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Duplicator Pro v4.5.5 (Business/Gold) – WordPress Migrate and Backup Plugin


Duplicator Pro giúp sao lưu các tệp và cơ sở dữ liệu WordPress.

Sao chép và di chuyển toàn bộ trang web từ nơi này sang nơi khác chỉ trong vài bước. Tạo một bản sao đầy đủ của trang web của bạn bất cứ lúc nào.

Sao lưu lên Dropbox, FTP, Google Drive, OneDrive hoặc Amazon S3 để lưu trữ an toàn. Phục hồi từ Duplicator Pro trong vòng vài phút.

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Tính năng cao cấp Duplicator Pro – WordPress Migrate and Backup Plugin

Tính năng Duplicator Pro plugin

  • Hỗ trợ nhiều trang: Bên cạnh các trang web đơn tiêu chuẩn, Duplicator Pro hỗ trợ sao lưu và di chuyển nhiều trang. Bạn thậm chí có thể cài đặt một trang con như một trang web độc lập!
  • Hỗ trợ trang web lớn: Công cụ trong phiên bản Pro nhanh hơn và hoạt động tốt hơn với các trang web lớn hơn. Hỗ trợ dung lượng backup tối đa 100 GB!
  • Giới hạn sao lưu: Giới hạn số lượng bản sao lưu được lưu trữ của bạn để bạn không lấp đầy bộ nhớ đám mây của mình bằng các bản sao lưu trước đó.
  • Lọc dữ liệu: Chỉ lọc các thư mục, tệp, tiện ích mở rộng và bảng cơ sở dữ liệu bạn muốn sao lưu.
  • Tạo cơ sở dữ liệu tự động: Dễ dàng chọn cơ sở dữ liệu & người dùng cPanel hiện có hoặc tạo cơ sở dữ liệu mới mà không cần rời khỏi trình cài đặt.
  • Ghi đè các trang web trực tiếp: Cài đặt trang web được sao lưu hoặc di chuyển của bạn đến một vị trí trống hoặc trên một trang web hiện có – bao gồm các trang web WordPress chỉ với một cú nhấp chuột để cài đặt nhanh chóng!
  • Gói tập tin duy nhất: Công cụ Duplicator Pro gói trang web của bạn vào một kho lưu trữ duy nhất không giống như các plugin khác tạo ra nhiều tệp khó quản lý.
  • Hỗ trợ cơ sở dữ liệu lớn: Khả năng nhập thủ công tệp SQL có nghĩa là cơ sở dữ liệu rất lớn hiện được hỗ trợ.
  • Thông báo thư điện tử: Biết ngay lập tức khi Sao chép có vấn đề với bản sao lưu, hết thời gian hoặc cần chú ý.
  • Tùy chọn nâng cao: Hàng tấn tùy chọn nâng cao để tùy chỉnh bản sao lưu WordPress của bạn và tùy chỉnh cài đặt của bạn.
Duplicator Pro WordPress Plugin Nulled Free Changelog

v4.5.5 Latest-Stable
Release Date: 2022-7-18
PHP Version: 5.6.20+
WordPress Version: 4.0 or greater
Tested up to: 6.0.1
The 4.5.5 release contains quite a few fixes and updates as well as a couple of new small features.

[NEW]: Split and adapted form tables for 3 different kinds of S3 providers, including one specialized for Backblaze.
[UPD]: Improve recovery point UI with help icons
[UPD]: Added a feature to remove unused plugins and themes
[UPD]: Improved handling of installer file name and filters applied to it in the code
[UPD]: Removed usage of DUP_PRO_RestoreOnly_Package class
[UPD]: Improve scanner message for mixed-case DB tables names
[UPD]: Improved scheduled build email with additional information about the package
[UPD]: “Save Brand” button disabled except when it is needed.
[UPD]: Disable notice that recommends Duparchive on a new site
[UPD]: Exposed real region values in UI for Amazon S3 Direct storage, next to the human readable strings
[UPD]: Added a specific error message for cases where the archive package file is missing
[UPD]: Updated phpseclib to the latest version
[UPD]: Make multisite tab (build step 1) visible for all license types, but only enabled for Business and Gold
[UPD]: The tmp folder will be emptied every 24 hours
[FIX]: Eliminated image overflow problem in branding preview
[FIX]: Fixed strings referring to Amazon S3

