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XStore Theme là mẫu WordPress thanh lịch và trực quan với thiết kế đáp ứng. Nó được thiết kế cẩn thận và bao gồm một tập hợp các trang, công cụ và cài đặt sẽ giúp bạn tạo ra một cửa hàng trực tuyến chuyên nghiệp và đáng tin cậy.

XStore làm cho thương mại điện tử dễ dàng. Bạn có thể dễ dàng nhập qua bản demo trình cài đặt trực quan nhất cho điện tử, thời trang, nội thất, cửa hàng thích hợp, quần áo, kính, đồng hồ, thể thao, giày dép, trang sức, mỹ phẩm, thị trường, y tế, thực phẩm, phụ tùng ô tô, hữu cơ, trang đích, cửa hàng âm nhạc và khác.

Ngoài ra, XStore Theme đi kèm với một số tiện ích sẽ giúp bạn cải thiện nhận thức của người dùng về cửa hàng của bạn. Tùy chọn chủ đề thân thiện với người dùng và không yêu cầu kiến thức đặc biệt, thêm giá trị cho chủ đề phản hồi đẹp mắt.

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Demo: https://themeforest.net/search/15780546

Tính năng XStore Theme – Responsive Multi-Purpose WooCommerce WordPress

Tính năng XStore theme

XStore Theme | Responsive Multi-Purpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme Nulled Free Changelog

Latest version 8.1.3 / Core plugin 4.1.3
April 7, 2022
ADDED: Elementor Product Grid widget
ADDED: Elementor Product Carousel widget
ADDED: Elementor Posts widget
ADDED: Elementor Posts Chess widget
ADDED: Elementor Posts Tabs widget
ADDED: Elementor Modal Popup widget
IMPROVED: Elementor Product List widget
IMPROVED: Product Filters Elementor widget
IMPROVED: Product title limit in mini cart content
IMPROVED: Loading all Elementor widgets on frontend
IMPROVED: Quick view images when separate variable option enabled (forum topic)
FIXED: Apply all filters widget – doubling params
FIXED: HTML block 3 of Single product builder for multiple templates
FIXED: Duplicated Active filter widget
FIXED: PHP notice after Elementor update (forum topic)
FIXED: Breadcrumbs steps on product taxonomy pages (forum topic)
FIXED: Fatal errors in some cases on product with custom WPBakery grid builder (forum topic)
FIXED: Fatal errors with parent param set in Product Categories Elementor widget (forum topic)
FIXED: Page featured image with full width search type (forum topic)
FIXED: Quick view fatal error when product excerpt built with Static Block
FIXED: Add to cart button from sticky cart if product is external type (forum topic)
FIXED: Banner Carousel hover animation (forum topic)
FIXED: PHP notice on single post in some cases

Version 8.1.2/ March 17, 2022
ADDED: Pre-built Elementor demo – Grocery Market.
ADDED: Additional More 02 element of Mobile panel.
ADDED: Mobile panel search element.
ADDED: Typography options for buttons in Theme Options -> Styling.
ADDED: Typography options for button in Elementor Hotspot widget.
ADDED: Maintenance mode feature (XStore Control Panel -> Maintenance mode) – NOTE: if you used XStore White Label branding, please, update plugin and check maintance mode checkbox to be enabled.
ADDED: Brands options for Elementor Products widget & WPBakery Products element.
ADDED: Search Results Limit (Theme Options -> Header Builder -> Search).
ADDED: Clear All link on cart page.
ADDED: Open popup with selected swatches attributes.
IMPROVED: Swatches tooltip appearane on mobile devices.
IMPROVED: Elementor Hotspot widget on mobile.
IMPROVED: YITH Compare styles in popup with styles set in Theme Options.
FIXED: Product navigation notices.
FIXED: Script dependency for WPBakery in Dashboard.
FIXED: Ajax Search full width results.
FIXED: Products count of Mini wishlist.
FIXED: PHP notices in some cases on products with swap hover effect.
FIXED: Responsive slides for Ajax product tabs.
FIXED: Lightbox popup on Single product with Variation Gallery option enabled.
FIXED: Portfolio page styles on translated pages.

