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GiveWP Premium v2.18.1 (+addons) – Donation Plugin and Fundraising Platform


Plugin GiveWP nhằm mục đích để tối ưu việc gây quỹ – quyên góp, nâng cao sứ mệnh của WordPress.

GiveWP Premium được tạo để người dùng và các tổ chức phi lợi nhuận có thể xuất bản các hình thức quyên góp của riêng họ, giúp dễ dàng gây quỹ, tạo báo cáo và định cấu hình email trực tiếp trong bảng điều khiển WordPress.

Cung cấp hỗ trợ tạo các biểu mẫu linh hoạt để bạn có thể chấp nhận thanh toán với số tiền khác nhau hoặc cho phép người dùng gửi bất kỳ số tiền nào họ muốn gửi. Các nhà phát triển cũng có thể dễ dàng thêm các trường biểu mẫu tùy chỉnh.

Tính năng nổi bật GiveWP Premium – Donation Plugin and Fundraising Platform

GiveWP addons

  • Xây dựng các hình thức quyên góp tùy chỉnh bên trong WordPress.
  • Dễ dàng thiết lập quyên góp để tăng doanh thu của nhà tài trợ.
  • Hình thức quyên góp trông tuyệt vời trên bất kỳ chủ đề.
  • Các trường tùy chỉnh, mục tiêu, nhiều tùy chọn cho, và nhiều hơn nữa.
  • Nhận một cái nhìn tổng quan đầy đủ về hoạt động quyên góp của bạn.
  • Kiểm soát dữ liệu của bạn với khả năng xuất và nhập.
  • Lọc báo cáo theo ngày, hình thức và phương thức thanh toán.
  • Đo lường hiệu suất trên nhiều chiến dịch.
  • Xem một lịch sử đầy đủ của hoạt động tài trợ.
  • Tích hợp với các công cụ của bên thứ ba phổ biến.
  • Tạo biên lai khấu trừ thuế.
  • Xuất hoặc tích hợp dữ liệu nhà tài trợ của bạn.
Download GiveWP Premium – Donation Plugin and Fundraising Platform Nulled Free Changelog

2.18.1: FEBRUARY 2ND, 2022
Fix: On Classic template the payment fields didn’t show up when there was only one active gateway, and now they do!
2.18.0: JANUARY 19TH, 2022
New: Shiny new Classic Form Template! Check it out!
New: New Gateway API under the hood for integrating with payment gateways. Developer docs to come!
Change: Only warnings and errors are logged unless WP_DEBUG_LOG is enabled
Change: Increased the default donation goal to $10,000, because who couldn’t use $10k?
Fix: Currency symbol now displays correctly when using Currency Switcher
Fix: Donation Summary now works properly with admin-defined recurrence
Fix: Avoid PayPal IPN errors when using test mode
2.17.3: JANUARY 17TH, 2022
Security: Minor XSS vulnerabilities, which require admin access to exploit, have been resolved
2.17.2: DECEMBER 28TH, 2021
Fix: Only validate email settings that are not empty
2.17.1: NOVEMBER 23RD, 2021
Fix: Took care of an annoying babel-polyfill 404 in the JavaScript console
2.17.0: NOVEMBER 18TH, 2021
New: Shiny new add-ons page in the admin for exploring our latest add-ons and plans!
New: Donation Summary section for Multi-Step form! Enable it for existing forms in the Form Template Options for each form!
2.16.2: NOVEMBER 11TH, 2021
New: Donations made via PayPal Donations are now marked as donation in PayPal; also added a setting if you need to change it back
Fix: Take care of some notices when editing a form and in onboarding — friendly reminder NOT to display PHP warnings on production!
Fix: Got rid of another notice when using checkboxes in the Fields API
2.16.1: NOVEMBER 2ND, 2021
Fix: Resolved Multi-Step Form PHP 7.2 and lower compatibility issue
2.16.0: OCTOBER 24TH, 2021
New: You can now disable google font for Multi-Step form within the form options
New: Conditional fields are now possible in the Field API (useful in new Form Field Manager update!)
Fix: Give icons in Gutenberg block admin UI now display correctly in Firefox
Fix: Resolved issue where a minimum donation error was not showing up properly
2.15.0: OCTOBER 11TH, 2021
New: There is a new option for making the Donor Last Name field required
Changed: Sending a preview email now gets send to the email of the user triggering the preview
Changed: Improved Donor Dashboard messages with improved clarity for donors
Changed: Donor Dashboard only displays user/password fields if registration is enabled
Changed: PayPal IPN Verification is now enabled by default for better security
Fix: Simplified PayPal IPN Verification to avoid failure when there wasn’t any
Fix: Further improvements for PHP 8 compatibility
Fix: Donors can now properly set custom amounts in their Donor Dashboard
Fix: Corrected Lifetime and Average donation amount formatting in Donor Dashboard
Fix: Restored PHP 5.6 compatibility when running GiveWP WP CLI commands
Fix: Offline gateway custom label now shows up properly in donation form
Fix: Offline donation instructions don’t show up if specific form disables gateway
Fix: Various fixes to the internal Field API
2.14.0: SEPTEMBER 21ST, 2021
New: A lot of improvements to the Fields API in preparation for Peer-to-Peer!
Fix: Corrected a notice when using offline donations
Fix: Improved decimal formatting in the Multi-Step amount buttons
Fix: Social sharing works properly again after making a donation
Fix: Payment ID in donation email preview correctly reflects the sequenced ID
Fix: Connecting to Stripe on PHP 8 no longer throws an error… it just connects
2.13.4: SEPTEMBER 3RD, 2021
Fix: Corrected a migration introduced in the last release that had a chance of removing donation level data
2.13.3: SEPTEMBER 1ST, 2021
Fix: Resolved rare issue with Revenue not storing properly on donation form created during onboarding
Fix: Donor selecting “Custom” donation amount now focuses on the amount field
2.13.2: AUGUST 26TH, 2021
Fix: Resolved issue where donation forms failed to submit when Stripe was disabled
2.13.1: AUGUST 20TH, 2021
Fix: Resolved issue where donations with a custom amount changed after a payment error
Fix: Customizer is no longer broken
2.13.0: AUGUST 19TH, 2021
New: Fresh new UI for managing Stripe accounts
2.12.3: AUGUST 12TH, 2021
Fix: Resolved issues some donors were having updating subscription cards or amount from Donor Dashboard
Fix: Primary color picker for multi-step form remains visible if Step 1 is disabled
Fix: Replace Legacy Form placeholder with nice, instructive image
Fix: Improve styling for admin-defined recurring donations on multi-step form
Fix: Improve styling for eCheck on multi-step form
Fix: Payment errors no longer revert custom donation amounts
2.12.2: JULY 30TH, 2021
New: Improvements to the Onboarding Wizard
New: Minor improvements to the Fields API
Fix: An admin deleting a donor’s donation no longer reveal other donor’s donations to them in the Donor Dashboard
2.12.1: JULY 22ST, 2021
Fix: Resolved an issue with admin-defined recurring options showing up as a bunch of HTML
2.12.0: JULY 21ST, 2021
New: Compatible with the upcoming GiveWP – Text-to-Give release!
Change: Various style improvements for accessibility within the admin
Fix: Improved compatibility with PHP 8, resolving various warnings and deprecation notices
Fix: Rare issue of disabling custom donation amounts causing a missing field in donation deatils is resolved
Fix: Got rid of “Unsupported declare strict_types” warning
2.11.3: JULY 6TH, 2021
Fix: Important fix which makes sure that downtime cannot affect the uptime of customer sites
2.11.2: JUNE 8TH, 2021
Fix: Our new system for logging exceptions now handles critical errors better
Fix: Uninstalling GiveWP no longer throws an exception
2.11.1: MAY 24TH, 2021
New: You can now enable billing details for PayPal Donations in Settings > Payment Gateways > PayPal
Fix: Donor Dashboard is really translatable this time. Honestly.