[NEW]: Added a feature to remove users without permissions
[UPD] Showing correct message on AJAX error with status code and appropriate documentation link
[UPD]: Improved the Cleanup Labels in the Advanced Installer
[UPD]: Added an explanation to help for the Cleanup options
[UPD]: Prevent click of browser backward and forward buttons
[UPD]: Introduced a new archive check for manual extracts
[UPD]: Encapsulated the check for manual extracts case and installation directory existence
[FIX]: Fixed invalid charset and collate replace bug
[FIX]: Fixed the missing getSuperAdminsUserIds method in DUPX_MU
[FIX]: Create new tables option not to trigger the count of affected tables
[FIX]: Fixed a bug that was preventing the installer to work if “Create Da

The 4.5.1 is a cumulative bug fix version. Many small/medium sized bug fixes have been added to improve stability and improve some of edge case scenarios. Additional improvements to some of the user interfaces include better support for FTP/credential feedback and the installer database validation dialog along with better support for Bitnami stacks.
[NEW]: Encryption key is now stored in wp-config.php instead of dynamically determined.
[UPD]: The Cron Expression is now the recommended and default parser
[UPD]: Improved UI dialog for FTP/SFTP connection tests and overall feedback and status.
[FIX]: Show single quick fix when build time exceeds max build time
[FIX]: Fixed a problem in the creation of the package when the wp-config was in the parent folder in spite of ABSPATH.
[NEW]: Improve Bitnami support
[UPD]: In case the wp-config does not have write permissions the wordpress prefix is updated correctly
[UPD]: Improved validation test for new table names that exceed 64 chars, for cases when importing site(s) into multisite
[UPD]: Improve the database confirmation dialog to show for an empty database
[FIX]: Removed the htaccess from the dup-installer folder that could cause problems in some cases

Release Date: 2022-2-21
[NEW]: Import package with URL. Allows server-to-server package transfer - No need to download a package to your desktop machine!
[NEW]: Server-to-server Dropbox import support added
[NEW]: Added a new option that allows you to set a custom path for importable packages
[NEW]: Improved UX when storages associated with schedules are deleted
[NEW]: Added bulk activate and deactivate options for schedules
[NEW]: Manual transfer screen updated to include quick copy links for hashed files
[UPD]: disable S3 storage if any curl_multi_* function is disabled
[FIX]: Not showing the activation notice for plugins which are already activated once
[FIX]: Fixed bug related to the basic auth quick fix notification not being displayed
[FIX]: fixed filter_var bug with PHP versions less than v5.4.8
[FIX]: Validation performed on filters only in case when they are ON
[NEW]: Added validation message notifying the user about having multiple WP installations on the same database
[NEW]: Added support for SSL connections to remote mysql servers
[NEW]: Check if index.html exists on destination site and, if it does, displays a warning in the final report
[UPD]: Reorganized database parameters in advanced mode
[UPD]: Removed non-braking spaces option
[UPD]: In "Backup and Rename Existing Tables" action, if limit of 64 chars in table name is exceeded, made sure that new table name is unique
[NEW]: Added new validation test in 'Classic install' which tests if limit of 64 chars in table name is exceeded by adding prefix
[FIX]: Fixed bug where paths with no write permission are not being displayed
[FIX]: Fixed timeout error that was happening on some hosts when exec command hangs
[FIX]: fixed PROCS, VIEWS and FUNCTIONS creation bug for older versions of PHP
[FIX]: Copy Recovery URL button now works in import installer

Release Date: 2022-2-4
PHP Version: 5.3.8 or higher
WordPress Version: 4.0 or greater
Tested up to: 5.9
[FIX]: Fixed problem that prevented sites with expired certificates from importing.
[FIX]: Fixed problem with serialized objects getting corrupted when they had non-breaking spaces between strings.

