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Uncode v2.5.0.5 Nulled – Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme


Uncode là một Chủ đề WordPress đa mục đích multi-purpose sáng tạo hoàn hảo pixel dựa trên phiên bản nâng cao và được điều chỉnh riêng của WPBakery Page Builder nổi tiếng.

Uncode WordPress Theme sạch sẽ, hiện đại và phù hợp với mọi nhu cầu: agency, freelance, designer, web designer, developers, business, services, marketing, startup, blog, magazine, portfolio, photography, architect, corporate, event, artist, music, restaurant, và eCommerce

Nhập và sửa đổi hơn 70 bố cục demo được thiết kế chuyên nghiệp. Ngoài ra, với Plugin Uncode Wireframes , bạn cũng có thể nhập hơn 400+ section templates có thể được kết hợp để tạo một trang web hoàn chỉnh hoặc các trang đích độc lập. Bất cứ thứ gì bạn có thể nghĩ ra đều có thể được xây dựng mà không cần phải chạm vào một dòng mã nào.


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Tính năng Uncode – Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

  • Frontend & Backend Page builder
  • Wireframe Plugin
  • 1 Click Import
  • Easy Automatic Updates
  • Extensive Theme Options based on WordPress template hierarchy
  • Smart Cascade Options System
  • Adaptive Images System
  • Enhanced Media Library
  • Extended Customise Options
  • Intelligent Color System
  • System Status
  • Custom Category pages
  • Custom Post Type support
  • Navigation Logic
  • Automatized Built-in Megamenu
  • WPML Certified (Multilingual)
  • Rtl Support (Admin)
  • Translation ready with mo/po files
  • Social Networks
  • Footer Variations & custom footer builder
  • Responsive Visibility Options
  • Maintenance Page for custom Coming Soon
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • Child Theme support
  • HTML & CSS editors
  • Page Builder custom elements

Lưu ý quan trọng Uncode – Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

  • Trình tạo trang dựa trên phiên bản nâng cao và được điều chỉnh của WPBakery Page Builder (trước đây là Visual Composer). Mô-đun Grid Builder không hoạt động.
  • Yêu cầu máy chủ: PHP 5.6 trở lên, max_execution_time 120, memory_limit 96M, max_input_vars 3000, post_max_size 32M, upload_max_filesize 32M, allow_url_fopen ON, asp_tags OFF.
Uncode - Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme v2.5.0.5 Nulled Free Changelog

v2.5.0.4 (2021/12/14)
- Privacy Plugin Record Log options
- SVGs in Media Library (Backend) issue
- Safari iOS background attachment fixed workaround
- Poster thumbnail for videos in Album Galleries
- Before and After module (Twentytwenty JS)
- Animated icons on Frontend Builder
- Social icons on singles in edge cases
- Portfolio details placeholder on Frontend Builder
- Carousel items width and PHP8 issue in edge cases
- Allowed fullscreen mode for self-hosted videos in sticky columns
- WooCommerce tabs alignment with split CSS

- Google Fonts list

- Uncode Core
- Uncode Privacy 2.2.0
- Revolution Slider 6.5.11
- LayerSlider 7.0.5 (2021/11/10)
- Dynamic Text Block formatting (missing p tag)
- Video shortcode with CSS Split
- Tags element missing CSS

v2.5.0 (2021/11/03)
- 'Titles' Posts layout
- 'Table' Posts layout
- Performance Options (on-demand JS & CSS, Defer CSS, Fonts, Disable and Optimize)
- Marquee Headings
- Rotating Headings
- Skew Fx on Scroll
- Textual and Underline Buttons
- Spinning Images
- Custom Fields module
- WooCommerce rating stars for Posts module
- Core Settings panel (Disable Default Header, Simplify Single Block Tab)
- New Wireframes

- Theme Options loading times
- Markup optimization when elements not used
- Automatic paragraphs with Content Blocks
- My Account page responsive tables
- LayerSlider moved to main ThemeForest package
- WooCommerce 5.9 support
- ContactForm7 5.5 support

- Sticky elements with First Row Header and Footer z-index issue
- Sticky elements position with transparent Headers
- Social Icons in Footer
- Mobile Menu issue on scroll with Lateral menu on desktop
- Overlay Menu opacity with custom background colors
- Secondary images transitions with Async or Dynamic SrcSet
- Menu border on mobile visible when the Dropdown Menu is closed
- Dynamic Heading on Taxonomy pages
- Isotope columns calculation
- Check for portfolio CPT warning
- iLightBox deep-link behaviour
- iLightBox and Privacy Plugin modal Android
- Border color on transparent navbar on mobile
- Scroll to section on load
- WooCommerce Short Description formatting with Product Builder
- Dynamic SrcSet better check for image size
- Dark Skin color Selects (Windows)
- PHP 8 round value with SVG Menu fatal error
- PHP warning in Product search results
- PHP warning in WooCommerce pages

- Uncode Core 2.5.0
- Uncode Wireframes 1.3.0
- Revolution Slider 6.5.9
v2.4.0.3 (2021/08/16)
- Compatibility with WooCommerce 5.6
- Sticky Page Header z-index
- Uncode Core
- Revolution Slider 6.5.6

v2.4.0.2 (2021/08/02)
- Compatibility with new PayPal button for WooCommerce

- Dynamic Background on Content Blocks when used in page content
- Avoided invalid arguments during update process

- Submenu position with enhanced style
- Margin in lists
- Ken Burns and Zoom Out
- Footer position with Slides Scroll
- Mobile menu issue on Safari for desktop devices
- LocalStorage issue on iFrames