2.11.0: MAY 19TH, 2021
New: Multi-Step form template has a new setting to enable showing decimals in amounts
New: Donor Dashboard is now fully translatable
Changed: Indian state of Odisha (formerly Orissa) is now updated to reflect legal name change
Changed: Onboarding includes KR (Repulic of Korea) currency option
Changed: Removed legacy option to custom load Stripe SDK as it no longer did anything
Fix: Editing a donor’s address no longer removes spacing between words
Fix: All email templates can now be disabled
Fix: Applying Fee Recovery now correctly handles cent rounding in Stripe
Fix: Importing donations now works on all main browsers
2.10.4: APRIL 29TH, 2021
Security: Resolved Authorized XSS vulnerability – note, you had to be logged in as admin to exploit it
Changed: Removed PHAR files from vendor directory to meet standards
Changed: Switched to using WP HTTP remote functions to meet standards
Fixed: Improved escaping in a few places to improve security
Fixed: Corrected is_give_form() post type so it once again works
2.10.3: APRIL 21ST, 2021
Fixed: Authentication now works more reliably for the Donor Dashboard on different hosts
Fixed: Nonces were added to the Donor Dashboard for additional authentication and security
Fixed: Donors without WP accounts are now able to upload avatar images
Fixed: Logging out from Donor Dashboard works reliably
Fixed: Renewals were falsely marked as test donations; it was superficial, but is now correct
2.10.2: APRIL 14TH, 2021
Changed: Stripe fee does not apply to Brazil due to Stripe limitations
Fixed: Migration for creating the logs table is now compatible with MySQL 5.5 and up
Fixed: When an authentication error occurs on the Donor Dashboard the user can no longer see others’ donations
Fixed: Made sure that under no circumstances can logging cause an exception… to avoid irony
Fixed: Activating GiveWP will now generate a Donor Dashboard page ONLY if one does not already exist

2.10.1: MARCH 30TH, 2021
Fixed: Fatal error triggered by the Donor Dashboard on PHP 5.6
Fixed: Donations to Revenue table migration where migration got stuck on error
Fixed: Broken email tag link in description
Fixed: Cleared up PHP notices on system info page
Fixed: GiveWP Database management tool is now backwards compatible to MySQL 5.5
Fixed: Cleaned up extra .git directories that got included in vendors
Fixed: Donor search no longer shows undefined index notice
Fixed: Fatal error thrown on page/post edit screens when migration table creation failed
Fixed: Donor Dashboard now works properly on hosts with aggressive page caching
Fixed: Donor Dashboard is only generated by admins in the admin-side, not other users by accident

2.10.0: MARCH 22ND, 2021
New: Donor Profile block with a whole new experience for donors to view and manage their donations
New: Rebuilt log system from the ground up for better log viewing and database management
New: Migration tool for viewing all GiveWP migrations and troubleshooting them
Fixed: Paypal Donations now sends Form title to PayPal for use in receipts
Fixed: PayPal Donations now works properly with forms using the “Button” Display Option.
Fixed: Form logins now work properly with the PayPal Donations gateway

2.9.7: FEBRUARY 9TH, 2021
Fixed: Using CLI commands no longer throws a fatal error due to a missing dev package
Fixed: When guest registration is disabled the checkbox to create an account is hidden
Fixed: Multi Form Goal component no longer throws an error when used in Divi
Fixed: Corrected some styles in the Setup Page for gateway links

2.9.6: JANUARY 13TH, 2021
New: Additional logging and improved messaging for PayPal Donations onboarding
New: Added ability to adjust gravatar size for the Donor Wall block
Fixed: Personal information field icons are preserved when switching payment gateways
Fixed: Fee Recovery checkbox no longer has weird visual glitches on hover
Fixed: Corrected missing borders for PayPal Donation credit card fields in Firefox
Fixed: The form title is now reflected in PayPal for donations made through PayPal Donation
Fixed: Resolved an error where some servers had a trouble with the autoloader using a relative path
Fixed: Made sure that caching does not cause donations to incorrectly show up as pending in receipt
Fixed: Create an Account checkbox only shows up when Guest Checkout is enabled
Fixed: Form fields now preserve their values when the payment gateway changes
Fixed: Took care of a few cross-browser compatibility issues with the multi-step form
Fixed: Stopped taps from registering as double-clicks on checkboxes in donation forms
Fixed: Multi-Form Goals added via shortcode now stack image and text when needed
Fixed: Foreign keys are no longer used on Give tables and are now removed
Fixed: Give Aid description popup now works properly on Multi-Step forms

2.9.5: DECEMBER 3RD, 2020
New: Added Jamaica to list of countries for onboarding
Fixed: Currency Switcher options display correctly on Windows machines
Fixed: Corrected style issues in Multi-Step forms on iOS devices
Fixed: Restored compatibility with WP versions prior to 5.1.1

2.9.4: NOVEMBER 20TH, 2020
Fixed: Revenue database migration for donations with an amount of 0 now work
Fixed: Restored compatibility with versions of WP prior to 5.5 when deleting donations
Fixed: Stripe single-input credit card fields work once again
Fixed: Donor’s updating the card of Stripe subscriptions work again

2.9.3: NOVEMBER 17TH, 2020
Fixed: Stripe Credit Card donations now work when it is not the default gateway
Fixed: Stripe Checkout Modal are working again as well
Fixed: A MigrationRunner warning no longer displays on fresh installs and sites upgrading from 2.8.0

2.9.2: NOVEMBER 9TH, 2020
New: Added a method for manually triggering migrations to re-attempt failed migrations
Fixed: Resolved an issue when creating donations for currencies with different decimal ranges
Fixed: Free add-ons no longer cause license errors
Fixed: Resolved issue that prevented some donors from updating their subscription card or amount
Fixed: Stripe Modal now renders without any issues on different screen sizes
Fixed: Recover donation form to be ready for a retry after Stripe error
Fixed: Multi-step form now reflects form color when embedded on a page
Fixed: MultiForm Goal shortcode now supports comma separated lists
Fixed: Resolved issue with revenue table migration failing on MyISAM tables

2.9.1: OCTOBER 28TH, 2020
Fixed: Restore PayPal Standard functionality that was affected by a name change in GiveWP 2.9.0 (#5414)
Fixed: Restore compatibility with WordPress 4.9

2.9.0: OCTOBER 27TH, 2020
Added: New PayPal Donations gateway allows your donors to give using Debit or Credit Cards directly on your website with no additional fees
Added: New Multi-form Goal block combines progress from multiple donation forms towards a common goal
Added: Company Name can now be displayed on Donor Wall (#5374)
Added: Multi-step form styles are now compatible with Currency Switcher (#5220)
Changed: New database table handles revenue independently from donations for improved performance (#5257)
Fixed: Imported donations do not affect donation levels anymore (#5410)
Fixed: Reports for “All Time” are now inclusive of the first day (#5400)
Fixed: Tabbing through credit card fields now works in the expected order (#5380)
Fixed: Legacy form loading spinner no longer stutters (#5397)
Fixed: Field description text is now accessible and aligned (#5396)

2.8.1: OCTOBER 8TH, 2020
Fixed: Donations now process for non-US countries using billing details #5355

2.8.0: AUGUST 31ST, 2020
Added: Onboarding Wizard guides new users through first-time configuration. #5014
Added: Setup Page clarifies required steps that must be completed prior to accepting live donations. #5014
Added: Multi-step forms now support RTL styles. #5196
Changed: Stripe Checkout modal is now rendered using Stripe Elements so that users can continue to use the modal display style even after it is deprecated by Stripe. #4964
Changed: Default minimum donation amount is increased from $1.00 to $5.00 to help prevent card testing spam. #5120
Changed: Optional fields in the Multi-Step form template are denoted to appear distinct from required fields. #5157
Removed: Old Welcome Page has been removed in favor of the new Onboarding Wizard & Setup Page. #5014
Removed: Admin notice animation has been removed. #5182
Fixed: Deprecated jQuery warnings no longer appear when jQuery Migrate Helper plugin is active. #5184
Fixed: The [give_receipt] shortcode is more compatible alongside other shortcodes, which is especially relevant for page builders. #5044
Fixed: Resolved style and JS issues in WordPress 5.5+ with GiveWP’s WP-admin metabox expand/collapse and repeater elements. #5126
Fixed: A register_rest_route notice no longer displays when creating a new page in the block editor. #5115
Fixed: Multi-step form anonymous donation checkbox is now checkable after changing the payment gateway. #5191
Fixed: Fee Recovery checkbox placement in Multi-Step forms now respects the Fee Recovery input location setting. #5205
Fixed: Form Field Manager controls are now set up on init of the Multi-Step form to ensure they work with only a single gateway enabled. #5216

2.7.5: AUGUST 11TH, 2020
New: Form Templates now support all permalink configurations (or lack there of), including the default value of “plain”. #4952
New: The Donations search bar now allows you to search by like keywords for rather than exact match which makes it a lot easier to find proper results. #4994
Fix: Revamped the logic for requiring Postal / Zip codes for countries that do not have postal codes. #5006
Fix: Resolved an issue when using the Multi-Step donation form with the first step disabled would cause the donor to auto-scroll incorrectly on page load. #5004
Fix: Resolved a database table creation issue for new installs due to bug within our new bootstrapping process. #5017
Fix: Ensure that the “Title Prefixes” maintain the order of values when saved. #4992
Fix: The “Donation Form” Block can now properly be re-selected when it’s using the new Multi-Step donation form template and the admin loses focus on the block. #5017

2.7.4: AUGUST 4TH, 2020
Fix: The uninstall process in v2.7.3 previously resulted in a fatal error due to a change made in the plugin’s bootstrapping process. #4981

2.7.3: JULY 29TH, 2020
Fix: The Donation Reports were not correctly calculating renewals processed via the Recurring Donations add-on leading to incorrect figures. #4883
Fix: The new Multi-Step Form Template was not correctly marking donations as anonymous if the donor elected to give anonymously. #4959
Fix: Reports have been improved to account for the use of a comma as the currency decimal separator. Previously, when using a ‘,’ as the decimal separator for a currency, it produced inconsistent errors in terms of decimal placement for totals displayed on the Reports page. Furthermore, using a ‘,’ for the decimal separator resulted in consistent misplacement of the decimal in the Average Donations totals. #4926
Fix: The Chosen select dropdown field now can properly have separate values and labels. #4943
Fix: Fixed a typo in the default Thank You page content for the new Multi-step Form Template. #4909
Fix: The give_get_meta filter had a duplicate parameter passed and now properly passes all parameters. #4464