Latest version 8.1.1 / Core plugin 4.1.1
February 23, 2022
ADDED: Pre-built Elementor demo – Minimal Electronics
IMPROVED: Compatibility of XStore Email Builder with WPML plugin
FIXED: Compatibility with All in One Product Quantity for WooCommerce Pro plugin (forum topic)
FIXED: Product Countdown
FIXED: First init of slider of Ajax Product Tabs Elementor Widget
FIXED: Lazy loading products of Ajax Product Tabs Elementor Widget
FIXED: Compatibility of Single Product Builder with YITH Booking and Appointment for WooCommerce Premium (forum topic)
FIXED: Brands for schema.org on single product page (forum topic)
FIXED: Breadcrumbs arrow in some cases (forum topic)
FIXED: Hotspot click action (forum topic)
FIXED: Products widget
FIXED: Custom URL of Single Product Builder Button element and custom URLs of Cart/Wishlist header elements
FIXED: Background image for Request a quote feature
FIXED: Images Lazy loading with Revolution Slider plugin (forum topic)
FIXED: Countdown Timer actions after expire on first init
FIXED: Warnings in admin panel with WPML plugin (forum topic)
FIXED: Products Ajax loading (forum topic)
FIXED: Pagination on search page results (when Ajax pagination on shop was enabled, forum topic)
FIXED: PHP notice on single product page in breadcrumbs (forum topic)
FIXED: Lazy loading in Elementor Pro Popups (forum topic)
FIXED: Elementor file cache after Static Blocks saving
FIXED: Translations of 8theme widgets
FIXED: Query monitor CSS dependencies
FIXED: Undefined function wc_get_page_permalink (forum topic)
FIXED: Shop per page option (forum topic)
Latest version 8.0.12 / Core plugin 4.0.12
January 12, 2022
ADDED: Compatibility WooCommerce 6.1
ADDED: Speed Optimization -> Disable Theme Swiper JS Library option
ADDED: Mega menu for admin menu
ADDED: New top bar menu
ADDED: Circle Images option in Elementor Categories widget
FIXED: Products element Wishlist (on mobile) after products load more button clicked
FIXED: Plugin installation and updated
FIXED: Avoid second admin menu new labels
FIXED: Compatibility with YITH WooCommerce Badge Management Premium plugin
FIXED: Elementor e_optimized_assets_loading
FIXED: Products element – Display type(grid) + Navigation(lazy loading) + Lazy loading for this element
FIXED: Email builder
FIXED: Header custom_html2 block conflict with single product builder
FIXED: Call to undefined function ETC\App\Controllers\etheme_get_option()
FIXED: Lazy loading for gif files
FIXED: Multilingual translation for Mobile panel Sections
FIXED: Multilingual translation for Header Socials Elements
FIXED: Multilingual translation for Header Promo text Sections
FIXED: Multilingual translation for Header Contacts Elements
FIXED: One page menu with few menus in header
FIXED: WPBakery countdown time max values (24hours -> 23hours, 60minutes -> 59minutes)
FIXED: Remove query strings option
FIXED: Single product builder full-width layout
FIXED: Categories Elementor widget exclude option with Ajax setting enabled
FIXED: Single Product Builder request a quote element popup settings with custom dimensions
FIXED: Hotspot Elementor widget fatal error
IMPROVED: Ajax product tabs Elementor widget now with scripts/styles depends
IMPROVED: General tabs Elementor widget now with scripts/styles depends
IMPROVED: Display Product Primary Category in breadcrumbs
Latest version 8.0.11 / Core plugin 4.0.11
December 14, 2021
ADDED: Pre-built Elementor demo – Minimal Fashion 03
ADDED: General -> Enable Store Studio option
IMPROVED: Banner widget settings (Elementor widget)
FIXED: Compatibility with some plugins our product hover effect slider
FIXED: Single product builder full width option
FIXED: Testimonials slider tags with SEO
FIXED: Duplicated IDs in some inline styles
FIXED: Sidebar widgets closed on mobile for SPBuilder
FIXED: Products slider navigation color setting (Elementor builder)
FIXED: Fixed Added To cart message with SPBuilder
FIXED: Lightbox images on variable products
FIXED: Product archive add to cart button
FIXED: Single product builder multiple elements panel
FIXED: Variation product popup buy now/ add to cart button
FIXED: Error “Unlink() expects parameter 1 to be a valid path, object given in authorize.php”
FIXED: Fatal error for out of date PHP versions
FIXED: admin_vc_js
FIXED: Ajax loaded elements vs CloudFlare CDN HTML minification
FIXED: WPB single post related slider
FIXED: Enqueue of Elementor swiper for pages without the Elementor
FIXED: Facebook avatar loading
Latest version 8.0.10 / Core plugin 4.0.10
November 24, 2021
ADDED: Query type options for Product Status Filters widget
ADDED: Display type option for 8theme – Filter Products by Brands widget
ADDED: etheme_current_page_url filter
ADDED: etheme_elementor_post_ajax_results_per_page filter to change how
many posts load with our etheme-ajax-product field type
FIXED: Product status filter if sale products do not exist
FIXED: Contacts element of header builder
FIXED: Sale booster Progress Bar
FIXED: Avoid spaces for theme activation
FIXED: Search engine indexing of non loaded Ajax elements
FIXED: Brand filter with price filter error
FIXED: Disable Swiper slider if there are only 1 slide
FIXED: Variation Gallery on first init (prevent replacing galleries if no variation was predefined)
FIXED: Double etheme-photoswipe-css styles
FIXED: Ajax search without tabs on desktop (space for title)
FIXED: Compatibility of sale percentage price (option) with WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin
FIXED: Categories arrow action in Mobile menu
FIXED: Notice on product category page if columns in option is set to inherit value
FIXED: Products shortcodes query for hidden products on shop
FIXED: Brands filter/ Brand list widgets when user have 50+ brands and 5000+ products
IMPROVED: Ajax search (speeded up)
IMPROVED: Product Status Filters widget
REMOVED: Swiper JS for Elementor builder
v8.0.9 / November 03, 2021
ADDED: Pre-built Elementor Demo – Minimal Fashion 02.
ADDED: Search label option (Header builder -> Search).
ADDED: XStore Parallax effects in Elementor widgets (advanced tab).
FIXED: Single product images with Amazon imported images.
FIXED: Single product Photoswiper with Amazon (or 3d-party resources) imported images.
FIXED: Swatches WooCommerce label attributes (hidden by default) removed from grid.
FIXED: Styles enqueue positions.
FIXED: WooCommerce Wishlist items count.
FIXED: Menu item disable title.
FIXED: Content size option for search full width.
FIXED: CSS fixes.
FIXED: JS error related to custom widget areas after WordPress 5.8 version.
FIXED: 8theme brand filter/8theme brand list widgets if WooCommerce Hide out of stock items from the catalog option is enabled.
FIXED: Single product multiple templates do not refresh tabs content.
FIXED: Instagram admin popup.