= v2.3.6.3 (2021/04/14) =
- Compatibility with WooCommerce 5.2.0 (bump version for WooCommerce template)

- LayerSlider 6.11.7

= v2.3.6.2 (2021/04/12) =
- WooCommerce messages on custom login pages
- WooCommerce filters on tablets in landscape view
- Z-index issue between Overlay Menu and Call To Action button
- Image size on Icon Box module
- Custom class on Breadcrumbs module

- Compatibility with WooCommerce 5.2.0
- Compatibility with Variation Swatches for WooCommerce plugin

- Uncode Core
- Uncode WPBakery Page Builder 6.6.0
- Revolution Slider 6.4.6
- VC Clipboard 4.5.8

= v2.3.6.1 (2021/03/17) =
- Dependencies on Theme Options
- WooCommerce advanced quantity input steps
- Inverted Columns and nested Inner Rows
- Accordion module UI on Safari
- Uncode Core
- Revolution Slider 6.4.4

= v2.3.6 (2021/03/09) =
- Compatibility with WordPress 5.7
- New color palette matching WordPress 5.7
- Compatibility with WooCommerce 5.1.0
- Icon-Box module custom CSS class to main wrapper
- VC Clipboard tooltip on paste action
- Dividers icon line height
- Block Editor Social icons sizes
- Block Editor Font sizes in code and lists

- WooCommerce Opening Hours plugin compatibility
- Filter `uncode_meta_viewport` for meta viewport

- Emoji Mobile Menu hiccup on iOS
- Add to Cart notification on mobile
- Lateral menu responsiveness, visibility and current item on load
- Persistence of hidden submenus on large screens
- Checkout page and Side-Cart option with quick order forms
- WPML media better check
- Carousels with Lateral Thumbs
- Gradient Picker minor issues
- Slider input style
- Image caption line height
- Do Action module
- Feature Media uploader on user profile admin displayed on the front end
- Menu layout dependency on Theme Options
- Select dropdown appearance in Page Builder

- Uncode Core 2.3.6
- Revolution Slider 6.4.3
- Layer Slider 6.11.6
= 2.3.5 (2021/02/12) =
- WPML compatibility with Section names
- Onepage active link on submenus
- Better formatting on Icon Box
- Telephone field for Team Members

- Main Menu Hide transition with Chrome 88
- Author Profile Avatar empty link
- Footer width with Scroll Snap
- Wishlist and Account icon position
- Center Split Javascript error
- WooCommerce filters on tablets
- WP 5.6 minor adjustments
- WooCommerce Gallery Images sizes
- Background videos placeholder on Firefox Android
- Page Options on load Safari
- Frontend Editor columns update
- Backend Editor better empty element

- Uncode Core 2.3.5
- Revolution Slider 6.3.9
- Layer Slider 6.11.5

= v2.3.4 (2021/01/12) =
- Countdown updated and better targeted
- MouseWheel on Lightbox
- More accurancy with Post filters and advanced query

- 'uncode_disable_random_posts_on_related' filter

- Scroll to section position
- Anchor link and IE11 compatibility
- jQuery Easing conflict
- Gutenberg and cropped images
- Gutenberg Content Width
- Translatable strings
- Alt text with missing poster images
- Text linked color on Dark Skin
- Rate Stars position on Product Widgets
- Accordions and sticky element position
- WooCommerce placeholder with protected servers
- Error when product gallery has duplicates
- Compatibility with Product Tabs Manager for WooCommerce plugin
- Sliding reverse text animation

- Uncode Core 2.3.4
- Revolution Slider 6.3.5

= v2.3.3 (17/12/2020) =
- jQuery Easing on mobile menu
- Scroll to section position on mobile
- Trailing slash issue on Uncode Core localization path

- Uncode Core 2.3.3
- Uncode WPBakery Page Builder 6.5.0

= v2.3.1 (4/12/2020) =

- WordPress 5.6 compatibility
- PHP 8 compatibility

- Default Shop and Product Archives titles
- Link to the Cart page when Side-cart cannot be open
- Slides Scroll on Firefox
- Added 'font-display:swap' for Uncode Icon Fonts
- DatePicker and TimePicker styles
- Smooth scroll calculation on mobile
- Smooth scroll can be stopped now by the user before reaching the target
- My Account notice messages
- Facebook and Instagram oEmbeds removed (WordPress)
- Posts module Off-Grid forced on secondary rows

- Conflict between Gutenberg and Frontend Page Builder
- Related items amount
- Frontend Page Builder width when Theme Options main width is in percentage
- Vertical alignment on Firefox mobile
- Hide Quick View icon where not requested
- Cart icon on Overlay Center Menu in edge cases
- JS issue with Headings on Content Slider
- Accordions in Page Header on mobile devices
- Icon Box text formatting
- Add To Cart url issue
- Secondary Image on Metro layouts
- Gallery Albums and WPML
- Loading error when a Post Module is among the Search Results content
- Off-Canvas Menu z-index issue on Chrome
- iLightbox returned an error when no URL was set
- 'nextpage' shortcode

- Uncode Core 2.3.1
- Uncode WPBakery Page Builder 6.4.2
- Revolution Slider 6.3.2

= v2.3.0.6 =
- Notice message on Media loops

- Conflict between JetPack Image Accelerator and Product Variations
- Product Variations thumbnail with Adaptive Images
- Overlay Menu and Onepage layouts on mobile devices
- Posts module Read More button link with Lightbox setting

- Uncode Core
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