2.7.2: JULY 6TH, 2020
Fix: The 2.7.0 upgrade routine could cause WP-Admin to be incorrectly redirected to the update success screen for certain hosting environments after completion. #4900
Fix: The Donor Wall shortcode now allows you to properly only display certain donors by their donor IDs. #4864
Fix: Improved the Multi-Step Form Template styles when only one gateway is active. Previously the “Donate Now” button wouldn’t be properly centered aligned and checkboxes could be a smaller width than the container. #4882
Fix: Provided support for the “Anonymous Donations” checkbox within the new Multi-step Form Template. #4888
Fix: The “Terms and Conditions” checkbox can now be properly scrolled on mobile devices. #4899
Fix: When Google Pay was the default gateway a notice would incorrectly display in the new donation form template. #4879

2.7.1: JUNE 30TH, 2020
Fix: Resolved an issue with the 2.7.0 releasing causing the Form Grid shortcode to not render due to a PHP fatal error. #4877
Fix: Updated a JavaScript version to the latest to prevent browser caching from causing the Reports widgets to not function until a hard browser refresh. #4876

2.7.0: JUNE 29TH, 2020
New: We’re excited to announce a new way to create your donation forms called “Form Templates”. The first template is allows you to create a highly customizable multi-step donation form where you control all the text, colors, and images in place. Be sure to update to the latest version of your add-ons for full compatibility. Read more about Form Templates
New: Multiple Stripe Account is here! Now you can connect to multiple Stripe accounts and set them per donation form. That means organizations, like charities with chapters or schools with clubs that need to raise money online, can create different forms to accept donations through separate Stripe accounts. Read more about Stripe Multi-Accounts
New: Our Gutenberg blocks’ UI was improved so they are have a better user experience.
Tweak: Previous to this release we were packaging two TCPDF packages for backwards compatibility reason. We removed one of the packages and now are relying on the composer package. This means that you’ll need to be running the PDF Receipts version add-on at 2.3.4 or higher for compatibility. #4656
Fix: If you install GiveWP and didn’t configure anything there would be a JavaScript error on the frontend if Stripe is not connected but enabled, which it is by default for new installs. #4709
Fix: Improved how reports are rounding percentages so that the trend comparisons are more accurate. #4766
Fix: Monaco doesn’t have states so don’t display or require a state field when that country is selected. #4773
Fix: Properly internationalized a tooltip in Stripe so translations properly display. #4677
Fix: The “Add-ons” like on the plugin activation welcome screen was broken. #4843
Fix: Resolved a caching conflict with WP Rocket that was preventing donation forms from being cached properly. #4546
Fix: Prevented a fatal error that could occur on the Donor profile screen in WP-Admin when the Stripe add-on is active but no Stripe payment gateways are enabled. #4787

2.6.3: MAY 19TH, 2020
New: Added a new payment gateway for Stripe called BECS Direct Debit payments for Australia. This includes support for one time and subscription payments. Note: Subscription payments are only supported via the Recurring Donations add-on. #4590
Fix: Improved Stripe’s error handling so that the error output is more descriptive of the actual problem and donations are not marked as complete if the card is denied by Stripe. #4689
Fix: When viewing legacy reports and filtering data you would incorrectly be redirected to the new reports screen instead of seeing filtered report data. #4644
Fix: The alignment of the money fields were off a few pixels on the donation form settings screen. #4638
Fix: Modified pro license logic so that old license keys saved to the database don’t cause incorrect notices to display. #4669
Fix: Updated the country select dropdown to remove missing and incorrect countries. #4745
Fix: Dates for the donor wall now output the properly translated date. #4721
Fix: Several field descriptions in the plugin settings had typos and / or required clarity for better understanding. #4649, #2808
Tweak: Replaced the default placeholder image that was using image for a local image for improved support. #4743

2.6.2: APRIL 1ST, 2020
Fix: Resolved an issue with Stripe in the latest release which prevented the donation form from properly redirecting to the donation receipt page upon successful donation. #4605
Fix: Modified how we compare values in Stripe’s gateway JavaScript to prevent a Payment Intent error from happening for certain configurations. #4604

2.6.1: MARCH 30TH, 2020
New: Stripe now has the SEPA Direct Debit gateway integrated. This is a popular payment option in Europe and can be used to accept one-time and recurring donations. #4571, #4313
Fix: The new Reports screen was not properly caching results which would cause delays in pulling data on larger sites or small resource servers. #4514
Fix: The new Reports screen was having issues with certain currency formats which resulted in inaccurate figures. #4537, #4559
Fix: Resolved an issue with the new Reports interface throwing a few PHP notices. #4515, #4593, #4592
Fix: Adjusted our Gutenberg styles so that it doesn’t conflict with WordPress’. #4577
Fix: Resolved an error when using Stripe’s Checkout feature with the Recurring Donations causing “The Stripe Gateway returned an error while creating the Checkout Session” error. #4566
Fix: Resolved an issue with user roles that would display the “Donations” top level menu item in WP-Admin incorrectly to subscribers. Note: none of the screens would be accessible. #4524
Fix: Solved an issue where Stripe payments with the form grid not rendering correctly when opening and closing donation forms in the popup modal window. #4467
Fix: The “Title” field would not correctly display as optional (the asterisk would not remove) when set as optional. #4510

2.6.0: MARCH 4TH, 2020
New: The Reporting feature of GiveWP has undergone a major enhancement. Now reports display using a much improved visual charting interface with a breakdown of income, donors, top donation forms, and more. #1525, #4330
New: The WP-Admin dashboard Donation Report widget for GiveWP has also undergone a major improvement. Now you can get a high-level overview of your donations for the day, week, or month from directly in you dashboard. #4370
New: The Akismet SPAM feature has been improved with logs for admins to better understand why an email has been flagged as SPAM as well as a new Whitelist setting for them to allow email addresses to bypass the check. #4110
Fix: Resolved an issue with the “Recalculate Income Amount and Donation Counts for a Form” not accurately recalculating when using Currency Switcher add-on. #4447
Fix: Resolved an issue with large databases with more than 13,000 donors receiving a fatal error when viewing the donor’s list screen. #4444
Tweak: You can now activate any plugin within the GiveWP Licenses tab. This resolves an issue with “this plugin does not have a valid header” error admins were receiving. #4443
Tweak: Updated the [give_login] shortcode text output to “Username or Email Address” to match WP’s login. Note: you have been able to always log in using email but now the text accurately reflects that. #4434

2.5.13: JANUARY 15TH, 2020
Fix: Resolved an issue when using button mode of multiple donation buttons appearing incorrectly within shortcodes, blocks, and widgets. #4379
Fix: Correct an ordering issue with the form grid when sorting by “Form Title” it was using the slug rather than the actual donation form title. #4392
Fix: Removed deprecated usage of wp.components.ServerSideRender in our Gutenberg blocks. #4402
Tweak: Refactored the give_doing_it_wrong() function so that it properly displays Give-specific messages for developers. #2572

2.5.12: DECEMBER 31ST, 2019
Fix: Resolved an issue with donation receipt emails and admin notifications not being sent out properly when a new donation is made. The cause of the issue was a security permission check incorrectly put in place in the previous version that was unable to be bypassed by new donors. We’ve reverted that change and fully tested to ensure emails are working as expected again. #4379

2.5.11: DECEMBER 23RD, 2019
Fix: Activating Give created a minor style conflict with the Gutenberg editor slightly pushing down some buttons. This has been resolved by refactoring the styles so they no longer conflict with WP Core elements. #4354
Fix: Sorting donation payments by taxonomy would result in AJAX fails in JavaScript. #2976
Improvement: New unit test added to test for the give_verify_minimum_price() function. #3232
Refactor: Removed duplicate code for fetching donor addresses to improve performance. #3253
Refactor: We removed the old notes column from the donor table now that that data has long been migrated over to a custom tables’ column. #3632
Fix: Improved responsiveness in the donation forms list screen by preventing the copy shortcode button from overlapping with other columns on smaller screens. #4090
Fix: Ensure that empty donation receipt emails can not triggered incorrectly. #4185
Refactor: Adjusted meta capabilities so that they are not assigned to roles. #4212
Fix: Improved give_send_back_to_checkout() redirect functionality with add_query_arg() and remove_query_arg() for a dramatically simpler solution that provides for WordPress installed in a subdirectory. Thanks @luizbills for the contribution! #4311
Fix: Resolved several style issues with WordPress 5.3+’s new admin changes. #4315
Fix: The UK’s County field is no longer required. This change is based on customer feedback this field should not be required. #4316
Fix: Resolve updates not showing up without a manual refresh of licenses. Previously add-on updates would be checked every few weeks. Now they are checked on every 48 hours. #4318
Fix: Resolved an error with Stripe that would occur if an existing donor would make a new donation using a different credit card. The error “The customer does not have a payment method with the ID…” will no longer appear now and donations will process as expected. #4328
Fix: Resolved an issue with Stripe Checkout if you chose to load scripts in the footer would result in a redirect loop depending on your set up. #4329
Fix: When clicking on the modal popup button it would previously be hidden from the DOM which could result in background jumpiness. Now the button is not hidden which leads to better theme compatibility. #4352
Fix: Corrected an broken URL in the in add-ons header. #4307

