plugin thư mục linh hoạt nhất mà bạn có thể tìm thấy cho WordPress.

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Tính năng nổi bật Directories Pro plugin for WordPress

Tính năng nổi bật Directories Pro plugin for WordPress

  • Quản lý thư mục
  • Hoàn toàn tùy biến, tùy chỉnh
  • Tìm kiếm và bộ lộc
  • Kiếm tiền: hỗ trợ WooCommerce
  • Quản lý danh sách / đánh giá / khiếu nại / phiếu bầu thông qua bảng điều khiển thư mục frontend
  • Tạo lượt xem
  • Nhận xét, thống kê, đánh giá
  • Tương thích SEO: Yoast SEO, All In One SEO
  • Tương thích WPML, PolyLang
Directories Pro plugin for WordPress Nulled Free Changelog

= v1.3.56 - Feb 11, 2021 =
- Added: New "Appearance" settings section in backend for configuring primary/secondary colors and custom CSS.
- Added: Option to set space between listings and map in view settings for "List" and "Masonry" view modes.
- Added: "Monday - Friday", "Saturday - Sunday", "All week" options for "Opening Hours" field
- Bug fixed: Some checkbox options being unchecked on form submit error.
- Bug fixed: Enter key stopped working with search form since v1.3.54.

= v1.3.50 - Dec 29, 2020 =
- Bug fixed: Some PHP errors with PHP 8.0.0.
- Bug fixed: Add display element button not showing available elements in modal window after adding "Card" display element.

= v1.3.48 - Dec 8, 2020 =
- Fixed: 3rd party vendor library requiring PHP 7.2.0 or up instead of PHP 5.4.0 since v1.3.47.

v1.3.43/1.3.44/1.3.45 - Nov 20, 2020
- Bug fixed: Listings being deactivated when expired even when "None" selected for "Action after payment plan expiration" setting.
- Bug fixed: Some issues with Contact Form 7 special mail tags.
- Bug fixed: Custom "Location" type field could not be exported.
- Bug fixed: "Price" type field could not be exported/imported.
- Bug fixed: Conditional rules for default "Listing Description" field not working properly on certain occasion.
- Added: Option to specify decimal point character when importing "Number" type field.
- Added: Option to choose currency symbol position for "Price" type field renderer.
- Improved: Enable usage of tags for "Tab" display element label.

v1.3.42 - Nov 14, 2020
- Added: Option to specify date format of date values in CSV file when importing "Date" type field.
- Added: New "Reverse geocode address" system tool.
- Added: Option to query posts/terms by slugs in view query settings.
- Bug fixed: "Click Search my location button automatically on page load" setting for "Location" type field filter not working since recent updates.
- Bug fixed: "Require location on map" setting for "Location" type field could not be disabled on certain occasion.
- Bug fixed: Address in map marker infobox not showing correctly on certain occasion.

v1.3.40/1.3.41 - Nov 6, 2020
- Added: Option to hide map on small screen for "List" and "Masonry" view modes.
- Added: Option to change "Appointment only" label for "Opening Hours" field type.
- Bug fixed: Guest user bookmarks being reset after closing browser.
- Bug fixed: "Hide empty" setting not working when "Hide count" setting enabled for "Choice" type field filter.
- Bug fixed: Filters from other filter groups showing up in conditional rules setting for filters.
- Improved: Compatibility with Avada theme page settings.

