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WPML Multilingual CMS là một plugin dịch thuật sẽ có liên quan và hữu ích khi tạo các trang web đa ngôn ngữ. WPML cho phép các tác giả viết nội dung bằng các ngôn ngữ khác nhau và dịch nó. Plugin chứa các tính năng quản lý dịch nâng cao và giao diện để dịch nội dung chuyên nghiệp.

Phạm vi của plugin rất rộng – đây là các trang web thông thường, danh mục đầu tư được thiết kế để thể hiện kỹ năng của nhà phát triển và trang web cho các công ty quốc tế cần được thực hiện bằng các ngôn ngữ khác nhau hoặc cho các cửa hàng trực tuyến .

Để sử dụng WPML rất đơn giản không cần yêu cầu kĩ năng lập trình. Quản trị viên trang web có thể cài đặt nó và làm cho trang web của họ đa ngôn ngữ mà không cần phải chỉnh sửa code.

WPML bao gồm một API hoàn chỉnh để tích hợp với các plugin và hệ thống dịch thuật khác. Do đó, các nhà phát triển có thể dễ dàng sử dụng WPML và làm cho sản phẩm của họ trở nên đa ngôn ngữ. Với WPML, việc tạo các trang đa ngôn ngữ rất dễ dàng!

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Demo: https://wpml.org/

Danh sách các Addons WPML Multilingual CMS

Tính năng nổi bật WPML Multilingual CMS

  • Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual – ACFML v1.9.1 (update 15-09)
  • WPML BuddyPress Multilingual Addon v1.6.1 (update 27-06)
  • Contact Form 7 Multilingual v1.0.2 (update 11-05)
  • WPML Gravity Forms Multilingual Addon v1.6.2 (update 05-09)
  • WPML WooCommerce Gateways Country Limiter v1.4
  • WPML WooCommerce Multilingual Addon v4.12.0 (update 15-09)
  • WPML All Import Plugin Addon v2.2.0 (update 25-09)
  • WPML CMS Navigation Addon v1.5.5 (update 14-09)
  • MailChimp for WordPress Multilingual v0.0.3
  • WPML Media Translation Addon v2.6.5 (update 18-07)
  • WPML Page Builders v1.1.3
  • WPML Sticky Links Addon v1.5.4 (update 23-08)
  • WPML String Translation Addon v3.1.10 (update 22-08)
  • WPML Migrate ICanLocalize Translation v1.1
  • WPML Multilingual Tools v1.2
  • WPML Translation Management Addon v2.10.8 (update 22-08)
  • WPML Yoast SEO Multilingual v2.0.1 (update 03-06)
WPML Multilingual CMS WordPress Plugin v4.4.12 Nulled Free Changelog

v4.5.0 Beta 1
# Features
* [wpmlcore-8340] Added links to translation services that will redirect to their home page if a dedicated page to retrieve the token is not available.
* [wpmlcore-8321] Fixed the lack of translations of JavaScript strings (particularly for features in the admin pages).
* [wpmlcore-8210] Fixed glitches on the Translation step in the wizard.
* [wpmlcore-8177] Fixed redirecting to the wrong page after finishing setup wizard.
* [wpmlcore-8176] Fixed problem with Translate Everything not loading after finishing the wizard.
* [wpmlcore-8155] Provided redirects for former TM urls that are no longer available.
* [wpmlcore-7990] Handle menu item custom fields synchronisation.
* [wpmlcore-7987] Removed \WPML\Setup\Initializer::ATE_BASE_URL constant.
* [wpmlcore-7959] Add the "x-default" alternate language link.
* [wpmlcore-7914] Added value attribute to the checkboxes in the Language Pairs widget.
* [wpmlcore-7876] Allow keeping the originally uploaded flag if `WPML_DO_NOT_RESIZE_UPLOADED_FLAGS` is set to true.
* [wpmlcore-7736] Moved "Reset languages" button to WPML/Support/Troubleshooting.
* [wpmlcore-7655] Allowed to set the site key via a PHP constant.
* [wpmlcore-7652] Removed "This is a development site" checkbox from wizard.
* [wpmlcore-7636] Added handling language mapping when adding new custom language.