2.5.10: OCTOBER 28TH, 2019
Fix: Resolved an issue with Stripe Checkout 2.0 and featured images not properly displaying for certain WP installs. #4281
Fix: Optimized and resolved a number of scenarios regarding donors updating credit cards with the Stripe payment gateway. Now when comparing the card’s fingerprint the plugin also checks the expiration date and CVC and updates the card in Stripe if it has changed. #4280
Fix: The Stripe 2% application fee is not ever charged with the new Checkout 2.0 if you are using the Premium gateway add-on. #4287
Fix: Resolved an issue with the {receipt_link_url} not working when using the plain text email option. #4284

2.5.9: OCTOBER 15TH, 2019
New: Added a new filter give_donation_form_submit_button_text for developers. Thanks @mcdonagg! #4269
Fix: Resolved an edge case update conflict with Stripe and Recurring which could cause a fatal error for some installs. #4272
Fix: Corrected an edge case issue with Stripe Credit Card fields not appearing properly after updating. #4274
Fix: Improved the layout of the Stripe Connect banner for smaller screens. #4259
Fix: Removed space in link to Stripe’s webhook documentation. #4266
Fix: Resolved typos in GitHub’s documentation. #4268

2.5.8: SEPTEMBER 26TH, 2019
Fix: Resolved an upgrade issue for customers who had enabled the Stripe Credit Card option in GiveWP 2.5.4 and below and Stripe 2.2.0 and below. After upgrading existing donors were not able to change their credit card info and new donors were not able make donations. #4260

2.5.7: SEPTEMBER 20TH, 2019
Fix: Resolved issues with the notice added in the previous version displaying incorrectly for sites that do not have Recurring Donations installed or activated. #4257

2.5.6: SEPTEMBER 19TH, 2019
Notice: Please update the Recurring Donations add-on to version 1.9.4+ in order to use GiveWP 2.5.5+.
Fix: Resolved a fatal error occurring if using an outdated version of the Recurring Donations add-on. The plugin will now display a message and deactivate the add-on to prevent the error. If you are experiencing this issue please rollback GiveWP to 2.5.4 or below using the WP Rollback plugin and contact support for prompt assistance. #4255

2.5.5: SEPTEMBER 19TH, 2019
New: Added support for Stripe’s new Checkout payment method. Now you can accept payments that support Strong Customer Authentication, Google and Apple Pay, Credit Cards and more! #4207
New: Added the ability to add tabs to settings to more easily break up sections. You can see this within the new Stripe payment gateway settings. #4202, #4204
New: New hooks have been added to the Stripe gateway for developers to more easily extend. #4244
Tweak: Improved documentation description for the Stripe payment gateway. #4206
Fix: The Stripe SDK only loads now when the gateway is enabled to improve performance and further prevent conflicts. #4237
Fix: Resolved a security issue responsibly disclosed to use by the good folks at Wordfence. Thanks y’all!

2.5.4: AUGUST 7TH, 2019
New: Stripe compatibility solution – There is now a setting under Donations > Settings > Advanced > Stripe that allows you select which implementation of Stripe you wish to use. If you are using another plugin that uses Stripe to accept payments there is a chance that it may include the Stripe SDK (Software Development Kit) either through Composer or manually initialized. This can cause conflicts with GiveWP because WordPress does not have a dependency management system to prevent conflicts and the other plugins may be using outdated versions compared to GiveWP’s. To help resolve conflicts we have included two options to use Stripe alongside these other plugins. The recommended way is Composer, but if that is not working then we recommend manual initialized. If both options do not work please contact support. #4193
Fix: When using Stripe there was a chance your donors would get a receipt from Stripe and from GiveWP. There is now a setting to set whether you want to send Stripe generated receipt emails or use GiveWP’s. We recommend using ours if you’re using multiple gateways, but if you’re only using Stripe you may enable this new option and disable the default receipts. #4203
Fix: There was an issue with converting dollars to cents and back within Stripe free which has been resolved and now has unit tests to ensure no more issues crop up with the functional conversions. #4200
Fix: When editing a donor you can now properly remove the “Title” for the donor (such as “Mr”, “Mrs”, etc). #4211
Fix: Ensure the requirement on the state field is removed from hidden state fields for certain countries and regions. #4201
Fix: Resolved a compatibility issue with the Tickera plugin’s implementation of QR codes within the PDF generator. The issue was with our shared library of TCPDF and now the QR codes display correctly due to a constant change on our end. #3880
Tweak: You can now activate any plugin under Settings > Licenses. Previously we were requiring the author to only be GiveWP which caused an “this plugin does not have a valid header” error message to annoyingly display. #4217

2.5.3: JULY 30TH, 2019
Fix: The Gutenberg Block for Donation Forms embedding was only displaying the most recent 10 donation forms. Now you can search for additional forms and they will for embedding. #4137
Fix: iThemes Sync was again having an issue with our plugin due to a change we reverted in a previous version. That change has been resolved and now syncing can commence again. Rejoice! #4195
Fix: Resolved compatibility issues with other plugins using the Stripe SDK by initializing it manually within the included GiveWP Core Stripe gateway class. We tested this alongside many of the most popular plugins to ensure smooth sailing alongside each other. #4193
Fix: Resolved an issue with editing a donation form when it has thousands of donations. To prevent this issue we now are deleting the group cache of the donation and donor instead of individual IDs.
Fix: Several deprecation notices were displaying for our Gutenberg Blocks. They are now all updated with the latest version of the WP Block Editor. #4137
Fix: The “Empty Trash” button was in an incorrect location on the donation form edit screen and now has been placed in it’s proper position. #4075

2.5.2: JULY 16TH, 2019
Fix: Prevent “PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array” when updating to 2.5+ on a pre WP 5.0 version. #4176
Fix: Resolved minor appearance issues with the Stripe Connect notice appearance. #4175

2.5.1: JULY 12TH, 2019
New: Added PHPUnit tests for the important Give_Payments_Query query. #1893
Optimization: Improved the WP Admin plugin list page load time by reducing the number of queries generated by the add-on activation banner. #4112
Tweak: Updated the list of counties / states in Ireland to be more accurate. #4145
Tweak: Polished some minor user workflow issues with the license activation functionality. #4172
Fix: Ensured that the notice checking Recurring and Stripe versions would only display for users of Stripe on the particular outdated version and not incorrectly for non-Stripe users. #4169
Fix: Resolve SQL injection vulnerability discovered by Tin Duong from Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs. Read more about the patch and the disclosure. Thanks Tin for responsibly disclosing

2.5.0: JULY 10TH, 2019
New: Stripe credit card processing is now available in GiveWP Core for processing one-time (non-recurring) donations! #4010, #4011, #4012, #4013, #4013, #4034, #4051, #4076, #4093
New: The licensing interface has been upgraded to provide easier license and add-on activation and to be much more user friendly and reliable. #2058, #4008
New: The currency setting will now display a preview displaying how it will appear on your donation forms when you update the options. #3187
New: Documentation links have been added to the shortcode builder. #3233
New: The “notes” field has been added to the fields to be exported in the donation export tool. #3979
New: The “Donation Form Grid” block and shortcode can now be filtered by category or tag. #4056
New: Adjusted the headers in GiveWP Core admin styles and adjusted setting screens legibility.
New: The GiveWP Modal API now supports an option to close the modal when clicking the background. #4142
Fix: Prevent multiple admin ajax calls on the Tools > Exports screen. #3351
Fix: Resolved the “Settings” importer failing when using the JSON format option. #4097
Fix: Added number formatting to goals with a large number of donors. #4100
Fix: Added a max-width to chosen select boxes to prevent them from breaking styles when options have very long titles. #4099
Fix: Improved the logic when an admin disconnects the GiveWP Donor and WP user profiles #4113
Fix: The give_send_back_to_checkout() function now works as expected on multisite installs. #4032
Fix: Ensured there are no PHP notices when doing REST API queries. #4038
Fix: Resolved an issue where the state field would appear incorrectly as not required for the default country. #4144
Fix: Admin styles were not appearing correctly if using WP in the French language. #4146
Fix: Resolved an issue with the “Display Type” option for the “Donation Form Grid” not working as expected. #4159
Tweak: The Swiss Franc symbol has been updated to “CHF” instead of “Fr.” #4086
Tweak: Removed the word “nonce” from all front end error messages and updated them to be more user friendly and less technically confusing. #4129, #4031
Tweak: Changed “Swaziland” to “Eswatini”. #4120
Optimization: Improved various database option calls and general meta query performance throughout the plugin to speed up queries and reduce server load. #3359, #3382, #3383, #3872, #3994, #4104
Refactor: Pre-2.0.0 backward compatibility code has been removed because it has reached end of life for support. #3033

2.4.7: MAY 14TH, 2019
Security Patch: Prevent Stored XSS vulnerability in donor names by adding additional escaping to ensure security when viewing donor records in WP-Admin. We take security seriously and would like to thank GoDaddy and Sucuri for reporting and assisting with this fix. Thanks also to the WordPress Plugin Review Team for allowing a force push of all security patches to protect all GiveWP users. For more detailed information see here:

2.4.6: MAY 7TH, 2019
Fix: Resolved an issue displaying donations in WP-Admin made when the WordPress install’s date format is set to “d/m/Y”. #4088
Fix: The Donations Exporter tool was not properly respecting the category or tag filters when creating the CSV file. #4085
Fix: When the “Personal Info” fieldset within donation forms was not going full width for mobile views and was difficult to view. The fields properly default to full width for mobile views. #3751
Fix: The {reset_password_link} email tag was not working properly for “New Donation” and “Donation Receipt” emails. #3510

2.4.5: APRIL 16TH, 2019
Fix: Resolved two issues with donor and donation exporters not working properly when filters (Date and Donation Forms) were set. #4078, #4079
Fix: Ensure that the database upgrade process is fully compatible with WP Multisite upgrades. #4065
Fix: Resolved a PHP Fatal error that was occurring when clicking on the “Resend Donation Receipt” within the donation details screen in WP-Admin and also when marking an offline donation as complete. #4068
Fix: The GiveWP API was returning non-valid JSON resulting in Zapier having issues pulling in Sample Data. This has been resolved and an acceptance test created to ensure valid JSON is returned to help prevent it breaking in further releases. #4071
Fix: The GiveWP API now returns consistent amount formats for donations, fees collected, etc. #4073, #4074

2.4.4: MARCH 20TH, 2019
Fix: Resolved a regression where percentage based goals were not displaying their progress correctly. #4049
Fix: Resolved a regression in 2.4.3 where IE10/11 browsers had issues with donating with multi-level donation forms. #4048
Fix: Corrected a PHP Warning on servers running PHP 7.3.3 within the email tags settings section. #4044
Fix: Resolved conflict with iTheme’s Sync plugin. #3989
Fix: Updated the backwards compatible TCPDF version used by older plugin versions to the latest version. #4054

2.4.3: MARCH 13TH, 2019
Fix: Ensure when a donation form’s “Registration” option is set to “Login” that it does not appear incorrectly as optional on the donation form. #4045
Fix: Prevent a PHP warning from displaying in the System Info window due to new host detection login in the previous release. #4041
Fix: Ensure that logged in users without donor’s associated with their WP users can properly donate. This is a regression fix from the previous version 2.4.2 release. #4039
Fix: Resolved an incompatibility with Elementor’s “Finder” functionality. #3912

2.4.2: MARCH 11TH, 2019
Tweak: Adjusted how web hosts are detected in WP-Admin > Donations > Tools > System Info to improve accuracy. #3356
Tweak: Added get_goal within the Give_Donate_Form for developers. #4020
Fix: License statuses were not properly displaying in WP-Admin > Donations > Tools > System Info and that has been fixed. #3975
Fix: The label “State” incorrectly displayed on the admin donor details screen. #3995
Fix: Resolved a tooltip title that was not translatable. #3996
Fix: Date fields now have better support for international date formats. #4000
Fix: Resolve a mislabeled name attribute for the donation amount field within donation forms. #4001
Fix: Improved support for varying capitalization within donor’s emails when a repeat donation happens. This update will prevent case-insensitive matches being incorrectly compared. #4025
Fix: Resolved incorrect setting of the “autocomplete” attribute on certain dropdown fields. #4028

2.4.1: FEBRUARY 7TH, 2019
New: Links to view receipts and subscriptions no longer expire. This prevents unnecessary errors and login screens for donors who attempt to access donations and subscription history. #3956, #3963, #3964
Fix: Ensure that browser autofill works for the Billing Country and Address 1 and Address 2 fields. #3830
Fix: Additional checks are now in place to ensure the plugin’s custom tables properly are created when upgrading from very old versions. #3966
Fix: The [give_login] shortcode’s “click here to logout” link to log me out was not correctly working. Now the link properly logs out the user when clicked. #3957
Fix: Resolved an issue with the Donation Form title displaying incorrectly in widgets. #3947
Fix: The API log was not displaying the proper log count for entries. #3924
Fix: JSON files can now properly be uploaded to the Donations importer in WP 5.0+. #3907
Fix: Resolved a conflict with the X theme and accompanying Cornerstone page builder plugin and the Form Grid shortcode on phones and touch devices preventing the modal from opening. #3905
Fix: There was an issue occurring causing the donor to click twice into a donation form field after they entered a custom donation amount. This has been resolved so the donor can immediately click into a form field after leaving a custom amount. #3889
Fix: When attempting to export between two dates an error “No data found for export parameters.” was displaying incorrectly and has been resolved. #3864
Fix: A frontend JS error no longer happens if the offline payment gateway is enable globally. #3959
Fix: There was a PHP warning occurring when editing a donor’s address that is now resolved. #3961
Fix: When exporting in certain cases the donor’s address would be incorrect if the donor had the same ID as a WP user. This was due to pre-2.0 backwards compatibility code which has since been removed to correct the issue. #3971
Fix: Added checks to prevent a PHP “Undefined index: post_type” notice. #3981
Fix: Updated the email tag descriptions for {name} and {company} to be more accurate and helpful. #3943
Fix: Allow deletion of Address line 2 in French donation addresses on the donor details screen in WP-Admin. #3940

2.4.0: JANUARY 16TH, 2019
New: Optimized the loading of the plugin’s resources to achieve a much more performant fundraising platform. to decrease load times, optimize queries, and decrease processing power. #3871, #3929
New: Added the ability to sort the Donation Form Grid based on goal progress. #3818
New: Improved the how “Anonymous” donors appear and the ordering of the Donor Wall. #3826, #3816
New: Added a search and filter utility within WP-Admin > Donations > Forms to easily find donation forms by goal status, published date, and form name or ID. #3845
New: Added the ability to import a donor’s IP address when using import tool. #3918
New: Added advanced search filters for the Donations > Donors screen within WP-Admin. #1882
New: The Donations > Donors screen within WP-Admin now displays the donor’s Gravatar image based on their email. #3777
Tweak: The import sample data has been improved to have more realistic example donor names, campaigns, and donation form configurations. #3913
Tweak: The donation form title will now appears at the top of modal donation forms screens for a better donor experience. #3881
Tweak: We changed the default text for Anonymous Donation checkbox and tooltips to optimize the donor experience in understanding what the checkbox means. #3911
Tweak: Reviewed PHP 7.2 compatibility, identified false positives, and resolved a few minor compatibility flags. #3919
Fix: Resolved an issue with Sessions not being properly set when AJAX was in use. #3941
Fix: Resolved issue with give_recount_form_income_donation() using incorrectly the post_per_page rather than number which Give_Payment_Query() expects. #2973
Fix: Sourcemaps now again generate properly for easy SCSS line number references for developers. #3860
Fix: The {payment_total} tag was incorrectly outputting HTML characters rather than currency symbols when used within the email subject. #3922
Fix: Searching donations by the donor’s first and last name in WP-Admin is now displaying accurate results. #3927

2.3.1: DECEMBER 13TH, 2018
New: Gutenberg blocks are here! You can now add donation forms, a donor wall, donation form grids and more to your Gutenberg (Block Editor) powered posts. #3813, #3697, #3887
New: You can now more easily search your donation records by donor name, email, or donation ID in WP-Admin. #3806
New: GiveWP now registers its custom tables on plugin activation instead of multiple checks when DB class creates to increase performance. #3854
New: Added an advanced option to display Babel polyfill for sites that don’t require it. #3658
Tweak: Removed the “Quick Edit” feature of donation forms because it wasn’t very useful and not often used. #2485
Tweak: Adjusted the HTML for the “Create an account” checkbox to be consistent with other donation form checkbox elements for consistency. #3499
Tweak: Updated the default currency formatting for KZT, KGS, KWD, JOD, TRY, CHF, SEK, NOK, HUF, DKK, CZK, BRL to be accurate according to the most widely used formatted for each currency. #3903
Tweak: Changed GiveWP’s session cookie prefix to be inline with WP’s naming convention to prevent conflicts with hosts like Pantheon’s caching logic. #3819
Fix: Resolved an issue with Recurring donations renewal receipt links displaying the most recent donation incorrectly rather than the renewal information. #3778
Fix: Ensure that “nonce verification” errors don’t display when logging in and out between donations. #3820
Fix: Ensure that mobile-only text displays properly in the [donation_history] shortcode. #3829
Fix: Prevent nonce error when deleting a donor from the donors screen. #3832
Fix: Correct the select page placeholder text on “Subscription Page” select field to “Choose a page” in GiveWP’s General Settings page. #3833
Fix: Removed the apostrophe as a thousand separator for Taiwan New Dollars. #3840
Fix: Removed usage of PHP 5.4+ shorthand bracket array declarations for compatibility with lower PHP versions. #3847
Fix: The “cat” and “tag” shortcode attributes now properly work to display total earnings in the [give_totals] shortcode when the “ID” attribute is not set. #3879
Fix: Resolved rare scenario when a donor attempts to donate when a cookie generated via the email access link is expired and is using the same browser to process a donation. #3886
Fix: Updated the formatting for the Russian Ruble to be correct. #3893
Fix: Ensure that deleting the test data at Donations > Tools > Data (tab) deletes donations made when give is in test mode, as well as donations made with the test gateway is in live mode. #2473
Fix: Ensure that when a subsite is deleted in a multisite environment that GiveWP’s custom tables are also removed. #3790
Fix: Ensure that when a subsite is created in a multisite environment that GiveWP autocompletes all DB updates. #3795
Fix: Refactored the database upgrade “v201_add_missing_donors” callback to prevent a rare memory exhausted issue. #3797