v4.0.6.1 Latest-Stable
Release Date: 2022-2-1
PHP Version: 5.3.8 or higher
WordPress Version: 4.0 or greater
Tested up to: 5.9
[FIX]: Fixed SFTP data storage
[FIX]: Enhanced import logic to account for case when hosting prevents PHP files from being executed inside wp-content
[FIX]: Added preliminary check when setting up the Recovery Point to make sure recovery is possible.

v4.0.6 Changes
[NEW]: Added option that allows to exclude all tables that do not have the prefix of the current wordpress installation
[NEW]: Added option that allows to exclude all tables that belong to deleted sites in a multisite installation
[NEW]: Bulk subsite import in multisite
[UPD]: Updated error messages that appears if a user tries to activate Duplicator Pro plugin while Lite version is active
[UPD]: Symlinks for main WordPress folders (wp-content, plugins ...) managed as normal folders in case they are children of home path
[UPD]: Added schedule name to scheduled package built emails
[UPD]: Improved the accessibility of the packages screen and the overall build process
[UPD]: Writing better description in log when installer files present during (scheduled) build
[FIX]: Now backup-dup-pro folder is correctly filtered automatically even if wp-content is a symlink
[FIX]: Safe mode docs and settings are now properly set to Enabled/Disabled
[FIX]: Removed unnecessary check in EDD client
[FIX]: Third party backup folders are again filtered and not included in packages by default
[FIX]: Fixed bug in the startup of the Drag and Drop installation that in some rare cases was not executed correctly
[FIX]: Fixed recovery point bug that would timeout at startup when working on large sites on slow hosting
[FIX]: Fixed DupArchive timeout bug when working with large databases
[NEW]: Bulk subsite import in multisite
[UPD]: Added validation test for REST API
[UPD]: Improved the database cleanup transients function which could timeout in large sites
[UPD]: Improved performance of the boot startup with the DupArchive
[UPD]: Now you can import non-complete packages into a multisite
[FIX]: Removed all the visible references to Duplicator in a branded installer
[FIX]: Removed some checks of the REST calls that caused the installation to fail in case of self signed certificate
[FIX]: iThemes Security and Easy HTTPS Redirection plugins automatically deactivated during installation
[FIX]: Fixed recovery package age in validation
[FIX]: chunked the table prefix replace regex to work with large number of tables
[FIX]: SAPI check now catches SAPI: apache2handler
Release Date: 2021-11-24
PHP Version: 5.3.8 or higher
WordPress Version: 4.0 or greater
Tested up to: 5.8.2
Plugin [FIX]: Removed auto switch of client side kickoff when package determined stuck
Plugin [FIX]: Increasing time required that determines when a package is stuck - increases build reliability especially on slower systems

Release Date: 2021-11-22
PHP Version: 5.3.8 or higher
WordPress Version: 4.0 or greater
Tested up to: 5.8.2
[UPD]: Updated certificate for SSL requests
[UPD]: Updated certificate for SSL requests (Out of date certificates affected imports on some machines)

