MemberPress Pro v1.9.32 NULLED (+Addons) – All In One Membership Plugin


MemberPress là một plugin thành viên WordPress dễ sử dụng cho phép bạn cung cấp cho khách truy cập của mình quyền truy cập phải trả tiền cho nội dung cao cấp và các sản phẩm khác.

MemberPress Pro được cài đặt trên trang web của bạn và giúp bạn ngay lập tức bắt đầu tính phí truy cập. MemberPress cung cấp cho bạn sức mạnh để tự tin tạo, quản lý và theo dõi đăng ký thành viên và bán các sản phẩm có thể tải xuống kỹ thuật số.

MemberPress  sẽ giúp bạn tự tin tạo, quản lý và theo dõi đăng ký thành viên và bán các sản phẩm tải xuống kỹ thuật số.

Ngoài các tính năng này, MemberPress sẽ cho phép bạn quản lý các thành viên của mình bằng cách cấp và thu hồi quyền truy cập của họ vào bài đăng, trang, video, danh mục, thẻ, nguồn cấp dữ liệu, cộng đồng, tệp kỹ thuật số và nhiều hơn nữa dựa trên thành viên họ thuộc về.


Tính năng cao cấp MemberPress Pro – WordPress Membership Plugin

MemberPress Pro Plugin

  • Dễ dàng cài đặt MemberPress giúp thiết lập trang web thành viên dễ dàng với WordPress. Nó có thể tự động điều chỉnh giá, đăng ký, tài khoản và thêm kế hoạch.
  • Kiểm soát truy cập nội dung: MemberPress cung cấp một công cụ mạnh mẽ để chia sẻ quyền truy cập vào nội dung, bao gồm bài đăng, trang, danh mục, thẻ, tệp,
  • Nội dung nhỏ giọt: Tính năng này cho phép bạn hiển thị nội dung giới hạn cho các thành viên sau một thời gian nhất định. Rất hữu ích để bán các khóa học trực tuyến hoặc tài liệu đào tạo.
  • Tích hợp MemberPress: Plugin tích hợp hoàn hảo với các dịch vụ danh sách gửi thư: AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse và MadMimi. Nó cũng hoạt động với Amazon Web Services và BluBrry để lưu trữ podcast.
  • Cổng thanh toán: MemberPress cung cấp hỗ trợ tích hợp cho cổng thanh toán PayPal và Stripe. Kế hoạch phát triển cũng thêm hỗ trợ cho
MemberPress - All-In-One Membership Plugin for WordPress Nulled Free Changelog

1.9.32- 2022-03-25
Added notices for Spring Promo
License key optimizations

v1.9.29 – 2022-02-08
Quizzes alert
License key activation checking on every admin request when left blank

v1.9.28 – 2022-02-22
Please note: after updating to 1.9.28 your Members page filtering may be off for a few hours/days depending on how many members you have. A background process will run slowly updating your members data to support the new filtering options and accuracy.

Additional French territories in VAT taxes
Before Trial Ends reminder for recurring subscriptions
Failed invoice reminder email (from Stripe) on failed transactions
Currency code for Burmese Kyats
Custom fields cannot share a unique slug
Retain some formatting when using more tag
Added status attribute to mepr-list-subscriptions shortcode
Stripe Google/Apple pay buttons moved under Stripe gateway option
Viewing a Sub-Account Transaction now possible
Members page filtering improvements
Pasting password on mobile phones
Saving phone numbers sometimes not working
Duplicate memberships showing up in some rare cases
Subscribe link not showing on some inactive subscriptions
Removing roles when updating user profile
Stripe checkout styling
Recaptcha for Stripe's Google/Apple pay buttons
Developer Tools error when validating CC expiration dates
Incompatibilities with Elementor
Blank page on Twenty Twenty Two theme
v1.9.27 – 2021-11-18
VAT number included in Members export
Show actions in account page on fallback (downgrade path) transactions
Option to show/hide Wallet options at checkout for Stripe in Elements mode
Setting to disable in-plugin notifications
Performance improvements
Adjust BF notices
Better email translation handling for Polylang
Proper Stripe locale handling
Don't run key validations when Stripe payment method isn't connected
Fix password strength indicator not working with paste passwords
Fix deprecated message due to optional param order
v1.9.25 – 2021-11-13
VAT number included in Members export
Show actions in account page on fallback (downgrade path) transactions
Option to show/hide Wallet options at checkout for Stripe in Elements mode
Setting to disable in-plugin notifications
Performance improvements
Adjust BF notices
Better email translation handling for Polylang
Proper Stripe locale handling
Don't run key validations when Stripe payment method isn't connected
Fix password strength indicator not working with paste passwords
Fix deprecated message due to optional param order
v1.9.24 – 2021-10-20
Plugin notifications inbox
Order Memberships alphabetically in drop-downs
Dashboard widget CSS broken
Automatically cancelled subscriptions (at Stripe) staying active in MemberPress
Stripe payment request paid trial
Offline gateway sending duplicate emails in some cases
Apostrophes in emails
Members page innacurate inactive members list
Update user roles when membership is purchased through WC