2.3.0: OCTOBER 24TH, 2018
New: This release includes an upgrade routine to move comments from WordPress core tables to our own custom tables. This was done to resolve conflicts with various plugins incorrectly flagging GiveWP’s comments as spam. Developer’s Post – Custom Comment Tables, #3627, #3589, #3604, #3588
New: Admins now have the ability to send notes to donors via a customizable email within the donation details screen. #2159
New: A real time view of currency number formatting displays when modifying the setting. #3490
New: You can now more easily copy form shortcodes by clicking a new “Copy Shortcode” button. #2602
New: There is now a Gutenberg block for the donor wall. #3546
New: We’ve added a “Select All Fields” option within the donation exporter for easier select/deselect checkboxes. #3649
New: There is now a {donor_comment} email tag to pass within emails. #3655
New: Added the ability to export donation comments within the exporter. #3743
New: Acceptance testing has been updated to include UI testing. #3663
Tweak: The donor wall gravatars have been optimized to now load after page load as to not slow down page speed. #3758
Tweak: Added filters to the donation exporter so developers can include custom data to export as needed. #3709
Tweak: Updated the “Card Name” field label to “Cardholder Name” to help donor’s understand the field. #3714
Tweak: Dates are formatted to the WordPress date format found under Settings > General. #3502
Tweak: Optimized the loading of give options by setting autoload to no for most of GiveWP’s settings. #2491
Tweak: When changing payment gateways a nonce is verified for additional security. #2580
Tweak: The TCPDF library is now included with composer to help prevent conflicts with other plugins using the same library. #3482
Tweak: Currency settings now allow for 8 decimal points to better support Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. #3602
Fix: The donor wall has now been modified so each individual donation displays separately. As well, we’ve added additional options in the shortcode to sort the donors. The styles have also been improved to be more cross-theme compatible. #3744, #3781
Fix: When the “Delete all data” tool is used, GiveWP data is removed from all tables BUT GiveWP settings and custom tables are not removed. When GiveWP is uninstalled with the “Remove Data on Uninstall” selected under Settings > Advanced tab, GiveWP data and settings are removed AND custom tables are removed. #3638
Fix: Per-form emails now use the global email content as a starting point for easier customization. #3653
Fix: When you delete a donation form the form’s metadata is now removed from the database for better cleanup. #3641
Fix: When Singapore is selected the City requirement is removed. #3669
Fix: Allow selection of more than the first 30 forms in the Export tool. #3674
Fix: Set autocomplete off to all the admin date fields. #3675
Fix: Resolved typos in the “Dry Run” option of the importer. #3699
Fix: Resolved jumping to a page number issue in Donations > Donors when entering a custom page number and pressing enter. #3719
Fix: Do not display shortcode generator above form content. #3739
Fix: Ensure date fields have the same placeholders throughout the admin interface. #3757
Fix: Ensure the TinyMCE shortcode builder doesn’t unnecessarily display scrollbars. #3876

2.2.5: SEPTEMBER 17TH, 2018
Fix: Resolved a JS error preventing visitors from successfully logging into via a donation form. #3684
Fix: Typo within tooltip. #3685
Fix: Removed usage of deprecated jQuery load() method. #3688

2.2.4: AUGUST 29TH, 2018
Upgrade: This version contains an upgrade routine to correct issues with the donor wall in which past donors would incorrectly display on the wall regardless of whether they elected to be anonymous or not. As well, donors can now give to multiple donation forms and be anonymous on one and not anonymous on another.
Fix: Ensure donors can be properly connected and disconnected to WP users in the donor details screen. #3636
Fix: Prevent error notices from displaying in the Gutenberg editor. #3575
Fix: Prevent JS errors when attempting to deactivate the plugin. #3619
Fix: There is an upgrade routine to Donors that mark themselves as anonymous .
Fix: PHP notices when recalculating total donation income amount. #3611
Fix: Do not display encoded UTF-8 characters in donor comments. #3631
Tweak: Added a test to check if all registered db updates complete automatically on fresh install. #3628

2.2.3: AUGUST 10TH, 2018
Fix: Added backwards compatibility for email tag “description” and “function” options that were modified in the previous version. #3584
Fix: Refactored the settings API to have custom save logic for individual setting sections. Developers can now easily create a custom setting page and option name which will store data in its own option rather than increasing the size of the give_settings option. #3541
Fix: Exclude the honeypot field from floating labels js. #2230
Fix: All donation forms are now listed on Export screen in wp-admin. #1970
Fix: Increased the contrast for the floating labels for inactive placeholders. #2179
Fix: Resolve error with email access when the “View Receipt” link is clicked the donor would receive a permissions error. #3571
Fix: Prevent login button text from updating with wrong text. #3562
Fix: Uncomment the give_checkout_login_fields_before hook so developers can use it accordingly. #3566
Fix: Prevent emails from being sent when importing donations. #3592
Tweak: The donor wall shortcode has been modified so that donors who give without leaving a comment will display by default. #3581

2.2.2: AUGUST 2ND, 2018
Fix: Fixed email access issue with the donation history page preventing donors from using the submit button once they entered their email. #3553
Fix: Resolved PHP notices when accessing donation history via email in PHP version 7.2. #3565

2.2.1: AUGUST 1ST, 2018
Fix: Resolve an issue with the donor wall displaying incorrect amounts when a donor has given multiple times. #3532
Fix: Confirm system generated notes insert as comments for donations and aren’t blocked by WP’s spam protections. #3537
Fix: Render settings textarea field type within a div instead of a p tag for better compatibility with tabs.
Fix: Updating donor information does not update display on donations admin page. #2985
Fix: Pass widget arguments to action hook for developers to more easily extend. #3245
Fix: Extend email notification functionality to support admin context. #3516
Fix: Deleting all data doesn’t remove form categories or tags. 3145
Fix: Don’t block login form after first failed login. 3423
Tweak: Use send_preview_email function to setup email data for previewing emails. #3517
Tweak: Increase donors table email column length to support longer emails. #3525

2.2.0: JULY 30TH, 2018
Important: This release requires a number of updates to our add-ons for full compatibility due to the optimization of how we handle donor session data and additional refactoring of the database schema. Please ensure you update all your add-ons after updating for full compatibility. If you have any issues with the update feel free to reach out to our support. GiveWP Plugin Support
New: The Donor Wall is here. Now you can display your donors, their comment, and the amount they donated in a customizable shortcode. #2900, #3312
New: You can now enable Title Prefixes, or also commonly called “Honorifics” (Mr., Mrs., Dr.), for donors in a flexible and customizable way. #3011
New: Refactored how GiveWP stores sessions in a much more cache-friendly way using a new custom table called “_give_sessions”. For more information please see the this GiveWP developers post for more information.
New: Country and State dropdowns are now using searchable dropdowns in wp-admin plugin settings. #2423
New: The following email tags are added in this feature: {admin_email}, {offline_mailing_address}, {site_url}. #3070, #3378
New: Added a more complete list of currencies from around the world. #3367
New: Added a new helper function give_form_get_default_level( $form_id ) for developers to more easily retrieve a donation form’s default level ID. #3397
New: An additional “exclude” option has been added to NOT include a donation form by default on the form grid. #3206
New: You can now duplicate donation forms on the donation form listing screen in wp-admin. #3331
New: Donation receipts are now loaded via AJAX to prevent caching conflicts. #3412
New: The “Company Name” field is now able to be updated in wp-admin on the donation details screen. #3413
New: There is now a plugin deactivation screen that displays with a survey to help us improve the plugin. #648
Tweak: Improved the database update process so that even if AJAX is inaccessible by the plugin updates can still be ran. The only difference is that admins will have to remain on the page while the upgrade runs. AJAX was used for background updates, but if it’s not able to be used the background process is removed and a notice displays prompting the admin to remain on page. #3420, #3393
Tweak: Refactored the GiveWP “_give_paymentmeta” table name to “_give_donationmeta” to prevent naming conflicts with plugins like Restrict Content Pro and potentially others that use the same custom table name. #2710
Tweak: Refactored the multiple methods to delete donors so now there is a singular method for donor deletion that is extensible. For more info see this developers blog post. #2347
Tweak: The “Terms and Conditions” label now accepts HTML so you can insert links to more info and content. This is particularly useful for improved GDPR compliance. #3225
Tweak: Core now uses the form’s currency in the process of donation creation. #3401
Fix: Gutenberg blocks are now fully functional in anticipation of WP 5.0 release. #3518
Fix: The address email tag is now appropriately formatted so the address fields appear in the correct order. #2790
Fix: Exporting and Importing donations is now in sync without any errors to make migrating data between environments easier. #2135
Fix: Resolved issues with the newsletter sign up on the GiveWP activation welcome screen. #2322
Fix: All email tags listed below the email template WYSIWYG editor are now usable. Previously some were not rendering properly because of the type of email being edited. #2997
Fix: Modal and button mode donations forms were not properly displaying payment errors within the modal leading to potential donor confusion. #3006
Fix: Donation form earning now update when a donation amount is updated so stats remain correct. #3085
Fix: When using a dropdown multilevel select type in Button mode the dropdown would incorrectly display above the button. #3215
Fix: Removed the restriction of when a donation form is created from the PDF receipt export report found under Donations > Tools > Export > Export PDF of Donations and Income. #3395
Fix: Updated TCPDF to support PHP 7.2. #3411
Fix: Added minor CSS to fix conflict with the popular Enfold theme. #3403
Fix: Removed the GiveWP Shortcode button from the editor for creating emails. #3422
Fix: Resolved modal background scrolling on iOS. #3424
Fix: When activating an add-on from the GiveWP menu within the plugin page it incorrectly redirected the admin back to the All menu tab. #3438
Fix: Format dates to WordPress date_format in the donation admin screens. #3502