Release Date: 2021-11-8
PHP Version: 5.3.8 or higher
WordPress Version: 4.0 or greater
Tested up to: 5.8.1
[FIX]: Fixed a warning message that appeared in case other plugins generated an unexpected output
[NEW]: Implemented ZipArchive throttling
[NEW]: Added HTTP headers disabling caching during install
[FIX]: Charset and collate replace bug fixed
[FIX]: Fixed a bug when trying to duplicate a site in the same multisite
[FIX]: Automatically setting ZipArchive throttling for Siteground
[FIX]: Chunked the table prefix replace regex to work with large number of tables
[UPD]: Require site that is importing a package to run a version of Pro at or greater than the version that created the package
[UPD]: Improved instructions for manually removing the maintenance file generated by the installer.
View All 4.0.5 Changes
[NEW]: Plugin now capable of importing Duplicator Lite packages
[UPD]: Reduced queries executed in the frontend for better optimization
[UPD]: Improve the schedule ‘Run Now’ icon on the main packages page
[UPD]: Fix manual transfer status with OneDrive and improve UI workflow
[FIX]: Fixed the dead lock that occurred in some rare cases
[FIX]: Fixed autoselection of cPanel tab, when the 'Auto Select cPanel' checkbox for the Template is checked
[FIX]: Fixed an issue with the installer starting to import if loading a package after a migration
[FIX]: added check to make sure we are deleting the installer file at cleanup
[FIX]: Fixed autoselection of cPanel tab
[NEW]: Standalone → Multisite subsite feature officially released
[NEW]: Advanced user import for multisite subsite installs (standalone and subsite sources)
[NEW]: Added next step and final report notices for config files in main folders
[NEW]: Added validation test and automatic search and replace for invalid MySQL engines
[NEW]: User mode added
[UPD]: Keep user now work on multisite
[UPD]: Improve wording for SHOW VARIABLE Validation check
[FIX]: Fixed multisite subsite import issue where Duplicator was activated both at the network level and subsite level Patch Latest-Stable
Release Date: 2021-9-8
PHP Version: 5.3.8 or higher
WordPress Version: 4.0 or greater
Tested up to: 5.8
[NEW]: Added new streaming/fopen mode for Google Drive. Helps machines getting timeouts using cURL.
[FIX]: Addressed PHP 8 incompatibility with S3 functionality
Installer [NEW]: Require user enter archive name on overwrites when default installer name used with no password (Enhances Security)
Installer [NEW]: Change default and show notice in case FORCE_ADMIN_SSL config is set and package is being installed with no SSL
Installer [FIX]: Fixed a problem on serialized strings that contained objects with properties with serialized strings

[NEW]: Caches of many plugins are purged after a migration.
[NEW]: New scanner check for PHP 64-bit architecture for 2GB notices
[NEW]: Added outbound IP address to tools section
[NEW]: Added ability to run any package listed as recovery point directly in the package list
[NEW]: Added the possibility to download the recovery launcher
[NEW]: Now Duplicator PRO cannot be activated if LITE is active
[UPD]: Improved ZIP archive single and multi-threaded mode package creation speed
[UPD]: Improved message shown when storage endpoint can’t be read
[UPD]: Changed coloring of delete package import message
[UPD]: Additional polish and cleanup of license messages
[UPD]: Improve Package Details Error notice message
[UPD]: Removed old webfont files and references
[UPD]: Improve help and enhance the visibility of the Import UI Screens
[UPD]: Fixed ‘use current’ quick link in installer section of first page of build
[UPD]: Updated recovery feature UI on package list page
[UPD]: Updated filter selection UI on tables to work on large number of tables (10K tables tested).
[UPD]: Updated the parsely library to version 2.9.2
[UPD]: Updated the duplicator_pro_entities table to handle larger serialized objects
[UPD]: Updated for WordPress 5.8
[FIX]: No longer removing corrupt tables from list of tables available for filtering on build step 1
[FIX]: Fixed tables filter with hight number of tables selected
[FIX]: Updated the list of filtered tables in the package details (previously they were not displayed)
[FIX]: Added logic to show quick fix when ZipArchive failed in various places
[FIX]: Copying a template to another template, in some cases the source template ID was not handled correctly
[FIX]: Send email when schedule errors out due to requirements failing
[NEW]: Hooks system added installer
[NEW]: added option that allows one to remove definer statements from create queries
[NEW]: Subsite to multisite overwrite function enabled
[NEW]: Addon system implemented installer
[NEW]: Remove only media option added
[NEW]: Validation test added that shows a list tables that are affected by the database action.
[UPD]: Updated UI elements when no triggers present
[UPD]: Improved restore backup mode installer selection
[UPD]: Removed old webfont files and references
[UPD]: Now the new URL is editable only in advanced mode
[UPD]: Improved bulk DELETE and UPDATE queries by chunking them
[FIX]: Ignore cPanel pre-fills from package creation step 1 in case of an import install
[FIX]: Fixed the selection of tables to be extracted in advanced mode with large number of tables
[FIX]: Fixed bug with tables that are removed in import validation when import option of subsite enabled

v4.0.3.2 Latest-Stable
Release Date: 2021-7-3
WordPress Version: 4.0 to 5.7.2
PHP Version: 5.3.8 or higher
Plugin [UPD]: Enhanced installer name handling