# Fixes
* [wpmlcore-8306] Validate languages in directories using permalinks structure option.
* [wpmlcore-8261] Open ATE issue solving widget when click on Tooltip button.
* [wpmlcore-8259] Fixed issue with missing JS and CSS source map files.
* [wpmlcore-8243] Allowed Translation Managers to see the Translation Queue even if they have no language pairs set.
* [wpmlcore-8239] Fixed showing wrong translation mode after reloading translation step of the setup wizard.
* [wpmlcore-8236] Fixed command to set editor type so it only retries failed ATE commands.
* [wpmlcore-8234] Fixed fatal error when switching to "All Languages" in the admin panel.
* [wpmlcore-8172] Fixed hidden buttons on the Translations Queue page when using CTE.
* [wpmlcore-8168] Disabled the "Continue" button when saving the translation method in the setup wizard.
* [wpmlcore-8163] Don't show the Status bar when Translate Everything is disabled.
* [wpmlcore-8159] Fixed PHP notices when there is no ATE registration data stored.
* [wpmlcore-8111] Fixed filtering the dropdown values in Translator languages modal.
* [wpmlcore-8038] Redirect to WPML/Languages page when finishing setup with the Blog licence.
* [wpmlcore-8031] Set Translation Management as the first item in WPML menu.
* [wpmlcore-7785] Fixed the notice error in `Sitepress::cpt_url_to_id_url`.
* [wpmlcore-2587] Fix the link for "Generate a key for this site".

# Compatibility
* [wpmlcore-8610] Removed the note for "Adjust IDs for multilingual functionality" setting.
* [wpmlcore-8444] Reduced the XML validation for local config files to allow running with old WPML version versions.
* [wpmlcore-7993] Stop encoding slashes in endpoint slug translations.
* [wpmlcore-7856] Fix permalinks for attachment pages when viewed in other languages.
* [wpmlcore-7531] Elementor: added support ofr overlay texts in Gallery element.

# Usability
* [wpmlcore-8207] Changed some texts in the setup wizard.
* [wpmlcore-8112] Added missing checkbox and label attributes in the Plugins step of setup wizard.
* [wpmlcore-7434] Auto-update the page builder layout on translated posts when the translations have not changed.

# Features
* [wpmlcore-8384] Prevented Content Security Policy (CSP) from blocking the Translation Tools app from loading.
* [wpmlcore-8283] Added a wp-cli command to clear the cache.

# Fixes
* [wpmlcore-8674] Added support for WP search block translation.
* [wpmlcore-8668] Add support for search Gutenberg block in order to search in a current language when "Language as parameter" setting is chosen.
* [wpmlcore-8631] Removed the possibility of creating legacy "Multilingual" widgets. Already existing widgets are still supported.

# Compatibility
* [wpmlcore-8587] Added media translation support for for "Video Playlist" and "Hotspot" widgets.
* [wpmlcore-8566] Prevent duplicated cookies in the HTTP headers.
* [wpmlcore-8369] Fixed incorrect URL for landing pages.
* [wpmlcore-8268] Added support for Avada Forms.
* [wpmlcore-7714] [Elementor] Translate product_id in wc-add-to-cart widget.
* [wpmlcore-7669] Fixed translation of core embedded blocks like YouTube.

# Usability
* [wpmlcore-7890] Fixed fetching attachments of post added only in secondary language.

* [wpmlcore-8621] Fixed an bug with the hook "wpml_sync_custom_field" not working in some contexts.

= v4.4.10 =
# Features
* [wpmlcore-7769] Optionally include the flags sizes when rendering the langiuage switcher.

# Fixes
* [wpmlcore-8139] Fixed the first letter case of the names of the languages translations.
* [wpmlcore-7918] Fixed `Set admin language as editing language` in User -> Profile for some languages like Vietnamese.
* [wpmlcore-7205] Fixed missing Chinese flags on "Edit languages" page.
* [wpmlcore-7158] Fixed fetching posts with 'wp_get_archives' for custom post types set to Don't Translate .
* [wpmlcore-6930] Fixed rest post hooks so it doesn't add numerical terms in error.
* [wpmlcore-6767] Included posts from other languages in wp_list_pages result when "Display as translated" option is set.

