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Advanced Custom Fields Pro v5.12.2 – WordPress Plugin


Advanced Custom Fields Pro là một giải pháp lý tưởng cho bất kỳ trang WordPress nào cần dữ liệu linh hoạt hơn, chẳng hạn như các hệ thống quản lý nội dung khác.

Plugin ACF PRO chứa các trường tùy chỉnh bổ sung:, trường lặp lại, trường bộ sưu tập, nội dung linh hoạt và tham số trang. Plugin ACF Pro là một lớp GUI cho các trường tùy chỉnh, nhưng nó không phải là một plugin tuyệt vời trong 1 lần nhấp chuột.

Plugin này sẽ cho phép bạn dễ dàng lưu dữ liệu tin nhắn, nhưng sẽ không hiển thị chúng một cách kỳ diệu vì cần có 1 chút kiến thức về code. Để làm điều này, bạn cần chỉnh sửa chủ đề của bạn và tạo bố cục mong muốn. Plugin ACF Pro có trọng lượng nhẹ, nhưng là một plugin mạnh mẽ.

Bạn có thể tạo biểu mẫu giao diện người dùng, biến thể trang và thậm chí lưu dữ liệu trường người dùng cho các điều kiện phân loại


Tính năng ACF | Advanced Custom Fields Plugin for WordPress

Tính năng ACF - Advanced Custom Fields Pro Plugin

  • Có tất cả tính năng của phiên bản miễn phí
  • The Repeater Field: cho phép bạn tạo một tập hợp các trường con có thể lặp lại lần nữa và lần nữa và lần nữa.
  • ACF Blocks: Khám phá một khung công tác dựa trên PHP mạnh mẽ để phát triển các loại khối tùy chỉnh.
  • The Flexible Content Field: Trường nội dung linh hoạt là một trình quản lý bố cục nội dung hoàn chỉnh!
  • Options Pages: Trang tùy chọn cung cấp một tập hợp các chức năng để thêm các trang quản trị bổ sung để chỉnh sửa các trường ACF!
  • The Gallery Field: Trường bộ sưu tập cung cấp một giao diện đơn giản và trực quan để quản lý bộ sưu tập hình ảnh.
  • The Clone field: Trường bản sao cho phép bạn sử dụng lại các trường và nhóm trường hiện có theo yêu cầu!
  • More AJAX, Local JSON, Easy Import / Export, New Form Locations, More Customization, Fresh UI, New oEmbed Field, New Settings, Better Front End Forms, Better Validation, Better Relationship Field, Moving Fields,… và nhiều hơn thế nữa
Advanced Custom Fields Pro v5.12.2 Nulled Free Changelog

= v5.12.2 = Release Date 6th April 2022
* Fix - Cloned fields in custom named options pages now behave correctly
* Fix - Default values and the `acf/load_value` filter are now applied if a field value load [fails security validation](
* Fix - The ACF field is no longer present in REST responses if the ACF REST API setting is disabled
* Fix - Duplicating a flexible content layout or repeater row now also replaces the field ID in `for` attributes

= v5.12.1 = Release Date 23rd March 2022
* New - REST API now supports the comment route for displaying ACF fields.
* Fix - ACF now validates access to option page field values when accessing via field keys the same way as field names. [View More](
* Fix - REST API now correctly validates fields for POST update requests
* Fix - Fixed an issue where invalid field types caused an error during REST API requests
* Fix - Fixed a PHP warning when duplicating an empty field group
* Fix - Fixed a bug preventing block duplication detection changing an ACF Block’s ID if it was nested deeper than one level inside another block
* Fix - Fixed a bug where the `acf-block-preview` wrapper might not appear around a block if it was saved in edit mode
* i18n - Updated several translations from user contributions (Thanks to Dariusz Zielonka, Mikko Kekki and Alberto!)
= 5.12 =
*Release Date 23rd February 2022*

* [View Release Post](
* New - ACF blocks now support the new Full Site Editor included in WordPress 5.9
* New - ACF blocks now support the WordPress Query Loop block
* New - Added block caching system to reduce the number of AJAX calls in the block editor
* Enhancement - Block preloading can now be disabled by using "acf_update_setting( 'preload_blocks', false );" in the "acf/init" action hook
* Enhancement - ACF and ACF PRO will now detect if each other are active and deactivate the other plugin on plugin activation
* Fix - Fixed an issue with the media library not working correctly in ACF Blocks in WordPress 5.9.1
* Fix - Fixed an issue where anchors weren't working correctly in WordPress 5.9
* Fix - Fixed an issue where the "unfiltered_html" capability wasn't being used by ACF blocks
* Fix - Fixed an issue where it was impossible to update an ACF block inside the widget block editor
* Fix - Fixed an issue where ACF fields might not appear in REST API calls made via internal WordPress functions
* Fix - Warnings and PHP 8.1 deprecation notices in REST API
* Fix - Better support for double byte characters in "acf_get_truncated()" (props @cabradb)
* i18n - Broken link in the Croatian translation
* i18n - Automated building of acf.pot for translators in each release
= v5.11.4 = Release Date - 2nd December 2021
* Fix - Fixed several Select2.js conflicts with other plugins
* Fix - Fixed an issue where block name sanitization could change valid block names containing double hyphens
* Fix - Fixed an issue where blocks with integer IDs could fail to load example field data