Release Date: 2021-6-29
WordPress Version: 4.0 to 5.7.2
PHP Version: 5.3.8 or higher
Plugin [FIX]: Fixed bug with schedules not starting on time

4.0.3 Latest-Stable
Release Date: 2021-6-13
WordPress Version: 4.0 to 5.7.2
PHP Version: 5.3.8 or higher
Plugin [NEW]: Removed Installer name with hash notice
Plugin [NEW]: Added integrity check to make sure main installer files and folders exist in the archive
Plugin [NEW]: Added a notice at step 2 of the building process under “System” that checks the PHP memory limit
Plugin [NEW]: Beta features page added
Plugin [NEW]: Beta feature MU import checkbox added
Plugin [UPD]: Added logic to validation stage 1 of the DB PHP dump to make sure that all tables were created
Plugin [UPD]: Improved interface of configuration files options
Plugin [UPD]: Improve package storage popup storages list
Plugin [UPD]: Added a check to build scan process when SQL FUNCTIONS are present
Plugin [UPD]: Improved invalid license notice and removed “Rejected” image
Plugin [UPD]: Improved Drag and Drop import error message in case ZipArchive module is not present
Plugin [UPD]: Improved scan file writes error checking
Plugin [UPD]: Improve package log
Plugin [UPD]: Update import subsite from a network to another network
Plugin [UPD]: Improved quick fix and failed schedules notice. Added dismiss button
Plugin [UPD]: Now considering the ‘best’ license between importer and installer when running a D&D import
Plugin [FIX]: Installer backup file renamed after extraction for import and recovery in case extension not set to .php
Plugin [FIX]: Package storage color indication was wrong in a few cases
Plugin [FIX]: Corrected header type when downloading migration export file
Plugin [FIX]: Package can’t be built in the Windows IIS Server.Plugin
Plugin [FIX]: Fixed bug causing auto filters not being displayed on the scan page
Plugin [FIX]: Prevent package creation error on cleanup phase after package creation
Plugin [FIX] : Fixed settings property of null error when user settings are missing from the DB
Plugin [FIX]: Only allow import if import capability present
Plugin [FIX]: Trace View log link wasn’t working
Plugin [FIX]: fixed bug where “Network Site Filters” warning would always be shown at scan
Plugin [FIX]: Trace View log link on trace log page click didn’t refresh the log page
Plugin [FIX]: Import functions work correctly with import capability
Plugin [FIX]: Improved Activate Plugins notice
Plugin [FIX]: Fixed activate plugin notification bug
Installer [NEW]: Added validation item that checks if the DB user has resource restrictions (queries/connections/updates per hour)
Installer [NEW]: Import sub site in network new subsite
Installer [NEW]: Addest install single site on existing network
Installer [NEW]: Disable all subsite import installation types in case Duplicator version is less than 4.0.3
Installer [NEW]: Added handling of SQL FUNCTIONS
Installer [NEW]: Added validation test to the installer that checks for PHP memory limit
Installer [NEW]: Added net database action “Connect and remove only existing tables”
Installer [NEW:] Overviews added for all installation types
Installer [UPD]: Improved standalone migration file handling logic, so only files belonging to subsite are extracted put into the right destination
Installer [UPD]: Improve installer option help
Installer [UPD]: Improved DupArchive extraction error checking
Installer [UPD]: Moved blog title selection from step 2 to step 1
Installer [UPD]: Moved keep users option from step 2 to step 1
Installer [UPD]: Now the available admin users are correctly updated according to the site you want to overwrite in the network
Installer [FIX]: Now replacing only contents of tables that have a string column (not considering set and enum
Installer [FIX]: Fixed skip query regex in case of standalone installation with mysqldump
Installer [FIX]: Updated functions that remove www from domains
Installer [FIX]: fixed view already exists error on site overwrite
Installer [FIX]: proc/view/func already exists

