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All in One SEO Pack Pro là phiên bản cao cấp của plugin wordpress phổ biến, một trong những plugin tối ưu hóa SEO tốt nhất và được tải xuống nhiều nhất cho một trang web hoặc blog trên wordpress. Cải thiện kết quả tìm kiếm của bạn thật dễ dàng – plugin dành cho wordpress All in One SEO Pack Pro không thể thiếu cho cài đặt SEO


Tính năng nổi bật All in One SEO Pack Pro

Tính năng All in One SEO Pack Pro

  • Tạo chuyển hướng 301 cho bất kỳ thay đổi nào đối với permalinks (URL).
  • Có thể định cấu hình một mô tả (mô tả) và từ khóa (từ khóa) riêng cho từng tiêu đề và thẻ;
  • Bạn có thể chỉ định các giá trị robot: index, noindex, follow, v.v. cho mỗi bài viết hoặc trang riêng biệt. (đối với tất cả các loại chỉ mục lưu trữ, noindex (lập chỉ mục) được định cấu hình giống như trong All in One SEO)
  • Image SEO Module (Business Plan and above)
  • Advanced Support for WooCommerce
  • SEO for Categories, Tags and Custom Taxonomies
  • Social Meta for for Categories, Tags and Custom Taxonomies
  • Support for Google Tag Manager
  • Advanced Google Analytics tracking
  • Video SEO Module
  • Greater control over display settings
  • Ad free (no banner adverts)
  • Access to Video Screencasts
  • Access to Premium Support Forums
  • Access to Knowledge Center
All in One SEO Pack Pro Nulled Free Changelog

New in version – Released on September 21, 2021
Fixed: PHP notice when importing static homepage SEO data from other plugins.
Fixed: PHP notice after upgrading from AIOSEO Lite to AIOSEO Pro.

v4.1.4.3 – Released on September 14, 2021
Fixed: Some settings not carried over correctly in niche cases.

New in version – Released on September 10, 2021
Fixed: Console error after loading the Classic Editor because of a conflict with Lodash.
Fixed: PHP error in WordPress Core 4.9 because of a call to a function that was introduced in WordPress Core 5.0.
Fixed: PHP error on upgrading from AIOSEO Lite to AIOSEO Pro.
Fixed: Post/term data not always saving correctly.

v4.1.4.1 – Released on August 31, 2021
Fixed: Slower load time when HTML Sitemap dedicated page is enabled.

New in v4.1.3.3 – Released on August 16, 2021
Fixed: Additional permissions related issues for Authors and Contributors.

v4.1.3.2 – Released on August 11, 2021
Fixed: AIOSEO Details column not appearing for Editor and other non-admin roles.

New in version – Released on August 4, 2021
Updated: Added caching to Access Control and the options to improve performance.
Fixed: HTML Sitemap widget options not always saving correctly.
Fixed: Links not appearing under Quick Links cards in the Dashboard.

New in version 4.1.3 – Released on July 28, 2021
New: HTML sitemap using blocks, widgets or shortcodes.
Updated: Added support for custom roles to Access Control, along with various other improvements and bug fixes.
Updated: WooCommerce Cart, Checkout and Cart pages are now noindexed by default by AIOSEO for new users.
Updated: Image Sitemap now includes external URLs.
Updated: Posts/terms can now also be excluded from the sitemap by ID/slug.
Updated: Added a filter hook to exclude posts from the sitemap by ID.
Updated: Added various filter hooks to control the output of our visual breadcrumbs.
Updated: Added a filter hook to filter the output of our JSON schema.
Updated: Additional compatibility with third-party multi-lingual plugins.
Updated: URLs for Opening Hours now use the HTTPS instead of the HTTP protocol.
Updated: Reordered currencies list so most traded currencies appear on top; others appear in alphabetical order.
Updated: Restoring/deleting a backup now first opens a modal that asks for confirmation.
Fixed: AggregateRating is now output for WooCommerce Products with new reviews disabled if they already have existing
Fixed: Added a line break underneath our robots.txt content to prevent conflicts with other plugins that filter the robots.txt file.
Fixed: Image Sitemap now includes large downscaled images.
Fixed: Social Network settings can now be exported.

