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wpDiscuz Premium v7.3.8 (+Full Addons) – WordPress Comment Plugin


wpDiscuz là một hệ thống bình luận theo thời gian thực AJAX với các dạng và trường nhận xét có thể tùy chỉnh.

wpDiscuz là để kết nối các bình luận WordPress của riêng bạn. Siêu nhanh và đáp ứng với hàng tá tính năng.Đây là sự thay thế tốt nhất cho các bình luận của Disqus nếu bạn muốn giữ bình luận của mình trong cơ sở dữ liệu của bạn.

Gói wpDiscuz Addons Bundle bao gồm 16 tiện ích bổ sung cao cấp cho wpDiscuz và bonus thêm Forums Censure PRO + Comments Censure PRO


Tính năng nổi bật wpDiscuz Premium – WordPress Comment Plugin

Tính năng wpDiscuz Premium - WordPress Comment Plugin

  • Thêm tương tác hộp bình luận
  • Mẫu ý kiến ​​phản hồi
  • Giao diện người dùng dễ dàng
  • Cập nhật trực tiếp các bình luận mới
  • Sắp xếp danh sách bình luận
  • Bình luận nặc danh
  • Đăng nhập mạng xã hội
  • Chủ đề bình luận đa cấp
  • Nút Ajax tải thêm nhận xét bình luận
  • Tải bình luận lười biếng
  • Định dạng ngày bình luận khác nhau
  • Người dùng có thể chỉnh sửa nhận xét của họ
  • URL hình ảnh để chuyển đổi hình ảnh
  • Giới hạn văn bản bình luận dài
  • Thông báo bình luận của tác giả
  • Kích hoạt đăng ký qua email
  • Xác nhận mẫu nhận xét
  • Hoàn toàn tương thích với WordPress
  • Tính năng bảo mật và chống thư rác
  • Bình chọn bình luận
  • Chia sẻ: Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  • Thẻ nhanh trên mẫu nhận xét
  • Bình luận biểu mẫu Builder
  • Biểu mẫu nhận xét tùy chỉnh
  • Trường nhận xét tùy chỉnh
  • Mẫu nhận xét và phong cách tùy chỉnh

Danh sách wpDiscuz Premium Addons

  • wpDiscuz – Ads Manager v7.0.7 (update 02-11)
  • wpDiscuz – Advanced Liking v7.0.5 (update 21-04)
  • wpDiscuz – Comment Author Info v7.0.7 (update 02-11)
  • wpDiscuz – Comment Search v7.0.4 (update 21-04)
  • wpDiscuz – Comment Translation v7.0.2 (update 06-09)
  • wpDiscuz – Embeds v1.0.9 (update 21-04)
  • wpDiscuz – Emoticons v7.0.12 (update 21-04)
  • wpDiscuz – Front-end Moderation v7.0.8 (update 02-11)
  • wpDiscuz – Media Uploader v7.0.9 (update 02-11)
  • wpDiscuz – myCRED Integration v7.0.4 (update 21-04)
  • wpDiscuz – Online Users v7.0.5 (update 02-11)
  • wpDiscuz – Private Comments v7.0.8 (update 02-11)
  • wpDiscuz – Google reCAPTCHA v7.0.3 (update 21-04)
  • wpDiscuz – Report and Flagging v7.0.7 (update 02-11)
  • wpDiscuz – Subscription Manager v7.0.4 (update 02-11)
  • wpDiscuz – Syntax Highlighter v1.0.3 (update 21-04)
  • wpDiscuz – User & Comment Mentioning v7.1.2 (update 02-11)
  • wpDiscuz – Widgets v7.1.2 (update 02-11)

  • Forums Censure PRO v1.0.5
  • Comments Censure PRO v1.0.8 (update 06-09)
Download wpDiscuz Addons - WordPress Comment Plugin Addons Nulled Free

Added: New option in the media library drop-down to filter the media files uploaded in comments
Added: A new hook ‘wpdiscuz_validate_nonce_for_guests’ for enabling/disabling nonce validation for guests (disabled by default)
Fixed bug: Media file URL issue when SSL is enabled
Fixed bug: Issues with user mentioning by user nicename
Fixed bug: Prevent caching of comments when the native pagination is enabled
Fixed bug: Issue with Custom CSS
Fixed bug: Wrong names in email content when a new comment has been posted by the following user
Fixed bug: ‘Stick’ and ‘Close’ comments’ buttons were visible on the main comment form even when they were disabled from the settings
New Addon: wpDiscuz – User Notifications
Fixed bug: Nonce is invalid with the wpDiscuz AJAX function.