# Compatibility
* [wpmlcore-7755] Fixed issue so that CDATA is not added to style and script tags in the translation editor.
* [wpmlcore-7674] [Elementor] Added support for "in child" template conditions.

= v4.4.9 =# Fixes
* [wpmlcore-7908] Improved the fix of problem saving translated term when its slug is the same as the original term.
* [wpmlcore-7877] Fixed loading of rest resources when multi-site configuration with different languages is used.
* [wpmlcore-7867] Added removing of icl_string_batches and icl_translation_downloads on WPML Reset on the Troubleshooting page.
* [wpmlcore-7847] Remove use of eval in languages.js.
* [wpmlcore-7677] Fix problem with posts not appearing on static posts page when posts are set to be not translatable.
* [wpmlcore-7610] [Avada] Fix language switcher links when fallback mode is enabled.
* [wpmlcore-7590] Fix native language for Bengali.
* [wpmlcore-7473] Fixeded removing some tags from translation when editing original post using Quick Edit.
* [wpmlcore-7011] Remove WPML capabilities when a user's role is changed to a role that can no longer manage options.
* [wpmlcore-6698] Fixed displaying attachment instead of the post when it has the same slug.
* [wpmlcore-6145] Fixed invalid ID of menu item in Admin Language Switcher in Appearance > Menu.

# Compatibility
* [wpmlcore-7891] [Divi] Make the checkbox links in contact forms translatable.
* [wpmlcore-7881] Introduced the filter hook `wpml_sync_deleted_custom_fields`.
* [wpmlcore-7878] [Elementor] Fix templates not being applied by author.
* [wpmlcore-7871] Fix automatic translation of links with custom permalink like /%category%/%postname%/.
* [wpmlcore-7870] Fixed an issue with Enfold's Avia Builder when the post was initially edited with Gutenberg.
* [wpmlcore-7798] [Divi] Make sure admin_init ran before calling get_current_screen.
* [wpmlcore-7740] Fixed Language Switcher settings for Elementor themes.

# Usability
* [wpmlcore-6403] Fix redirect from page for posts when using directory for default language.

= v4.4.7 =
# Features
* [wpmlcore-7775] Fixed input's styling in the Classic Editor broken in WP 5.6.
* [wpmlcore-7774] Fixed copy of "Stikcy post" flag to translated post in Gutenberg.
* [wpmlcore-7773] Fixed broken "Quick Edit" option when using Translation Management.

# Fixes
* [wpmlcore-7828] Fixed saving translation preferences for custom fields on post edit page.
* [wpmlcore-7826] Added missing filtering of $_GET and $_POST data.
* [wpmlcore-7823] Added filtering of values from $_GET and $_POST before saving it to cookies.
* [wpmlcore-7820] Allow to save cookies for SSO without `SameSite` param when the site doesn't use SSL.
* [wpmlcore-7805] Added jquery-ui-dialog dependency for js/scripts.js.
* [wpmlcore-7800] Allowed admin REST requests in secondary language when this language is hidden.
* [wpmlcore-7785] Fixed the notice error in `Sitepress::cpt_url_to_id_url`.
* [wpmlcore-7781] Fixed incorrect translation of Slovak language in Hungarian.
* [wpmlcore-7756] Fixed disappearing WPML links when editing the menu.
* [wpmlcore-7749] Fixing the required parameters following optional ones.
* [wpmlcore-7748] Fixed variable type in phpdoc.
* [wpmlcore-7747] Fixing the required parameters following optional ones.
* [wpmlcore-7745] Removed usage of `WP_PLUGIN_DIR` constant.
* [wpmlcore-7744] Fixing warnings for private methods marked as final and overriden.
* [wpmlcore-7739] Fixed PHP error when parsing an invalid URL.
* [wpmlcore-7733] Set the default locale to pa_IN for Punjabi on new installs of WPML.
* [wpmlcore-7712] Fixed translation of string on troubleshoot page.
* [wpmlcore-7684] Making WPML_Absolute_Url_Persisted::__wakeup() public with throwing error.
* [wpmlcore-7683] Fixing warnings about final private methods to follow php 8 standards.
* [wpmlcore-7682] Fixed backward compatibility with php8 related to deprecated ReflectionParameter::getClass() method.
* [wpmlcore-7681] Removed optional values from arguments that were before required.
* [wpmlcore-7619] Added missing `SameSite` parameter for cookies when using `different domain per language` with automatic sing-in.
* [wpmlcore-7112] Fixed redirecting to a page when it has the same slug as the visited post and a custom permalink structure is used.
* [wpmlcore-6447] Fixed PHP error if domain is set to an empty string.