New in version – Released on July 14, 2021
Updated: Compatibility with WordPress 5.8.

New in version – Released on June 29, 2021
Fixed: Image sitemap not including images embedded in NextGen galleries.

v4.1.2 – Released on June 22, 2021
New: Headline Analyzer to optimize post titles for better SEO and traffic.
New: Support for full site redirects and site aliases.
Updated: TruSEO no longer runs until the post title has been entered.
Updated: Added notice for unsupported WordPress Core versions.
Updated: Added support for WooCommerce galleries to Image Sitemap.
Updated: Added ability to export Breadcrumbs settings.
Updated: Added link to documentation when SEO Analysis fails.
Fixed: aioseo_description hook running twice.
Fixed: Emoji stripped from our metabox when using Classic Editor.
Fixed: Custom term columns sometimes not rendering.
Fixed: Shortcodes with parameters ignored when filtering conflicting shortcodes.
Fixed: PHP 8.0 compatibility.
Fixed: Invalid price date for generic products.
Fixed: Allow 0 as price for SoftwareApplication schema.
Fixed: Compatibility with sites using Snuffleupagus.
Fixed: WooCommerce Price smart tag output.

New in version – Released on May 21, 2021
Fixed: Dynamic post type/taxonomy settings backup triggering PHP errors
Fixed: Conflict with Create by Mediavine plugin where our metadata is wiped after saving

= New in version 4.1.1 – Released on May 12, 2021 =
New: Visual breadcrumb trails with block, widget and shortcode support
Updated: Added support for WooCommerce Variable Products to Product schema and WooCommerce smart tags
Updated: Added support for Duplicate Post plugin
Updated: Added new block to list Location Categories
Updated: Added support for additional macros when importing data from other SEO plugins
Updated: Added support (via filter hook) for using cover block images as the autogenerated social meta image
Updated: Added support for VideoPress shortcodes
Updated: Added support to control the business type for each Location
Fixed: TruSEO score shown on All Posts/Pages screen when metabox is disabled
Fixed: V3 migration now also stores migrated data as localized post/term data for WPML
Fixed: Phone/fax numbers in Local Business schema weren’t stripped of formatting
Fixed: JavaScript console error when editing an ACF field group
Fixed: JavaScript console error when adding a Focus Keyphrase when there is no post content yet
Fixed: Text heart emoji stripped from title/description
Fixed: Missing server redirects notification is now automatically dismissed after adding the redirect files to the server configuration

= New in version – Released on April 27, 2021 =
Updated: UI enhancements for Redirection Manager
Updated: Added support for searching for posts by slug when adding a redirect
Updated: Timestamps for redirect/404 hits are now localized to user’s timezone
Updated: Added more caching for title/description
Fixed: Redirect tables and Local SEO posts/terms not dropped when plugin is uninstalled
Fixed: Hide server exports when using PHP redirects
Fixed: All Posts/Pages screens time out when user has high post display count
Fixed: Conflicting REST API header
Fixed: Deleting redirect in paginated results refreshes back to first page
Fixed: Plugin sends requests to Semrush after user denied authorization
Fixed: Incorrect “plugin is already on the latest version” notice when bulk updating plugins

= New in version 4.1.0 – Released on April 6, 2021 =
New: Redirection Manager to create and manage redirects for 404s or modified posts
Updated: Smoother UX when editing fields with smart tags
Updated: Added filter to disable shortcode parsing for title/description
Fixed: Twitter meta tags now use “name” attribute
Fixed: Titles for custom terms not always imported during v3 migration
Fixed: Metadata not always being output for “AMP for WP” homepage
Fixed: Incorrect autogenerated URL for Wikipedia social profile + LinkedIn group/school URLs flagged as invalid
Fixed: Setup wizard sometimes reappearing after exiting
Fixed: Software Application graph not outputting review headline and content
Fixed: Trailing slashes not removed for sitemap indexes with two or more digits
Fixed: Translated variants (WMPL) of static homepage not shown as alternative links in sitemap