2.1.7: JULY 5TH, 2018
Fix: We have moved “babel-polyfill” to GiveWP Core for better browser compatibility so our various add-ons can use it and it’s not enqueued multiple times which can cause errors. #3433

2.1.6: JUNE 20TH, 2018
Fix: DB Update incorrectly appears on fresh installs. #3390
Fix: Ensure the level title in the exported CSV reads custom on custom donations. #3380
Fix: Don’t allow db updates to display if AJAX is inaccessible. #3393

2.1.5: JUNE 18TH, 2018
New: Added a “GiveWP” filter for the plugin menu section on WP multisites. #3355
New: Added shortcode support to the “Offline Donations Instructions” output. This will allow you to include any type of shortcode output within the content to improve your content. #2937
New: Added a Company attribute to the give_receipt shortcode. #3361
Tweak: The total goal attribute is now a required field for the [give_totals] shortcode. #3060
Tweak: Added a “give” prefix to GiveWP’s notice CSS class to help prevent theme conflicts. #3337
Tweak: If a DB update needs to run button cannot there are more actionable steps displayed to admins on how to resolve the issue. #3267
Fix: The License tab was not displaying when an addon was network enabled. #3349
Fix: The Goal amount should not change upon re-saving settings. #3373
Fix: The “Create an account” checkbox now displays correctly in a full row if registration is enabled. #3358
Fix: Resolved conflict with the qTranslate X plugin. #3345
Fix: Resolved unnecessary notice that would display when a donor clicked on the option for a custom amount to any other level. A show minimum amount notice would display incorrectly to the donor. #3299
Fix: The “All Forms” dropdown option on the Donation Export only used the first ten forms. #3303
Fix: Various admin interface style improvements. #2706, #3328
Fix: A user who had the same ID as a donor ID could incorrectly view the donation details of that donor. #3333
Fix: The GiveWP manager role is now able to view a donation’s details. #3261
Fix: Ensured a custom logo appears in the email preview when configured. #3330

2.1.4: JUNE 5TH, 2018
New: Added support for multiple messages passed to GiveWP’s internal notice API. #1936
New: Added a new check for add-ons to always check the minimum GiveWP version required prior to being able to update. This will prevent the case where an add-on is updated and requires a new version of GiveWP Core than is currently running and deactivates itself. #3217
Tweak: Improved how a donation amount is saved within the internal Give_Payment class. #3304
Tweak: If a gateway is marked as disabled in the admin settings then disable the option to set it as the default gateway. #3296
Fix: Improved the layout of the export donations columns so that they look good on mobile devices and more. #3266
Fix: Preventing PHP notices related to AKISMET admin settings when saving. #3260
Fix: Prevent the licenses tab from displaying in settings if there are no add-ons installed. #3254
Fix: The GiveWP API was not respecting date ranges for earnings and donations endpoints. #3191
Fix: Plugin conflict with WPML where the plugin would display language settings within GiveWP’s admin settings incorrectly. #3314
Fix: In button mode text would display incorrectly from the form if closing the modal popup. #3301
Fix: Plugin conflict where WPML would cause the give_totals shortcode to output the incorrect donation amounts. #3291
Fix: The GiveWP notice dismiss button should work when rendering GiveWP notices using JS. #3278
Fix: Theme conflict with Woo’s Storefront theme where GiveWP’s admin footer text would overlap some elements. #3274
Fix: Ensure that GiveWP’s state field doesn’t lose its style when switching countries. #3255
Fix: Don’t allow the set donation amount to be less than the minimum amount when saving donation forms in wp-admin. #3249
Fix: The “total” attribute is now required for the give_totals shortcode so you don’t have a blank goal displaying on the website. #3060
Fix: Resolved a form grid shortcode issue where the Payment Method field would display incorrect when only one gateway is enabled. #3293

2.1.3: MAY 23RD, 2018
New: Better SPAM protection through the usage of improved client and server side validation to only allow alphabet characters for first and last name, validation to ensure that the gateway field is not left empty (to combat SPAM bot scripts), and sanitize all input fields when processing the donation. #3035
New: Added new customizable “Email Heading” fields for all Core emails (coming soon to add-ons as well). #3110
New: Added autocomplete field attributes to the applicable donation form fields for faster completion. #3202
New: Added a GiveWP CLI command to update all add-ons or a single add-on from GitHub. #1390
Fix: We have refactored how we are using nonces so now the often reported issue of “Nonce verification failed” should no longer happen. The solution implemented provides for the additional security of nonces and is now compatible with various forms of caching. #3200
Fix: The add-on plugin activation banner now displays properly without having to refresh the plugins screen to see it. #3153
Fix: GiveWP’s shortcode picker was having an incompatibility with Elementor causing the TinyMCE to be partially blocked. #3171
Fix: GiveWP was conflicting with Beaver Builder preventing users from seeing the builder options within the WP-admin single page/post view. #3207
Fix: GiveWP’s API was not respecting the date range parameters passed to it. Now it does so you can filter the API by date ranges as expected. #3191
Fix: This version contains a database cleanup routine to delete donation payment meta that is not attached to any payment. For instance, if you deleted a payment the metadata associated with it still remained prior to this version. With this upgrade the orphaned data will be removed. #3205
Fix: Resolved PHP notices when exporting donor in lower PHP versions. (#3222)[], #3218
Fix: We’ve updated the donation form’s form HTML tag ID so it’s unique per form for better W3C compatibility and to ensure Stripe elements works as expected with multiple forms on a single page. #3139
Fix: Several typos on the welcome guide were corrected. #3230
Fix: Inline plugin upgrade notices were not displaying properly in previous versions. #2789
Tweak: Improved the logic of verifying min/max amount for the Currency Switcher add-on. #3203
Tweak: Improved the tooltip helpers within the shortcode builder for the GiveWP Form Grid shortcode. #3235
Tweak: Added logic so developers can now adjust the arguments passed to the chosen dropdowns GiveWP uses. #3192
Tweak: The reset email receipt donation button popup now opens the alert using GiveWP’s new modal API. #3224

2.1.2: MAY 4TH, 2018
Fix: We found another conflict with the new “maximum” donation amount field and existing forms. This time forms NOT using custom fields would incorrectly display a validation error about a custom amount which prevented the donor from giving. #3159
Fix: Ensure the minimum donation amount calculates properly with various international decimal separators. #3176

2.1.1: MAY 3RD, 2018
Fix: Conflict with the new “maximum” donation amount field and existing forms using custom fields preventing donations if the form is not re-saved. #3159
Fix: Added clarification to the Donation Form Grid shortcode so admins know which options are optional and have a better description of what it does. #3166
Fix: Prevent a setting from appearing above GiveWP’s new modal window. #3164
Fix: Display a progress indicator for updates in 2.1+ and prevent an issue with receiving a blank screen if clicking on “Updates” while an update is running. #3163
Fix: Resolved JS error when editing a price type setting field in wp-admin. #3161
Fix: Correct the weekly donation total in the dashboard stats widget. #3156
Fix: Prevent the update notice from appearing while actively updating plugins. #3155

2.1.0: MAY 2ND, 2018
New: Sequential ordering is here! You can now configure donation payments with a prefix, suffix, number padding and more. #2912
New: Now you can export your donations with much more flexibility via the new advanced donation exporter. #2875, #2996
New: Query performance improvements for sites with a large database of donations. #2987, #3069
New: The donation form grid is here! Now you can display multiple donation forms quick and easily using the new donation form grid shortcode. #1414, #2943
New: The importer has been upgraded with a new “Dry Run” feature and we’ve also included a sample data CSV file for you to test out. #2419
New: You can now display goal progress from multiple donation forms using a new shortcode. For example, [give_totals total_goal=”5000″ ids=”1,2,3″] would display the progress of 3 donation forms towards the goal of $5,000 in donations. #2883
New: There is now a new functionality to display a “Company Name” field within your donation forms. This is useful for company matching or just general purpose information collection. #2453
New: You can now set a maximum donation amount for donations per form.
New: We’ve replace boring JS alerts with a new modal window API that looks and functions great and other developers can utilize.
New: There is now a delete button on the single donation payment screen. #2734
New: There is now a GiveWP plugin filter so you can view only GiveWP and it’s add-ons more easily. #2953
New: You can now query donation forms that are closed status. #2250
New: There is a new metabox on the donation form edit screen that displays goal progress. #3027
New: There is a new “Donor” based goal so that you can set a goal based on the total number of donors. #2986
Tweak: We’ve polished the activation banner for add-ons so that it’s more intuitive and user friendly. #2056
Tweak: Added hardening to further help prevent spam donations. #2930
Tweak: Added validation to prevent donors from entering their email address into the First Name field. #2862
Fix: The SSL check within the System Info tool was displaying an error due to an API change by the service used. #2998
Fix: Don’t clear form fields via JS if no GiveWP form is present on the page. #3093