v1.9.20 – 2021-08-05
Affiliates menu item (Easy Affiliate)
Pressing enter after typing coupon code will apply coupon, not submit form
Undefined index PHP notices
SourceMaps warning error with Developer Tools add-on
Stripe tax rate errors
HTML mismatch in privacy policy
eCommerce tracking shortcode not working with Stripe Checkout
Two-factor options not showing if using BuddyPress integration
Return handling sometimes going to account page in PayPal Standard
Updating Credit Card details on imported Stripe subscriptions

1.9.19 – 2021-06-29
Bugfix release
Removed Alipay from Stripe Checkout
redirect_to url encoding fix
PayPal Standard sometimes bringing user back to account page instead of thank you page

v1.9.18 – 2021-06-24
Added mepr-user-active-membership-titles shortcode
Card Testing feature for Stripe (blocks malicious users)
Additional payment methods supported in Stripe Checkout depending on location and availability (SEPA, iDEAL, Bancontact, Giropay, Sofort, p24, alipay)
CLP currency option
Send tax rate to Stripe properly
Account page subscription actions (cancel, pause, change plan etc) now show on their own lines
Drips/Expirations on Rules use local WP timezone now (fixed still uses UTC)
Update link hidden on account page if subscription uses Offline gateway
Refreshed Stripe gateway UI
Duplicate payment receipt emails being sent in some cases
Stripe Checkout on non-Single Page Checkouts
Coupons with Stripe Checkout
Expiration date showing incorrectly in some cases with fixed-date memberships
Taxes in prorations
Stripe Checkout error handling
Months translation fix in weekly stats widget
Membership-specific welcome emails with offline gateway
VAT number not stored with customer account when using Stripe Checkout
Conflict if signup and account form on same page
Stripe Checkout cancel URL encoded params bug
Stripe Checkout not working with gifting add-on

v1.9.17 – 2021-04-23
New gateway form defaults to Stripe
Error on PHP < 7.0 sites
Stripe Checkout fixes (subscriptions with free trial)

1.9.16 – 2021-04-22
Hide “update” link on paused subscriptions
Alter page/browser title on account page tabs
Password reset emails support template overrides
Password validation errors not appearing
Deprecated jQuery warnings
Various Stripe Checkout fixes
SQL create bug with some hosting setups

v1.9.12 – 2021-03-30
Added Stripe Checkout option
Better login scripts detection
Trial period bug with PayPal
Fix missing parameter in_array

v1.9.11 – 2021-03-23
Bugfix and maintenance release

Support for roles and capabilities in current_user_can mepr-active logic
Link to change logs for bigger add-ons
Add Singapore dollar currency symbol S$
Hide “Change Plan” link when user cannot upgrade or downgrade
Send payment receipt when completing offline transactions
Removed frequent auto-scroll to top of registration form when price changed
Send Receipt, Send Welcome, PDF Invoice options hidden on failed/pending transactions
Zapier stripping leading 0's on CC last four via API
After member signed up reminders issue with recurring subscriptions
Incorrect tax via PayPal in some cases
Incorrect expiration date of transaction when renewing lapsed PayPal subscriptions
JS bug with Phone custom fields
Proper HUF currency handling in Stripe
VAT fixes
Signup form validation with coupon issues
Taxes in paid trial periods
Incorrect expiration date shown in terms on some non-recurring cases
Account links when using plain (none) permalinks
Handle errors better on password reset page
Fallback (downgrade path) fixes
Duplicate Stripe subscriptions happening in rare conflict with themes
Protecting WooCommerce Products with Variations bug
Free trial when resuming stripe subscriptions twice
Welcome email sent again when resuming stripe subscriptions
Fix for tax inclusive and first payment coupon type used
Update Stripe Customer email address when changed on account page
PayPal returning to account page instead of thank you page when buying non-recurring subscriptions
Don't send reminders for fallback transactions
Stop forcing month names to lowercase on signup forms
CSS tweaks for show/hide password button
Cannot deactivate invalid license key
Stop using !important CSS so much
Use subscription price when resuming stripe subscription instead of membership price
JS fix for WP 5.7
Payment options should hide when price is free