Version 8.0.8 / October 21, 2021
ADDED: Pre-built Elementor demo – Green Energy
ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce 5.8.x
ADDED: User avatar from social registration
ADDED: etheme_search_url filter
ADDED: Option to use user avatar from socials
ADDED: etheme_force_enqueue_header_vertical_on_mobile filter to include header vertical content and styles independent of condition wp_is_mobile()
IMPROVED: Instagram WPBakery element with quick preview of user profile
IMPROVED: Elementor Team Member widget image effect
FIXED: Mobile panel colors options
FIXED: Instagram (new instagram error text when user change password or facebook block the request)
FIXED: “apply all filters” widget conflict with “clear all filters” widget
FIXED: Product categories Ajax filters error
FIXED: Search page results if user search by product category and SKU and product variations
FIXED: WooCommerce pagination styles with Ajax (in some cases)
FIXED: PHP Notices
FIXED: CSS fixes
FIXED: Console errors when in Customizer mode
FIXED: Extra attributes for menu link in WPBakery Menu list/Menu list item (nofollow)
FIXED: “Add to cart” text translation in swatches
FIXED: Single product builder sticky sections after tabs switching
FIXED: Menu navigation on click (close other items )
FIXED: Brands carousel arrows color
FIXED: Mobile menu click with Single post large layout
FIXED: Categories image width depends on Stretch product image (option)
FIXED: Enqueueing styles position for the countdown in content-product.php
FIXED: Undefined function reset_builders JS error
FIXED: WooCommerce pagination styles if Ajax loading
FIXED: Show brand image option for single product (if position of brands not in sidebar)
UPDATED: Widgets import
v8.0.7 / September 24, 2021
ADDED: Pre-built Elementor demo – Sneakers
ADDED: 8theme Apply All Filters widget
ADDED: Lazy loading option for blog product categories Elementor element
ADDED: Lazy loading option for blog product categories WPBakery element
ADDED: Lazy loading option for blog carousel Elementor element
ADDED: Lazy loading option for blog carousel WPBakery element
ADDED: Target option for Icon Box WPBakery element
IMPROVED: Search results when dropdown results without tabs
IMPROVED: Admin scripts
FIXED: Global panel JS (prevent admin scrips cache)
FIXED: Products grid when Ajax lazy load
FIXED: Categories Elementor slider widget (slides jump on first init)
FIXED: Single product builder accordion tabs if the first is opened
FIXED: Fatal error when edit Elementor template with archive product widget
FIXED: All departments menu “show more” link when open by click option enabled
FIXED: Quick view price text for unregistered users if catalog mode
FIXED: Buy now button added to cart multiple times if additional clicks made
FIXED: Search full-width could not be opened in some cases
FIXED: Sticky sidebar on RTL
FIXED: Vertical product gallery validation errors
FIXED: Duplication IDs of tabs on the Single Product page
FIXED: Cart progress bar calculation when WooCommerce tax option is enabled
REMOVED: default_header creation
REMOVED: unused options (mobile_panel_color_et-mobile, mobile_panel_active_color_custom_et-mobile)
REMOVED: unused functions (et_close_extra_notice, etheme_extra_notice)

Latest version 8.0.4 / Core plugin 4.0.4
August 11, 21
ADDED: Popup after added to cart
ADDED: Mobile User-Scalable (option)
ADDED: Stretch product image (option)
ADDED: Menu dropdown cache (option)
ADDED: “etheme_ajax_search_products_sku” filter to show SKU on products in search results
ADDED: Account element in mobile panel
ADDED: Single product builder Import\Export
ADDED: Options for mega menus in menu/secondary menu element of header
IMPROVED: Multiple header/single product builder conditions
IMPROVED: Option for showing sale countdown for product on grid (single product options)
IMPROVED: YoastSEO breadcrumbs with theme styles
IMPROVED: Product added notification message (option with select of types now)
IMPROVED: Dokan plugin compatibility for new product options from vendor dashboard (brands, video)
FIXED: Sale countdown on SPBuilder
FIXED: XStore AMP settings sometimes not saved fully
FIXED: Elementor typography settings priority
FIXED: Product sale countdown in some cases (when on grid but switched with Ajax to list mode)
FIXED: Contacts header builder element with only icons without texts
FIXED: Menu open by click
FIXED: Mega menu static block in Elementor edit mode
FIXED: SPBuilder styles in customizer preview
FIXED: WooCommerce Pagination styles when shortcode used
FIXED: Products WooCommerce widget styles
FIXED: Quick view off-canvas styles in some cases if none off-canvas element used in header
FIXED: Header builder import\export
FIXED: Socials loginisation

v8.0.3 / August 03, 2021
ADDED: Fix for WooCommerce select2 when select have less then 5 items
ADDED: Compatibility Built-in Email Builder with WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin
ADDED: header_account_link filter
ADDED: et_connect_block_inline_css filter
FIXED: Header compare element
FIXED: Compatibility with WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate plugin (add to cart from shop page)
FIXED: Socials widget at static block page
FIXED: Single portfolio navigation
FIXED: Portfolio page masonry
FIXED: Lazy load for variation product slider
FIXED: Mobile menu
FIXED: Variation gallery
FIXED: Mobile header starts from option
FIXED: Single Product styles when product is draft
FIXED: All departments styles and few others header elements in some cases
FIXED: Post PHP notices on blog page
FIXED: Brands carousel image
FIXED: Product elements with Multiple Single Product Builder templates
FIXED: Mobile menu view with static blocks
FIXED: SPB content classes if shortcode
FIXED: Masonry products on products archive pages
FIXED: Mobile menu logo
FIXED: Blog carousel Elementor widget in preview
FIXED: Brands image on SPBuilder
FIXED: Accessibility errors with validators
FIXED: Scripts functions for custom styles (customCss())
FIXED: Video post styles on blog grid
FIXED: FaceBook social for validators
FIXED: Swiper scripts for Elementor background slideshow

Version 8.0.2 / July 24, 2021
ADDED: Disable Gutenberg Styles option
ADDED: Disable Elementor dialog JS option
ADDED: Enable old widgets panel option
FIXED: Theme Settings styles with WordPress 5.8
FIXED: Look-book element
FIXED: 8theme Products Widget
FIXED: Instagram Carousel&Video post types
FIXED: Instagram likes count
FIXED: Brands shortcode & elements (fatal error)
FIXED: Compatibility with AliDropship Woo Plugin
FIXED: Fixed footer
FIXED: cart_checkout_breadcrumbs (fatal error)
FIXED: Double arrows if Jetpack plugin is enabled