# Compatibility
* [wpmlcore-7834] Fixed PHP error when visiting the `Widgets` page with wrong widget configuration.
* [wpmlcore-7825] Fixed Avada's layout section translation icons not showing with WP 5.6.
* [wpmlcore-7815] Fixed PHP warning when adding nav_menu element to the template.
* [wpmlcore-7782] Fixed a compatibility issue with Google Site Kit when switching the admin language to "all".
* [wpmlcore-5292] Added fallback logic to use the widget instance settings instead of the global sidebar settings for the language switcher.

# Usability
* [wpmlcore-7844] Fixed removing media for all languages when deleting file uploaded in another month.
* [wpmlcore-7796] Fixed broken styling of The WPML > Taxnomy translation in WP 5.6.

* [wpmlcore-7729] Fixed problem getting translated post id when a custom post type has the same name as a custom taxonomy.
= v4.4.6 =
# Fixes* [wpmlcore-7790] Fixed the issue with rewrite_rules that caused showing blog content on all pages instead of the actual content.

# Compatibility
* [wpmlcore-7782] Fixed a compatibility issue with Google Site Kit when switching the admin language to "all".

= v4.4.5 =
# Fixes
* [wpmlcore-7756] Fixed disappearing WPML links when editing the menu.
* [wpmlcore-7748] Fixed variable type in phpdoc.
* [wpmlcore-7703] Fixed a custom XML config validation issue expecting a TEXTAREA instead of AREA.
* [wpmlcore-7695] Fixed updating media duplication options for posts without attachments.
* [wpmlcore-7692] Fixed the problem with missing slash char at the end of REST url.
* [wpmlcore-7684] Making WPML_Absolute_Url_Persisted::__wakeup() public with throwing error.
* [wpmlcore-7683] Fixing warnings about final private methods to follow php 8 standards.
* [wpmlcore-7682] Fixed backward compatibility with php8 related to deprecated ReflectionParameter::getClass() method.
* [wpmlcore-7681] Removed optional values from arguments that were before required.
* [wpmlcore-7650] Fixed auto-translation of site links when using ATE.
* [wpmlcore-7649] Fixed woocommerce my-account links for Chinese language.
* [wpmlcore-7211] Fixed ingoring "Skip Language" setting on static posts page without translations.
* [wpmlcore-6798] Fixed problem with `wpml_permalink` showing the wrong permalink.
* [wpmlcore-6548] Fixed problem with removing custom field encoding setting via XML configuration.
* [wpmlcore-6357] Allow HTML when translating terms description.
* [wpmlcore-6355] Fixed problem saving translated term when its slug is the same as the original term.
* [wpmlcore-5686] Fixed problem with saving the widget language.

# Compatibility
* [wpmlcore-7738] Fixed a compatibility issue with Google Site Kit when switching the admin language.
* [wpmlcore-7719] Fixed missed Elementor revisions.
* [wpmlcore-7676] Added path support to translate fields in Elementor widget data.
* [wpmlcore-7672] Fixed an issue with Avada's Live editor not properly showing sections.
* [wpmlcore-7635] Fixed an issue ignoring line breaks in the translation editor.
* [wpmlcore-7482] Fixed Elementor "Posts" widget pagination when page translation settings is set to "Translatable - use translation if available or fallback to default language".
* [wpmlcore-7342] Fixed missed endpoint translation in specific case when two similar endpoints exist.
* [wpmlcore-7337] Extended the XML page builder config to support multiple `fields-in-item` occurrences.
* [wpmlcore-7215] Improve the way of how the cache is generated by using only the ID.
* [wpmlcore-6958] Fixed an issue with absolute link conversion when the URL contains a + sign.
* [wpmlcore-6597] Fixed the Cornerstone CSS styles that were not refreshed in the translation.

# Usability
* [wpmlcore-7349] Restored the "Duplicate" button for display as translated post types.
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