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Gravity Perks – một tập hợp các plugin bổ sung các tính năng mới (đặc quyền) cho Gravity Forms.

Một bộ gồm hơn 30 tiện ích bổ sung Gravity Forms cần thiết. Tích hợp liền mạch – đừng lãng phí thời gian để khám phá một hệ thống mới. Gravity Perks tích hợp hoàn hảo với các giao diện Gravity Forms hiện có.


Danh sách Addons Gravity Perks

  • GP Easy Passthrough v1.8 (new)
  • GP Date Time Calculator v1.0-beta-4.6 (new)
  • GP File Upload Pro v1.0-beta-1.10 (update 16-05)
  • GP Better User Activation 1.1.9
  • GP Disable Entry Creation 1.0.8
  • GP eCommerce Fields 1.0.47 (update 10-04)
  • GP Live Preview 1.6 (16-05)
  • GP Limit Dates 1.1 (update 16-05)
  • GP Limit Submissions 1.0-beta-2.6 (update 29-04)
  • GP Live Preview 1.4.1
  • GP Multi-page Navigation 1.0.10 (update 10-04)
  • GP Nested Forms 1.0-beta-9.20 (update 29-04)
  • GP Preview Submission 1.3.4 (update 28-04)
  • GP Unique ID 1.4 (update 29-04)
  • GP Media Library 1.2.17 (update )
  • GP Post Content Merge Tags 1.1.8
  • GP Conditional Pricing 1.2.46 (update 10-04)
  • GP PayPal One-time Fee 2.0.beta1.1
  • GP Placeholder 1.3.7
  • GP Price Range 1.1.1 (update 28-04)
  • GP Auto Login v2.1 (update 16-05)
  • GP Blacklist 1.2.6
  • GP Conditional Logic Dates v1.1 (update 16-05)
  • GP Copy Cat 1.4.40 (update 10-04)
  • GP Email Users 1.3.11 (update 28-04)
  • GP Expand Editor Textareas 1.0.4
  • GP Limit Checkboxes 1.2.8
  • GP Limit Choices 1.7 (update 16-05)
  • GP Pay Per Word 1.1.3
  • GP Read Only v1.9.1 (update 16-05)
  • GP Reload Form 1.1.17
  • GP Terms of Service 1.3.13
  • GP Word Count 1.4.7 (update 10-04)
  • GP Populate Anything 1.0-beta5.0 (update 29-04)
Download Gravity Perks All Addons v2.2.5 Nulled Free changelog

- Added ASM Select so perks no longer need to include this individually.

- Added additional helper styles for Gravity Forms 2.5 field settings.
- Fixed issue where some perks relied on a script file that was loaded in footer.
- Fixed issue where Perk minimum requirements would not be enforced in some situations.

- Added support for customizing Gravity Forms tooltips.
- Updated admin scripts to be output to the footer.
- Added default styles for new `.gp-tooltip-right`. Used by tooltips that are close to the right side of the screen (particularly in the field settings).
- Added new styles for child settings in Gravity Forms 2.5.
- Fixed issue where Perk minimum requirements would not be enforced in some situations.

- Fixed issue where minimum requirement admin notices were not displayed in WordPress dashboard. Gravity Forms 2.5 no longer shows notices on their settings pages.
- Fixed issue where double notices were displayed on plugin row.
- Fixed issue where perks' init was not correctly halted when min requirements were not met in Gravity Forms 2.5.

Core Plugin + Some Addons Updated!

- Fixed issue where extraneous HTTP requests checking for announcements would be sent from the WordPress admin dashboard when used in conjunction with W3 Total Cache's Object Caching.

- Fixed issue where checking for add-on-specific requirement would create infinite recursion.

Password: MdGMrcAVWmT_5kRl5p5cUA

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