Version 8.0.1 / July 20, 2021
ADDED: Products class for products loop start wrapper
ADDED: Compatibility with YITH WooCommerce Booking Premium for Single product builder
IMPROVED: Logo template with default WordPress functions
IMPROVED: Sticky cart on mobile
FIXED: Theme styles after switching to other theme
FIXED: Added temporary fix for the File generator
FIXED: Shop filters area CSS when toolbar is not shown
FIXED: Swiper slider images load in sidebar slider
FIXED: Quote/Video formats of posts
FIXED: JS error in quick view when swatches were disabled
FIXED: JS error when opens mobile menu popup
FIXED: JS error of fancy select in some cases
FIXED: Blog chess styles in some cases
FIXED: Added to cart message (green notify)
FIXED: Post tabs widget
FIXED: Portfolio 8theme WPBakery/Elementor element styles
FIXED: Recent Portfolio 8theme WPBakery element styles
FIXED: Look Book 8theme WPBakery element styles
FIXED: JetPack issue with slider carousel width
FIXED: Images preview thumbnails in admin dashboard
FIXED: Lazy load images in slider with loop mode enabled
FIXED : no found panel plugins/demos
REMOVED: Disable Slider Revolution scripts on non home pages feature
REMOVED : update_woocommerce_term_meta deprecated function

Latest version 8.0 / Core plugin 4.0
July 15, 21
ADDED: XStore AMP Plugin Demo (visit it via mobile device)
ADDED: Pre-built Elementor demo – Rreal estate
ADDED: Compatibility WooCommerce 5.5
ADDED: PHP8 support
ADDED: Ajax Theme Options
ADDED: Modular CSS
ADDED: Modular JS
ADDED: Mega menu lazy load (option)
ADDED: Mobile Content Optimization (option)
ADDED: Hide out of stock products for fake sale popup (option)
ADDED: Discord and Reddit icons to header builder elements
ADDED: Qty for variation product in quick view
ADDED: Buy now button for variation product in quick view
FIXED: Polylang Pro compatibility
FIXED: Customizer script error
FIXED: Booking product for ajax requests
FIXED: et_custom_query
FIXED: Lqip loading
FIXED: Loginization APIs (FaceBook, Google)
FIXED: Qty for variaton products in loop
FIXED: Variation products stock status in quick view and canvas
FIXED: Ajax For Product Categories Widget option
FIXED: SKU search for variable products
FIXED: Sliders inside tabs for WPBakery versions
FIXED: WPBakery tabs in product description for single product builer
FIXED: Button URL for the Header builder Button element
FIXED/ADDED: Single product builder vertical slider items per view
FIXED: Single product builder custom tabs
FIXED: Mobile menu custom icon svg option
FIXED: Swiper responsive breakpoints
FIXED: Variable products separate to simple
FIXED: WPML translations for Elementor 8theme widgets
FIXED: Products Isotope on no results search page
FIXED: Correct cart product name with html
FIXED: WCMP Marketplace compatibility
FIXED: Fatal error undefined function etheme_get_option()
FIXED: Show more option for sidebar widgets with multiple submenus
FIXED: Loader on add to cart button in search full width products
FIXED: Breadcrumbs title with dokan plugin
FIXED: Min value of “Repeat every x seconds” Fake Sale Popup
FIXED: Slider item title id in Slider WPBakery 8theme element
FIXED: Hide view mode switcher/per page select for search results
IMPROVED: FontAwesome support option with select versions to use 4.7.0/5.15.3
IMPROVED: WooCommerce products isotope on all product archives not only shop/product category pages
IMPROVED: Elementor XStore icons light/bold versions
IMPROVED: Single post comments Form/woocommerce checkout forms validation
IMPROVED: Mobile menu custom icon SVG
IMPROVED: Compare custom icon SVG
OPTIMIZED: Revolution slider scripts only for home page but could be filtered for other pages
OPTIMIZED: All theme scripts (details below)
OPTIMIZED: backTop.js
OPTIMIZED: breadcrumbs.js
OPTIMIZED: ajaxElement.js
OPTIMIZED: onePageMenu.js
OPTIMIZED: Photoswipe.js
OPTIMIZED: portfolio.js
OPTIMIZED: theLook.js
OPTIMIZED: widgetsOpenClose.js
OPTIMIZED: widgetsOpenCloseDefault.js
OPTIMIZED: mainNavigation.js
OPTIMIZED: Swiper slider init slides on first view (much less jumping of slides before it is initialized)
OPTIMIZED: Load products on shop archives
OPTIMIZED: Load products in sliders
OPTIMIZED: Load posts on blog pages
OPTIMIZED: Theme CSS files
OPTIMIZED: Bootstrap css
OPTIMIZED: RTL css files are loaded modular when it is needed
OPTIMIZED: Body classes
REMOVED: etheme_custom_field()
REMOVED: et_vc_include_field_search()
REMOVED: et_vc_include_field_render()
REMOVED: etheme_image_sizes()
REMOVED: is_xstore_migrated()
REMOVED: migrator from 5.0 to 6.0 (redux 2 kirki)
REMOVED: etheme_image_sizes()
REMOVED: etheme_masonry()
REMOVED: etheme_get_cart_sep()
REMOVED: etheme_menu()
REMOVED: et_show_secondary_menu()
REMOVED: etheme_nav_menu()
REMOVED: .et-ajax-product-filter
REMOVED: .et-ajax-product-pagination
REMOVED: etheme_footer_type()
REMOVED: etheme_get_menus_options()
REMOVED: Disable Gutenberg CSS (option)
REMOVED: unused functions
REMOVED: lottie.min.js (not used)
REMOVED: XStore core frontend scripts/styles and moved them to theme
REMOVED: rtl.css (splitted to a few files instead)

Latest version 7.2.11 / Core plugin 3.2.11 June 11, 2021
ADDED: Pre-built Elementor demo – Digital marketing
ADDED: Pre-built WPBakery demo – Coffee
ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce 5.4
ADDED: Portfolio Elementor element
ADDED: etheme_backstretch_enqueue filter
FIXED: Menu element dropdown filter
FIXED: Portfolio reset loop in shortcode (Elementor editor issue with portfolio shortcode)
FIXED: Images attributes for the Brands carousel element
FIXED: Priority of enqueue scripts from et-core-plugin
FIXED: Swiper stop autoplay on start dragging
FIXED: Breadcrumbs option for single product builder
FIXED: Hover effect slider for products after products infinite loading
FIXED: Priorities of multiple headers