= 5.11.3 =
*Release Date - 24th November 2021*
* Fix - Fixed a bug when accessing field values for options pages registered with a custom post_id

= 5.11.2 =
*Release Date - 24th November 2021*
* Fix - Previously implemented data access changes for get_field() and the_field() are now limited to the ACF shortcode only. [Learn more](
* Fix - get_field() and the_field() functions can once again access meta values regardless of being registered with ACF, restoring functionality that existed before 5.11
* Fix - get_field() and the_field() functions now are only able to access site options which are ACF fields
* Fix - UI issues for select boxes related to Yoast and WooCommerce’s select2 versions by upgrading our select2 version, and updating our CSS to support older versions
* Fix - User fields failed to load values when using the legacy select2 v3 option
* Fix - acf_slugify() now correctly supports special characters which solves issues with block names or field group names (during imports) containing those characters
* Fix - PHP Notice generated while processing a field group’s postbox classes
= v5.11.1 = Release Date - 18 November 2021
* Enhancement - Added "acf/admin/license_key_constant_message" filter to allow changing of the "Your license key is defined in wp-config.php" message
* Fix - Added warning for when get_field() or similar functions are called before ACF has initialized. [Learn more](
* Fix - Fixed fields not appearing on user REST API endpoints if their field group location was set to a user form other than "all"
* Fix - Fixed warning in REST API if a custom field type did not have the "show_in_rest" property
* Fix - Fixed an error that could occur if value of WYSIWYG field was not a string

= v5.11 = Release Date - 10 November 2021
* New - Fields can now be viewed and updated with the WordPress REST API (props @mishterk)
* New - License key can now be defined in code with the "ACF_PRO_LICENSE" constant
* Enhancement - Improved error handling for expired or deactivated licenses
* Enhancement - Improved support for various block editor features, such as block styles and padding/spacing
* Enhancement - Added support for using WordPress "Screen Options" to hide field groups in Classic Editor
* Enhancement - Support filters adding custom classes on date and time field inputs
* Enhancement - Support filtering ACF shortcode attributes (with the "shortcode_atts_acf" filter)
* Fix - Removed usages of PHP "extract()" function
* Fix - Fixed a security issue with user field
* Fix - Fixed a security issue with "acf_get_value()"
* Fix - Correctly set ".acf-block-preview" wrapper when previewing a block in auto mode
* Fix - Resolved an issue with select2 rendering for nav menu fields
* Fix - Fixed an issue with file validation that occurred when removing a file that failed validation
* Fix - Fixed a notice in "acf_prepare_field()"
* Fix - Prevented an issue where setting an empty string for the return format of date and time fields would cause JS errors
* Fix - Fix issues with conditional logic for multi-select fields (props @bhujagendra-ishaya)
* Fix - Added support for Google Maps schema change which prevented Google Maps fields from correctly saving the city for some areas
* Fix - Fixed an issue where removing the collapsed property of a repeater prevents viewing previously collapsed rows
* i18n - Updated Polish Translations (props @webnatural)
* Dev - Formatted JavaScript to WordPress code standards

= v5.10.2 =
*Release Date - 31 August 2021*
* Fix - Fixed block duplication issues which created blocks with duplicate block IDs
* Fix - Fixed an issue with ACF errors displaying in the media library outside of ACF fields
* Fix - Changed label of "Enable Opacity?" to "Allow transparency" in the colour picker
* Fix - Revert "style" attributes of ACF Blocks to 5.9.x behaviour for template compatibility
* Fix - Allow safe HTML inside select2 field labels
* Fix - Don't render the "acf-block-preview" div when preloading blocks in edit mode

= v5.10.1 = Release Date - 26 August 2021
* Fix - Fixed conflict with WooCommerce loading SelectWoo which is not directly compatible with Select2.

= v5.10 = Release Date - 25 August 2021
* [View Release Post](
* Enhancement - Improved security by running all user-generated content through `wp_kses()` by default
* Enhancement - New ACF Blocks features
* Switched to v2 of the Blocks API for WordPress 5.6+
* Block preloading now enabled by default
* Block preloading now supports blocks set to "Edit" mode
* Add support for full height alignment setting
* Enhancement - Added setting to color picker field to enable an opacity slider
* Enhancement - Allow deletion of first field group location rule if multiple rules have been added thanks to Arthur Shlain
* Fix - Fixed vulnerability with `acf_shortcode()` where users with subscriber role could view arbitrary ACF data, thanks to Keitaro Yamazaki
* Fix - Fixed vulnerability where users with subscriber role could move fields and view field groups, thanks to Keitaro Yamazaki
* Fix - Fixed issue where fields in legacy widgets weren't saving in new widget block editor
* Fix - Fixed issue with custom field validation in scheduled posts
* Fix - Fixed warnings thrown by clone field if the cloned field group is empty
* Fix - Fixed issue where Select2 search input wouldn't have focus in WordPress 5.8+
* Fix - Fixed issue with Select2 value sorting when Yoast SEO is installed
* Fix - Fixed deprecation warnings in block editor in WordPress 5.6+
* i18n - Updated Swedish translation thanks to Erik Betshammar