= v4.0.17 – Released on March 11, 2021 =
New: Support for noindexing RSS feed pages
Updated: Schema now uses author’s public display name instead of first & last name
Fixed: Noindexed custom post archives are no longer included in the sitemap
Fixed: Default title/description format sometimes not populated on post/term creation
Fixed: Post Excerpt tag no longer is blank in the preview snippet
Fixed: Addons sometimes can’t be installed after installing Pro
Fixed: Social Meta profile URLs fields sometimes show warning when valid URL is entered
Fixed: Social Meta profile URLs sometimes don’t save
Fixed: Invalid data in v3 .ini export file stops entire import

= New in version 4.0.16 – Released on February 25, 2021 =
New: Semrush integration for keyphrase suggestions
Updated: Refactored TruSEO content analysis for performance
Updated: Change default meta description to Post Excerpt for post types that support it
Updated: Added support for importing CPT archive settings from competitor plugins
Updated: Output brand graph instead of plain text for Product schema
Updated: Added filter to disable our custom link format attributes
Updated: Added filter to prevent output buffering conflicts
Updated: Disabled new wp_robots filter in WP Core 5.7
Fixed: Paged format repeated in meta description
Fixed: Incorrect language code in multilingual WPML post sitemap
Fixed: Post descriptions not imported from competitor plugins
Fixed: Sitelinks schema markup output on other pages besides the homepage
Fixed: Organization logo not output in schema if set to an external URL
Fixed: RSS sitemap settings sometimes not saving correctly
Fixed: Deleting default title/description sometimes failed
Fixed: Dollar symbols in post titles not migrating correctly
Fixed: FAQ Page and Recipe textarea blocks not expanding in height
Fixed: Schema dropdown menu in editor sidebar opening in wrong direction

= New in version 4.0.15 – Released on February 3, 2021 =Updated: Performance enhancements for sitemap integration with WooCommerce

= New in v4.0.14 – Released on February 1, 2021 =
Fixed: PHP notices caused by plugin conflicts

= New in v4.0.13 – Released on January 28, 2021 =
New: Schema Pro updates to include support for Products, FAQ Pages, Courses, Recipes and more!
New: Added a filter for schema aioseo_schema_graphs
Updated: Minimum capabilities on certain admin notices
Updated: Moved filter hook for title rewrites to wp to allow for accessing the query
Updated: Cache all references to attachment_url_to_postid functions
Updated: Refactored image scan interval for performance
Updated: Refactored the sitemap query to include post type
Updated: Add dismissible option to robots.txt alert
Fixed: Exporting settings including unnecessary data
Fixed: Transients not always being set correctly
Fixed: AIOSEO details column appearing on private post types/taxonomies
Fixed: Admin notice conflicts with plugins that disable admin notices
Fixed: Bug with title rewrites when multiple head tags exist in the page
Fixed: Unnecessary div element being added to the front-end of the site
Fixed: Issue with duplicate post records being inserted into custom tables
Fixed: Adding null entries to the custom tables
Fixed: Missing space in page format appended to titles/descriptions
Fixed: Output broken for keywords using languages that have multibyte characters
Fixed: Default settings for paged home pages not being set to noindex
Fixed: Shortcodes not being properly parsed on titles and descriptions
Fixed: Boolean values in database not being added in strict MySQL environments
Fixed: Breadcrumb labels for authors, archives, search, and 404 pages
Fixed: Adding additional pages now work even when we don’t output a sitemap index by default
Fixed: rel=”next” links not always working
Fixed: Use fullsize image for OG image with filter to modify aioseo_thumbnail_size
Fixed: Remove OG HTML attribute if OG is disabled
Fixed: Default OG object type for home page is now ‘website’ instead of ‘article’
Fixed: Undefined index error in apache in regards to $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’]
Fixed: Conflict with custom permalinks plugin
Fixed: Sitemap adding language=”” when not needed
Fixed: Page titles not always migrating properly
Fixed: Keywords not always migrating properly