Latest version 7.2.10 / Core plugin 3.2.10
May 28, 2021
ADDED: Pre-built Elementor demo – Niche market03
ADDED: Show Request a quote as button on Single Product page (sales booster)
ADDED: Mousewheel control option for Et-slider Elementor
ADDED: Mousewheel control option for Et-slider WPBakery element
ADDED: Stop on hover option for Et-slider Elementor
ADDED: Stop on hover option for Et-slider WPBakery element
ADDED: “etheme_ajax_search_products_query” filter
IMPROVED: Search categories select style (with border now)
FIXED: General tabs icon svg
FIXED: Sidebar toggles/show more on post_type_archive(‘product’)
FIXED: Hide submenu (option) with static blocks dropdown content
FIXED: Quantity on first init for single product cart form
FIXED: Brands list masonry + always masonry not related to a-z filter option enabled
FIXED: Search widgets buttons styles (bordered icons inside button)
FIXED: Styling of buttons from options
FIXED: Trending searches not showing if empty field
FIXED: Logic of just catalog (hide price/ price texts)
FIXED: Loader colors on add to cart button
FIXED: WPBakery Slider element slider_interval setting
FIXED: Empty filed of author name on single post
FIXED: Redirection after Ajax variable add to cart if redirect enabled in WC settings
FIXED: get_current_screen conditions for preventing errors with Vendor registration redirects
REMOVED: Theme styles for mpc-massive

= Latest v7.2.9 / Core plugin 3.2.9 =
May 12, 2021
ADDED: ‘etheme_product_type_show_quantity’ filter
FIXED: Child theme styles enqueue
FIXED: Misprint on the account page
FIXED: Products WPBakery element with PHP8
FIXED: Prefooter disabled for Staticblock edit mode
FIXED: Reset to default header after theme switching
FIXED: Custom fields copying while translating with WPML

= Latest v7.2.8 / Core plugin 3.2.8 =
April 29, 2021
ADDED: Pre-built Elementor demo – Online courses
ADDED: Pre-built Elementor demo – Barbershop
ADDED: Option to show variations as simple products
ADDED: Option to hide parent product of variations
ADDED: Option to show attributes in variation products names
ADDED: Option to recount layered widgets count
ADDED: Search popup type for mobile
ADDED: Compatibility of built-in WooCommerce Email Builder with WooCommerce Germanized plugin Email types
ADDED: Products stock status in search results
ADDED: Option to choose static blocks for the More element of the Mobile panel
ADDED: Option of the Product title limit
ADDED: Option of the Product title lines limit
ADDED: Email link of the follow/socials WPBakery element/Elementor element/widget
ADDED: Telegram icon to header socials, contacts elements
ADDED: XStore White Label update notice for WP Dashboard
IMPROVED: Custom SVG icon for header Cart element (removed old code field and replaced with upload file option)
IMPROVED: Custom SVG icon for header Wishlist element (removed old code field and replaced with upload file option)
IMPROVED: Possibility to change the number of results found title for search results
IMPROVED: Search header builder element improvements of the image size for search results
FIXED: Ajax filters with WooCommerce infinite scroll and Ajax pagination plugin (plugin reinstallation required)
FIXED: Single product slider when used single product builder and Elementor template for single product at the same time
FIXED: Product_sharing when product dose not have featured images
FIXED: Page Importer
FIXED: Product status filter
FIXED: Connect block for single product builder
FIXED: Sales booster
FIXED: Single page custom slider for Elementor versions
FIXED: Multiple header duplication
FIXED: Content product in loop fatal error
FIXED: Import of demo content https://prnt.sc/1251xbg
FIXED: Multiple headers for ‘child of page’ conditions
FIXED: Closing of search results
FIXED: Swiper slides on tablet
FIXED: Email builder coupon fatal error when coupon expired date was empty
FIXED: Show by category of the Products Elementor/WPBakery element with WPML
FIXED: Single product builder sidebar widget classes
FIXED: Et-slider autoplay
FIXED: Compatibility with MIN-MAX Quantities on products loop
FIXED: PHP notice in socials widget
FIXED: Products widgets fatal error with Elementor
FIXED: PHP notice with products widget without saving
FIXED: Notice of ‘elementor/element/post/document_settings/before_section_start’ deprecated use of ‘elementor/element/wp-post/document_settings/before_section_start’

= Latest version 7.2.7 / Core plugin 3.2.7 =
ADDED: Pre-built WPBakery demo – Headphone
ADDED: et_mini_cart_reverse filter
FIXED: White label when “Hide update notices”
FIXED: Elementor scripts in size guide popup
FIXED: Enable Accordion for the product categories widget vs price filter
FIXED: js et_notice undefined error
FIXED: js et_get_notice undefined error
FIXED: swipers inside tabs and popups
FIXED: Main slider in firefox browser
FIXED: Quick view product popup
FIXED: Cookie notice styles when child theme
FIXED: Brands position in Single Product Builder sidebar
FIXED: Search results images size from thumbnail to medium
FIXED: Custom icon for mobile panel more element
UPDATED: move mini cart order way to default
UPDATED: force default for some options (load_wc_cart_fragments, images_loading_type_et);
REMOVED: hidden description for menu items