= v5.9.9 = Release Date - 20 July 2021
* Fix - Fixed warning when deleting fields which don't exist
* Fix - Fixed issues with older browsers and the blocks JavaScript
* Fix - Fixed file size & file type validation for front end forms using the basic uploader

= v5.9.8 = Release Date - 08 July 2021
* Fix - Fixed bug causing multiple image fields to not validate files properly
* Fix - Fixed bug preventing case-sensitive HTML tags from working in blocks
* Fix - Fixed bug causing JSX-enabled blocks to improperly remove whitespace in preview
* Fix - Fixed bug causing text fields to remove HTML entities when editing saved fields
* Fix - Fixed deprecated jQuery notices on "Add Field Group" page

= v5.9.7 = Release Date - 21 June 2021
* Fix - Fixed PHP warnings logged due to incorrect parameter type for `add_menu_page()`/`add_submenu_page()`
* Fix - Fixed bug causing WYSIWYG field to not keep line breaks
* Fix - Fixed bug causing Email field to incorrectly invalidate emails with unicode characters
* Fix - Fixed bug causing file type validation to fail in some cases
* Fix - Fixed bug where newly uploaded or selected images do not contain custom preview size data

= v5.9.6 = Release Date
* Enhancement - Added 'position' setting compatibility for Options Page submenus.
* Enhancement - Visually highlight "High" metabox area when dragging metaboxes.
* Fix - Fixed compatibility issue between Block matrix alignment setting and the latest version of Gutenberg (10.6).
* Fix - Fixed bug breaking WYSIWYG field after reordering a child block via the block's toolbar up/down buttons.
* Fix - Added missing "readonly" and "disabled" attributes to DateTime and Time picker fields.
* Fix - Fixed bug incorrectly validating Email field values containing special characters.
* Fix - Fixed missing "dashicons" asset dependency from front-end forms.
* Fix - Fixed bug causing Review JSON diff modal to appear with narrow column since WP 5.7.
* Dev - Added label elements to Repeater, Flexible Content and Clone field's table header titles.
* Dev - Added new `ACF_EXPERIMENTAL_ESC_HTML` constant. [Read more](

= v5.9.5 = Release Date - 11 February 2021
* Fix - Fixed regression preventing blocks from loading correctly within the editor in WordPress 5.5.
* Fix - Fixed bug causing incorrect post_status properties when restoring a Field Group from trash in WordPress 5.6.
* Fix - Fixed edge case bug where a taxonomy named "options" could interfere with saving and loading option values.
* Fix - Fixed additional PHP 8.0 warnings.
* i18n - Updated Finnish translation thanks to Mikko Kekki

= v5.9.4 = Release Date - 14 January 2021
* Enhancement - Added PHP validation for the Email field (previously relied solely on browser validation).
* Fix - Added support for PHP 8.0 (fixed logged warnings).
* Fix - Added support for jQuery 3.5 (fixed logged warnings).
* Fix - Fixed bug causing WYSIWYG field to appear unresponsive within the Gutenberg editor.
* Fix - Fixed regression preventing "blog_%d" and "site_%d" as valid `$post_id` values for custom Taxonomy terms.
* Fix - Fixed bug causing Radio field label to select first choice.
* Fix - Fixed bug preventing preloading blocks that contain multiple parent DOM elements.
* i18n - Updated Japanese translation thanks to Ryo Takahashi.
* i18n - Updated Portuguese translation thanks to Pedro Mendonça.

= v5.9.3 =
* Fix - Fixed bug causing Revision meta to incorrectly update the parent Post meta.
* Fix - Fixed bug breaking "Filter by Post Type" and "Filter by Taxonomy" Field settings.
* Enhancement - Added experiment for preloading block HTML and reducing AJAX requests on page load.
* Fix - Added boolean attribute value detection to JSX parser (fixes issue with templateLock="false").
* Fix - Added "dateTime" attribute to JSX parser ruleset.
* Fix - Fixed unresponsive Select2 instances after duplicating a row or layout.
* Fix - Added missing Color Picker script translations for previous WordPress versions.
* Fix - Fixed bug in Clone Field causing potential PHP error if cloning a Field Group that no longer exists.
* Fix - Fixed PHP warning logged when comparing a revision that contains values for a Field that no longer exist.
* Dev - Added `$wp_block` parameter to block render_callback and render_template (unavailable during AJAX preview requests).
* Dev - Deprecated `acf_get_term_post_id()` function.

Addons ACF Pro – Advanced Custom Fields Pro Plugin

  • ACF Front Form for Elementor
  • Advanced Custom Fields: Theme Code Pro
  • Advanced Custom Fields: Child Category selector Field
  • Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual – ACFML v1.9.5 (update 10-12)
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