= New in version 4.0.12 – Released on January 6, 2021 =
New: Add support for dashes in custom field names
Update: aioseo_disable filter now disables title rewrites
Fixed: Completely remove auto updates wrapper to let WordPress handle updates
Fixed: Refactor sitemap rewrite rules to account for WordPress sitemaps
Fixed: Support for taxonomies and custom post types that use ‘type’ as the slug
Fixed: Options backup not always working for custom post types
Fixed: Console error related to WooCommerce tags
Fixed: Additional plugin conflicts

= New in version 4.0.11 – Released on December 26, 2020 =
Fixed: Issue with additional sitemap indexes returning 404
New in version 4.0.10 – Released on December 26, 2020
New: Added task to cleanup all unnecessary action scheduler items to keep the DB trim
New: Filter to modify the home page schema breadcrumbs title aioseo_schema_breadcrumbs_home
Updated: Link to documentation for filters and hooks
Updated: Documentation regarding schema still being output for unlicensed users
Fixed: Performance issues when using TruSEO analysis on very long posts
Fixed: Event Espresso compatibility which didn’t allow AIOSEO settings to load
Fixed: Suppressed continued errors with the WP FileSystem
Fixed: Schema breadcrumbs not using the proper post titles
Fixed: PHP error when install routine has not finished running
Fixed: Stripping of sitemap URL’s in robots.txt
Fixed: Issue where static sitemaps were always being regenerated on save
Fixed: Issue where non-latin characters would cause the meta box to grow wider

= New in version 4.0.8 – Released on December 21, 2020 =
New: Added filter to allow altering meta box priority
Updated: Default options for auto updates
Fixed: Issue with regex escaping smart tags incorrectly
Fixed: CSS conflict with Revive Old Posts plugin

= New in version 4.0.7 – Released on December 21, 2020 =
New: Added aioseo_keywords filter
Fixed: Issue with a CSS file returning a 404
Fixed: Issue where not all GA scripts were being output to the page
Fixed: Conflict with Avada when using the Slider shortcode
Fixed: PHP Fatal error that affected a small subset of users during migration from version 3

= New in version 4.0.6 – Released December 20, 2020 =
New: integration with MonsterInsights for Google Analytics
New: Added Default Title/Description Meta for display in Page/Posts
New: Notice to inform users when title formats were broken in V3 after a migration
New: Smart tags (Categories, Parent Title, WooCommerce SKU/Price/Brand)
New: Option to display additional twitter meta (written by/reading time)
New: Dismissible notice to let inform users where they can find meta keywords
New: Notice to let give users info on adding keyphrases
Updated: Twitter meta does not default Open Graph any more
Updated: TruSEO tests to give more valuable information
Updated: Added “SEO” to test names in TruSEO to avoid confusion with Page Title
Updated: Added locale to TruSEO tests
Updated: SEO Analyzer error messages to give more helpful information
Fixed: Custom tables not always being created
Fixed: Invalid help docs URL
Fixed: Scheduled actions not always completing when importing from other SEO plugins
Fixed: Incorrect TruSEO test logic
Fixed: WooCommerce Products page only showing the shop page title/desc for all Products
Fixed: PHP errors on home page when no images are set
Fixed: GTM script not always being output in the source code
Fixed: Parsing of meta tag in the Pinterest section of the social networks page

