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WP-Lister Pro for eBay v3.2.7 – Danh sách các sản phẩm từ eBay trong WordPress


WP-Lister Pro for eBay kết nối trang web WooCommerce của bạn với cửa hàng eBay của bạn.

Bạn có thể chọn một số sản phẩm trực tiếp trên trang sản phẩm của mình, chọn cấu hình để áp dụng một tập hợp các tham số được xác định trước và liệt kê tất cả chúng trên eBay chỉ bằng vài cú nhấp chuột.

Đặc điểm nổi bật WP-Lister Pro for eBay

WP-Lister Pro for eBay

  • Quản lý bất kỳ số lượng quảng cáo từ WP
  • Thiết lập hồ sơ một lần và áp dụng cho một số sản phẩm
  • Kiểm tra sản phẩm và nhận phí niêm yết dự kiến
  • Đồng bộ hàng tồn kho giữa eBay và WordPress
  • Tạo đơn hàng eBay trong WooCommerce
  • Chọn danh mục từ eBay và cửa hàng eBay của bạn
  • Phù hợp với danh mục tùy chỉnh của bạn với danh mục eBay
  • Tùy chọn giao hàng trong nước và quốc tế
  • Hỗ trợ dịch vụ giao hàng được tính toán
  • Ưu đãi tốt nhất và quảng cáo riêng tư
  • Hỗ trợ tùy chọn sản phẩm
  • Một tính năng độc đáo để phân chia các tùy chọn thành các yếu tố riêng lẻ
  • Tạo mẫu danh sách tùy chỉnh bằng trình chỉnh sửa bài đăng WordPress
  • Trình chỉnh sửa mẫu tích hợp với tô sáng cú pháp HTML / CSS
  • Công cụ mẫu hỗ trợ bảng màu, mã php tùy chỉnh và nhiều hơn nữa
  • Tải xuống và tải lên danh sách các mẫu dưới dạng tệp zip
WP-Lister Pro for eBay v3.2.7 Nulled Free Changelog

= v3.2.7 – 2022-02-18 =
* New: Record and store tax tracking number for Norway orders (VOEC No.)
* Tweak: Try to determine if WP-Lister should apply the DoesNotApply text to missing item specifics based on the aspect_required property
* Fixed: Mapped categories not displaying correctly in the Product Edit page
* Fixed: Templates per page not getting saved
* Fixed: PHP Error: Call to a member function getAspects() on null
* Fixed: PHP Error: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
* Fixed: PHP Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$oauth_token
* Dev: WC_Order_Item_Tax::set_rate_percent() is not available in WooCommerce 3.6
* Dev: Compatible with WooCommerce 6.2

= v3.2.6 – 2022-02-03 =
* Fixed: Possible conflict with other plugins that bundle the Guzzle HTTP library: "Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function GuzzleHttp\choose_handler()"

= v3.2.5 – 2022-02-02 =
* Fixed: Token expiry date getting overwritten when updating ebay account
* Tweak: Check for expired OAuth tokens and refresh if necessary prior to performing an API request
= v3.2.3 – 2022-01-28 =
* Fixed: Issue where WP-Lister would be applying the template again and again
* Fixed: Check for OAuth Error #930 and retry the call if necessary
* Fixed: Tagify not allowing any options to be selected
* Fixed: Load the default account if none is provided
* Fixed: Updated the composer.json and Guzzle package to fix the missing method error
* Dev: Store the prices_include_tax in the order meta applying the wple_orderbuilder_prices_include_tax filter
= v3.1.4 – 2021-12-30 =
* New: Include custom attributes in the GTIN dropdowns
* New: Added new setting to refund line taxes from the order
* New: Added support for dismissible notices, including warnings about outdated PHP versions
* New: Display important announcements like important new features or critical fixes as dismissible notices
* Tweak: Increase the number of concurrent batches when processing a big number of queued listings
* Fixed: Store the shipping phone number from eBay
* Fixed: Image slider and thumbnail editor files were not getting loaded on preview
* Fixed: Updated support for WooThumb's new way of storing the variation images
* Fixed: Check to make sure itmSpecs_value is an array before accessing it
* Fixed: PHP Warning: undefined index "action"
* Dev: Added new function wple_get_custom_attributes()
* Dev: Added filter wple_duplicate_product_excluded_meta to modify or remove the excluded product meta when duplicating WC products
* Dev: WooCommerce 6.0 compatible
= v3.1.3 – 2021-12-07 =
* Tweak: Updated IT language file
* Fixed: Tax number in shipping address could be overwritten on order update
* Fixed: Get the correct value for geteBaySalesTaxTotal() from the eBayCollectAndRemitTaxes container
* Fixed: Fatal error trying to access wc_product from ListingsModel::autoRelistItem()
* Fixed: Possible division by zero fatal error
* Dev: Added the function wple_archive_item()
* Dev: Updated the translation files and the strings.php index file