= Latest version 7.2.6 / Core plugin 3.2.6 =
March 17, 2021
ADDED: Compatibility with WordPress 5.7
ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce 5.1
ADDED: Pre-built Elementor demo – Cosmetics
ADDED: Pre-built Elementor demo – Sushi
ADDED: Price text option if “Hide price” is enabled
ADDED: 8theme Search widget
ADDED: Product categories select (option) for search full-width
ADDED: Option to change My Account view to old/new one
FIXED: Visibility of XStore Map in Elementor editor
FIXED: Sales booster success message when cart amount and settings price are equal
FIXED: Update cache error plugin/theme updates in Dashboard > Updates
FIXED: Shop masonry after page refresh
FIXED: Shop masonry after Ajax navigation
FIXED: Sale percentage
FIXED: Product search WooCommerce widget
FIXED: Memory limit check for windows server
FIXED: Menu error when WooCommerce is not installed
FIXED: 8theme Swatches filter widget when it Ajax loaded and 2 times at the page
FIXED: Mini cart linked product when “Always load cart fragment” option is disabled
FIXED: Compatibility woocommerce-composite-products plugin
FIXED: Compatibility woocommerce-subscriptions plugin
FIXED: Connection block inline style moved to head
FIXED: Static block content in Elementor editor
FIXED: Wishlist Pro reinit after Ajax filters
FIXED: My Account on mobile
FIXED: Removed dependency for Elementor Testimonials Widget with theme options testimonials
FIXED: Border radius settings for select in contact form 7 Elementor widget
FIXED: Reset password URL shortcode for Email Builder
FIXED: Categories WPBakery element broken list type
FIXED: Read more button style on articles
FIXED: Accordion tabs with Single product builder
FIXED: Widgets Columns For Filters Area (min value – 1 column)
FIXED: Menu active item by click
FIXED: Hidden Cross-sells, Upsells, Related products block if no products shown (Single product builder)
FIXED: Product categories with WooCommerce infinite scroll plugin
FIXED: Products bestselling duplications
FIXED: Custom product categories masonry error (not object)
FIXED: Sticky header with off-canvas filters sidebar
FIXED: Search product image sizes
FIXED: Link in account page content
UPDATED: Increased custom font size to 7MB
REMOVED: Support expired notices

= Latest version 7.2.5 / Core plugin 3.2.5 =
ADDED: Pre-built Elementor demo – Organic
ADDED: Pre-built Elementor demo – Electron02
ADDED: Pre-built WPBakery demo – Marseille03
ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce 5.0
ADDED: Request quote element for SPB
ADDED: Search full-width type
ADDED: Mobile header start from (option)
ADDED: Mobile menu element for mobile panel
ADDED: Mobile panel active colors option
ADDED: Pinterest, telegram, tik-tok, untapped, VK elements for Built-in Email Builder socials element
ADDED: Option to show Request a quote on all pages (XStore > Sales booster)
ADDED: Sidebar off-canvas on desktop for shop, category, brand pages
ADDED: Image size for Built-in Email Builder Order details, Products components
ADDED: Clear brands transient option in WooCommerce -> Status -> Tools
ADDED: Hide icon option for Fake popup
ADDED: Breadcrumbs -> Breadcrumbs Categories Title Tag option
ADDED: Catalog Mode -> Permission Restrictions
ADDED: Catalog Mode -> Hide Price
ADDED: Support status
ADDED: Mobile header starts from (option)
ADDED: Show icons in my account page (WooCommerce -> Settings -> Account)
FIXED: Notice with WCFM Vendor plugin
FIXED: Blank page CSS
FIXED: Error if not object for etheme_get_current_page_url()
FIXED: Off-canvas cart/wishlist
FIXED: Swiper reinit in category descriptions with Ajax filters
FIXED: Saving of media to correct D/M/Y folders
FIXED: Category description builded by Elementor/WPBakery after Ajax actions
FIXED: Ajax filters error at product search result page
FIXED: Swiper reinit in category descriptions with ajax filters
FIXED: Updating of bundled plugins during demo version installation
FIXED: Product cart/ product quantity for Catalog Mode
FIXED: Single product page JS error if reload page with active popup
FIXED: Multiple header/single product count
FIXED: Single product sliders
FIXED: Select options button on the archive pages without quantity
FIXED: Undefined variable error in quick view
FIXED: Redirection to my-account on success WooCommerce registration from account dropdown/off-canvas content
FIXED: Closing of photoswipe window by touch of out of image area from mobile
FIXED: Notices from Fake sale popup
FIXED: Fatal error: undefined function etheme_mini_cart_empty
FIXED: Cart/checkout breadcrumbs on mobile
FIXED: XStore White Label Branding Custom menu label, Custom menu icon for frontend
FIXED: Infinite loading for variable products
FIXED: Label attribute for off-canvas account content
FIXED: Loading class for add to cart button of variable products after adding to cart
FIXED: Double price on thank you page
FIXED: PHP warnings with Cookie Notice plugin
FIXED: JS error when WooCommerce Select2 scripts are disabled
FIXED: Compatibility with WooCommerce Min/Max Quantities plugin
FIXED: Notice with WCFM Vendor plugin
FIXED: Blank page css
FIXED: Error if not object for etheme_get_current_page_url()
FIXED: Custom link option of the Wishlist header builder element if mini popup disabled
FIXED: Sticky section reinit for Single product builder after changing the variation
IMPROVED: Bag icon for Sales booster popup
IMPROVED: Customizer redirections from sections, panels
IMPROVED: Closing off-canvas/popup contents with ESC key
IMPROVED: CSS file with variables
IMPROVED: Cart, Wishlist elements in mobile panel
IMPROVED: My Account page
UPDATED: XStore icons library v.1.5 (downloads, logout icons)