= New in version 4.0.5 – Released on December 15, 2020 =
New: Added helpful notices when description format is used incorrectly
New: Added support for pasting in a string of keywords to automatically parse
New: Allow pasting in the entire meta tag in Webmaster Tools for Google/Bing/etc.
New: Post Excerpt Only smart tag
Updated: Improved UX when importing settings from other SEO plugins
Updated: Improved sitemap scanning of images with caching to increase performance
Updated: Competitor Site Analysis results content
Updated: Truncate post content in meta descriptions to WordPress default lengths
Updated: Allow other TLD’s in social network URL’s
Fixed: Performance issues on sites with millions of WordPress user accounts
Fixed: Setting SEO titles/descriptions from the all posts page not consistently working
Fixed: Sitemap compatibility issues with GoDaddy CDN
Fixed: Performance issues with static sitemaps being generated on large sites
Fixed: Static sitemap generating even when disabled
Fixed: Home Page Open Graph/Twitter images revert to the defaults if not set
Fixed: Properly display errors when an addon is not installed correctly
Fixed: Text editor in the Classic Editor now works with TruSEO
Fixed: URL’s switching to http in Competitor Site Analysis
Fixed: PHP error when loading the help modal in the settings pages
Fixed: Missing import fields from other SEO plugins
Fixed: Page titles not displaying properly when themes hardcode titles
Fixed: White screen in settings when SSL is not configured properly on specific hosts
Fixed: Swapped options on the system status page
Fixed: Conflict with shortcodes that break meta description parsing
Fixed: Conflict with plugins and themes that reset the WP Query
Fixed: Issue with person graph not being displayed in the schema

### New in v4.0.4 – Released on November 22, 2020- Fixed: Title formats not always migrating correctly

### New in version 4.0.3 – Released on November 21, 2020
- Updated: Moved all action scheduler items into the aioseo group
- Fixed: SEO data occasionally not saving while using the Classic Editor in Pages/Posts/Terms
- Fixed: Migrations not fully completing when upgrading from V3
- Fixed: Weglot injecting language switcher into sitemap stylesheets
- Fixed: Genesis Theme outputting duplicate SEO data
- Fixed: Paged numbers appearing in the AIOSEO Details column when navigating through the posts table
- Fixed: Post/page titles not migrating with the proper format
- Fixed: Social profile urls failing when they are valid
- Fixed: Twitter and Facebook images not displaying in the preview
- Fixed: Focus keywords not being added when first creating a page
- Fixed: AIOSEO Settings section not always displaying on Edit Post screen in classic editor in WP 4.9 – 5.1
### New in version 4.0.2 – Released on November 17, 2020
- Fixed: Display of Titles and Descriptions while migration is running
- Fixed: Post/Term meta not always saving because of using PUT requests instead of POST
- Fixed: Social Profile urls not validating with subdomains or trailing slashes
- Fixed: Social Profile urls were not all being output if some were using the same username
- Fixed: Memory leak on certain sites with thousands of transients
- Fixed: PHP 5.2/5.3 notice compatibility

### New in version 4.0.1 – Released on November 14, 2020
- Fixed: Issue with sites using different database engines

### New in version 4.0.0 – Released on November 14, 2020
- NEW – Complete rebuild of the plugin for better performance and SEO enhancements
- NEW – Onboarding wizard to streamline SEO setup for your site
- NEW – Centralized dashboard to provide you with your current SEO status
- NEW – TruSEO Analysis for posts and pages
- NEW – SEO Analyzer with competitor site analysis
- NEW – Customizable access control
- NEW – Internal settings backup and restore
- NEW – 100+ enhancements and bug fixes
- Updated – Minimum PHP version compatibility to 5.4

Danh sách Addons All in One SEO Pack Pro

  • AIOSEO – Redirects v1.1.4 (update 06-11)
  • AIOSEO – Image SEO v1.0.7 (update 06-11)
  • AIOSEO – Local Business v1.2.1 (update 06-11)
  • AIOSEO – News Sitemap v1.0.5 (update 06-11)
  • AIOSEO – Video Sitemap v1.1.0 (update 06-11)


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Update 07-11: Có xung đột giữa plugin và các addons, ad đang kiểm tra. Vui lòng đợi…

password: xem hướng dẫn bên dưới


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    All in One SEO Pro
    AIOSEO – Image SEO v.1.0.6
    AIOSEO – Local Business v.1.2.0
    AIOSEO – News Sitemap v.1.0.4
    AIOSEO – Redirects v.1.1.1
    AIOSEO – Video Sitemap v.1.0.9
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    AIOSEO – Image SEO v.1.0.5
    AIOSEO – Local Business v.1.1.4
    AIOSEO – Video Sitemap v.1.0.8
    Cám ơn nhiều!

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