= v3.1.2 – 2021-11-22 =
* New: Added a setting to record IOSS from eBay orders (beta)
* Tweak: Tell action-scheduler to process more rows if there are a lot of listings in the queue
* Fixed: Inventory checks returning false positives when Out of Stock Threshold and Max Quantity are used together
* Fixed: Revise all Changed action should include listings with errors
* Fixed: Set the IncludeeBayProductDetails property based on the profile setting "Use Catalog Details"
* Fixed: Shipped/Unshipped order filter not showing the correct listings
* Fixed: Apply profile tax rate to shipping line items
* Fixed: Error "Attempt to assign property on null"
* Dev: Allow sites to use the get_bundle_stock_quantity method
* Dev: Added patches to the EbatNS library to be able to pull eBayCollectAndRemitTaxes data from orders

= v3.1.1 – 2021-11-02 =
* Tweak: Automatically set the default account if there's only 1 account available
* Tweak: Removed 10 and 14 days return options as these are no longer available
* Fixed: Improved Product Bundles support: Update bundle quantity when child components are updated
* Fixed: Inventory check fix to take into account Out of Stock Threshold and Max Quantity in the profile
* Fixed: Convert data from the Tagify library prior to saving
* Fixed: Inconsistent number of orders in the eBay order views
* Fixed: Broken ebay_store_category_id template shortcode
* Dev: Set the ATUM Multi-Inventory hooks to the highest priority as suggested by their support staff
* Dev: Added filter wple_update_custom_order_status

= v3.1 – 2021-10-17 =
* New: Added new setting options to assign custom payment methods to orders created from eBay
* New: Added support for refurbished item conditions for categories where available
* New: Added support for YITH WooCommerce Order Tracking plugin
* Fixed: Pulling in specific orders from eBay was not always passing the order numbers correctly
* Fixed: Modal window scrolling on Edit Product page due to 3rd party plugin CSS conflict
* Fixed: Error when accessing site_id when an account was removed from WP-Lister
* Fixed: Make sure that the cron checking warning message is visible on all pages
* Fixed: Clear flashed messages after display
* Fixed: "Other" payment method not getting saved
* Fixed: ATUM Product Levels support
* Dev: Set the request version to 1213 for GetOrders calls to get access to IOSS data
* Dev: Added hook wple_find_matching_tracking_provider
* Dev: Added filter wple_get_conditions_for_category

= v3.0.5 – 2021-09-21 =
* Fixed: GetItem updates failing due to the new watch_count property

= v3.0.4 – 2021-09-16 =
* Fixed: Bulk editing in WooCommerce was not marking listings as Changed
* Fixed: Some 3rd party plugins were removing scrollbars from progess and preview windows
* Fixed: Inventory check could fail with error "Call to a member function is_type() on bool"
* Dev: Store inventory check result as HTML
* Dev: Store the WatchCount value as post meta key _ebay_watch_count
* Dev: Declare a global $post variable for shortcodes that still rely on it

= v3.0.3 – 2021-08-27 =
* Tweak: Store "Import Charge" as a separate order fee record
* Tweak: Trigger action scheduler when background tasks are triggered via external cron run
* Fixed: If there is no SKU provided do not attempt to match inventory by SKU
* Fixed: Price and quantity check for variable products was not checking prices correctly in some cases
* Fixed: Possible warnings when accessing product attributes caused by an unexpected attribute format
* Dev: Added try/catch to handle possible exceptions thrown by wc_create_refund()