= Latest version / Core plugin 3.2.4 =
FIXED: Back to top button for old users

= Latest version 7.2.4 / Core plugin 3.2.4 =
ADDED: Pre-built Elementor demo – Headphones
ADDED: Pre-built WPBakery demo – Niche Market02
ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce 4.9
ADDED: “Request a quote” option for the single product
ADDED: Show only min price on variable products (option)
ADDED: Show Quantity Input For Products for mobile (option in off-canvas)
ADDED: Search results count on the search results page https://prnt.sc/wgrvh4
ADDED: Ajax update of the cart page
ADDED: Ajax loading for of 8theme widgets (except the Static block)
ADDED: Related Products per view for carousel on mobile (single product builder)
ADDED: Upsell Products per view for carousel on mobile (single product builder)
ADDED: Cross-sells Products per view for carousel on mobile (single product builder)
ADDED: Select custom menu for Account element (Header builder)
ADDED: Filled Icons option for share icons
FIXED: Sale label for product element lazy loading
FIXED: Product Status Filters widget (showed the draft product as in stock)
FIXED: “Sidebar Widgets Content collapsed” for QR code and about author widgets
FIXED: 8theme – Products Widgets notice
FIXED: 8theme Instagram Widget
FIXED: Shop Ajax filters error if product categories tab is enabled in mobile menu
FIXED: Theme style if child theme enabled but XStore core plugin disabled
FIXED: 8theme – Featured Posts, 8theme – Posts Widget, Default Recent Posts Widget at the search result page
FIXED: 8theme Ajax elements work only by scroll from now
FIXED: Variable product add to cart error
FIXED: Widgets more button
FIXED: Compatibility with Redirect 404 Error Page to Homepage plugin
FIXED: 8theme Product Status filter for WPML and loco translate
FIXED: More button for widgets on the brand archive page
FIXED: 8theme – Brand List widget
FIXED: Installing undefined https://prnt.sc/xdg9td
FIXED: 8theme – Menu widget and mega menu with more button
FIXED: 8theme – Brand List widget image type when brand without image
FIXED: Version importer if Elementor and WPBakery page builders are active
FIXED: Single product builder Connect block
FIXED: Products widget slider with Elementor editor
FIXED: Posts widget slider with Elementor editor
FIXED: Add to cart hover button on variable products with quantity
FIXED: Search form width on the mobile header in connection block
FIXED: Single product with the vertical gallery on mobile breaks other sliders
FIXED: Design WPBakery responsive options for columns inner
FIXED: Design WPBakery responsive options of the static block
FIXED: WhatsApp share link for desktop/mobile in the single product builder
FIXED: PHP notice for 8theme Active Product Filters widget
FIXED: Products count of Sales booster
FIXED: Disabling of Sales booster elements
FIXED: IDs for titles of menu-list/menu-list-item WPBakery elements
FIXED: Ajax Add to cart with WPML
FIXED: WPML config error
FIXED: Products grid after Ajax filter by categories when grid columns on category page inherit shop page
FIXED: RTL Portfolio with LTR view
FIXED: Portfolio spacing
TWEAK: AJAX Add To Cart For Simple Products changed to AJAX Add To Cart For Simple And Variable Products
UPDATED: 8theme – Filter Products by Brands widget removed display type Dropdown
UPDATED: Cart/checkout styles
UPDATED: Back top styles

= Latest version 7.2.3 / Core plugin 3.2.3 =
January 05, 2021
ADDED: Pre-built Elementor demo – Niche market 02
ADDED: Pre-built Elementor demo – Corporate
ADDED: Sales Booster – Fake sale popup option
ADDED: Columns value 4 for list layout of Product Elementor widget
ADDED: Enable sticky sidebar (option) single product builder
ADDED: Product content effect (option) for related, upsells, crossells product in single product builder
ADDED: Hover Color Scheme (option) for related, upsells, crossells product in single product builder
ADDED: Image hover effect (option) for related, upsells, crossells product in single product builder
ADDED: Cart page cross-sell product settings
ADDED: Location of Upsell Products – None (single product option)
ADDED: Info for top bar menu
ADDED: Hide update notices option for xstore white branding plugin
ADDED: Ajax add to cart for variable products
ADDED: Archive Product Page – Quantity for variable products
ADDED: Notice during theme installation if demo or element do not exist in the version of theme
IMPROVED: Breadcrumbs on single post
IMPROVED: Coupon input shown by default on cart
IMPROVED: Sticky header start max value – 500
IMPROVED: Blog carousel Elementor widget slider navigation
IMPROVED: Brands Carousel Elementor widget slider navigation
IMPROVED: Instagram Elementor widget slider navigation
IMPROVED: Products Elementor widget slider navigation
IMPROVED: Advanced products view mode
FIXED: Filters area widgets toggle
FIXED: Products Categories widget result columns with Ajax
FIXED: Slider loading stuck
FIXED: Product Categories custom masonry content
FIXED: Single product gallery arrows with Elementor builder
FIXED: Autoplay of the WPBakery image gallery slider in product tabs of variable single product
FIXED: Categories lists exclude option (elementor)
FIXED: Single product builder sidebar
FIXED: WhatsApp link in share socials
FIXED: PHP notices for custom content product brands element
FIXED: Categories widget columns in menu dropdown on shop page
FIXED: Cross-sell columns/slides on cart page were inherited from single product builder
FIXED: Dublication of category banner + correct position of banner while using Ajax filter on the shop page
FIXED: Fatal error in some cases for Products element (Ajax with swatches)
FIXED: Minor CSS bugs
FIXED: WooCommerce widgets database error https://prnt.sc/w4m2ng
FIXED: Product Categories Lists https://prnt.sc/w4kn8d
FIXED: Bug with the import of Elementor version for users who use out of date version of theme
FIXED: https://prnt.sc/w73hrv when installed and activated all plugins for version (Elementor and WPBakery)
FIXED: Mini cart progress with multi currency
FIXED: Ajax filters with WooCommerce Infinite Scroll and Ajax Pagination plugin
FIXED: Single product prev/next navigation
TWEAK: Moved empty cart settings from Customizer->Woocommerce->Shop to Customizer->Woocommerce->Cart

= LATEST UPDATE: XStore 7.2.2 Core 3.2.2 =
December 19, 2020

ADDED: Pre-built Elementor demo – Marseille03
ADDED: Search dropdown color scheme (option) header builder
ADDED: Navigation static (option) promo text element in header builder
ADDED: Instagram escape albums and videos
ADDED: Option to enable/disable WC cart fragments(Theme Options > Speed Optimization)
ADDED: WooCommerce Currency options support for mini cart progress
IMPROVED: Quantity in mini cart
UPDATED: XStore-Icons library to v1.4 (untapped, twitch icons added)
FIXED: Products Masonry Elementor element (when no Products selected)
FIXED: Posts Masonry (when no Posts selected)
FIXED: Products Categories Masonry (when no Products Categories selected)
FIXED: Variation swatches popup style type in Ajax Product Tabs Elementor element
FIXED: Shop page masonry does not work for 2+ page of Ajax pagination
FIXED: Variation price in quick view
FIXED: Product quantity in archives without Ajax
FIXED: Cross-sell products on cart/checkout error
FIXED: Fatal error (uncaught value error)
FIXED: Sidebar show more for sidebar area
FIXED: All departments limit items with submenus
FIXED: Upsells slider items count for single product builder
FIXED: Cross-sells slider items count for single product builder