= v1.9.10 – 2020-01-13 =
Bugfix release
Show/Hide password supported on registration form
Check if file upload exists
CSS fixes for show/hide password
Cancelled Stripe subscriptions sometimes being set back to active
Better detection for Two-Factor plugin
Single Page Checkout invoice improvements
Further PHP 8.0 fixes
MP license checks sometimes throwing fatal errors
Trashed memberships showing up in Groups

= 1.9.9 – 2021-01-05 =
Bugfix release

DE VAT rate back to 19%
VAT display if currency has comma separator
Remove (price includes tax) if membership is free
Javascript error with date picker on older WP versions

1.9.8 – 2020-12-30
Bugfix and Maintenance release

Ghana currency
Show/Hide Password option on forms
Common User Manual docs in plugin
UK VAT handling for 2021
Price terms are now shown with taxes included
Coupons apply to trial payments
reCaptcha failing on reset password forms
Username validation with white-space
Invoice display with 0 taxes
Incorrect VAT for businesses in some cases
Scrolling to price terms on page load
ArgumentCount error
DatePicker is translatable
Charge net price to EU businesses
Incorrect reduced VAT rate on Single Page Checkout Invoice
First payment coupon and limited cycles count
Coupon not applying when resuming Stripe subscription
PHP 8.0 compatibility fixes

v1.9.6 – 2020-11-24
- Attempt to send name and address – PayPal Standard
- Dismiss Black Friday banner/glowing orb
- Reduced Ireland VAT rates for COVID relief
- Welcome email sent even if disabled

### v1.9.5 – 2020-11-19
- Set start date for coupons
- CVE currency added
- Alt tags to loading icons on front-end
- Administrators can pause a stripe subscription during a free trial
- Subscriptions > Non-Recurring tab shows more detailed pricing terms
- Use local date format in register string
- Update SPC invoice when geo-located user
- Add missing class(s) to countries dropdown
- Ensure old subscription is expired when upgrading

Danh sách Addons MemberPress Pro

  • MemberPress Toolbox – Set Display Name v1.0.2 (new)
  • MemberPress Toolbox – Manual Member Approval v1.1.6 (update 11-02)
  • MemberPress Toolbox – Account Navigation Tabs v1.0.6 (update 22-11)
  • memberpress divi v1.0.5 (update 10-10)
  • memberpress wpbakery (new)
  • memberpress beaver builder v1.0.4 (new)
  • MemberPress PDF Invoice v1.1.7 (update 25-05)
  • MemberPress Amazon Web Services (AWS) v1.3.5 (update 22-11)
  • MemberPress Affiliate Royale v1.4.15 (update 22-11)
  • MemberPress Active Campaign v1.1.0 (update 22-11)
  • MemberPress AWeber v1.1.1 (update 22-11)
  • MemberPress AWS v1.3.2
  • MemberPress BuddyPress Integration v1.1.10 (update 11-02)
  • MemberPress Campaign Monitor v1.0.2
  • MemberPress Constant Contact v1.1.3 (update 22-11)
  • MemberPress ConvertKit v1.2.2 (update 22-11)
  • MemberPress Corporate Accounts v1.5.19 (update 10-08)
  • MemberPress Delightful Downloads v1.0.3
  • MemberPress Downloads v1.1.3 (update 25-03)
  • MemberPress Developer Tools 1.2.2 (update 27-06)
  • MemberPress Drip v1.0.2
  • MemberPress Drip – Tags Version v1.1.2 (update 22-11)
  • MemberPress GetResponse v1.1.2 (update 22-11)
  • MemberPress HelpScout v1.0.7
  • MemberPress Importer v1.6.7 (update 11-02)
  • MemberPress Mad Mimi v1.0.2
  • MemberPress MailChimp v1.0.7
  • MemberPress MailChimp 3.0 Tags v1.2.2 (update 22-11)
  • MemberPress MailPoet v1.2.0 (update 22-11)
  • MemberPress Mailrelay v1.0.5
  • MemberPress Mailster v1.1.2 (update 02-01)
  • MemberPress Math CAPTCHA v1.1.7 (update 22-11)
  • MemberPress Sendy v1.0.5
  • MemberPress Sensei v1.0.2
  • MemberPress User Roles v1.0.5 (update)
  • MemberPress WooCommerce v1.0.5
  • MemberPress WP Simple Pay Pro v1.0.3
  • Affiliate Royale MemberPress Edition v1.4.15 (new)
  • MemberPress Courses v1.0.31 (update 10-08)
  • MemberPress Elementor Content Protection v1.0.2 (update 02-01)

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Decryption key: DrypxwmCJ1xy8CdVoRldIw

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