= v2.9.7 – 2021-06-07 =
* New: Added a search box in the List on eBay popup to filter profiles
* Tweak: Load the item specifics for the default category in the Edit Product page
* Tweak: Store variations for split listings to fix product title generation for variables with  Attribute variations
* Fixed: Missing a space after address2 when a tracking code is appended
* Fixed: Added backwards compatibility for WC_Tax::get_rate_percent_value()
* Fixed: Error when processing the runDelayedTemplateApplication task
* Fixed: Exclude WP-Lister meta when duplicating products
* Fixed: ProductWrapper warnings when accessing product attributes
* Fixed: Clean post cache prior to building the item to revise
* Fixed: Product Bundles: Check for errors when adding bundle to order
* Fixed: Cast $localShippingOptions as array to prevent type errors
* Fixed: Missing screen option label
* Fixed: Broken split variation titles
* Fixed: Updated the Empty Log IT translation
* Dev: Added filter wple_orderbuilder_update_order_status

= v2.9.6 – 2021-04-27 =
* Tweak: Strip all script tags from the description to remove JavaScript code added by 3rd-party plugins
* Fixed: Product Bundles: Use the bundle's stock quantity if available
* Fixed: Product Bundles: Add product bundle information when creating WooCommerce orders
* Fixed: Custom attributes: Keep track of attribute name so unit info data doesn't get duplicated
* Fixed: Added backwards compatibility check for the set_rate_percent() method
* Fixed: Missing refund reference ID could cause fatal error
* Fixed: Profiles per page not being saved
* Dev: Use getStock() method to display stock level on Listings page to ensure wple_get_stock filter is called

= v2.9.5 – 2021-04-14 =
* Tweak: Display a placeholder value in the order shipping date field
* Tweak: Skip listings with existing errors when collecting changed items for revision
* Fixed: Count variation stocks to display them in the inventory check report
* Fixed: Run the wple_include_vat_in_order_total filter for all orders even with the autodetect taxes setting disabled
* Fixed: Check the lowercased name too for a match when checking for existing entry in a NameValueList
* Dev: Added the filter wple_normalize_url
* Dev: Added the filter wple_enable_stock_logging to allow plugins to turn off the stock logging functionality
* Dev: Added some stock logging while building the eBay Item

= v2.9.4 – 2021-03-25 =
* New: Added a setting to enable the new enhanced Item Specifics interface
* New: Added option to store the eBay fee (FinalValueFee) in WooCommerce orders
* Tweak: Added revision retry limit for stock updates going through OrderWrapper::handle_reduce_order_stock()
* Fixed: Call to a member function get_customer_id() on null in WooCommerce Payments plugin
* Fixed: Variation prices in the template were not using the price settings
* Fixed: Warnings when generating the View order on eBay links
* Fixed: Check for a valid product price before applying the profile price to prevent a fatal error
* Fixed: Updated the regex for removing eBay's tracking data from addresses
* Fixed: Duplicating templates didn't copy the gallery HTML
* Fixed: Check the lowercased name too for a match when checking for existing entry in a NameValueList
* Dev: Added new filter wple_item_builder_variation
* Dev: Added the filter wple_exclusive_split_variation_gallery for setting whether or not to merge parent and variation galleries

= v2.9.3 – 2021-03-03 =
* New: Initial support for WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin
* New: Show a link to the ebay order page on the WooCommerce order details page
* Fixed: Store the current date as the ship-date when auto-completing sales on eBay
* Fixed: eBay tracking data in the address still getting through even with the Remove tracking from address enabled
* Fixed: Regard the WooCommerce setting to inherit the shipping tax class from cart items when creating orders
* Fixed: Issue where Compatibility Table was not saving
* Dev: Added the filter wple_remove_ebay_tracking to allow users to keep the eBay tracking code but strip the ABN tracking data from the orders

= v2.9.2 – 2021-02-03 =
* New: Added support for Additional Variation Images in split variations
* Tweak: Convert decimal point to decimal comma before sending the unit_quantity to
* Tweak: Show prompt to refresh token 4 weeks before expiry date (was 2 weeks)
* Fixed: Renewing the token could lead to an error unless the expired token was cleared manually
* Fixed: Product titles with a number of shortcodes could get cut off
* Fixed: Improved error handling when fetching token status on Tools page
* Dev: Unnecessary optional parameters causing warnings in PHP8