= v7.2.1 / Core plugin 3.2.1 =
Coming Soon
ADDED: Compatibility with WP 5.6
ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce 4.8
ADDED: Image size option for Categories WPBakery element
ADDED: Label of imported demo at XStore Panel
ADDED: Select2 for 8theme Static Block widget
IMPROVED: Space between tabs in Single product builder (80px)
FIXED: RTL quick view off-canvas animations
FIXED: Sticky cart content
FIXED: Ajax pagination on category page
FIXED: Structure data for Single Product Builder
FIXED: Tag option in Elementor Menu List widget for menu list item
FIXED: Excluded drafts from lazy loading of Products element
FIXED: Password eye position in registration form
FIXED: Icon box with image
FIXED: Default image size for categories Elementor/WPBakery element
FIXED: Polylang home page url
UPDATED: js/backstretch.js
UPDATED: js/modernizr.js
UPDATED: js/photoSwipe.js
UPDATED: js/slick.js
REMOVED: js/picturefill.js
REMOVED: js/wc-quantity-increment.js
REMOVED: js/cookie.js
REMOVED: theme/versions.php
REMOVED: theme/widgets.php

= Latest version 7.2 / Core plugin 3.2 =
ADDED: Built-in Email Builder
ADDED: Pre-built Elementor demo – Books
ADDED: Location Of Cross-Sell Products on single product page (option)
ADDED: Cross-Sell Products Single Product Builder element
ADDED: et-core-plugin\app\models\customizer\builder\template-parts\conditions\multiple-condition-header.php
ADDED: et-core-plugin\app\models\customizer\builder\template-parts\conditions\multiple-condition-single-product.php
ADDED: Count of the Multiple headers
ADDED: Notification of the Single product template editing
FIXED: Object cache for mini cart linked products (error for some products and empty cart content in mini cart)
FIXED: Product status widget with Ajax filters
FIXED: Duplication of products in upsells/cross-sells content in mini cart if this product is added to cart
FIXED: Account header builder element (user_login replaced with display_name)
FIXED: Clear button of the Ajax search5
FIXED: Language conditions for “Entire site”
FIXED: Multiple header conditions (All archives select)
FIXED: Plural and single comments
FIXED: Portfolio variable name in URL
FIXED: WordPress spell
FIXED: Dokan empty if
FIXED: Variable name from global to something else
FIXED: Printf orders
FIXED: Create child theme empty if statement
FIXED: Translate domain
FIXED: etheme_portfolio_ajax empty else
FIXED: Silencing errors is forbidden (removed @ /menu-images/inc/admin.php)
FIXED: Removed empty if in version check file
FIXED: Untraslated text
FIXED: Prefix for variable in breadcrumb
FIXED: Woo templates PHP/CSS errors
FIXED: content-single-product-builder remove empty if and comments
REMOVED: et-core-plugin\app\models\customizer\builder\template-parts\multiple-condition.php

= Latest version 7.1.3 / Core plugin 3.1.3 =
ADDED: Sidebar off-canvas icon for mobile
ADDED: Rel param for button shortcode
ADDED: Buy now button color settings for single product builder
ADDED: Show View Cart Button (option)
ADDED: Input password eye globally
ADDED: Border radius setting for Slider Elementor widget
ADDED: Icon option for search element in header builder
ADDED: Custom Icon SVG for search element in header builder
ADDED: Make Categories Menu Primary for mobile menu header builder element (option)
ADDED: Show Linked Products for mini cart content (option)
ADDED: Linked Products type for mini cart content (option)
ADDED: Compare version step during demo data installation
ADDED: Compatibility with WP reCaptcha Integration plugin
ADDED: Search product variations option
ADDED: Ajax for product categories widget option
FIXED: Variation images in Ajax search results
FIXED: Categories style (Classic type)
FIXED: Mobile menu categories dropdown
FIXED: Default header on first setup (styles)
FIXED: Elementor stretch section in product tabs
FIXED: Product hover effects styles
FIXED: Product title typography options for Products Elementor widget
FIXED: Buy now redirect if “Redirect to the cart page after successful addition” option is enabled
FIXED: Product quantity for simple products in Ajax tabs Elementor widget
FIXED: Sticky header if only for mobile
FIXED: Quick view for product variation
FIXED: Related products error message (Single Product Builder)
FIXED: Single product multiple templates
FIXED: Fixed LQIP loading image if thumbnails are not regenerated
FIXED: Ajax search for SKU product variations
FIXED: Ajax category filter (descriptions/breadcrumbs bug)
FIXED: WPBakery Icon box element width problem

= v7.1.2 =
- ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce 4.7
- ADDED: Pre-built Elementor demo – Spa Lavender
- ADDED: Ajax for shop page WooCommerce ordering filter
- ADDED: Ajax for shop page XStore grid/list switcher
- ADDED: Ajax for shop page XStore products-per-page switcher
- FIXED: Installation of the default WooCommerce pages during demo content import
- FIXED: WooComerce create default pages option (WooCommerce > Status > Tools)
- FIXED: woocomerce_after_cart_item_name
- FIXED: Single post template created using Elementor Pro
- FIXED: Shop page sidebar (error with position)
- FIXED: Show More Filters
- FIXED: Private products for brand filter
- FIXED: Mobile menu subitems (open/close error)
- FIXED: Variation swatches in Ajax Product Tabs element
- FIXED: et_per_page if user does not change XStore products per page switcher
- FIXED: Alert on shop page after using returns to previous page link
- FIXED: Removing of all filters after changing XStore products per page switcher
- FIXED: Removing of all filters after changing XStore grid/list switcher
- FIXED: Shop categories (classic style)
- FIXED: Double brand after filtering in 8theme Active Product Filters widget
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