v1.3.39 - Oct 30, 2020
- Bug fixed: "Range" type field filter showing invalid field prefix/suffix text since v1.3.38.
- Bug fixed: Some issues with "Range" type field filter when using Safari browser.
- Improved: Compatibility with Avada theme layout builder.
v1.3.38 - Oct 28, 2020
- Bug fixed: "Require location on map" setting for "Location" type field not working since recent updates.
- Bug fixed: Several issues displaying filter form and button since recent updates.
- Improved: Show map on mobile devices if map enabled in view.
v1.3.37 - Oct 17, 2020
- Bug fixed: "Autofill title from another field" feature not working on certain occasion.
- Bug fixed: Fatal error with "Number" type field filter since v1.3.36.
- Improved: Allow using "Price" type field value as number dynamic tag in Elementor Pro.
- Updated: Bootstrap CSS/JS framework to v4.5.3.
v1.3.36 - Oct 10, 2020
- Added: "Text input", "Slider input", "Range list" filters for "Price" type field.
- Added: Option to set gutter width of images displayed with "Default" field renderer for "Image" type field.
- Added: Option to disable auto scroll after submitting filter form.
- Bug fixed: Some CSS/JS issues in backend when Email verification feature of Directories Frontend plugin enabled.
- Bug fixed: YouTube video controls not displayed with "Video" type field default renderer.
- Improved: Allow guest checkout not only when user registration but also login enabled on WooCommerce checkout page.
- Improved: Some display issues with "Photo Slider" view mode.
- Improved: Add "_current_" support for "Choice" type field in "Query by field" setting of view.
v1.3.35 - Oct 5, 2020
- Added: New %%user_username%% tag for reset password email.
- Added: Option to change default slug for each content type.
- Added: Option to set number of cached auto-suggest items for "Keyword Search" field.
- Bug fixed: Required field setting not working when "Enable hierarchical dropdown" setting enabled for taxonomy term field.
- Bug fixed: "Do not link" option for taxonomy term field display element not working since recent updates.
- Improved: Compatibility with Themify themes.

v1.3.34 - Sep 29, 2020
- Added: HappyForms plugin support for creating contact us forms.
- Bug fixed: Guest users not able to continue as guest when submitting content if no guest info required since recent updates.

v1.3.33 - Sep 24, 2020
- Added: Option to select default color field for taxonomies.
- Added: Option to enable Google Maps like gesture handling for OpenStreetMap maps.
- Bug fixed: Custom map marker cluster color not working since one of recent updates.
- Bug fixed: Some compatibility issues with WPML.
- Improved: Link "Author" field to Ultimate Member, BuddyPress, or PeepSo profile page.

v1.3.32 - Sep 17, 2020
- Bug fixed: Taxonomy term (category, location, tag, custom taxonomies) filters not displayed on single term page when choosing "Select list" filter type.
- Bug fixed: "Clear all" vote ratings from backend not working properly on certain occasions.
- Bug fixed: Filter button stops working on certain occasions.
- Bug fixed: Filter label for some filters not displayed in filter form
v1.3.31 - Sep 9, 2020
- Bug fixed: Map markers requiring double click to show content when marker clusters enabled in Google Maps.
- Bug fixed: Error with BuddyPress, Ultimate Member, PeepSo profile page integration feature since v1.3.29.
- Bug fixed: Frontend submission restriction feature related log messages appearing in error log even when feature disabled.
v1.3.30 - Sep 7, 2020
- Bug fixed: Some issues loading JS and CSS files since v1.3.29.
v1.3.29 - Sep 5, 2020
- Bug fixed: "Open Now" label not showing up correctly on certain occasions.
- Bug fixed: Some compatibility issues with WPML and WP ALL Import.
- Bug fixed: Some CSS issues when native Bootstrap mode enabled.
- Improved: Merge and reduce number of CSS files.
v1.3.28 - Aug 28, 2020
- Added: Options to display overlay labels and buttons for "Columns" and "Column" display elements.
- Bug fixed: [drts-entity] shortcode not working on single term page when using certain page builder since v1.3.26.
- Bug fixed: Some display issues with voting (Bookmark, Upvote, Downvote) buttons.

v1.3.27 - Aug 22, 2020
- Bug fixed: Some caching issues showing review submission form and claim listing forms in modal popup window.
- Bug fixed: Modal window not showing properly on certain pages in backend since v1.3.26.
- Improved: Submit currently active form when Enter button is pressed on login/registration page.

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