= v4.0.2.2 Latest-Stable =
Release Date: 2021-5-12
WordPress Version: 4.0 to 5.7.1
PHP Version: 5.3.8 or higher
Plugin [FIX]: Improved PHPDump chunk in case of servers with very slow disk writes

= v4.0.2.1 Latest-Stable =
Release Date: 2021-4-28
WordPress Version: 4.0 to 5.7.1
PHP Version: 5.3.8 or higher
Plugin [NEW]: Flywheel manage hosting support added
Plugin [UPD]: Optimized php dump (multithreaded mode)
Plugin [UPD]: Updated plugin for WordPress 5.7
Plugin [FIX]: Fix temp folder cleanup on package creation
Plugin [FIX]: Make the wider import package progress bar in WordPress 5.7
Plugin [FIX]: Purge SFTP storage packages
Plugin [FIX]: Removed SFTP mcrypt_* function warnings that caused log problems on PHP 7.1
Installer [UPD]: Transient cleanup function optimized
Installer [UPD]: "Run all CREATE queries at once" option disabled if # tables in source site > 200
Installer [UPD]: highlighting on final report tables removed
Installer [FIX]: Now the value of the table wp_site after a multisite migration is correctly updated
Installer [FIX]: Check if is_executable exists before using it
Installer [FIX]: Improved custom upload path validation
Installer [FIX]: Fixed problem with migrating super admins during a standalone migration
Installer [FIX]: Fixed filter table management on installer advanced mode with many tables (300 >)
Installer [FIX]: Fix db connection on create new database

= v4.0.2 =
-Plugin [NEW]: Added TRIGGER detection to the scanner
-Plugin [UPD]: Add template recoveable check and layout on template edit and template list
-Plugin [UPD]: Add schedule recoveable check and layout on schedule edit and schedule list
-Plugin [UPD]: Allow import of multisite packages that have even one subsite with no filtered tables and paths
-Plugin [UPD]: Display in scanner wich subsites won't be importable in the “Network” section
-Plugin [UPD]: List of main URLs of current installation added to diagnostics
-Plugin [UPD]: Duplicator messages are now displayed only if user has export capabilities
-Plugin [UPD]: Added sensitivity markers to package share links box
-Plugin [UPD]: Allow import of multisite packages that have even one subsite with no filtered tables and paths
-Plugin [UPD]: Display in scanner wich subsites won't be importable in the “Network” section
-Plugin [FIX]: Fixed the package creation in case of a multisite installation that has the upload folder as blogs.dir
-Plugin [FIX]: Fixed a problem with scheduled packages where email not sent when database capture problem encountered
-Plugin [FIX]: Now if a schedule fails in a multisite installation the message is correctly displayed
-Plugin [FIX]: Fixed display of filtered tables and paths belonging to a subsite in the scanner
-Plugin [FIX]: Fixed storage of original file function after migration
-Plugin [FIX]: Copy template functionality bug fixed
-Installer [NEW]: Added Validation item for TRIGGERS and copy-to-clipboard button
-Installer [NEW]: Add option “extract only media file and plugins and themes that don't already exist”
-Installer [UPD]: In import disable Multisite install and install of those subsites which have filtered tables
-Installer [UPD]: In import disable Multisite install and install of those subsites which have filtered tables
-Installer [UPD]: In recovery mode, show soft warning instead of a hard when one doesn't have permissions to config files.
-Installer [FIX]: Fixed the permissions check on "other" configuration files was wrong (php.ini user.ini web config)
-Installer [FIX]: Fixed the check on configuration files in case the file's owner is not the same as PHP user
-Installer [FIX]: If the installer cannot manage a configuration file (wp-config, htaccess ...) it continues without modifying the file.
-Installer [FIX]: Fix installation if home path ise equal at home path
-Installer [FIX]: Now CACHEHOMEPATH is correctly updated in the wp-config.php with the final slash
-Installer [FIX]: Status of the archive in the information is displayed correctly
-Installer [FIX]: Fixed several capitalization and wording issues
-Installer [FIX]: Redundant option on subsite to standalone migration works properly