= v2.9.1 – 2021-01-14 =
Fixed: Revising items could fail with an error message about data for ShippingPackages is invalid or missing
Fixed: Uncaught TypeError: sizeof(): Argument #1 (var) must be of type Countable
Fixed: When selecting a different listing profile in the Grid Editor, the new profile was not correctly applied
Fixed: Various errors and warnings when running PHP8
Dev: Added filters wple_use_amazon_upc and wple_use_amazon_ean
Dev: Updated WooCommerce compatibility flag to 4.9

= v2.9 – 2021-01-09 =
* New: Added support for ebay managed payments in Profile Editor
* New: The gallery php and css code can be edited from within the Template Editor
* Tweak: Use the "Remove tracking data from address" setting to control the display of the ABN in AU orders
* Tweak: Updated the tooltip for the Handle Refunds setting to reflect that it only records refund line items instead of updating the whole order
* Tweak: Added note that 'Manufacturer refurbished' condition is deprecated by ebay
* Fixed: Changed default value of wplister_cancelled_order_status from on-hold to cancelled
* Fixed: 'Check again' and 'Mark all as changed' buttons were not working as expected when used with 'Check inventory and prices'
* Fixed: Issue where a category name was displayed in the wrong language in the profiles page
* Fixed: Stocks log table only supported 32 characters for the SKU
* Fixed: Shortcode 'attribute_MPN' was not being processed
* Fixed: Allow shipping package type for flat rate shipping
* Dev: Added wple_shipping_package_details filter
* Dev: Added wple_order_payment_method and wple_order_payment_method_title filters
* Dev: Added wple_create_update_wc_order action
* Dev: Added logging for handle_object_has_changed

= v2.8.4 – 2020-12-07 =* New: Added setting option to run CompleteSale requests in the background
* New: Added automatic retries for CompleteOrder requests
* Fixed: Allow the setting of Package Type for flat rate shipping
* Fixed: Gallery and JS templates were not getting loaded from the custom template folder
* Fixed: Category mapping action save_wplister_categories_map was getting triggered with the incorrect account ID when switching accounts causing mappings to be lost
* Fixed: Item attributes were being overwritten by the price per unit fields from Germanized and German Market plugins
* Dev: Added new filters wple_item_unit_type and wple_item_unit_quantity
* Dev: Added filter wple_orderbuilder_no_product_tax_data
* Dev: Replaced all wplister_ filters with wple_ and marked them as deprecated

= v2.8.3 – 2020-11-24 =
* Fixed: Refund the total order amount for cancelled and refunded eBay orders
* Fixed: The screen option "Orders per page" in the Orders page was not saved
* Tweak: Include the payment method along with PaymentInstrument field when creating orders
* Tweak: Don't cut off the title if it contains the qTranslate translation termination string
* Tweak: Record the AddressID as ABN for orders from AU and NZ
* Dev: Added wplister_adjusted_profile_details filter
* Dev: Added wple_revise_variable_inventory_status_object filter
* Dev: Added wple_orderbuilder_fixed_vat_percent and wple_orderbuilder_fixed_tax_rate_id filters
* Dev: Added sorting parameters in wple_get_listings_where() function
* Dev: Use WC_Tax::get_tax_rate() and WC_Tax::get_rate_percent() to trigger the filters in WooCommerce

= v2.8.2 =
* Tweak: Use the decrease operation in wc_update_product_stock() to prevent caching issues
* Tweak: Only add sales tax from the shop rates if eBay sales tax action is not set to record
* Tweak: Retry failed requests with SOAP errors up to 3 times
* Fixed: Inventory check tool not displaying the results
* Fixed: Sales tax total not getting stored in the order meta
* Fixed: Check the ignore_orders_before_ts setting before creating WooCommerce orders
* Fixed: Shipping method ID not being used
* Fixed: Retrying failed order updates
* Dev: Added filters wple_new_order_item_meta and wple_new_order_item_product
* Dev: Added wple_use_static_buyer_email filter hook
* Dev: Added wple_ebay_order_cancelled action hook
* Dev: Added wple_update_auctions_for_account action hook

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