Please don’t forget delete all caches and purge CDN after the update.
Fixed bug: Proper escaping && sanitization of variables
Fixed bug: Nonce is invalid, conflict with cache plugins
Fixed bug: Problem with Comment Fields Background option
Fixed bug: Problem with Edit Button (Allow comment editing for “Unlimited” time) option
Fixed bug: Small security issue, wp_nonce verification to all ajax actions
Fixed Bug: Issues with “sticky” and “closed” comments
Fixed Bug: PHP Error – Too few arguments to function cleanCommentRelatedRows()
Fixed Bug: Comments still can be deleted by user from “My contents and settings” popup even when deleting is disabled in “Front End Moderation” addon.
Fixed Bug: Replies made from dashboard are invisible
Fixed Bug: Most voted comments are not loading
Fixed Bug: VK social login issue
Added: Better UI for option search in wpDiscuz settings page
Changed: Reducing plugin links in the dashboard plugin activation page
Fixed Bug: Small security issues with data filtering, preventing XSS attacks
Fixed Bug: Fatal Error – Uncaught Error, cannot use string offset as an array
Fixed Bug: Fatal Error – Too few arguments to function cleanCommentRelatedRows()
Phrase Hardening: Filtering some phrases to avoid inserting JS code by the website Administrators. So, we’ve fixed the “security issue” which could only be caused by website Administrators.
Boosted: Fast loading based on built-in cache
Added: Built-in comment caching system
Added: Built-in commenters caching system
Added: Option to on/off “remember me” feature
Added: Option to set Redirection URL after login
Added: Uninstall button to delete wpDiscuz tables and settings from database
Hook: wpdiscuz_delete_unattached_files to on/off auto-deleting of attached files
Hook: wpdiscuz_comment_count_phrase to change X comment/comments phrases
Hook: wpdiscuz_commenter_email, wpdiscuz_feedback_commenter_email
Changed: Deprecated wpmu_new_blog to wp_insert_site
Fixed Bug: User mentioning issue in multi-sites
Fixed Bug: Many small bugs are fixed
New Addon: wpDiscuz – Voice Commenting
Added: Comment bubble compatibility on WooCommerce product page
Added: Open product review tab when user click the comment bubble
Fixed Bug: Problem with the media uploader delete button
Fixed Bug: Issues with the user mentioning feature
New Addon: wpDiscuz – Tenor GIFs Integration
Fixed Bug: Issues on product pages
Fixed Bug: Problem with placeholder of the rich comment editor
Fixed Bug: Problem with unsubscribe URL when it links to the home page
Fixed Bug: Conflicts with Facebook widgets

New Addon: wpDiscuz – BuddyPress Integration
Added: Option to set replies maximum length
Added: Character counter for comment field (plain text mode)
Added: Sends email notification to followers and mentioned users once comment is approved
Fixed Bug: Comment editor placeholder issue
Fixed Bug: Missing calendar icon
Fixed Bug: Lots of small bugs have been fixed

Fixed Bug: Small issue with feedback forms
Added: Removes post related feedback forms when post is deleted
1. Please don’t forget delete all caches and purge CDN after the update.
2. If you’re updating from 5.x.x versions please read this topic:

Added: WordPress 5.7 compatibility
Added: Keep showing “hide/show replies” button on expending replies
Added: wpDiscuz dashboard and settings menu on the top admin menu
Added: Removes user subscription and follow data when user is deleted
Added: Store post average rating information in _postmeta table
Fixed Bug: wpDiscuz inline commenting and Block editor conflict

Updated: Better protection of AJAX requests
Updated: Better optimization of AJAX requests
1. Please don’t forget delete all caches and purge CDN after the update.
2. If you’re updating from 5.x.x versions please read this topic:

Fixed Bug: Guest doesn’t see comments
Fixed Bug: Some issues with the previous version.

Added: Auto-cleanup of orphaned comment attachments
Added: Option to hide comments for user roles in comment form settings
Added: Option to hide comments for guests in comment form settings
Added: All options with color picker are changed to WordPress color picker
Added: Filter hook comments_array for WPML compatibility.
Added: Action hook wpdiscuz_add_rating on submitting a new rating
Added: Filter hook wpdiscuz_enable_feedback_shortcode_button to disable inline comment button from the editor toolbar

Added: Live removing of moderated comments when the live update is enabled
Added: Display full date on moving mouse over comment dates
Added: Compatibility with new versions of jQuery lib
Added: Lots of new hooks for more flexibility and extendability of the plugin
Changed: Human readable counts and statistics
Fixed bug: Style comment custom fields on different themes
Fixed bug: Problems with lightbox functions
Fixed bug: Comment link icon issue on mobile devices
Fixed bug: Many small bugs has been fixed

Fixed bug: Phrases and translations issues

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