2.0.6: MARCH 7TH, 2018
New: Notices and warnings on the frontend can now be dismissed if the notice has been configured to be manually or auto-dismissed. Previously all frontend notices were static, meaning they weren’t able to be removed automatically or by the user. #2869, #2853
Tweak: When you add a new donation level in the donation form creation screen the amount field will be auto-focused. This provides the admin a faster interface for adding levels. #2866
Fix: Due to a bug released in 2.0.5 changing levels multiple times would result in a JS error preventing from the amount to be subsequently updated. This bug has been fixed and it’s suggested you update immediately if you’re on 2.0.5. #2861, #2860

2.0.5: FEBRUARY 27TH, 2018
Fix: The dashboard widget was displaying incorrect stat for donations raised “This Year”. It was showing all time rather than the current year. #2847
Fix: Resolved conflict with W3 Total Cache causing new donations to not be saved correctly when certain database caching configurations are in place. #2780
Fix: Resolved conflict with Polylang translation plugin that caused the base language to appear within the donation form when switching gateways. #2784
Fix: The unformat currency JS function wasn’t correctly formatting the Danish krone currency. #2838
Fix: WP’s media uploader would upload to the incorrect directory when GiveWP is active under certain environment settings.#2830

2.0.4: FEBRUARY 16TH, 2018
Fix: 2.0.3 broke those pretty chosen dropdown selects, but this version brings them back to life! This bug only affected wp-admin dropdowns using the “Chosen” select field which allows you to search user lists and forms. #2787
Fix: Resolve bug within Give_Payment_Query affecting WP multisite installs. On multisite, custom post type (form, donation log, and donor ) meta query is not working if using the switch_to_blog function. This has now been resolved. #2815
Fix: Removed usage of the .load() jQuery method causing conflicts on some installs and now using .on() properly. #2818

2.0.3: FEBRUARY 14TH, 2018
This release contains additional health checks for sites still experiencing 2.0+ update issues. There are no additional upgrades needed to perform if you have already updated successfully within this release.
New: Added a dynamic email template tag that allows you to output any meta field within your emails by using. #2801
Fix: Now all your donation forms are now displayed within the shortcode builder. Previously only the most recent 30 would display. #2259
Fix: The frontend profile editor shortcode now outputs proper messages according to the content the user updated. #2553
Fix: The dashboard widget was not using the proper date function for translation thus the day of the week and month would always be in english. #2811
Fix: Properly display the donation payment status icon on translated sites. #2785
Tweak: Removed the custom amount label from the set donation {donation} email tag. #2653
Tweak: Added helper give_get_locate_template function to improve custom template location loading. #2577
Tweak: Removed deprecated email files. #2802
Tweak: We have added a minimum height to floating label fields for improved theme compatibility. #2340
UI: Improved heading within the Donor details screen in wp-admin so it now displays the donor’s name. #2286
UI: Improved the interface for the Donations Importer to display more clearly which fields are required to import donations. #2354

2.0.2: JANUARY 31ST, 2018
This update includes additional health checks for the 2.0.0 release. We’ve switched from using WP_Query to move data to direct SQL queries to prevent query manipulation by other plugins and themes.
New: The donation form now resets when you go back from the donation confirmation page. #2091
Fix: WP_Query being modified in upgrade routine by the Polylang plugin. #2747
Fix: Data tools have been upgraded to be compatible with 2.0+. #2744
Fix: Prevent importer from modifying existing form settings. #2737
Fix: Donation form donation counts were not getting properly updated when a payment goes from complete to abandoned donation status. #2708
Tweak: Deprecated the second $_POST parameter within the give_checkout_error_checks action. #2663

2.0.1: JANUARY 25TH, 2018
This update includes a number of health checks for the 2.0.0 release. For a post reflection on the GiveWP 2.0.0 release and additional developer information on the 2.0.1 release please read the GiveWP 2.0.1 checklist as well as GiveWP 2.0 Release Reflection.
New: Added the database table prefix to the system info settings. #2678
UI/UX: Added an email icon to the per form emails tab. #2680
UI/UX: Revised field descriptions for the donations importer. #2688
Fix: If an issue with an upgrade progress happens there is now a pause and restart functionality built in. It is not recommended that you actually use the pause feature unless you’re absolutely positive there was an issue with the update. #2676, #2971
Fix: The {billing_address} tag was displaying blank on PDF receipts. #2707
Fix: Updating the Currency Position resulted to a confusing user experience unless you saved it. #2667
Fix: View all donations link on the donation forms list screen wasn’t properly redirecting to the filtered results. #2683
Fix: MySQL error after updating Email Preview on Windows 64-bit OS. There was also a database error on the donations list page in the backend on Windows 64-bit OS. #2677, #2677

2.0.0: JANUARY 17TH, 2018
New: We have refactored how GiveWP stores data so it’s much more scalable now. This means implementing custom tables and our own database schema. We’ve worked hard to ensure the upgrade routine works without an issue but be sure to make a backup just in case. How to Prepare Your WordPress Site for GiveWP 2.0, #1132, #1148
New: The email system within GiveWP has been revamped so it’s easier to toggle on or off and customize the various notifications all via one interface. #1346
New: Donors can now have multiple addresses attached to their profiles. This is helpful in the case of donors having a separate billing and mailing address and also to segment other addresses like Gift Aid addresses, etc. #370
New: The tooltip library being used has been switched from qTip2.js to Hint.css. Not only do the new tooltips look nicer, they are also more light weight and have better compatibility with the various WP themes. #619
New: You can now set donation goals based on total number of donations. For instance, setting a goal to accept 500 total donations is now possible. This is useful if you don’t want to show amount or percentage based goals. #1443
New: Revamped how donors can create an account when giving. Rather than adding additional form fields there’s now a single “Create an account” checkbox. If checked upon submission of the donation a new WP User will be automatically created for that donor. #1517
New: Implementing query caching in wp-admin for intense queries. You should see improved load times now when viewing your donations, donors, reports and more. #1944, #2121
New: The upgrade process now works in the background and is much more reliable on various server environments. You can also view overall progress in percentage format and see a stepped progress bar on the upgrade screen. #2531
Tweak: The plugin’s images are now minified for faster load times. #1035
Tweak: Renamed the give_customers and give_customermeta tables to give_donors and give_donormeta. #1960
Tweak: Added a nonce verification to donation forms for additional security. #2568
Fix: Sorting by donation statuses wasn’t returning the expected results in wp-admin. #2400
Fix: Donors are now required to actually add content into the First Name field and not just use a space character to pass the validation. #2562

Danh sách bổ trợ GiveWP Premium All Addons

  • Give 2Checkout Gateway v1.1.5 (update 08-01-2022)
  • Give – ActiveCampaign v1.0.1 (update 18-11)
  • Give AmeriCloud Payments Gateway v1.3.4
  • Give Annual Receipts v1.1.0 (update 31-03)
  • Give Authorize.Net Gateway v1.4.6
  • Give Aweber v1.0.4
  • Give BrainTree Gateway v1.2.4
  • Give CCAvenue Gateway v1.0.4
  • Give Constant Contact v1.2.5
  • Give ConvertKit v1.0.3
  • Give Currency Switcher v1.5.0 (update 08-01-2022)
  • Give – Donation Upsells for WooCommerce v1.2.0 (update 08-01-2022)
  • Give Dwolla Gateway
  • Give Email Reports v1.1.4
  • Give Fee Recovery v1.9.4 (update 08-01-2022)
  • Give Form Field Manager v2.0.1 (update 08-01-2022)
  • Give – Funds and Designations v1.0.3 (update 08-01-2022)
  • Give Gift Aid v1.2.7 (update 08-01-2022)
  • Give GoCardless Gateway v1.3.8 (update 08-01-2022)
  • Give Google Analytics Donation Tracking v1.2.5 (update 07-08)
  • Give iATS Payment Solutions v1.0.5
  • Give MailChimp v1.5.0 (update 08-01-2022)
  • Give Manual Donations v1.5.1 (update 08-01-2022)
  • Give Mollie Gateway v1.2.4
  • Give Moneris v1.1.0 (update 31-03)
  • Give PayFast Payment Gateway v1.0.3 (update 08-01-2022)
  • Give Paymill Gateway v1.1.1 (update 06-11)
  • Give Paypal Pro Gateway v1.3.0 (update 06-11)
  • Give Paytm Gateway v1.1.0
  • Give – PayUmoney v1.0.7 (update 08-01-2022)
  • Give PDF Receipts v2.3.13 (update 08-01-2022)
  • Give Per Form Emails
  • Give Per Form Gateways v1.0.2
  • Give Razorpay Gateway v1.4.5 (update 06-02)
  • Give Recurring Donations v1.14.1 (update 08-01-2022)
  • Give Sofort Payment Gateway v1.0
  • Give Square v1.1.1
  • Give Stripe Gateway v2.4.1 (update 08-01-2022)
  • Give – Text-to-Give v1.0.0 (update 08-01-2022)
  • Give Tributes v1.5.8 (update 06-11)
  • Give WePay Gateway
  • Give Zapier v1.4.0 (update 31-03)

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