= v4.0.1.2 =
-Plugin: PHP 8.0 fixes
-Plugin: Fixed bug with cancellation of package build
-Installer: PHP 8.0 Fixes
-Installer: Fixed file permissions problem with duparchive

= =
-Plugin: Fixed problem involving capturing tables with compound keys

= v4.0.1 =
-Plugin: Advanced mode added to import option
-Plugin: Greatly improved efficiency of handling large databases
-Plugin: Migration status updated to include filtered tables
-Plugin: Replaced deprecated qtip library with popper
-Plugin: Added PHP version to scanner
-Plugin: Added option for SQL file split for more reliable chunking
-Plugin: Settings > Storage options split out into separate tabs
-Installer: Reworked permissions file checking
-Installer: Greatly improved efficiency of handling large databases
-Installer: Overhauled charset/collation system and made much more robust
-Installer: Added options allowing one to delete existing files on site overwrite
-Plugin: Uninstall works with delete options
-Plugin: Handling bad tokens better
-Plugin: Reworked how Duplicator Pro related options are removed on uninstall
-Plugin: Tweaked Google client code to prevent warnings on PHP 7.4
-Plugin: Improved validation checks
-Plugin: Improved validation message regarding managed hosting presence
-Plugin: Auto disable the One Click SSL plugin when not installing to https
-Plugin: Quick fix formatting fixed
-Plugin: Fixed handling of DUPLICATOR_PRO_PLUGIN_PATH on Windows machines
-Plugin: Improved package log to include transfer
-Plugin: Quickfix message for scheduled build timeouts fixed
-Plugin: Better notification about lack of export capability
-Plugin: Scrubbed default storage folder name for storages
-Installer: Removed SQL Invoker/Definer settings for recovery installs
-Installer: Improved foreign key management when clearing/backing up database tables
-Installer: Import > Archive namecheck improved
-Installer: Improved management of special defines in wp-config.php
-Installer: Improved wording in Wordfence notification message
-Installer: Improved table case validation test
-Installer: Fixed home path replacement bug when wp-content outside of home path
-Installer: Reworked permission file check for installer validation
-Installer: Improved permissions setting so it is included in chunking
-Installer: Rewrite of collation/charset determination logic
-Installer: Handling of installing packages from sites that were on root improved
-Installer: Fixed removal of inactive plugins and themes for subsite->standalone
-Installer: Explicitely handle lack of tokenizer

= v4.0.0.1 =
### NEW
- Plugin: Import menu moved to main menu area. See this article for a description of the Drag and Drop import process.
- Plugin: Added 'notablespaces' flag for mysqldump builds - addresses permission problem with some MYSQLDump versions
- Plugin: Removed bad reference to Duplicator Lite code that impacted some systems using non-default color scheme
- Plugin: Improved help for Recovery Point and Drag and Drop import screens
- Plugin: Moved temporary import directory to subdirectory in backups-dup-pro
- Plugin: Fixed check for non-importable package
- Installer: Logging improved
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    * Requires Business or Gold license. This installer was created with an Unlicensed Duplicator Pro.

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      vấn đề đang được giải quyết ở những phiên bản tiếp theo, bạn làm theo cách fix hiện tại nhé
      – đổi tên tệp xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_installer.php thành installer.php trong package sau khi backup/restore

  3. hungpd9 đã bình luận

    Bản này đang lỗi admin nhé, khi active nó báo lỗi syntax tại dòng 184 file duplicator-pro/classes/utilities/class.u.license.php

    1. HoTroWordpress đã bình luận

      Đã fix, tải lại nhé

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